1. Jim is very cute in that talking head.

    I’ve officially posted on OT too much already today and it is only 1pm.

  2. Awe…
    I’m sort of sad seeing the way Jim’s been acting lately…he’s been pretty rude the last few episodes…Scranton-Jim would’ve seen going to that party as something somewhat exciting, and he would’ve made the best out of it because he was always positive. This new Stamford-Jim is depressing me

    On the other hand, it could be a good thing that he’s getting like that…he could be showing that his life really sucks right now…Cause he’s trying to fake being in love with Karen, and he still likes Pam [at least a little], but every week that relationship seems more and more impossible. So. Yeah.

  3. I like that Jim is brooding. I like that “New Evolved” Jim isn’t as happy as he’s claiming to be. Sure, he’s “really happy” with Karen and they’re all “Moving on”

    But his life isn’t any better than it used to be, no matter the new promotion or the new woman at this side.

  4. Wouldnt it be funny that as a prank Rainn ate something really nasty and Steve had to inhale that?

  5. having fun with Pam used to make Jim’s workday bearable . . . now that they’re not even speaking, work is just work, and he’s realizing how much it SO sucks. Plus, remember how in season one he said he didn’t want to move any higher up in the company, because that would mean it’s really his career and that would just be sad?

    I’m SO empathizing with these guys lately . . . I hate my job. And I don’t have anyone fun to get me through it. Damn.

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