1. That pic of her on the right with that dress makes her look like Margot Kidder from the 80’s.

  2. Aww I love Rashida
    I still do not like Karen

    Maybe “The Office” will blow up her career and will be this HUGE movie star and then I can get more of her (just not as Karen! lol)

  3. ofcourse jkras says that ;) every article makes me love her more and more. im glad she is (was :( ) on the office or otherwise i would have never gotten to know anything about this cool awesome chick that she is!

  4. She seems great. Apparently John Krasinski does also since they were spotted making out a week ago in L.A. Drats

  5. They are friends you know…..

    And she is so freaking cool. I might not like Karen, but I love her! The people over at EW.com are such tards though. They are saying she only gets job because of her parents. Please, what losers…

  6. She looks exactly like her mother with darker coloring. I think she is beautiful.

    And I don’t even hate Karen, but damn, I just wish Jim and Pam would get a clue.

  7. aw- she’s so cute, like the whole world, love her, hate karen. but the more pressing question: what the hell is wrong with that lollipop?

  8. I wish they would find a plausible way for Karen to stay, but not to be with Jim.

    That being said, I’ve become a real fan of Rashida and wish her well with the new sitcom.

  9. Someone wrote on the comment board at Entertainment Weekly: “I watch The Office, and I still don’t know who she is.”

    Lol is this disturbing to any other Office fans?!?!?!

  10. I don’t understand. Are people still hating on her?

    I think all of us are absolutely in love with Rashida.

  11. She seems like such a cool person. The pictures were so good, much better than the People spread they did on her. I hated that red dress. She’s such a pretty woman!

  12. Oh my goodness, Rashida is so ridiculously cool. Fantastic actress, too. I saw the NY-LON series, and she definitely has range, but I hope she continues to do comedy, because she is hilarious.

    Regarding the recent John/Rashida sighting…from defamer.com:
    “Dining at Joan’s on Third Super Bowl Sunday around 2, outside my friend and I were seated a table over from Jim [John Krasinski] & his on-screen love interest (the dark haired girl from Stamford) [Rashida Jones] from NBC’s THE OFFICE. No big deal at first, but they left prancing across the street to a way hip hybrid Lexus SUV and started a quick little makey outtie for at least a long minute. So much for the fiction of it all.”

  13. As for the defamer sighting, if it is anything like the gawker stalker in NYC, anyone can submit a sighting and they can interpret and embellish as they wish. Not saying it isn’t true, but I don’t always put a lot of stock into those sightings

  14. If thats true, I hope they are a couple, they would the coolest couple ever. Imagining hanging out with those two???

    Still I want him Pam! If Jim won’t do it, he might as well! Pam the character, not Jenna Fischer. :D!

  15. Id rather Jim stay with Karen … Jam is soo uncomfortable and awkward now .. jim and karen have good chemistry now

    *waits for stones to be thrown* haha

  16. About 90% of all “rumored gossips” that comes out of Defamer.com are only half-truths at best, or completely bogus rumors.

    John and Rashida making out for a minute at a diner before leaving in a Lexus SUV? I’ve read much more believable ones.

  17. You mean you don’t trust a random anonymous poster who uses the phrase “makie outtie”? Lol.

  18. Oh man she’s cute! If I were Jim, I’d be torn between wanting her and Pam, too. (But pick Karen!)

  19. ah man! I’m so sad she’s going to be gone next season. she’s absolutely adorable. Mr.Krasinski needs to hang on to her

  20. I found this posted on rashidaonline.blogspot.com

    JT chats up RJ
    It’s no secret that Justin Timberlake brought sexyback to the Sundance Film Festival but did you know he’s a Rashida Jones fan? And rumour has it that JT was making woo woo eyes at RJ.

    According to a source on the scene:
    ” Justin Timberlake flagged Rashida Jones down, and engaged in a conversation with her about how she’s doing, and whatnot. Not sure if this qualifies as hitting on her, but I can almost guarantee you Justin and Jessica Biel are not as serious as the tabloids are making them out to be.”
    Sounds like another day in the life of the hunk magnet we call Rashida Jones.

    ***UPDATE*** Rashida attended Justin’s pre-Grammy party at Avalon Club in Hollywood along with Sam Ronson, Timbaland, Diddy and Nick Lachey.

  21. i can’t believe JT hit on Rashida..if anything, John Krasinski should be with Rashida because they would look better together plus isn’t JT being a manwhore nowadays?

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