Tori’s Review: The Job

In the wild, when animals want to mark something as theirs, they scamper over and pee on it.

Not to sound like Dwight, but women can sometimes be like animals.

Last week, Pam confessed her feelings for Jim. This week, Karen made Jim get a haircut. I will admit a haircut is a much cuter way to mark territory than urine — but still.

Big questions needed to be answered in the season finale. Who would get the corporate job? What would Jim say about Pam’s confession? What was the BIG development between Michael and Jan? Was Andy still stuck in the weeds?

The Job started with Michael so positive he had a corporate position; he sold his condo to the highest bidder, and gave his office to Dwight.

While Michael worked to transfer power to the new Regional Manager, Jan worked to get a little power back in their relationship. Her “vacation” helped her think, and armed her with two very big reasons to get back together. While Michael doesn’t want to be treated poorly, he doesn’t mind it as much when he can stare at two “emotionally magnificent” hooters. Ahh … true love.

There were a few things I expected in this episode. I expected Michael to be a jackass, I expected Dwight to mark his own territory, but I did not expect the downfall of Jan. Fantastic.

In Season One, Jan was sad, but normal, and seemingly driven. Now, she has no job, no boundaries, and two large breasts that look like they were taken right off a much paler woman. This poses an interesting question; did Michael Scott lead to the fall of Jan, or would only someone in a severe downward spiral find him attractive?

Whatever the answer, Melora Hardin did an awesome job. I really hope we see stretch-pants-wearing, stay-at-home Jan next season. I imagine she’d pack Michael’s lunch, and lace it with Viagra.

I’m glad Courageous!Pam was back this week. Her speech didn’t get the outcome she truly hoped for at first, but she seemed at peace with her relationship with Jim.

It was a telling character moment when Jim admitted he had only been to New York City on a sixth grade field trip. He lives so close to a big city, yet he’s just not a big city kind of guy. Jim isn’t the happiest at Dunder Mifflin, but he is happy in Scranton, and he would be happier in Scranton with Pam. Who knows, some day a woman might get Jim to move on to bigger and better things — but that woman isn’t Karen.

The way Jim interrupted Pam’s talking head to ask her on their first date was beautiful. It wasn’t a kiss. It wasn’t something involving a copy machine. It was perfect for Jim and Pam.

Pam’s watery eyes and huge smile was a great image to end Season Three. It’s been a slow journey, but Pam has changed for the better. She might not have been able to be the person Jim needed if she had jumped right into a relationship with him last year. I really wish we could see that first date, and see Pam brush his bangs back into place. It’s time for Pam to mark some territory.

The Job has set us up for a fantastic Season Four. Jim and Pam are free to flirt. Michael will repaint his office. The temp is now the boss! And, Karen is stuck in New York. Yeah, I know. No one cares.

See you in September!

Tori Weber is a Web Producer and writer for a television news station in Orlando, FL. Writing keeps her sane, and ice cream makes her happy. Dogs are good too. Visit her here.


  1. Great review. Tori, I usually don’t comment, but I always enjoy your articles as a nice cap after watching the show. Somehow each episode doesn’t feel quite complete if I don’t read the 300+ talkbacks on OfficeTally and read Tori’s analysis.

  2. Tori-

    Extremely well said, as always. It was a great ride, and I’ll miss The Office, and you, all summer. But what a note to end on!

    See you in September….

  3. I always love your reviews. I find myself going, “Exactly!” out loud after every paragraph. Awesome.

  4. The temp is now the boss. What a great way of saying that, and a awesome story line for Season 4.

    Did you see the look in Ryan’s eye when he looked at the camera…I think that boy is up to no good now.

    Great review for a great episode.

  5. I don’t comment too much on this site, but I enjoy reading other peoples comments, and I enjoy reading your reviews. This one got me a little choked up. Last nights episode was brilliant. I will look forward to reading your next review in September.

  6. Are we sure that the Temp got the job? There’s a “conspiracy theory” out there that David Wallace was not on the phone with Ryan. Rather, David Wallace was talking to someone else. Ryan was on the phone with Karen, who he admitted that he asked out in “Women’s Appreciation”. The theory goes on to say that Ryan accepted a date with Karen and then dumped Kelly. Its just a theory, but boy, that would be one HECK of a twist!

  7. Seriously, the cheap shots on Karen are played out. You girls would have acted 100x more catty if it was some broad trying to take YOUR man that you moved 3 states away for. “Pam is a real bitch” would have been a Psalm compared to the hot anger you’d be throwin.

  8. Three cheers for Tori’s review! They always give me closure after coming down from an “Office” high the previous night. So well put! And I loved the idea of Pam brushing Jim’s bangs back. So sweet! And I know for the most part we’ve been concentrating on Jim and Pam, Michael and Jan and such, but how great was Stanley?! I laughed hysterically at everything that came out of his mouth! I want some Schrute Bucks AND Stanley Nickels!!!

  9. Great review once again. By the way I did not catch Jim admitting he was only in NYC once in the sixth grade. Thanks for pointing that out! :)
    Big Tuna- What an interesting theory…

  10. “I imagine she’d pack Michael’s lunch, and lace it with Viagra.”

    Oh My God. I can see the fanfic now…

    Great review. One nitpick: lovely as an illuminated Pam was, she was not the image on which we ended Season Three. That image was Ryan’s diabolical look to the camera as he said, “You and I are done” to Kelly. Shivers!

  11. great review Tori! i love your reviews, they are always dead on! great job, and can’t wait til September!

