1. I love Stanely’s face in the picture of him/dwight fighting.

    Also, how adorable/so very Michael is it that Michael is wearing a Sandals shirt and hat?

  2. Stanley is kicking butt! And aww…Pam is actually dressed cute! I predict this ep will be very good.

  3. omg omg omg. i am cracking up and i havent heard a word of dialogue. thank you office gods.

  4. Ha. I have to say that I’m really pumped for this episode. We actually get to see our gang in casual wear! Yeah. Pam looks cute…and Michael doesnt look so bad himself in those kahki pants and Sandals shirt. Ha…Jim in a sump suit. It’s classic already. But, does anyone else see how Pam and Karen are sitting together in the photo of Dwight jumping to knock Stanley over? You can barely see Pam but the pants and the Keds give it away.

    Anywho..great pics. Can’t wait.

  5. Yes!! I think this will be part of a good ending to a good 3rd season! Look at Karen rubbing Jim’s “shoulders” before his match. I’m sorry but I’m hoping this is one of her last episodes. Does anyone agree that their relationship is kind of boring? I mean if they really looked like they belonged together I think I’d feel differently about it but they really don’t. It’s time for a change in Jim’s love life :-) YAY BEACH GAMES!!!!!!

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