1. Hahaha!! This just made my whole day. And what makes it even better is “TWSS” won! Beyond awesome.

  2. If I were at that racetrack or betting on simulcast racing, I would be conflicted about betting on that horse. I might because of the name, but I might not because it went off at 7-2(ie for every $2 bet, it pays out $7) still good odds though, so I dunno. tough call

  3. pretty awesome. office has endless horse names like buttlickerourpriceshaveneverbeenlower! ok maybe too long

  4. That is funny, but it’s not like Michael Scott coined the term….my Dad is almost 70 and he has been saying that where applicable, just like MS, for my whole life! :)

  5. I remember watching a race on TV where one of the horses was named “Hoof Hearted”, which sounded like “who farted”!

  6. shake n quake the leader! that’s what she said!

    shake n quake digging down! that’s what she said!

    it’s down to these two! that’s what she said!

  7. A little irrelevant and not as cool, but I named my fantasy basketball team “The Dwight Army of Champions” with Dwight as a Sith Lord as my logo.

  8. I am in tears from laughing at the video and comments. I wonder if the owner picked TWSS as the name because of all the double entendres horse racing announcers say.

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