1. Jim is very cute in that talking head.

    I’ve officially posted on OT too much already today and it is only 1pm.

  2. Awe…
    I’m sort of sad seeing the way Jim’s been acting lately…he’s been pretty rude the last few episodes…Scranton-Jim would’ve seen going to that party as something somewhat exciting, and he would’ve made the best out of it because he was always positive. This new Stamford-Jim is depressing me

    On the other hand, it could be a good thing that he’s getting like that…he could be showing that his life really sucks right now…Cause he’s trying to fake being in love with Karen, and he still likes Pam [at least a little], but every week that relationship seems more and more impossible. So. Yeah.

  3. “I don’t like talking paper in my free time… (mumbled) or during my work time either.”


  4. I like that Jim is brooding. I like that “New Evolved” Jim isn’t as happy as he’s claiming to be. Sure, he’s “really happy” with Karen and they’re all “Moving on”

    But his life isn’t any better than it used to be, no matter the new promotion or the new woman at this side.

  5. Wouldnt it be funny that as a prank Rainn ate something really nasty and Steve had to inhale that?

  6. OMG. Jim just voiced what I want to say for EVERY office party I’m coerced into going to…

  7. 10000% agree w. you McKenzie. He’s been kinda of an a-hole that past few weeks………. i miss old jim

  8. having fun with Pam used to make Jim’s workday bearable . . . now that they’re not even speaking, work is just work, and he’s realizing how much it SO sucks. Plus, remember how in season one he said he didn’t want to move any higher up in the company, because that would mean it’s really his career and that would just be sad?

    I’m SO empathizing with these guys lately . . . I hate my job. And I don’t have anyone fun to get me through it. Damn.

  9. Hee! I had to replay it because I missed what Jim said after he mumbled “…or in my work time…” because I was laughing so hard.

    And yeah it’s pretty clear that Jim is miserable now, so he’s not going to be all cheery and jokey with his big, adorable smiles anymore. Reason #3756357 why he needs to be at least friends with Pam again.

  10. I can’t love Creed anymore than I do. Really. Words just can’t express how much I adore him.

    This episode is going to be great.

  11. “You can’t keep anything from me” -Roy

    *pam realization stare*

    This was an obvious JAM reference, just thought I’d put that out there.

  12. God, I hope so, Tori. The moment I see ballsy!Pam I’m going to stand up on my couch and cheer.

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oprah moment! Please come!

    Does that look mean that Pam wants to make a little confession to Roy?!?

    Also, nice little comparison there. Jim thought he was calling Pam’s bluff on Casino night, but he read her wrong. What does it mean that Roy got it right?

  14. wow. creed. wow.

    “i can read you like a book.” ughhhh….

    oh well thursday looks to be quite interesting…

  15. Does anyone else thing Roy’s just going to keep racking points against himself? He brought his brother… he’s drinking… called Pam transparent….

  16. “What does it mean that Roy got it right?”

    My great grandfather had a saying:

    “Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.”

    Nuff said.

  17. Does anyone know what the episode is after this one?? There’s no mention of it anywhere. I think I remember reading they were gonna air re-runs for a while. Is it after this episode?

  18. Pam gave Roy a Casino Night look

    Thankfully that was followed up by a moment of realization

  19. OK so I’m really trying not to watch these but I am giving in to reading hte comments. I know, I’m weak! So, what I’m gathering from all the comments is that Karen’s Ex is one of the regional managers (not Craiggers, Josh or Michael) and Roy calls Pam transparent and asks for her to be honest with him? Am I getting it all or am I totally misinterpreting the comments?

    I don’t know why I do this to myself cause I always end up watching the clips, but I’m really trying this time!

  20. Has anyone noticed the writers have told us almost nothing about Jim outside the office? His hobbies, his family, dare I say it, his “terrace dreams”.

    We know much more about Roy than Jim.

    His lack of ambition is sad—and annoying. Ladies, I know he is super cuddly, but aren’t you disturbed by Jim’s personality?

  21. Ya know…. I am so sick of Roy. Pam, freakin’ dump him and go after what you want!
    I really hope this is not another episode where there is no Jam at all. A dumb look from Pam doesn’t cut it. I want her to admit to someone, even if it’s just the camera, that she has feelings for Jim. Is she socially 12 years old? It’s driving me crazy!

