1. haha…this may be one of Jim’s best pranks ever! (although I do say that about ALL of his pranks)

  2. ROFL.

    I love Jim. And Joss Whedon.

    Jim pretending to be a vampire on a Joss Whedon-directed episode is brilliant.

    Can’t wait until Thursday!

  3. Jim asking why there’s so much light kinda reminds me of eredith and the “lights are too bright in the office” thing…

    “Goodbye Dwight” (All creepy like)

  4. I love it!!! I have to admit that this sounds like its gonna be a good one! I laughed everytime I watched this video…it didnt seem to get old..so, its gotta be a good one!

    “Bye Dwight.”—nice!

  5. OMG… and i’m actually off on thursday!!! YAY!!!!! poor pam.. she has to hide behind a coat rack because it’s the only lanky thing in the office that doesn’t have a girlfriend..

  6. Roni:”poor pam.. she has to hide behind a coat rack because it’s the only lanky thing in the office that doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

    Ha! That made me laugh for such a long time :D

    Looks like a fanTASTIC episode. I heart Joss Whedon.

  7. hahahaha! jim pulling his jacket collar up and looking at dwight over his shoulder…cut to dwight’s look of terror!!!!! hahahahaha
    I can’t wait! :)

  8. The best parts: Jim pretending he’s a vampire (of course) and Pam cowering by the coatrack. This is going to be amazing!

  9. Jim/John must have studied Klaus Kinski in Herzog’s “Nosferatu” – no doubt!
    Now, WHEN will Werner Herzog direct an episode??!!
    Anyone see his mockumentary on the Loch Ness monster?
    Between that & Nosferatu, he is certainly more qualified than anyone to direct “The Office”….

  10. I don’t think it’s actually going to be part of the actual episode..It’s just a promo. Joss Whedon did joke about alot of people “dying”.

    But if this prank was in it..it would be awesome!

  11. Angela rolling on the floor was the best!
    I hope the bat doesn’t look “computarized” or fake, because I like the realism in The Office. Great prank, by the way.

  12. Well, I’m pretty sure the prank is in it…someone had mentioned the bat thing a few weeks ago when Joss was actually directing, and when Joss blogged about the episode, he mentioned something that was a “complete coincedence,” and I’m guessing the “vampire” storyline is it.

  13. That’s an interesting idea, to get Werner Herzog to do an ep of THE OFFICE. I doubt he’s even HEARD of THE OFFICE, let alone would be up for doing an episode.

    Just to get the ball rolling, what other famous film/tv director would you like to see do a directing stint on THE OFFICE? I think one likely candidate would be Greg Daniel’s old producing partner on KING OF THE HILL and OFFICE SPACE creator himself Mike Judge. THE OFFICE is pretty much OFFICE SPACE – THE SERIES, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see his name on there.

    And maybe a legendary indie filmmaker of the 90’s would fit right in. Maybe David O. Russell or Spike Jonze or Jake Kasdan. Jake Kasdan I think would be another great guest director. That or his father Lawrence Kasdan.

    Anyone else?

  14. Great clip…I promised myself I wasn’t going to watch spoilers, but I changed it to just extended ones. Jim and Dwight are by far the main reason I watch this show!

  15. “I feel so… tingly”

    Me TOO! I can’t wait for this episode.

    “There’s just so much sun in here. Bye Dwight.” Amazing. Also amazing–“If a vampire bat was in the US, it would make sense for it to come to a ‘sylvania'”

  16. oh the was fabulous. angela rolling on the floor screaming and pam cowering in the corner was perfect (i would totally be doing that too) on top of the whole jim is a vampire stunt.

  17. i cant WAIT FOR THIS.
    oh lord, thats hilarious.
    though that bat thing is a bit weird, are they all pretending to be scared? it must be fake right?
    part of jims prank?
    ohhhh god i cant wait

  18. i don’t think the bat is part of jim’s prank. it’s common to see a bat in some place (i saw 3 in my school in 4 years, but it’s a really old bulding).

  19. Easy Rider (#25):

    I’m with you on that one. I said no spoilers this week, too, but I figured the short promos were okay.

    I resisted this one for about a minute and a half.

    Looks AWESOME!

  20. reginaroadie (post 22) says:

    “That’s an interesting idea, to get Werner Herzog to do an ep of THE OFFICE. I doubt he’s even HEARD of THE OFFICE, let alone would be up for doing an episode.”

    Ya think?

    But while you’re asking, how about Michel Gondry? or Albert Maisel (& his brother & crew – of “Grey Gardens,” etc)? Frederick Wiseman (“High School” etc)? Barbara Koppel (“Harlan County” etc) ? Or Errol Morris (“Thin Blue Line”…etc)??

  21. Bold Guy-

    The bat might not have been set up by Jim, but he plays off the whole vampire thing which is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.


  22. Is it just me, or in the second promo does that guy in the first row (the one they zoom in on) look familiar? Like from a reality show or something? Its bugging me now. :)

  23. SUCK ON THAT! hehe

    Cara, yeah he’s from “Average Joe”. He’s an actor. It’s sad I know this.

  24. bats are quite common in the ‘-sylvanias’…i’ve seen them fly around my house before. i’m pretty sure jim just takes the circumstance and runs with it…beautifully.

