Tori’s Review: The Job

In the wild, when animals want to mark something as theirs, they scamper over and pee on it.

Not to sound like Dwight, but women can sometimes be like animals.

Last week, Pam confessed her feelings for Jim. This week, Karen made Jim get a haircut. I will admit a haircut is a much cuter way to mark territory than urine — but still.

Big questions needed to be answered in the season finale. Who would get the corporate job? What would Jim say about Pam’s confession? What was the BIG development between Michael and Jan? Was Andy still stuck in the weeds?

The Job started with Michael so positive he had a corporate position; he sold his condo to the highest bidder, and gave his office to Dwight.

While Michael worked to transfer power to the new Regional Manager, Jan worked to get a little power back in their relationship. Her “vacation” helped her think, and armed her with two very big reasons to get back together. While Michael doesn’t want to be treated poorly, he doesn’t mind it as much when he can stare at two “emotionally magnificent” hooters. Ahh … true love.

There were a few things I expected in this episode. I expected Michael to be a jackass, I expected Dwight to mark his own territory, but I did not expect the downfall of Jan. Fantastic.

In Season One, Jan was sad, but normal, and seemingly driven. Now, she has no job, no boundaries, and two large breasts that look like they were taken right off a much paler woman. This poses an interesting question; did Michael Scott lead to the fall of Jan, or would only someone in a severe downward spiral find him attractive?

Whatever the answer, Melora Hardin did an awesome job. I really hope we see stretch-pants-wearing, stay-at-home Jan next season. I imagine she’d pack Michael’s lunch, and lace it with Viagra.

I’m glad Courageous!Pam was back this week. Her speech didn’t get the outcome she truly hoped for at first, but she seemed at peace with her relationship with Jim.

It was a telling character moment when Jim admitted he had only been to New York City on a sixth grade field trip. He lives so close to a big city, yet he’s just not a big city kind of guy. Jim isn’t the happiest at Dunder Mifflin, but he is happy in Scranton, and he would be happier in Scranton with Pam. Who knows, some day a woman might get Jim to move on to bigger and better things — but that woman isn’t Karen.

The way Jim interrupted Pam’s talking head to ask her on their first date was beautiful. It wasn’t a kiss. It wasn’t something involving a copy machine. It was perfect for Jim and Pam.

Pam’s watery eyes and huge smile was a great image to end Season Three. It’s been a slow journey, but Pam has changed for the better. She might not have been able to be the person Jim needed if she had jumped right into a relationship with him last year. I really wish we could see that first date, and see Pam brush his bangs back into place. It’s time for Pam to mark some territory.

The Job has set us up for a fantastic Season Four. Jim and Pam are free to flirt. Michael will repaint his office. The temp is now the boss! And, Karen is stuck in New York. Yeah, I know. No one cares.

See you in September!

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.