1. Hopefully there’ll be an explanation for how this was shot so professionally…..

  2. I don’t really think they need to get too much into the level of professionalism – after all, Michael made the Local Ad video and it was fantastic – he obviously has some skills and has no doubt spent a ton of money on equipment (TWSS).

  3. These pictures probably aren’t screen caps. Just set photos. But anyways, I am so excited for this episode!!!!!!

  4. You could tell that the Local Ad video was extremely low-budget though (almost like a home video). It was realistic. This on the other hand just looks way too professional. It’s like they’re using Hollywood cameras and lighting (not to mention there are all these elaborate set pieces everywhere)

    I’m really not trying to be negative, but this whole thing just really bothers me.

  5. Not saying there might not be some funny moments…. but this is NOT ‘The Office’ that I loved for the first several seasons. This is all very self-indulgent. I feel like the cast is basically having a party in their clubhouse and we’re all watching through a window.
    There’s been nothing about this season that would make me want to watcha re-run – that’s for sure.

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