1. haha…this may be one of Jim’s best pranks ever! (although I do say that about ALL of his pranks)

  2. ROFL.

    I love Jim. And Joss Whedon.

    Jim pretending to be a vampire on a Joss Whedon-directed episode is brilliant.

    Can’t wait until Thursday!

  3. Jim asking why there’s so much light kinda reminds me of eredith and the “lights are too bright in the office” thing…

    “Goodbye Dwight” (All creepy like)

  4. I love it!!! I have to admit that this sounds like its gonna be a good one! I laughed everytime I watched this video…it didnt seem to get old..so, its gotta be a good one!

    “Bye Dwight.”—nice!

  5. OMG… and i’m actually off on thursday!!! YAY!!!!! poor pam.. she has to hide behind a coat rack because it’s the only lanky thing in the office that doesn’t have a girlfriend..

  6. Roni:”poor pam.. she has to hide behind a coat rack because it’s the only lanky thing in the office that doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

    Ha! That made me laugh for such a long time :D

    Looks like a fanTASTIC episode. I heart Joss Whedon.

  7. HOLY [email protected] MY GOD, I am replaying this 5 times and i can’t stop watching! JIM is a CREEPER!

  8. hahahaha! jim pulling his jacket collar up and looking at dwight over his shoulder…cut to dwight’s look of terror!!!!! hahahahaha
    I can’t wait! :)

  9. The best parts: Jim pretending he’s a vampire (of course) and Pam cowering by the coatrack. This is going to be amazing!

  10. Jim/John must have studied Klaus Kinski in Herzog’s “Nosferatu” – no doubt!
    Now, WHEN will Werner Herzog direct an episode??!!
    Anyone see his mockumentary on the Loch Ness monster?
    Between that & Nosferatu, he is certainly more qualified than anyone to direct “The Office”….

  11. I don’t think it’s actually going to be part of the actual episode..It’s just a promo. Joss Whedon did joke about alot of people “dying”.

    But if this prank was in it..it would be awesome!

  12. Angela rolling on the floor was the best!
    I hope the bat doesn’t look “computarized” or fake, because I like the realism in The Office. Great prank, by the way.

  13. Well, I’m pretty sure the prank is in it…someone had mentioned the bat thing a few weeks ago when Joss was actually directing, and when Joss blogged about the episode, he mentioned something that was a “complete coincedence,” and I’m guessing the “vampire” storyline is it.

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