1. Gina, I have to agree with you – this was (one of) the best closing scenes ever. Other good ones: the hospital scene in ‘Company Picnic’ and also when Dwight describes his perfect crime – all three of them = priceless Office moments!

  2. Okay, so I KNOW I’m not the only one walking around singing “suck it, yeah; suck it, yeah” under my breath. Right?

  3. NotABadDay (8) – nope. not the only one.

    and Tracy (6) – YES i want this as my ringtone!!!!

  4. And to think, if I wrote “suck it” on here a week ago it’d prolly be edited out.

    As bad as Dunder Mifflin’s been managed it should really be commended for keeping otherwise crazy people in check. First Jan, now David.

  5. Probably a dumb question, but was that officetally.com tag on the keyboard in the episode? It doesn’t look superimposed. Now I’ll have to go and rewatch it… again.

  6. Excellent tag! I really hope that they find a way for David Wallace to come back. He’s great. And that’s pretty much exactly what happens when an executive gets fired. Maybe not the “suck it” part, but everything else was spot on.

  7. This is just as “catchy” as “Pants on the Ground” (American Idol). And sexy David Wallace singing? Oh yes! I say ” SAVE DAVID WALLACE”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing Owen’s name. That little dude is one solid drummer – I’d been wondering where they found him.

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