1. I absolutely love the opening monologue! All of the actors got the mannerisms down perfectly. I also love how Rashida was there.

  2. I love that Rainn seemed more natural than most of the cast. He didn’t flub a line once. He was very, very good.

    And the Arcade Fire was amazing! I thought it was cool that they put them in that business meeting sketch.

  3. oh my god that is so weird… Jason’s playing “Jim” in that sketch and I use to think that he looked a lot like John when I started watching The Office. I think that’s funny that he’s playing Jim. HEHE

  4. tivo screwed up and i didn’t get the whole epi, but i watched the clips on youtube.

    i loved rashida’s cameo!

    white possum scream was hilariously disgusting.

  5. I don’t normally watch SNL at all. It’s never seemed funny to me. The only times I watch the show is when they have a cool host like Rainn. Last nights ep was just perfect. The opening monologue was priceless. And I loved the “White Possum Scream” sketch. To spoof a movie before it’s even out is just great. Ricci has nothing on Rainn in regards to wearing a skimpy shirt.

    “Hey Dwight.”
    “Hey Karen.”

    I just love those throwaway moments.

  6. I didn’t watch the second half (because it’s always less funny), but Rainn was amazing. You could not even tell he was reading the cue cards.

  7. Yep the office does have amazing writers. SNL has gotten so terrible, I was embarrassed that my friend who had never seen The Office was introduced to Rainn Wilson like that last night.

  8. To anyone who has seen this episode (I can’t believe I missed it!), were these the only Rainn scenes? I’m trying to figure out whether I should bother trying to watch it in reruns. Oh, who am I kidding, the monologue itself was worth watching again. I loved the Jim and Stanley characters!

  9. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I did think that the beginning of the sketch with Rainn Wilson getting “pranked” in the worst Office ever was pretty funny. Then, it got too random… but still funny in the beginning…and I thought the impressions of Pam and Jim were right on.

  10. Why is The Bar Sketch not on nbc.com yet? That was easily the highlight of the night and quite possibly the funniest sketch of the year.
    “I still haven’t seen my uncle since then.”

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