  25. I also tried not to watch any spoilers for the office, but the good thing is that neither of these were too spoilerish. and at least there hasn’t been any “will this be the night pam fights for love” kinda crap in these promos. i love jim pretending that he was turning into a vampire…

  26. I have a feeling this is going to be the best episode of the season so far!

  27. This episode looks hilarious, definitely better than last week’s which was kind of a let down imo. Can’t wait!

  28. Yeah, the Apprentice promo was pretty good. It showed Dwight putting on a paintball mask and like headlocking Meredith? It was pretty fast. But then it had Pam at her art show and she hugged Michael and said, “Thanks Michael… Do you have something in your pocket?” That almost made me cry, especially because of Michael’s face, classic Steve Carell. Good stuff

  29. I found this link at TWOP. The clip is in .avi form

    It looks (prematurely) like a reverse Booze Cruise moment with Michael and Pam. I can’t wait!

  30. Do you think she may just be thanking him about saying something nice about her art.

    unrealated… Yea! for the return of FNB hair!!!

  31. I can’t believe that I missed Dwight falling off that chair (or w/e he was standing on) the first 5 times I watched the Joss Whedon promo. That or it just didn’t sink in as incredibly funny (which it now has!) I guess I was too busy watching Pam run off in hysterics :D

  32. Aw the 3rd video won’t work :'(

    It says:

    “The video you have requested is not available. If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.”

  33. Thank you! I thought I was the only one getting the error about the 3rd video. I’m writing my english paper so I need something to do, I hope this gets fixed soon!

  34. Aaaaaand, it’s fixed! Thanks for posting all these amazing promos :D I can’t wait to see all of Pam’s artwork!

  35. I doubt they will put Roy out of the picture after 1 episode since all of the S3 build-up has been towards him getting back with Pam. She is probably upset because her art-show didnt go well

  36. i loved pam hugging michael and then asking him if he had something in his pocket…can’t wait for this episode…hopefully we will figure out what happened with roy and pam…kinda dreading that moment. dwight’s helmet was amazing…brings me back to basketball where he wore those goggles…

  37. OMG I gasped at the ‘do you have something in your pocket?’ moment.

    leave it to michael to mess up a perfectly sendimental moment, LOL…

    Hopefully he won’t be quite as over-the-top as he was in last weeks episode. it got to the crazy point where it just wasn’t believable anymore, which is what i like about this show… the characters are a little crazy, but i can still imagine that person existing in real life…

  38. I wonder if Pam’s art includes nudes, and that’s why Michael’s got something in his pocket…

  39. I wonder if Michael is the only one who shows up to Pam’s art show?

    “…Do you have something in your pocket?” lol eeewww

  40. I still wonder what will happen when Karen finds out about Pam’s engagement; as far as we know, she is still in the dark about that big piece of the puzzle. Perhaps at the art show??

  41. I think that’s the perfect payback for Michael asking Phyllis at her wedding if she broke wind. LOL

  42. I showed my mom the promos and then she went back to watching American Sweethearts. 5 sec later she starts yelling “IT’S DWIGHT!” cause he plays a reporter in the movie…pretty funny stuff :D

  43. For those of us who read SPOILERS…
    Some guesses about what the hug could be about:
    1. Pam upset/confused after turning Roy down, telling Michael what’s going on just because he happens to be there, kinda like Jim sharing his secret w/ Michael on the Booze Cruise.
    2. Pam is thankful after Michael says something truly genuine, sweet, and insightful after he and Pam overhear Gil’s remark about her art.
    3. Pam is upset because, perhaps, Jim doesn’t show up; perhaps she lets Michael know a little about how she feels about Jim, again like Jim and Michael on BC – Pam almost seemed like she was going confide in Michael at the Diwali party, after all.

    We know that Michael is not the only one who shows up, and I also don’t think that her art show “doesn’t go well” because it’s a student exhibition, and those aren’t meant to sell work or attract art critics & get reviewed, etc. I wonder if Pam feels self conscious about being about 10 years older than most of her classmates? I don’t that would be the reason for the hug, though…
    I am so excited for this episode! I’ve been anticipating a student art show w/ Pam’s work ever since the first ep. of the season when she announced she’d been taking art classes. Only I thought it would have been more of a Jim/Pam moment and I’d never imagined Roy would be in the picture.

  44. comment 79:

    Pam was hoping he had something in his pocket — cause it was either that or Michael got a little ‘excited’ from Pam’s hug

  45. I wonder if Karen will make up some excuse for Jim to take her out so that they miss the student show. Or if Jim makes up an excuse because he doesn’t want to see Pam and Roy together…that would really irritate me, since it would show such a lack of support for Pam’s passion. Her passion for art, I mean. That would be very old-Roy-like of Jim.

  46. Has anyone noticed Pam’s hair in Promo 3? It’s actually a little different, and it looks GREAT!

  47. BAH!!! “Do you have something in your pocket?” SO AWESOME. Gonna be a great episode this week, looking forward to it. Arigato.

  48. Heres hoping that As Jim says “bye dwight” he is heading over to her show, because in that clip it seems like its closing time, because no one is there and Jim is leaving. Also here is hoping Pam is upset because Jim dosnt show but in the very end it shows Jim standing there looking at her Art :)

  49. Mindless speculation–what if Pam’s mom comes to the art show? A scene with her and Jim could be very interesting!

  50. wouldn’t it be awesome if it’s michael who brings pam and jim together…then later ruin the moment with his immaturity?

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