‘Threat Level: Midnight’ video clips

A trailer of Michael Scott’s film Threat Level: Midnight.

Entertainment Weekly reports (spoiler alert!):

B.J. Novak — who wrote the episode as well as Threat Level Midnight — sums up [the film]: “Action. Heart. Comedy. Music. Dance. And very violent wish fulfillment involving Toby. I don’t think cinema has seen a hostage murdered with such relish. We actually spent $10,000 on the shot of Toby’s head exploding, and we establish that Michael spent a similar amount.” Novak notes that the episode was the “most conceptually ambitious” in the show’s history; more than 50 percent of the half-hour is comprised of footage from the movie. (The full film, which is 25 minutes long, will be made available on the season 7 DVD.)

Here are the two previously posted promos.