Greg Daniels at Banff World Television Festival

The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels is in Banff this week leading a master class for the World Television Festival.

Here are some interesting related articles (I’m tagging this with a SPOILER ALERT because Season 4 is discussed, but nothing is revealed that is earth-shattering):

  • 6/12, Blogcritics Magazine: An Interview with The Office Creator Greg Daniels. “It’s just almost embarrassing when you see the promos for 30 Rock and Scrubs and there’s all these good gags in there, and then there’s ours and it’s all “I loooove you.” And I’m like, OK, that was a good moment, but we had guys in inflatable sumo suits also.”
  • 6/12, Edmonton Sun: Office talk. “People on college campuses have more passion for our show than they have passion for Two and a Half Men.”
  • 6/11, Toronto Star: Funny business as usual at NBC. “The writers have “broken” the first 13 episodes. Each has two or three rough outlines — Daniels brought his two to Banff — and the plan is to reconvene after July 4 with completed scripts.”


  1. Those are all great little snippets of insight into GD’s outlook on the show. Thanks for the links Tanster. I love that he says to skip S1 if you’re a newbie and check out S2 first. So true.

  2. So much for everyone’s “conspiracy theory” about Ryan’s promotion; he’s going to be Michael’s boss! Yay!

  3. I have to admit I was a little annoyed when GD said the newbies should skip the first season. In my opinion that was the best season.

  4. I agree on skipping season 1. I converted eight people at work into hard core office fans. And after they all watched season 1(at different times of course) they were all kind of “It was alright” torn between whether or not they wanted to borrow season 2. All of them blew right through it and now the general opinion is that season 2 is way more worth watching than season 1. I am glad that Greg agrees lol

  5. I love that he says to skip S1. It’s so funny because when I started to catch up I did the exact same thing…and now I am addicted! So of course I went back after I was hooked to watch S1, and he’s absolutely right that S2 is much more representative of what the shows all about.

  6. When trying to get friends into the office, I find that there is a good episode for everyone in every season. For instance, I had my brother watch Healthcare first, but my friend saw The Alliance first, and it worked pretty well.

  7. i think season 1 is better appreciated after having seen a couple of season 2 episodes, because season 1 is almost purely random comedy whereas season 2 also has a lot of characterization. i found season 1 more hilarious when i already knew and liked the characters.

  8. Nothing earth shattering? What does that Melora Hardin comment mean? (see spoiler section) I thought she was contracted?!!

  9. I loved all the articles! I can’t wait for S4!! My best friends and I just did a marathon of S1 and S2 this past weekend and soon we’ll be doing one for S3! I can’t wait to see what S4 has in store for us, it’s going to be great!!!

  10. It’s funny that he said to initiate people into the show by skipping the first season b/c that’s EXACTLY what I did with my best friend. She now loves the show and started with episode 1 of season 2. It makes total sense. I’ll show her the first season eventually as, like, an added bonus. ;)

  11. Hey Mexicanity! I had fun during our marathon!

    Is it wierd that I get giddy at the thought of them already having ideas and writing for 13 episodes of next season? That’s almost half of the season! I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Until then, a s3 marathon will just have to do ;o)

  12. I kind of have to agree with Lorie. I think it’s good to watch S1 first. I mean, I understand why people say to watch S2 first & then S1, but there are a lot of good S1 episodes. And you get to know the characters in S1 too. Not so much Kelly, though, because she is different in S1, but the others are still pretty much the same.

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