Fall season update

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The Office

  • May 13 9pm PT: ‘”The Office” is expected to get the 9 p.m. tentpole slot, with “My Name Is Earl” at 8, “30 Rock” at 8:30 and “Scrubs” at 9:30. NBC will pick up six one hour eps of “The Office” for a total of 30 segs.’ Source: Variety
  • May 10 5:30pm PT: Kristin’s just posted a new report: ” … NBC reached an agreement late this afternoon with The Office for next season: 24 episodes, including 4 hourlong specials.” Source: E! Online
  • May 10 1:30pm PT: E!’s Kristin Veitch reports that the possibility of The Office becoming a one-hour show this fall is stronger than ever: “I’ve just heard from multiple insiders that it’s looking very likely that NBC will double the amount of The Office we’ll get next season. I’m told it’s looking like each episode will expand to be an hourlong; however, if that plan falls through for some reason, I’m hearing that, at the very least, NBC wants to pick up something like 37 episodes of the show in its current half-hour format.” Source: E! Online

The Rules for Starting Over (Rashida Jones’ new show)

  • May 12: Several sources are reporting that Fox has picked up The Rules for Starting Over, co-starring Rashida Jones. Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Futon Critic

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  1. I cannot speak strongly enough in support of this move. Anyone who watches the deleted scenes, which usually amout to 40 minutes of screen time (the length of a one-hour show) realizes that the cut scenes are of equal quality with what makes it on the air. The style of The Office is meant for one hour. NBC, if you really do this, I love you.

    For those of you concerned about the show, it won’t change one bit. Basically, we’ll just get all the deleted scenes. And if you’re still concerned, watch some, and all your fears will disappear.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you NBC.

  2. 37?? That seems like a ridiculously large amount of new shows! How many were there this year? 21? 24? Somewhere around there? I’m all for no more hugely long hiatuses but I’d say about 6 more shows would be all you’d need, maybe 8.

  3. This is a miracle. Yet–I’m just worried of the actors. They’re working so hard already, and they all want to do different things beyond The Office. Making it an hour will be longer hours for them (I’m guessing–not sure of course) and I just hope they don’t re-think their roles on this amazing show just because we’re obsessd. :D

  4. I don’t know. This is Kristin. She said Rashida was outski by the end of the season and Jammers would be happy during Phyllis’ Wedding. Can we believe anything she says?

  5. Wow! I think its great news whatever happens. NBC must really love (and need) The Office.

  6. You know, I thought this was a bad day because I have to study for two exams tomorrow, but between the promising “Beach Day” tonight and this news…I don’t know, it’s a good day (/Pam).

  7. This is the greatest news I’ve ever heard.

    However, I must say I’d much rather have 22 hour long episodes than almost twice that many half hour episodes. I think keeping the episode total lower would ensure stronger single episode scripts and plotlines, unless they decide to kind of play with the format of episodes being more self-contained (kind of like The Client and Performance Review back-to-back; or Booze Cruise and The Secret – episodes where the storyline basically picked up right where they left off but still had their own episodic plot).

    I am so thrilled with this.

  8. I’d support the one-hour concept. My problem with 37 episodes (if they’re serious) is that could easily lead to burnout for the cast, crew and writers; or repetition in the storylines. I’m fond of the cast, and I’d want them to continue to have time to pursue movies and other TV work, or just time with their families. I don’t know if those nice things and 37 episodes necessarily go together. :)

  9. Guys remember that they counted the 1 hour episodes this year as two episodes, so it could be when they say 37 1/2 hour episodes, they really mean a large mix of 1/2 half hour and 1 hour episodes. Just something to consider.

    Either way I’m hella psyched.

  10. I think hour-long is a MUCH better idea than 37 half-hours. If they use the time to let the characters breathe and let the awkward moments play out (like Benihana Christmas) then it will work well. The half hour shows this season seemed way too rushed and packed.

  11. To everyone saying this could lead to burn out for the cast:

    They already film that amount now-look at the deleted scenes! Chances are this would just allow them to leave in more good stuff that normally gets cut out. And judging by some of the gems that have gotten cut (Ryan imitating Kelly’s customer service!) this will probably allow the writers/producers to be happier with the final product.

    Just a thought. :)

  12. its not a coincedence that all the highest rated episodes this season are either super sized or one hour long. the Office is just better when its longer (thats what she said)

  13. Skippy, i was thinking the same thing.

    another thing to think about is..with the 37 ‘1/2 hour’ installments..it could be because when(if) the show gets syndicated, it will be as a 30 min show? does that sound right?

    eh..i just woke up from my nap @ work. lol
    i guess i’ll go back to sleep now. hahahaha

  14. Hour episodes will be great. The show has always seemed to go by so fast, especially this season. Being an hour will allow those who watch for the JAM drama and those who watch for the comedy to be together in one happy world.

    37 half hr episodes seems like way to much, and like others said would burn them out. It might sound odd, but 37 half hr episodes would be harder then 22 hr episodes.

    I’m usually all for more office, but either make the switch to an hour or keep it the way it is.

  15. 37 half-hour shows would net NBC a lot more iTunes revenue than 25 hour-long shows would.

  16. If my math is correct, that would be exactly twice the awesome. No more deleting scenes. Even if that means less total episodes, I’m freakin’ pumped (twss).

  17. Holy Shnikey! 37 episodes if the hourlong format falls through? That’s win-win, or win-win-win.

    I’m inclined to think this report is true. Why would Zucker hint at the hourlong announcement in the first place if there was nothing to it? Even if he was only gauging fan reaction, there must have been some kind of plan in the works. It’ll probably be determined by advertisers ultimately, but I’ll be happy with 37 half-hours of Office-y goodness with the occasional super-sized ep.

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