  22. Well, since Jim’s going to be in NYC at that party, and Pam’s back in Scranton, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for any interaction this episode.

    Maybe a phone call.

  23. I agree–I hope there is some JAM interaction in this one. I know, I know, I don’t watch the show just for that, but even a 1-2 minute exchange of dialogue would keep me satisfied and smiling for the long rerun hiatus ahead…
    I’m also keeping my fingers tightly crossed that this is the week we get the “Oprah Moment,” even if it’s just an “Oprah instant” of honesty from Pam. Please don’t let her forget what she should have learned last week

  24. #37- wow, reading the comments is obviously not doing you any harm, b/c you basically misinterpreted everything!
    and be strong you guys, just think of pam’s wrenching indecision/jim’s depression as foreplay to the approaching splattering of jam.

  25. “His lack of ambition is sad—and annoying. Ladies, I know he is super cuddly, but aren’t you disturbed by Jim’s personality?”

    The fact that he can be doing something he doesn’t love and still be so damn lovable is part of his charm. He can make any situation enjoyable. It’s sort of sad that he doesn’t have any ambition, but it isn’t what I’d call “disturbing”

  26. On the 2nd viewing of the Creed moment at the end of preview 2, watch Oscar’s face – he’s got it all summed up.

  27. Oops, I got the regional manager thing from the spoiler thread and thought it was from this thread. I think it was just their speculation. Sorry. So I guess I was way off on my interpretation of the comments.

  28. Oh and I was supposed to give up watching previews. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get rid of that habit when the reruns are on.

    And I really got the feeling that Pam is going to say byebye to Roy in this episode. It’s either Pam&Roy/Jim&Karen that ends in this episode. If all goes well it’s the both of those. My money’s on RAM however. That didn’t sound kinky at all, right? Right.

  29. um hell-oo? did anybody see how angela was looking LONGLY at roy?!


  30. Angela has had a secret thing for Roy in the past (she told Phyllis Pam should choose Roy over Jim, she’s been rooting for him because he’s “strong,” and in the webisodes), and Roy chose Angela for the “who would you do” game.

  31. Jim said he was obligated to go.

    I love that Creed stole it from the SHERIFF’S station…

  32. Suprised to see Angela in a bar at all, though I guess this is the new nice(nicer) Angela; notice how she’s sitting at Roy’s end of the table?:)

  33. Step *away* from Pam and Angela, Roy. You have my permission to take Karen, if you want her. :)

    aww, creed!

  34. Steamtown (post 39) – I am waiting for Jim to announce that he’s going back to school (like Tim in the UK “Office”).

  35. Looks like it is shaping up to be one of those episodes that, like Booze Cruise, so much of the entertainment will be in the background, watching the reactions. Multiple viewings required.

  36. Did anyone else notice that Dan Gore from the Valentine’s Day episode is in this one too? I wonder if “Craiggers” will be there, too?

  37. Does it seem like Karen is trying to make Jim jealous? Jim didn’t seem to take the bait… I’m hoping this doesn’t bode well for their relationship. I’m kinda tired of crazy girlfriend Karen. :)

  38. uh oh..karen…could the “it didn’t end well” be a bit of foreshadowing?? let’s hope!

  39. Emily-I’m more surprised to see Stanley at bar because he doesn’t think it’s cool to do alcohol. After all, he only drinks a glass of red wine with dinner once a week…for the antioxidants :)

  40. The fact that Angela and Stanley went out drinking with the crew guarantees this episode to be awesome

  41. haha! true true! Oh, and are we going to see Drunk Pam again? Everyone loves a drunk Pam! At least if it means another JAM moment like the dundies…even if Jim isn’t exactly present in this episode :(

  42. Yes, I have a feeling Drunk Pam might spill some secrets (like she almost did at the end of “The Dundies”) this time around…

  43. Hey, Roy’s got a DUI. Some lessons just don’t sink in – or maybe that’s why he brings his brother along. Either way it spells loser.

  44. I am having trouble seeing clip 2 from TV addict. I keep getting the BJ Novak interview. Any suggestions?

  45. So does Jan do anything else when she’s around Michael, except get drunk and have sex with him?

    Just wondering…

  46. Sorry for posting again, but I forgot to say this:

    I hope Jim gets a chance to speak to Drake. I also hope the exact words out of Drake’s mouth are: “When I tried to break up with Karen, she slashed the tires of my car, left 8,000 messages on my voicemail, and stalked me until a restraining order was put in place.”

    Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  47. You know, one thing I am kind of tired of seeing on sites like these is the attempted villification of Karen. Of the fans clamoring for her to turn into some psycho so that the JAM romance will finally happen. Now, I am all for JAM (who isn’t?), but at the same time I don’t want Karen who up to this point has been a level headed and realistic character on the same level as everyone else, suddenly have her hound Jim and be antagonistic to Pam like Andy was between Micael and Dwight.

    THE OFFICE is above the cheap melodrama that sitcoms tend to succumb to. To villify Karen is to cheapen the realism of the series that we love so much.

    Besides, all good things come to those who wait.

  48. Of course people will vilify her, she’s a non comedy character on a comedy, her sole purpose is the be Jim’s girlfriend, she was added just to up the soap opera factor.

  49. Ahh. I don’t really know what to think of the Jim and Karen scene…I guess I just have to wait to see the rest of the episode to decide anything. Jim didn’t seem to care, but I think can can mean a few different things. Hm. Interesting.

    Well, Dwight was hilarious.

  50. I think it’s okay to vilify Karen, look what she did in deleted scene one of ‘Business School’! evil evil thing to do.

  51. I originally posted this in the spoilers section, but I think clip four makes my speculation much more relevant. I’ll re-paste what I said.

    I can imagine one of three things happening:

    -Karen, feeling jealous and insecure about Pam and Jim, tries to make Jim jealous by flirting with her ex-boyfriend. Unlikely scenario, if you ask me, but I had to present it.

    -Karen still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and Jim finds out about this.

    -Karen’s ex-boyfriend confides in Jim that Karen’s psycho or needy or bad in some way. Jim gets worried.

    The Office writers surprise me sometimes, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out on Thursday.

    Now that I’ve seen the clip (“it didn’t end well”), I’m leaning more to the third.

  52. Re post 81: Karen “level-headed and realistic”? I think the brilliance of her characterization is that she (the character) would like to leave people with that impression; however, the truth is somewhere just south of that, as we’ve seen via hints here and there. There’s a reason why viewers half expect her to do something “crazy” or desperate.
    I find the character cold and calculating, the flat California accent annoying, and the fact that she’s insinuated herself so awkwardly into the coziness and familiarity of this little comedy of manners painfully frustrating. But that’s her purpose. (Except for her accent, I suppose.)

  53. I just noticed that Dwight and Michael seem to have exchanged shirts on their drive to NY (or more likely a Westchester-type burb). In the first clip, while they’re in the office, Michael’s wearing the red shirt & Dwight’s wearing the yellow one. When they arrive at the house, their shirts are switched. The neckties are the same.
    What can be the deep metaphorical significance?? Or maybe it’s continuity run amok?

  54. SO we know that Karen is leaving after this season. I am sure the writers will have a unique and funny exit for her instead of just saying goodbye to everyone. So the Krazy Karen theory might just be it. I hope so! And I hope it starts this week!

  55. On another note – What does BFD mean? You know in S2 when Michael tells Jim – BFD engaged ain’t married.? I just read that on the spoiler thread and always wondered. Anyone?

  56. I don’t think Karen will wind up “crazy”. I think she’s just not stimulating enough for Jim. She’s a little bit needy, but so many people (men AND women) are like that. There’s not much chemistry between Karen and Jim, IMHO.

    I’m still rooting for Royngela. I don’t know HOW it would work out, but it could be really funny and interesting. I think she wants a REALLY manly man. Of course, Dwight has provided us with many brave moments and has done some kind things. He’s a much more caring guy than Roy could ever be. Could Angela put up with Roy’s wilder ways? Doubtful, but like I said, it COULD be interesting.

  57. What does Karen tell Jim right after “We used to date” (refering to Drake)? I can’t make it out.

  58. “Pam I can read you like a book.”

    Oh really roy? wait till you get to chapter 22 entitled Casiono Night. :)

  59. It’s hard to tell whether Pam is worried that Roy can “read her like a book” and see that she isn’t in love with him & is in love with Jim…OR if she’s just upset that he sees her as so transparent and simple. I guess they both could be true. I just hope it’s another nail in the RAM’s coffin.

