The Weekend Tally

Tidbits about ‘The Office’ show, cast, staff, and fans for the week ending May 31.

  • Blog update: Jenna Fischer — Paper towels.
  • Article: Daemon’s TV interviews Amy Ryan.
  • Article: ‘The Office’ funnyman Ed Helms gets blotto and goes blank in ‘The Hangover.’
  • Photo: Mindy Kaling celebrates an early birthday in Las Vegas.
  • Video: two new Office parodies performed by Michael Yanoska and friends.
  • Merchandise: Tallyhead ‘Abbey in PA’ reports “my friend works at Kmart in Ephrata, PA, (southeastern PA) and they have some Office items similar to the ones they had at Target. She got me a Dwight notepad with the tan background and the tasks/complaints headers for 99 cents.”
  • Upcoming events: check out the OfficeTally Calendar (click the “calendar” link in the upper right corner of this page) for this week’s live appearances by Angela Kinsey and Kate Flannery, plus TV appearances by John Krasinski!
  • Contest: the folks over at the Northern Attack fansite is holding their annual Summer Hiatus Contest. Starts tomorrow!
  • The Annex: this isn’t related to The Office in any way, but since you now have some spare time, may I recommend some other TV shows —
    1) Glee doesn’t officially air until the fall, but the fabulous pilot episode is out there (including a free iTunes download). I’ve watched it more than five times now. If you’re a Renthead, you have an inkling of my obsession with this show.
    2) Free Radio (starring Lance Krall, who played Dwight’s sensei Ira in Season 2’s ‘The Fight’) “is an original, improvised comedy show set in a fictional radio station, and celeb guests come on the show playing themselves.” It’s a hilarious trainwreck of a show! The Office’s Angela Kinsey, Melora Hardin, and Ed Helms have all appeared as guests. Season 2 just ended, but you can watch the episodes online at VH1.


  1. Tanster-
    I really like the idea of recommending shows since we won’t being seeing new episodes of The Office for a while. keep them coming?

  2. The guy playing Michael in the parodies is actually really good. I’m impressed.

  3. I love that Mindy celebrated her upcoming 30th birthday in Vegas – I’m supposed to be spending my own 30th there in July! It will be my first time there, too. Looks like she had fun!

    And I would like to second the ‘Free Radio’ recommendation. I discovered the show through OT and am now hooked! Now I must see what this ‘Glee’ is all about…

  4. So you’re a Gleeker as well? Awesome! I, like you, have watched the pilot episode a lot since it’s aired. I also have Don’t Stop Believin’ and Rehab on my ipod. So addicting.

    The video Jenna posted is really funny.

  5. Glee actually is a bit office related!! The wheelchair kid also delivered 8 pizzas to Dunder Mifflin and smoked Dwight’s hemp. :)

  6. I’m a Gleek too! Since Pushing Daisies has been canceled, Glee has had to fill that quirky show void in my viewing schedule.

  7. the “paper towels” thing jenna posted is hilarious! jenna and her infomercials…

    and awww, mindy wanted to share her cake with the entire restaurant!

  8. The wheelchair kid was the pizza boy!! AHH i have to go watch it again for like the 10th time now!!

  9. GLEEE!!!! OMG…I ADORE THIS SHOW!! and you’re a renthead like me?! sooo awesome! u should check out spring awakening as well and become a guilty one! :) the girl who plays Rachel in Glee is actually the original Wendla on broadway in Spring Awakening!!

    and like someone else said, Pushing Daisies was cancelled…so Glee is my new obsession and it better not be cancelled!

  10. Woah! the girl playing Kelly actually sounded like her for a few seconds! WOW!

  11. did i miss kate’s judging on iron chef?

    i didn’t see it mentioned.

    someone has to ask her about steak ice cream?!? =(

  12. I just watched John on Good Morning America. My goodness, how adorable is he?

  13. I feel like Andy’s favorite new show is Glee. I imagine him singing right along with the characters!

  14. I love Glee too! And Free Radio is always great. I didn’t know that the wheelchair kid was the pizza boy, but that makes it even better. @14, I totally agree with you!

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