1. I was laughing hysterically at Aziz trying to hit on Rashida. I was laughing throughout that bit. Aziz is the man.

  2. Eh..I really don’t know about this one. The stars are great, but not sure about the concept yet.

  3. I think it’s just a copy of the Office that they are going to try to get Dunderheads to watch. Amy Poehler was funnier on this show than her other shows, but I still don’t think it’s going to go that great.

  4. not sure yet. Seemed too much like TO in some ways, such as Leslie Knope being a female Michael Scott.
    Not that it was bad, but definitely need a few more episodes to see if I really like it.

  5. I thought this show was hilarious… Great concept and great writing. I hope NBC renews it for another season.

  6. I’ll definitely give it another shot, but honestly, I wasn’t wowed. It was like the Office, only not funny. At all. But I don’t want to judge too quickly.

  7. At first I didn’t really know what to think, but it got better and funnier by the second half. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments and I will be watching again next week!

  8. Eh, it was okay. The only thing that really made me laugh was Rashida’s boyfriend with the broken legs. “Make me some pancakes real quick?”

  9. It’s going to take time to really tell for sure, but I loved the bit with Amy falling down the hill. Tom is hilarious, as is the intern. Rashida is adorable. And I love Paul Schneider’s character. I think it has promise, but we’ll have to wait and see. After all, had we judged The Office by its first episode, we would have never guessed what would eventually come out of it.

  10. I liked Leslie (Amy Poehler), Anne (Rashida Jones), and Tom (Aziz Ansari). Tom cracked me up, especially when he was hitting on Anne. Anne acts very much like Karen did on The Office, so I kinda feel like I’m watching her again, but that’s fine with me. Leslie’s a liiiiiittle too Michael Scott-ish, but just different enough to make her interesting. I can’t really judge the show based on just the one episode, but it looks promising. I love the concept.

  11. I liked the pilot of Parks and Rec more than I liked the pilot of The Office…. So, for those of you who aren’t sure yet, are on the fence, didn’t laugh, let me just remind you that The Office’s pilot was pretty close to awful (in my opinion), as many pilots are… And remember, it’s Greg Daniels we’re talking about here. Look at what he’s done with our show now… I have faith he can bring Parks and Rec into its own.

  12. Here’s the deal, Aziz is money on the show bringing something we have never seen on any Daniels-Schur project. Mrs. Poehler-Arnett will be coming into her own as Leslie through this 6 Ep. run. I think as fans, we should watch this show not as fans of our beloved Office, but as fans of the people who make this show and are venturing out into different avenues. It’s under the same concept of TO, yes, but after that…use new eyes!!

  13. I don’t really see how Leslie is like Michael beyond the slight cluelessness. Michael (as lovable as he can be sometimes) is a pretty selfish and insensitive ass. Leslie on the other hand–she really does care and she really does want to make her town a better place. It’s like Anne says, she’s kind of a doof, but she’s nice. I like that she isn’t offending people left and right.

    As for the rest of the show, I thought it was great. :)

  14. It was pretty good. It was just the pilot, so that’s not a great template, but it’s got good potential.

  15. Karis, you make a good point. most pilots aren’t very good. but my problem with parks and recreation wasn’t as much content as it was design.

    we were told that this show was not intended to be a spin-off of the Office. however, in the way it was marketed and presented, it is impossible not to make comparisons. The pilot was aired between two episodes of the office. and in the promos, NBC proudly declared “from the people who brought you The Office”…” so naturally, comparisons are going to be made. it felt like a spin-off. it looked like a spin-off. the styles of both direction and cinematography were very similar to the office. and it was outshined by two steller episodes of the office.

    i didn’t care for this show. will it get better? maybe. will it ever distance itself from The Office? probably not.

  16. I actually thought it was decent. I actually find it to be a female version of ‘The Office.’ It was amazing to see that Leslie acted exactly like Michael, she must’ve watched a couple of episodes of ‘The Office’ before…

  17. I thought the show had several good moments. It has an awesome cast and I have faith that they’ll do something great with it. Amy had me in hysterics with the pillow duct taped to her neck and I love Rashida’s slacker boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  18. It did what it needed to do. It was a smart pilot by introducing new characters in a format we already like. It’s a good way to ensure viewers will tune in for a while. Now they have to become their own show and once that happens, they’ll be great.

  19. I’ll likely watch it again to see if I have a change in opinion, but it’s not something I can’t wait to see the next one for. We’ll see I guess.

  20. I like the Leslie character, but not sure about anyone else. It was only the pilot so I’d give it some time to see if they find their stride with this one.

    The only time I thought of Michael Scott was when she was wearing the travel pillow closed with duct tape around her neck as a neck brace. I could totally see Michael doing that!