  60. Re 102 Pamalagadingdong:

    I definitely think it’s both. You hit the nail on the head. It’s almost as if Pam simultaneously wants Roy to see that she doesn’t in fact love him, but is also too afraid to see what her life would be like without him.

  61. Honestly, can Karen and Jim be more boring?? If he was there with Pam, he’d actually be enjoying himself. Let it end already!!!!

  62. Has anyone else noticed (after watching the clips) that Jim has not moved back to his old desk yet?

  63. Hmmm, maybe Pam sees this as her chance out…Let Roy figure it out for himself…Although he doesn’t seem to really be seeing through her…

    I wish Roy could be a good guy and, upon discovering the love secret, say he doesn’t want Jim to be emotionally destroyed like he was…

  64. Please tell me that the CFO gets food poisoning from the rancid potato salad :-) Wouldn’t that be great?

  65. I like watching the preview clips, but how many do they need to put out? It’s like the whole episode is online already. I shouldn’t complain however because I am watching them, lol.

    Anyway, can’t wait for some more Michael and Jan action!

  66. It’s the Cold Open with the “magic trick”. Use the link dotcomedy.com/laugh/ and it’ll work.

  67. Hey,
    Would anyone be so kind as to give me a play by play on these clips? I am @ my mundane job and can’t watch the videos, PLEASE… I am dying to know what you all are talking about

  68. Geez.. These previews add up to 5-10 minutes, collectively. Not that I don’t need me some Office fix before the show airs, but FIVE of them? That really does spoil it…

  69. The previews seem to be a great marketing tool though! Look at how much speculation has been generated…They never really give anything away…I’m always surprised.

  70. Okay, seriously, about Roy knowing that Pam had the quarter… I could even tell that she had it. She was giggling. Come on.

    Roy can only see through her when it comes to trivial things. Otherwise, he doesn’t care enough to pay attention.

  71. HELP!

    I am also at work and dying to know what you guys are talking about….anybody want to give me a play by play (again).


  72. I think it be funny if jim tryed pranking dwight at the party. Like convince him the punch is spiked or something like that. Its probably the only way hell enjoy himself.

  73. Thanks for seconding the motion Lindsay, I just ran into (literally) my “Jim” and now I realy need to escape to my make believe world. Help us out?

  74. Honestly, if I had only seen these three episodes of The Office (Ben Franklin, Phyllis’ Wedding, Cocktails) I would think Jim is a complete tool.

    I guess Karen is breaking his spirit.

  75. Is it just me who gets the sinking feeling Roy is FINALLY going to find out why Pam broke off the engagement?

    I envision in the episode after Cocktails:
    Roy beating Jim up when they get back, leading Pam to (re)dump Roy, and Jim with Karen and Pam standing over him while he regains consciousness. Then it’ll be an unspoken “decision time” for Jim, since both are available and Pam might just be in the perfectly tearful + vulnerable state of mind to confess her love for him.

  76. Michael probably brought Dwight for “back up” just like he needed for that time he had to talk to Darryl, or Dwight hid in the car

  77. I think Roy _could_ find out about the reasons his engagement was broken off tonight, but I am not certain that’s what will go down. We all know Pam can be unpredictable when tipsy, but I haven’t made up my mind that she would let her tongue get so loose as to tell Roy the whole truth (and nothing but!).
    That said, though, I am hoping they will end sweeps with a bang, and that kind of revelation would be a HUGE bang.
    Only 48 hours or so to find out…

  78. Dwight gets to go because he’s no longer “To the”, he’s a bona fide assistant regional manager now. That’s my guess.

  79. I hope Pam isn’t hoping that Roy will find out and break up with her. This whole season has been about her becoming much more brave and honest (snarky comments from Gil and Oscar aside), and making her own decisions. Having Roy just break up with her would be counter-productive to everything they’ve established thus far.

  80. I’m only judging the scene where Jim hides the key. After Business School that doesn’t seem funny at all.

  81. I guess I should have clarified that. I actually haven’t liked Jim as much this season. Andy deserves the pranking, but what has Dwight done?

  82. Pan – Dwight was promoted to Assistant Regional Manager in Season 2. I’m not saying he’s Michael’s #2, since after the merger know Jim is the #2 in the branch, but Dwight’s title is Assistant Regional Manager so maybe he’s consiered “upper level” now.

