“The Office Is Closed”

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 | 142 comments


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  1. 142. Jon  

    The biggest problem for the writers is that the industry is dominated by a few writers who make a killing. Those that aren’t in that category are getting screwed and are constantly looking for new jobs to pay the bills if they aren’t staffed writers. For a town like LA, bills are high and pay is comparatively low. I think ultimately the writers will get what they want, which isn’t much, because the networks are going to suffer a LOT from this strike, the writers are far too important. And their reasons for not accommodating the writers are total BS (namely, there isn’t enough money in Hollywood to pay them better). Not to mention Michael Eisner’s comments on how unsuccessful internet media is going to be based on the utter failure of his internet show that most people have never even heard of. This industry needs to get its act together.

  2. 141. Amber  

    Pay should be determined by what you put into it. The writer’s make the show. Period. I MISS IT ALREADY and its not even reruns yet.

  3. 140. bisous3  

    While I am 100% in agreement with the writers, I think they need to acknowledge the overinflated salaries of the actors. I am sorry. Actors are the most grossly overpaid people in the universe. Instead of paying them tens of thousands an episode, pay them less and give the money to the writers, especially when they are between jobs. The “hows” of that last sentence are extremely oversimplified but I only have 200 words!

  4. 139. Jana  

    I don’t know how much they are getting paid currently, and I’m sure they do deserve a raise. The Office is absolutely hilarious, however…when you are hired for a job, unless written in the contract, you are not going to get paid for any advertising/promotions the company does. Contract your work if you want to be paid for everything that has to do with your work. Work under the company and you will get screwed. Maybe it’s time to look for another job anyways? No?

  5. 138. Steve  

    Long live The Office!!!

  6. 137. Lindsay  

    No matter how much they get paid…which is waaaay more than I get paid…I definitely think they deserve to get paid for the work that they’ve done. That is what’s fair. Just because they’re “well paid” and “aren’t being denied healthcare” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t stand up for their rights.

  7. 136. FoundaFlyer  

    “You’re watching this on –the internet–“… thanks for explaining that to me like I’m six, mose.

  8. 135. Suz  

    #146; Promotions *are* in the contract. Whether webisodes are promotions and the writers and actors are obliged to do them for FREE is a large part of the dispute.

    Check out Ron Moore’s comments

  9. 134. jamison  

    now the strike kind of makes sense.. if they are going to write web-isodes, they need to get paid for them…. if NBC is going to put the entire show on their website (and ads all over them) the writers need a cut… still sucks, but makes sense…

  10. 133. Exchange Student in Australia  

    The Office has been the one thing keeping me sane!! I thought it wasn’t on iTunes? Well it doesn’t matter much because I can’t download off iTunes in my host family’s house… I totally support The Office though… The Office is the best thing that ever came to television… NBC would be stupid not to recognize the writers behind the scenes that make the show so awesome.

  11. 132. Eryk  

    It should also be noted that many companies DO pay their employees “royalties” in the form of profit-sharing plans. Usually yearly, bonuses are paid based on the company’s profits for that year. The more the company makes, the larger the bonus. So even though employees are paid a flat rate, the better their work is, the more profitable the company will be, resulting in a larger yearly bonus. If a project goes well and keeps making the company money for several years, bonuses will continue to be larger. Just like if a writer creates a successful show that continues to be profitable after its initial release, they should continue to be compensated for their above-average creation.

  12. 131. Eryk  

    It’s the difference between creation and production. As Raven said, McDonald’s workers don’t “create” hamburgers, they “produce” them. Ford factory workers don’t “create” cars, they “produce” them. The creation process for a car is left to designers/engineers who get compensated appropriately if their idea is a success, just like I’m sure the guy sitting in an office creating the next McNasty will get some kind of raise/promotion/bonus for his creation. He may not get royalties, but it’s standard practice in the entertainment industry to pay royalties to the creators of entertainment.

  13. 130. Bonnie  

    Just wanted to give my support to the writers guild. As much as I’m going to miss my office and my greys come a month from now I stand behind what the writers are striking about. Good luck to you all.

  14. 129. eric  

    can’t find this on youtube. would you mind posting the embedding code? thanks!!!

  15. 128. Toby Flenderson...convicted rapist  

    Welcome to The Office, may I take your order?

  16. 127. Mike  

    Why did you guys do the webisodes if they weren’t in your contract? Did you actually expect the studio to do the “right” thing and compensate you? I respect your right to try to get what you feel is a fair deal, but you guys are playing a losing game. For one, creative writing is not such a rare skill that it’s irreplaceable. If the studios object that much to your demands, they will find people to replace you. Also, I love TV, but there are many other mediums of entertainment that I’m happy to turn to. And maybe when it’s all said and done, I won’t want to come back. This is what happened after the baseball and hockey strikes You guys are hurting the industry. You’re not steel workers that are being denied healthcare. You’re well payed. Don’t expect any sympathy.

  17. 126. crookedlawyer  

    Number 117, it would be more like if a McDonald’s employee spent all day just making burgers or just making Happy Meals, and got paid by the burger or by the Happy Meal, and was then asked to make milkshakes too, but wasn’t paid for making those.

  18. 125. Courtney  


    They didn’t get paid for the webisodes.

    Wow. *Shaking my head*

    I had left a comment yesterday saying that the strike was hurting the wrong people and that the big wigs won’t be affected for months to come and that perhaps striking was the wrong thing to do…but you know what, after seeing this video, I’m about to buy a plane ticket to LA and join the picket line!

    PS – where are they…Wisteria Lane???

  19. 124. leah  

    This video really makes it clear why they are striking. I can’t believe NBC didn’t pay them for the webisodes, or shell out the $28 for an actual Emmy. Hell, I’ll give them the money… they deserve that and more!

    My television is off until the strike is over. I’m not even watching my DVD’s.

  20. 123. Stephanie  

    Aw man, just when I thought it was impossible to love these guys any more than I already did….

    I support them 100%, even though the thought of our show being shutdown really upsets me. The writers deserve better than this. Can’t believe NBC wouldn’t even pay for their Emmy.

    I refuse to watch episodes online or watch the crappy reality tv they will inevitably put on air until this is settled.

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