1. I feel like it’s missing one! Isn’t there a point where Michael wants to meet with some of the office, but only certain people. He calls them the ‘classic gang’ or something, and Pam does a th where she lists the people and says, “We’re a regular Ocean’s 11.”

  2. Pretty good. Missed the Million Dollar Baby reference where Pam figured out what movie Michael was watching and then says “He’s going to try to kill me.” Also, Pam’s talking head talking about Michael’s plan to have Movie Mondays. Is that right? And they were watching Varsity Blues. Still liked it, though.

  3. This is great! I might have missed it in the montage, but wasn’t there an episode–I think it was The Fight,–where Jim and Pam are walking behind Michael snapping their fingers like the gangs in West Side Story

  4. Amazing montage. Feels like there was a movie reference on each episode. And what about 28 Days and 28 Days Later?

  5. they missed several, including “I’m like Bette Midler in For the Boys. Gotta keep the troops entertained.”

  6. So many Godfather references!

    Also omitted was the Michael/Andy exchange ending “I am Beyonce always”.

  7. In Niagara episode when Jim and Pam run off from the church is a nod to the film, The Graduate.

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