  21. I think i need to see some more episodes to make a final judgement. The only part where I actually laughed out loud was when Leslie goes, Tom is Syrian or something, and his talking head says I’m from SC, i’m kinda a redneck.

    I felt the talking heads didn’t really look into the cameras like The Office’s. Did love seeing Rashida Jones again

  22. I thought this show was hilarious! I’m definitely going to continue watching it :)

  23. As far as pilots go, it was pretty good. The biggest challenge facing PandR is distinguishing itself from The Office. Nobody wants to watch a cheap imitation. Amy Poehler was awesomely funny, as always. And I loved her boss’s line about Chuck E. Cheese.

    A major concern for me is the title. “Parks and Recreation”? It seems lazy. I know that it is supposed to be bland and simple, like “The Office,” but I don’t think it works at all. Who would want to watch a show called “Parks and Recreation” if they knew nothing about it but its title?

  24. Well, you can’t tell anything from the pilot, I think it has potential. The mayor’s whole “Atlas Shrugged” speech to the cameras actually, I though, set up the primary plot. In fact, I’d say he’s definitely set up as the show’s nemesis (along with her bribe taking, corrupt and evil assistant), since anything useful or helpful she tries to do will likely be blocked by him.

    I’ll likely keep watching it.

  25. I agree with Karis, I liked it more than The Office pilot.

    Tonight was so great, with P and R plus two episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. It’s a comedy smorgasbord (I don’t use that word too often). I wish that NBC would get another great comedy going to pair with P and R, The Office, and 30 Rock, but those three together are great.

    The only other sitcoms that I watch on network TV are Scrubs and HIMYM, so for NBC to have 3 comedies that I like (plus Chuck which is a semi-sitcom) is amazing.

  26. i have to agree, it was almost too similar. and the fact that leslie was too much like a female michael scott. no one can do it better than steve carrell, so why don’t they go out on a limb & come up with a new type of ”boss” character?

  27. I liked it! It did remind me a lot of The Office, but that’s kinda to be expected. As others have said, it’s too soon to form a definitive opinion of the show, but I can say for certain that I’ll be tuning in again next week. :)

  28. I didn’t think I would like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not as funny as The Office though.

  29. Hilarious! So what it’s just like the office. I love the office and I already love p&r. Thursday nights are great. Now just have to wait until always sunny starts back up and my thursdays will be complete

  30. Sadly, I’m not a fan. Storyline was boring and unlike The Office, I don’t think it has much appeal to the average American. The pilot episode should be an attention grabber, but the only thing that grabbed my attention was counting down how many minutes elapsed until the second episode of The Office airs.

  31. I thought this was a great pilot. Obviously, it needs to settle in, but I liked the premise, the characters, and a lot of the jokes. Can’t ask for more.

  32. I’m confused as to what this show wants to be.
    It’s not really a mockumentary because there are some ridiculous camera angles that shouldn’t be there.
    When the guy is yelling doorbell the camera is in the perfect spot, and then there is somebody outside with a camera in about two seconds.
    I like the show, but i don’t know if it’s a sitcom or not.
    It’s a pilot so it should only get better.

  33. I forgot to mention the ending was hilarious. “People come in here to ask questions, and they have to look down the barrel of the gun.” That character is outstanding.
    His chuckie cheese stuff was good too. There is much potential in the writing of this show. If the director decides to tone down the over the top sitcommy stuff it could be really good.

  34. I loved it. Amy Poehler is hilarious. Aziz is hilarious. And my favorite part was when Rashida’s boyfriend says “If you’re going in the kitchen will you make me some pancakes really quick?”

  35. I really liked it! There were a lot of laugh out loud moments. It reminded me a little of Waiting for Guffman (which I love!) Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari were hilarious and disappeared into those roles really well. I think it stands on its own and doesn’t seem “just like The Office.” And not too shabby for a pilot! It is pretty subtle so it might not be for everyone, but I’m definitely watching it next week!

  36. I enjoyed it well enough. I love how earnest Leslie is and Amy is just fantastic. The travel pillow/duck tape as neck brace was pretty funny. Great to see Rashida Jones back in this kind of awkward, talking head environment.

    But, I need to get to know these characters a bit better because as of tonight, I was a little put off by every male character. They had some funny lines, but there wasn’t even a hint of something likable underneath. The kind of thing that makes me care about the characters, their relationships and makes me a viewer for the long haul. But I completely realize that’s a lot to ask for in a pilot episode. I’ll definitely be tuning in to see how the stories and characters develop.

    I was in love with The Office by Diversity Day, so we’ll see. And I promise to eventually stop comparing P&R to The Office. :)

  37. I liked the realistic attitude about government, and the accurate portrayal of the fact that those involved in it have the least faith in it.
    I liked the fact that clearly research was done in to finding out what the average small town American citizen thinks about it.

