1. Was this done for a cooking class assignment? Beautiful! So succinct and unsentimental, so Dwight!

  2. LOL, yes, this was a great cake… featured on Cake Wrecks, as Jes said, a few weeks ago, and yes, jim’stravelingpants—if I remember right, it was a groom’s cake (maybe for the bachelor party? I can’t remember now). And most of the comments on that post were along the lines of, “This isn’t a Wreck! This is Office brilliance in action!” :-) Very clever of you, Becca, to bring it up in conjunction with Jim and Pam’s wedding!

  3. Too Cute! I tried to convince my boyfriend’s brother to do this to his groom’s cake. On another note, I love the “wedding themed” Officetally!

    [from tanster: thank you! kudos to allison, who designed the banner!]

  4. Brillant. I would have this cake at my wedding if my husband-to-be was as big of an Office as me. He likes the Office but he is not a dork about it like me.

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