1. Aww I love Rashida
    I still do not like Karen

    Maybe “The Office” will blow up her career and will be this HUGE movie star and then I can get more of her (just not as Karen! lol)

  2. ofcourse jkras says that ;) every article makes me love her more and more. im glad she is (was :( ) on the office or otherwise i would have never gotten to know anything about this cool awesome chick that she is!

  3. She seems great. Apparently John Krasinski does also since they were spotted making out a week ago in L.A. Drats

  4. They are friends you know…..

    And she is so freaking cool. I might not like Karen, but I love her! The people over at EW.com are such tards though. They are saying she only gets job because of her parents. Please, what losers…

  5. [email protected] (Officenerd) says:

    Everytime i see pictures/interviews with her is feel so….. un-cool. But she really is the best!

  6. She looks exactly like her mother with darker coloring. I think she is beautiful.

    And I don’t even hate Karen, but damn, I just wish Jim and Pam would get a clue.

  7. aw- she’s so cute, like the whole world, love her, hate karen. but the more pressing question: what the hell is wrong with that lollipop?

  8. I wish they would find a plausible way for Karen to stay, but not to be with Jim.

    That being said, I’ve become a real fan of Rashida and wish her well with the new sitcom.

  9. Someone wrote on the comment board at Entertainment Weekly: “I watch The Office, and I still don’t know who she is.”

    Lol is this disturbing to any other Office fans?!?!?!

  10. I don’t understand. Are people still hating on her?

    I think all of us are absolutely in love with Rashida.

  11. She seems like such a cool person. The pictures were so good, much better than the People spread they did on her. I hated that red dress. She’s such a pretty woman!

  12. Oh my goodness, Rashida is so ridiculously cool. Fantastic actress, too. I saw the NY-LON series, and she definitely has range, but I hope she continues to do comedy, because she is hilarious.

    Regarding the recent John/Rashida sighting…from defamer.com:
    “Dining at Joan’s on Third Super Bowl Sunday around 2, outside my friend and I were seated a table over from Jim [John Krasinski] & his on-screen love interest (the dark haired girl from Stamford) [Rashida Jones] from NBC’s THE OFFICE. No big deal at first, but they left prancing across the street to a way hip hybrid Lexus SUV and started a quick little makey outtie for at least a long minute. So much for the fiction of it all.”

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