1. @1 ASFan, did you honestly think there can be another outcome? :-)

    I want to see Jessica’s face when she is dumped. No more chicken fights.

  2. I am really enjoying this season. The ONLY thing I would change is Andy and Erin, I do not feel ANY chemistry between them. They’re the poor person’s Jim and Pam :(

  3. I’m happy about these pics! I love Andy and Erin together. I have always thought they make an adorable couple. They are definitely not the poor person’s Jim and Pam. They are totally different from Jam. I don’t know why people can’t just enjoy the variety of couples on this show instead of being rude about ones that don’t happen to be their favorite. Andy and Erin are my favorite couple on this show but I don’t go around saying rude comments about the other couples on the show just because they don’t happen to be my favorite.

  4. They should invest more screen time in the Erin/Andy relationship so that more people can feel the chemistry. The couple is not getting enough attention.

  5. On the flippity flip, the kiss photo might be misdirection and happens near the beginning of the episode or the middle.

  6. @Rachel They are trying to make Andy/Erin JAM 2.0, they have followed a very similar story. Andy/Jim has a crush on Erin/Pam, he is rejected and moves on, finds a new girlfriend and ignores Erin/Pam. Finally realizes what he wants and then races somewhere to get the girl. It is shockingly similar. The difference is that Andy and Erin seem really forced and I don’t see very much chemistry between them, I’m not saying there is no chemistry, just that the writers aren’t doing a very good job showing it.

  7. i cannot for the life of me understand not loving these two together! I WOULD LOVE to see Andy and Erin back.
    Erin Dog and Nard Dog are so fun and goofy and awkward, which is THE OFFICE!

  8. I love Andy and Erin! They’re so sweetly strange together. I don’t really get why some people aren’t feeling it. VERY strange move by NBC to release a picture of them kissing.

  9. I guess I’m the only person who thinks Andy and Erin are adorable! I love how goofy they are, and I admire that the writers are trying for a Jim and Pam 2.0 — to me it’s just different enough to work, and that storyline was what got me into the show, anyway. (Well, that and Michael, but none of his plots ever really played out, unfortunately.)

    As for the spoiler pic, the only reason I can imagine for its release is that it’s going to be very, very short-lived. Remember that Andy is going back to Anger Management Andy, and Erin might not want to put up with that.

  10. Is that Erin’s foster brother Reed on the sixth picture? Also, who is the old lady staying with them? Is it her grandmother perhaps?

  11. Regarding the Andy & Erin kiss picture, notice the driver’s side door is open on his car. My guess is it’s an awkward/sweet kiss good-bye and Andy’s headed back to Scranton without Erin. Not that I think she’s done with the show, but they can play out Erin/Andy angst for a few episodes with less backlash from fans than if they did the same with Jim/Pam drama!

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