Steve Almighty

June 12: Today’s clip is Jenna and Steve’s deleted scene! So funny. NEW!

The Office Steve Carell

May 31: Check out today’s clip — my NBC source says “it’s a never-before-seen segment from NBC’s 2005 upfront, in which the renewal of The Office is announced and Carell jumps out of the audience, goes crazy and kisses Bob Wright on the lips.” has launched “Steve Almighty” — showcasing different clips of Steve Carell through June 22!

And there are some great classic videos — from The Office, Conan, The Ambiguously Gay Duo, and of course, his hilarious Golden Globes acceptance speech. Go check it out!

Link: Steve Almighty


  1. This is the second best Steve idea ever!!! The first is “Steve Carell: The Musical”
    Dawesome clips!!

  2. This makes me oh-so-excited for Steve to get back on the talk circuit later this summer to promote the new movie. If he goes on “The Colbert Report” (which he should–Even Stevens can reunite and discuss the religious elements of “Evan Almighty”), my summer will be made.

  3. I love the part in the interview when Steve says, “Literally a fly on the wall. Well, not literally, because we use cameras, not flies.” So freakin’ funny! And I really hope he does go on “The Colbert Report,” too! I would love to see Steve and Stephen together again.

  4. This is extremely cool. He has so much charm that i really cant even believe he plays michael scott.

  5. His interview with Conan was great…though the GG acceptance speech was classic. His wife is stunning!

  6. Oooh, I love Casino Night. Thanks for that Tanster. I’m new to “The Office” and its fandom, so I’ve got a lot to learn! :o)

  7. IHaveaDundie–

    Yes, that’s Nancy Walls. She and Steve were also co-correspondents on The Daily Show.

  8. Those beef jerky ads are so annoying. I keep accidentally rolling over them with my mouse…

  9. Steve is so hilarious; I’m so happy that his career is taking off. Now we can all share his talent. GO STEVE GO! :)

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