The Office Set Visit 2009: Day 3

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  • Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2009
  • Scenes filmed: a few Michael/Holly scenes, but mostly the Scranton/Corporate volleyball game
  • Locations: Malibu picnic grounds
  • Call times: crew 6:30am, shooting 7am, Buffalo employees 6am


  • For some strange reason, I didn’t take a lot of photos on Wednesday, so I’ve pumped up this report with a few photos from Thursday.
  • Check out the ring quiz!

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  1. Thanks for Sharing all of this with us! It looks like all of them have a lot of fun doing the show. And won’t even try to guess who the rings belong to. I am not good a paying attention to details. But umm I’ll guess the second one is Pam’s??????

  2. You. Are. So. Lucky.

    This is great. I love that the cast and crew really seem to enjoy themselves.

    I kind of feel bad that Idris read fan comments about disliking Charles. I’m guilty of writing some of them. If Charles would just leave Jim alone, maybe…

    No, never mind, really can’t stand Charles. But Idris is awesome!

    [from tanster: it’s really interesting, both idris and rob huebel (Holly’s boyfriend A.J.) both remarked to me about the negative fan feedback toward their characters. rob kept saying to me, ‘i’m sorry for taking holly away!’]

  3. Great report as always Tanster.
    Did they build the swing and the see-saw at the picnic site to use it in the episode?

    [from tanster: hmm, i have no idea. i would assume they were either part of the grounds already, or they rented them and brought them in. but i don’t think they did any intentional filming of the swing and see-saw.]

  4. Ooo, a ring quiz! I say the second is Pam’s, the third is Phyllis’. Dunno whose is the first, though.

    Thanks for the picture with Andy Buckley. He is such a cutie. (well, second after John K).

    [from tanster: andy is indeed a cutie. i have more to report about him. coming soon. :) ]

  5. My guess for the ring quiz – Stanley’s wife Terry’s is the one on the left, Pam’s is the middle, and Phyllis’ is on the right, but I’m sure I’m way off base…

    Tanster – thank you so much for posting all of this fabulous behind-the-scenes info! I wish I had a job where I could take a swing and see-saw break…

  6. That’s so sweet of Steve to make a speech for the props guy. I love how Office members care about everyone in the team. I would give anything to work on the office set!

  7. i remember rainn’s “3 clowns” tweet! it made me laugh so hard! i love that this is a cast and crew of good friends… best friends, in angela and jenna’s case! jenna’s isabel’s godmother! they’re all so lucky to have that friendship.

    and the rings… i know the middle is pam’s (and it’s the prettiest, in my opinion… i’m not a fan of the big flashy rings. simplicity is the best! and i can’t WAIT to see a ring on jim’s finger! *squeal*) so… i’m just guessing here… the last one is phyllis’s… and the first one is……. jeez, which other woman is married?! is erin married? or is it stanley’s wife, like lew guessed. help me out on this, tanster!

    oh, and the see-saw and swing set were already there. i’ve been to the malibu picnic grounds. and i’ve ridden on the see-saw! :o)

  8. I can’t tell if that’s one or two rings on the left.

    If it’s two my guesses are:

    Left: Phyllis’ engagement ring and wedding band.
    Middle: Pam’s ring from Jim.
    Right: Angela’s ring from Andy.

    Did I get it?

  9. OK, I’m taking a wild guess here based on the fact that the two look so similar and that was the whole theme of Phyllis’s wedding. Um Pam’s ring from Roy, Pam’s ring from Jim, then Phyllis’s ring. I’m probably totally off but I had to give it a shot…

  10. These are so interesting! I’m anxious to read more, but I know you’re trying to keep us afloat during the dry summer.

    Tanster, I know you’ve mentioned a lot about what the actors are like in real life, but I was wondering if any or all of them come to OfficeTally. Pretty much every Office fan I know comes here, but are they snooping around as well? (If so, HOW COOL IS THAT!?)

    [from tanster: i’m pretty sure they do. one actually came up to me and asked, “when does survivor season 5 start?” another playfully chastised me for not getting the ‘Heavy Competition’ post up at its normal time that week, because their family checks OfficeTally on thursday nights to read fan comments!]

  11. Thanks for another awesome write-up! I love reading these random tidbits :). As for the rings- It must be Pam’s in the middle, and maybe Phyllis’ on the left? Not sure on the last one!

  12. The rings: 1st is Phyllis Vance, 2nd is Pam Beesly, 3rd is Angela Martin?

    And if Idris and Rob are reading this, you did a GREAT job with your characters. Raising conversation with fans is always the mark of skill.

  13. Nice work Tanster, thanks for the pic of Andy Buckley :)

    I feel so sorry for those poor boys reading the feedback, reminds me of Larry Linvile form MASH, apparently he was such a wonderful man, but he did his job so well that people believed he really was like Frank Burns!

    I’ll say:
    Beth = Kevin
    Ring 1 = JAM
    Ring 2 = RAM
    Ring 3 = PHLOB

  14. First ring: Phyllis
    Second ring: Pam
    not sure about the third one, didn’t Angela sell the one from Andy?

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