Fall season update

This post will be updated as we hear more news during the upfronts this week. If you’ve got a tip, let me know!

The Office

  • May 13 9pm PT: ‘”The Office” is expected to get the 9 p.m. tentpole slot, with “My Name Is Earl” at 8, “30 Rock” at 8:30 and “Scrubs” at 9:30. NBC will pick up six one hour eps of “The Office” for a total of 30 segs.’ Source: Variety
  • May 10 5:30pm PT: Kristin’s just posted a new report: ” … NBC reached an agreement late this afternoon with The Office for next season: 24 episodes, including 4 hourlong specials.” Source: E! Online
  • May 10 1:30pm PT: E!’s Kristin Veitch reports that the possibility of The Office becoming a one-hour show this fall is stronger than ever: “I’ve just heard from multiple insiders that it’s looking very likely that NBC will double the amount of The Office we’ll get next season. I’m told it’s looking like each episode will expand to be an hourlong; however, if that plan falls through for some reason, I’m hearing that, at the very least, NBC wants to pick up something like 37 episodes of the show in its current half-hour format.” Source: E! Online

The Rules for Starting Over (Rashida Jones’ new show)

  • May 12: Several sources are reporting that Fox has picked up The Rules for Starting Over, co-starring Rashida Jones. Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Futon Critic

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