  83. Michael (125): Dwight is probably Michael’s guest. (He doesn’t need to use it on Jan since she was also invited separately.)

    I don’t see why people are so wacked out about the previews. Other episodes has as many previews, but they hardly gave away the story.

  84. isn’t #2 the same as assistant? Michael being #1 Jim, #2 (assistant to #1) and Dwight seems to think he is #3 so assistant to the assistant.

  85. I’m giving myself such a gold star for only watching two of the five preview scenes. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can hold off till Thursday…

  86. Well, 139, just wait till the episode airs. I can only imagine how this board will explode after we see the last episode of February sweeps, along with the fact that we’ve been viewing of lots of footage and making speculations beforehand, and the fact that there are 140 messages already based on only a handful of clips. When the real episode airs? Kaboom discussion!! Haha
    In essence, friends, the reason why I love OT. :)

  87. I don’t know, to me, considering these clips and all of this season, it doesn’t seem half as funny to me as the first two seasons did. There is less emphasis on pranks on Dwight, and every week it becomes more storyline oriented rather than focusing on being funny. Still funny, but not as much as before.

  88. I don’t know, I would agree that there is a shift in tone from lasts season (just as there was a shift from season 1 to 2), but I disagree that it’s less funny. I think the past few episodes have been especially different, and I can’t help but wonder if any of that has to do with the network. NBC has been struggling to reclaim a stake in the quality of tv that has popped up on other networks since the classic “Must-See-TV Thursday” died with Friends, Frasier, and Will & Grace. I keep wondering, especially with these heavier Jam episodes, if the network is bending the writers’ arms just a bit for more drama to play up during sweeps. Again, I don’t find it unfunny, and “Business School” is among my favorite episodes of the series now, but I think there is a shift in tone and it will be interesting to see it played out throughout the season. Let’s face it: Andy has to come back, Jim has to break up with Karen, Jan has to deal with Michael, and Ryan has to survive in the Annex. A lot has to happen before May, and I think it will be back to old fashioned funny business after the pressure of sweeps is behind us.

  89. I too agree that there’s been a shift in tone in season 3, but I, for one, am happy about that. This season is so much richer on an emotional level, and I do not agree that it’s any less funny. Plus, the pranks of Dwight–first by a solo Pam and now Jim–are just as funny if not funnier than season 2. The thing I love about The Office is the nuance and subtely that seems to go over the heads of most people.

  90. #145 – Hear hear

    Of the countless series seen over countless hour of TV I’ve seen in already my short 21 year old life, THE OFFICE was a show that defied all expectations and prejudices. When I saw the pilot, and noticed that it was a carbon copy of the UK versions first episode, I hated it. And while the next five episodes were a little bit better, it wasn’t by much. I don’t own season 1 of THE OFFICE because I think those first six episodes were just bad. But then, amazingly enough, the show actually got better in the second season. It was becoming it’s own thing and became more confident in itself. It was around “Christmas Party” that I actually started to fall in love with the show. And overtime, the how has become sunnier, more subtle and nuanced, more emotional and more real. I refer to season 2 as their “Sgt. Peppers” year. It was just the year that everything clicked.

    Season 3 I consider to be just as good as the second year. It’s just that the excitement of season 2 has abated a bit. But I’m eager as to see how the show will progress past season 3 into 4 and 5.

    One prediction I’d like to make is that there will be new cast members every year. With I’m guessing only Ed Helms sticking around from Stamford after the season 3 finale, that means there’s only one Stamford person left (guess that would make him Charlie). With one person being fired and four people quitting left and right in the span of weeks, they’d need to hire new people. So a revolving cast is something I wouldn’t mind seeing.

  91. I meant funnier, not sunnier. I would hate for the show to lose it’s harsh reality feeling.

  92. Just for the record, I was saying that I think the show is still as good as it always has been. Sorry if I wasn’t 100% clear; I’ve been studying for 2 exams all afternoon and I’m using OT as my procrastination/salvation.

  93. The show is different, and still funny, but there’s too much soap opera! Now that the characters are solid you can play with them, but not quite this much. Some episodes don’t even have to be set in an office anymore!

  94. Oh, and it was painful. My mom can’t watch Michael’s scenes because she feels embarrassed for him. I think I’m immune.

