1. Gabe, FTW! That is awesome!!

    And is Creed supposed to be something specific, or did he just grab dirty rags out of the garbage?

  2. I thought Andy Bernard as Bill Compton was the greatest thing I’d ever seen.

    Then I saw Gabe.

  3. Yea looks great! hopefully they won’t cut this intro out of the Season 7 DVD package like they did in Season 6… still haven’t heard if they are gonna reimburse us somehow.

  4. Oh man. Best. costumes. Ever!! Ryan as the Beibs, Gabe as Lady Gaga (!!) and my stomach is still hurting from Andy as Bill from True Blood. Love, love it!

  5. Kudos to the wardrobe department – you have outdone yourselves! I can’t get the image of Gabe out of my head. I just thank God he didn’t go for the meat dress.

  6. Oh wow. I am so excited for this episode! The costumes are fantastic. I can’t wait to see what Pam will be dressed as. She always has the best costume!

  7. Ryan as Justin Bieber and Gabe as Gaga?! Fan-freaking-tastic!! I can’t wait to see this and see what Jim, Pam, Michael, and Dwight show up as!

    Anyone know who Erin is supposed to be??

  8. who is meredith dressed as? i see the nametag “sookie”, but i don’t get the reference. and is oscar supposed to even be anything?

    @Katherine (#5) – that’s gabe as lady gaga. although i have to say, for a lady gaga outfit, that is incredibly tame.

    @Dallas (#8)- i don’t think they’re going to reimburse us. i don’t know why it was cut, but i think it has something to do with suicide groups getting uppity about michael’s “hanging”.

  9. Wow…guess I’m out of touch with pop culture! The only costume I recognized was Darryl! And Creed…assuming he’s just an unraveling mummy in dirty rags.

  10. Gabe’s is the best!! It’s one of the best thing his character has contributed so far! I can’t wait to see this episode.

    I agree with “Ungrateful Beeyotch”. Ryan will forever seem juvenile.

  11. @FlonkertonChamp (#14) she is dressed up as Sookie from TrueBlood and Andy is dressed up as Bill from that show also.

    I can’t wait to see what Jim comes up with and how much less effort he puts into it this year. He never disappoints.

  12. I wonder what the prize for this costume contest might be considering Stanley hardly puts any effort into his costume (unless he wants to sleep :P). It’s probably a day off…maybe a bonus?

  13. @Dallas, @FlonkertonChamp – If they cut out the cold open because it was offensive, then why did NBC allow it to air on the original air date? I know the executives from NBC even sit in on their table reads. Most things on The Office are offensive to someone somewhere, especially from Michael Scott. We should get to the bottom of this. It’s been a year now and still no definite answer.

  14. Suddenly I have so much love for Gabe. And I was pretty sure Ryan couldn’t top Edward Cullen. I am so glad I was wrong.

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