    I liked the fact that the only one who actually believes in government as opposed to private commerce is the Michael Scott idiotic character — the one who compares herself to Hillary Clinton and Palin as if it’s a good thing to be a clueless, albeit popular, politician.

    Finally, I like how this shows that those who make a life career out of government do so because they couldn’t succeed at anything else.

  38. I felt like it was too obvious that Amy Poehler was playing a character…she was too “wink wink” through the show. Unlike on the office, when sometimes I have to remind myself that there are actual actors behind the characters. When I watch a show, I should be thinking more about the show, not the actor. Also, it seemed at times like it was just The Office set in a parks department. With very few laughs.

  39. Too soon to say, but it has potential. LOL’ed at Leslie’s neck pillow w/duct tape & when she fell into the pit. I’m a fan of Amy Poehler & Aziz Ansari so I’ll keep watching. Besides, it’s better than Kath & Kim, imo.

  40. Overall, I like it and will be watching again. But, I was a little jealous they were using the “Office” format! I know Greg Daniel started this show, but I was surprised as this IS basically the Office remixed. Even Leslie was a female Michael Scott, I thought. (un-aware, etc)

  41. It was just like The Office, I thought. I still thought it was funny. I loved the part when Amy was drunk and singing:)

  42. I didn’t have a single “laugh out loud” moment the entire show until the end when the guy was talking about the layout of his office, sawed-off shotgun, etc.

    I’m going to give it some time because I’m a firm believer in Greg Daniels and Mike Schur. Pilots have a lot of set-up involved in it and all… I get that, I just hope they can start to craft a great ensemble comedy like they were able to with the Office…

  43. Amy Poehler, as always, was just hilarious! And the public meeting had me in stitches! It reminded me of meetings I used to have when I was on my co-op board. I think it will be a hit.

  44. I wasn’t feeling it. But since it doesn’t conflict with anything else I watch, and I know I’ll always be home on Thursday nights anyway, I’m gonna give these six episodes a go. But it was very meh. Two absolutely outstanding Office eps sandwiching it didn’t do it any favors, either.

  45. I’m a huge fan of so many people invested in this: Amy Poehler = great, Rashida Jones = great, Aziz Ansari = great, Mike Schur = great, and Greg Daniels = great.

    There were some funny parts of the pilot and some slow parts, but you can see that it’s going to be a great show.

    To me it seems like people’s opinions are split down the middle, but I think that’s typical for a pilot (Being a fan of the British “the office,” I tuned in to the entire first season of our “the office,” but it wasn’t until the second season that I really truly fell in love with the show and all of the characters). Parks and Recreation had a strong start in my opinion. I’m looking forward to see it as the show hits its stride.

  46. It was just ok to me. Of course I’ll watch this season and give it a chance, but it needs to get better. For some reason, I fell in love with the characters of the office from the Pilot and laughed SO much by Diversity Day. We’ll see how this one does. Too similar to TO format…makes it awkward to me.

  47. Amy Poehler’s character is half Michael Scott and half Peggy Hill. The show was just okay for me but it’s a pilot. You can’t expect too much from a pilot. I think this show will be great. I wonder how much time they’ll spend with this pit story, at least the first six episodes I’m sure.

  48. Ummmmm, I didn’t get it. I had just watched an hour of The Office and queued up P&R and thought, “Didn’t I just watch this? Only this is even less funny?” Honestly, I’m hoping The Office turns around soon to be the funny show it once was. The last really great Office was Dwight’s fake fire drill. But P&R? What could be less interesting than a person fighting to build a park?

  49. I don’t get it. There’s already a show like this called The Office. A show with a docu crew following them around. Leslie = Michael, Mark = Jim, Rashida’s character = Pam. Etc. Etc.

  50. I really liked it! I thought it was as good, if not better than, the two Office episodes that came before and after it. I will be watching the rest of the season!

  51. I’m frustrated that this show is supposed to stand on its own when it has too many similarities to The Office for me. I don’t know if I would watch several seasons of this show

  52. I absolutely loved it! I am a graduate student in public policy and essentially I’m getting trained to have a job like that! The Office will always be my first love, but Parks and Recreation brings that hilarity to the public sector! I hope it’s around a long time!

  53. As a Parks and Rec employee myself, the best parts were dealing with the public and the inter-office interactions.
    I hope they do more about the government and procedures.

    The best line of the night was Leslie saying how the public cares, and yelling at her shows how loud they care. It’s just like when I’m at work.

  54. Hmmm… Parks and Recreation. I’m not sure about it. I mean, it’s EXACTLY like The Office just with different people. I’ll probably watch a few more episodes of it so I don’t judge it prematurely, but if it doesn’t get better soon, I won’t continue to tune in.

    Honestly, I just wish Greg and Mike would come back to The Office.