  95. There is a lot of talk about the increased drama of the show, and how different it is from previous seasons. I’d like to offer something. We know for a fact that this show and the fan following has a lot to do with the internet. I really am starting to believe that a lot of the drama and tension is not inherently imbedded in the show, it’s because of the anticipation built up, the speculation, the deleted scenes and promos and subsequent discussion of those things that causes this. I don’t think a lot of those things would be present if we simply watched the show from week to week and just enjoyed it rather than guessing what’s going to happen, reacting according to what does happen.
    I’m not saying that it shouldn’t be talked about, but I think it changes our expectations of the show. For example: There was so much reaction after Phyliss’ wedding that I was actually surprised with the way things turned out with Pam. I’m not sure I’d be as surprised if I had not discussed, read, and speculated on whether she would or wouldn’t. I have loved just about every episode, all seasons, and yes, they are all different, but that’s the way it goes with all shows. Check out the first season of any show that been on for a while. Sometimes it’s so different it’s strange.

    BTW, everyone knows that the first episode was a carbon copy for a reason, right? It was done with the original creators of the show. I’m a bit tired of suggestions that the US version is a “rip-off.” It really was not.

  96. Okay…I looked through all of the episodes Paul wrote, for some ‘common denominators’ as it relates to how he handles JAM. I’m not sure if any of it is relevant, since the dynamics and circumstances have obviously changed a lot lately, but whatever. Here’s what has happened in his episodes:

    -Health Care: Hilarious. And a lot of JAM interaction, although nothing significant really happened.

    -The Client: JAM had their first ‘date’, or whatever it is you want to call it. They had a lot of really significant moments, but it ended up sort of depressing, as she immediately shut down his comments on how he viewed that night.

    -The Carpet: The better part of this is really negative for JAM, with all the Roy/Pam interaction, but in the end, no matter how much her and Roy were flirting, it was obvious Jim was on her mind all day, hence the many voicemails at the end of the day.

    -Dwight’s Speech: A major downer for JAM, but still really important. Pam gets a little wake up call that Jim may be in love with her, otherwise why would he plan his vacation when he did? She had to have at least considered that thought at some point.

    -The Coup: Fancy New Beesley starts to emerge a bit with the new clothes. Karen and Jim get closer through Call of Duty.

    Okay. That’s it. They’re really kind of inconsistent, I think. So maybe that was a waste of 20 minutes. Haha.

  97. Speaking of previews, did anyone see the trailer for Blades of Glory? Jenna is in it for, literally, about a tenth of a second. You have to put it in slow motion to see her (back left, in some kind of hearing/courtroom setting).

  98. I really hope that Yahoo doesn’t post three previews. That will be way way way too much.

  99. speaking of blades of glory, apparently there’s a scene with Jenna wearing very little amounts of clothes. score.

  100. yeah so i made a promise to myself that i wasn’t going to watch any more spoiler clips and that lasted, oh about a good week. i definetly watched all five clips. i loved how jim put his foot over michael’s brass key and then michael sat at his desk and asked for the camera people to keep a watch out for a lost key. also is it just my wishful thinking or did anyone else think that this might be the last episode with ram together? they seemed to be very much together at the bar, but when roy said that he could read pam like a book, she realized that he couldn’t and that he didn’t know her as well as jim did. hopefully she’ll realize that she has to step up…also i’m really curious what happened between karen and her ex. she said it didn’t end well, i wonder why…okay…i’m done with all the romantic speculation! i love that dwight wanted to check the CFO’s house for unsoundness…so funny. also creed’s line about the fake id business was completely classic.

  101. Definitely wont be watching them this time. These thing’s have ruined the office for me the past 3 weeks. I know, I know, no one forced me to watch them.

  102. I agree with nancy that this season has a differemt tone, but I too believe it’s a lot more richer. I feel I’m getting a lot out of episodes. There is the hilarity and this other rich factor that makes the episode fuller and more complete. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I have been enjoying the majority of this season so far.

    As for the clips for tomorrow’s new episode. I only saw the second tvaddict one. OMGOSH, the Creed part was hilarious. So Creed, I love it.

  103. my mommy can’t watch the show either because of michael, i keep trying to convince her of how sweet and loveable he can sometimes be and how awesome the jam moments are, but she just can’t do it.

    and did anyone happen to catch dwight climbing on the banester behind jim and karen, must likely checking for the sound lumber support.

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