1. Love this scene. Wish they would have kept this in instead of the blurred herpes infested penis. Definitely funnier.

  2. I love how Kelly is always wearing business suits now, since her women in business management class!

  3. Huge mistake cutting this scene. As much as I LOVE Ed Helms I am finding the show too focused on him at the moment, and they’re showing less Jim and Pam… *sigh*

  4. Just because Jim and Pam are in it doesn’t make it a great scene, folks. I mean, it was OK, but it wasn’t funnier than anything that was left IN the episode.

  5. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that they are going to shift the focus to Andy more often… do you think they are going to make him the new boss?

  6. This was definitely funny. I was waiting for a floating head of Kelly at the end explaining that she super glued the lid shut or something, that would have been funny.

  7. After the JAM overloaded S6, I think the show runners decided it was imperative to give them a bit of downtime to open S7. I’m sure JAM scenes and story lines will pick up as the season progresses. Ryan and Kelly drama becomes less and less interesting as the show progresses. Their relationship never progresses or grows. The fact is Ed Helms is a star now, particularly after The Hangover. It’s no accident he’s getting more airtime and he’s now in the show’s opening credits. Giving him additional airtime was probably stipulated in his re-worked contract with the show. And I think it’s becoming reasonably clear he’ll be in the running to take over the branch when Michael is gone, hence the big focus on Andy so far this season.

  8. I wouldn’t call S6 “JAM overloaded”. Seems to me like they crammed all the JAM into two episodes (Niagara/Delivery).

  9. Both great scenes! I have noticed that these past four episode have focused on Andy, a lot and I do miss the Ryan and Kelly drama.

  10. Ha Jim and Kelly, they are great together! Loved both scenes. In fact i prefer these 2 moments to some of the conference room stuff.

    S6 was hardly JAM overloaded. Simply 2 key episodes. I feel they should shift focus of the main character(s) after S7 to one of the originals(my choice would be Jim and Dwight), and bring in an outsider as boss. The new boss does not have to be the “star.”

  11. @Sally I agree, my love for Jim, Dwight and Pam cannot be topped. Those 3 characters are the core of everything i love about this show and why i started watching. I definitely like Andy, but would never want him as the main focus.

  12. Ahh! – I am so glad they included the concierge one-nighter, even if the scene got deleted. I wondered about that. Good job!

  13. The second deleted scene was funny! Great continuity/callback by having them call the concierge, and hearing Dwight say “I had more sex in high school” was priceless. Typical Michael – didn’t even ask if he was speaking to “concierge Marie” – just said she better get tested!

  14. Dwight’s character’s a little inconsistent on that. In Season 2 he asked Toby what a vagina looks like, but around Season 4 he became like “a stud.” Still I think I read the average man has 8 sexual partners in a lifetime so five in 6 years is bordering on high if anything. (Granted for TV characters five in 6 years is bordering on monastic, but giving a little perspective/”sex-ed.”)

  15. Yes! I knew there was no way The Office Continuity Gods would forget Concierge Marie!

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