  55. I enjoyed the pilot! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the characters develop. There have been a fair number of negative reviews, but people need to remember that this was just the first episode. They need some time to get the right balance. I disliked the first season of The Office, but over time it became one of my favorite shows. It takes a few episodes to get things right, especially with comedies. Plus, it’s really hard not to love anything with Amy Poehler in it…she’s just so likeable!

  56. I thought that it was pretty funny. The best part of the whole episode was when the boyfriend asks Ann to “make him some pancakes real quick.” But, I do agree with the other reviews that it’s sort of an Office copycat. Amy Poehler is seriously a female Michael Scott.

  57. aziz…lol, he’s the gel in that show. I think the plot will revolve around filling the pit. And if it gets renewed, will revolve around building the park.

  58. I really want to like it, but I didn’t laugh at all. I’ll give it another shot. If I don’t like the next episode, I’m done with it.

  59. I think what makes The Office so appealing is that many people work in an office setting so they can relate. Not many people work in the Parks and Recreation Department. I thought the show was ok, I’ll watch it a couple more times to give it a chance.

  60. i think amy poehler is great! it was really funny. i dont know how they can make this idea of building a park last for more than one season because i would really like to see Rashida Jones in the series for the whole time, she’s amazing!

  61. Yes, it is similar to the office, but in some ways, different. The pilot was good; I enjoyed it! Plus too, it’s WAAAAYYY better than Kath and Kim will ever be!

  62. I enjoyed the Parks and Recreation episode. Sure Leslie comes off as a female Michael Scott right down to her makeshift neck brace, but I thought that neck brace was extra hilarious since many of us connect it to Michael’s bubble wrap cast. Given that this is Leslie’s first time being documented of course there are going to be parallels drawn to the first Office episode (NBC/BBC). It would just seem to be a natural starting point of a faux documentary; trying to put your best public face forward. I’m looking forward to seeing this show develop, and especially looking forward to next week’s episode “Canvassing” written by Rachel Axler.

  63. I’m going to watch the entire first season. Then I’ll decide if I like it enough to follow. That is, if it doesn’t get cancelled.

  64. Well, it is 1 episode. On the plus side, I did laugh and a couple times hilariously. I’ll definitely keep watching. Downside: I didn’t really connect with any of the characters or the concept.

  65. So, I wasn’t feeling it.. I mean, of course, it had an Office feel to it. But I just thought way too close. So many of the little things, like Tom and Leslie writing down quotes could be used for Michael and Dwight. So many good ideas can be used in The Office. I just feel it’s taking away some good ideas away from an AHMAZING show that could use them better. You know what I mean? I’m giving it another shot next week, though.

  66. Leslie Knope is a female Michael Scott. I’m sure it will have its funny moments, and I love Amy Poehler, but I’m feel like it’s going to be too much like the Office.

  67. I wonder if the writing staff has ever worked in the public sector…or in Indiana (I’m guilty on both counts). Booze at work? Really? I hope we won’t see palm trees and mountains in outdoor scenes–both just scream Indiana.

    I’m wondering why they picked the P&R dept. The focus that department is pretty narrow. Leslie will need to run for City Council (or move around in the City’s depts) just to keep the show going!

  68. I think the show will get better once the writers get Leslie Knope’s character down. Right now it feels like she’s just reading Michael Scott lines. Azaria’s lines were awesome (“I’m what you call a redneck” and the whole hitting on Rashida bit).

  69. My gosh, very funny! And yes, very similar to The Office. It’s a good thing; to me, it feels like a very different show even though the tone is the same. The Office has evolved into something much more different than it used to be. I couldn’t stop laughing when she shoved that drunkard down the slide with a broom. But I think it’ll be a good one, there’s a lot of that comedy from the office’s season 2 that I miss. I don’t understand the relationship between Leslie and the guy she slept with 5 years ago or why he decided to help her out. Maybe he feels sorry for her?

  70. the office is also like another show. called the office. it took some time for steve carrell to master the michael scott character and make him feel natural and real and distinct from david brent. i think it will take a little time for amy poehler to do the same. frankly, if there is going to be a new show on television i would rather it be like the office than like the bachelor or the amazing race or whatever. i thought it was a pretty strong pilot, considering how it usually takes time for a show to hit its stride. amy drunk at the end was great and i definitely laughed throughout. congrats greg and mike!

  71. Everybody except Leslie was great. Ansari was funny, but Nick Offerman as Leslie’s boss was incredible.


  72. Much better episode this week- better than the premiere. Yeah, it feels like The Office, but I like the Office, so it’s a good thing!

  73. I don’t know what to think of this show. Sure, it’s very similiar to The Office, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes I just thought Amy was acting too much like Steve. It’s funny, but I don’t need the Office 2.

  74. I thought the second episode was much better. I liked all the interaction with crazy people in the community. And I couldn’t believe the Phantom Tollbooth shoutout! I thought I was the only person in the whole world who loved… or even knew about… that book.

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