1. Nooooooooo to the office being shut down. Yessss to all the writers/ and actors supporting this cause.

  2. This was a fabulous video. I really feel that we, the fans of The Office, need to back up our people and write to the powers that be!

  3. Good for them! As much as i adore this show, i’d rather not have episodes for a while than not have these brilliant writers be compensated for their hard work!

  4. Completely agree with previous posts.

    The webisode thing is really unfair. They were awesome, and they really should have gotten compensated for them. :(

  5. Wow I didn’t realize they didn’t get paid for the webisodes. That is ridiculous! And and a big WOW to NBC/Universal not paying for the Emmy they won. Cheap bastards!

  6. I just wish I had known earlier that they (writers, actors, etc) were not getting any compensation for their work which is viewed/sold online. I am no longer viewing anything online or purchasing any shows from itunes.

  7. Wow, not even paid for webisodes? That’s really surprising.

    Initially, I was more in the crowd that thought it sucked that there’d be no office, but honestly, the strike is pretty much warranted.

  8. Where can I get one of those red T-shirts!? If I can’t be on the picket lines, (geographic location prevents it), I can at least show my support with my wardrobe.

  9. The writers witnessed first-hand the power they each possess over Office fans in Scranton last week. Do you think they may have flirted with the idea of assembling their NEPA army?

    I’m kidding, of course. But it is true in a way. Look how quickly and passionately we assembled in Scranton. The big-wigs would hear us. And then we’d blog about it.

    I’m in FULL support of the strike. They should be paid for what they create in relation to how many times their work is viewed. Plain and simple. How dare those suits take advantage of them!

    P.S.- I could bite Greg Daniels’ cute little nose clear off his face. How adorable is he!?

    Great video, Tanster! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Wow, they said “promotion” a lot in that vid. They are all too adorable though! THIS IS WHAT WE NEED! NETWORKS, GIVE THESE WRITERS WHAT THEY WANT SO WE CAN HAVE OUR OFFICE BACK! :(

  11. At this point, doesn’t it seem kind of ironic that illegal downloads don’t make the people who actually created the show any less money than they are making now.

  12. I love them. And that’s why I support the strike. They should make a strike coverage video every day. I mean, if we can’t have The Office, let’s have humorous coverage.

  13. It just shows how much they get their fans. I think they know we would want to know everything that’s going on and so they are letting us know.

    It was great to see them all out there fighting for their (and a load of other people’s) rights!

  14. It’s easy to see that all fans of shows such as The Office or Heroes need to boycott nbc.com. Until the end of the strike, I will not watch episodes online or log on to the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website anymore.

  15. If they’re going to be there on Saturday maybe I can show up and picket with them.

    And after the dust settles and they get paid what is their due, how would I go about becoming a writer? I’ve got the raw talent.

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