  12. For anyone who still hasn’t seen the British version, this has some spoilers.

    I would like someone to note the irresistible parallels between “The Job” and UK’s “Christmas Special, Part 2.” What with the note (“Never give up” and “Don’t forget me when your famous”), the “interruption” (Dawn coming out of nowhere at the Christmas party, Jim interrupting Pam’s talking head), leaving their partner who doesn’t know they’re being dumped (Lee was sleeping in the taxi, Karen was out to lunch), and the same “Where do you want to be 10 Years from now” theme. The only difference is that the roles were switched. While is was Dawn who realized she made a mistake in Slough, Jim finally did this in Scranton. Both “came back,” whether it was Jim coming back from Stamford after “never really returning to Scranton” and Dawn finally returning from Miami. I do not know if the writer’s intentionally made this parallel, it certainly was incredible that we are still learning that Jim/Pam and Tim/Dawn are always meant to be together, no matter what country.

  13. It’s nice to see that even though you are without an appendix now, it has done nothing to affect your sharp, well written reviews. What a great way to end the season- a fine episode and a well observed recap. Great job, my friend! :-)

  14. [from tanster: please proofread and re-post. thanks!]

  15. Thanks for the review, Tori. I’ve always enjoyed reading your reviews, and once again you did an awesome job. See you again in Season 4!

  16. Stretch pants Jan. Why do I see Jan micromanaging Michael’s career next season??? (In between smokes, of course.)

  17. Thanks Tori! These are so much fun to read. You always make me laugh and see the episodes a little clearer. Looking forward to reading these in Season 4!

  18. “It was a telling character moment when Jim admitted he had only been to New York City on a sixth grade field trip. He lives so close to a big city, yet he’s just not a big city kind of guy.”

    Scranton really isn’t that close to New York. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere eastern PA. It’s a very isolated place.

  19. Great job, as usual Tori. I look forward to your insightful recap every week. Very interesting look into Jim’s character, too!

  20. Big Tuna –

    Regarding the conspiracy theory about Ryan NOT getting Jan’s old job, I believe that on last night’s chat on, he mentioned something about it adding to a new dynamic to the Michael and Ryan relationship. I took that to be meaning that he did get the job we are led to believe…?

  21. This is from BJ’s blog:

    Thank you for watching another season of The Office. You turned us from a cult show to an actual hit this year. We will be back in September.

    In the meantime: the episodes are all available on iTunes. The DVD set of Season 3, complete with all deleted seasons, cast commentaries, and extra material will be available sometime in early September. Repeats, “newpeats” with additional seasons, and new web materials will most likely surface during the summer and will always be announced on

    We are already hard at work writing the next season, which will be a very exciting one. Especially for Ryan, who has risen quickly from temp to sexually-harassed salesman to Michael’s boss.

    Thank you again for all the support this season. Everything we do feels like an inside joke, and it’s always amazing to see how many people somehow know the jokes too.

  22. Why does this review state that Karen is stuck in New york? She didn’t get the job, Ryan did. So she should still be working for the Scranton branch unless she quits. (Which I would love.)

  23. #25 – Karen’s stuck in NY because Jim gave her a ride there and returned without her. It doesn’t mean she’s working and living in NY, she’ll presumably still have her job unless they pull a Roy and just retroactively say she quit. Maybe one of her city friends will give her a ride back to Scranton. That would be an uncomfortable journey, no? By the time she got back Jim and Pam would already be out on their date. That makes me smile.

  24. Karen’s hot!

    But I’d expect we’ll have a flashback about how she quit on the first ep of next season.. or maybe just an offhanded mention…

    Maybe Karen could request a transfer to the warehouse and take Roy’s old job?

  25. Awesome review Tori! I think this was an absolutely awesome ending to the season. Jim and Pam getting together couldn’t have happened a better way. Jan having a complete meltdown. Ryan being Michael’s boss. It will all be so interesting come September.

  26. Great review, and thanks for mentioning Jim’s hair. Ick. Hope those bangs move back into lovingly homeless place.

  27. Absolutely wonderful insights! I particularly liked how you noted that “she might not have been able to be the person Jim needed if she had jumped right into a relationship with him last year.” While I adore Pam, you’re absolutely right. This season slowly showed that Pam wasn’t necessarily just with the wrong guy. It gradually showed that she can be and is a stonger, more independent person now. It’s that extra touch and care that the writers have with this show that always blows me away.

    Oh, and “Schrute Bucks!” My teacher in elementary school used to give us “Olalla Dollars” for good behavior, and Dwight’s reward system struck me right in the funny bone :)

  28. “Dawesome” review, Tori – and written appendix-less! I need to rewatch again to catch the stuff I missed during the first viewing. Love how this show packs so much into a scene.

    Dan, I am so glad you mentioned the Christmas special of the UK version because that was exactly what I was thinking watching the end of “The Job” – well done and not too obvious, although Tim interrupted his own talking head to ask Dawn out much earlier.

    I love that I can love both versions of this show. Bring on season 4!

  29. thatswhatshesaid: This “broad” would not have chosen to stay with a man who admittedly still had feelings for someone that he has serious history with. The truth hurts, but Karen got what she asked for.

  30. What I don’t get is how Ryan would have gotten that job, considering he still (?) hasn’t made a sale. That doesn’t look to great on a resume, even if (and especially) he’s an MBA. He must be one hell of an interviewer.

  31. Does anyone else think it’s possible that Jan IS actually pregnant, as some had predicted for this episode? Maybe that’s why she came crawling back to Michael so fast, and it explains the sudden end to her “shrunken chesticles”, as well as the mood swings. She does actually mention the surgery once, in the car, but maybe it’s just an alibi so she can put off telling Michael about the pregnancy. A long shot perhaps…

  32. Tori-

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful reviews. Look forward to hearing from you again in Spetember.

  33. Stacey-I don’t think the Corporate heads at Dunder-Mifflin are very good at putting competant people in leadership positions. If Michael can be a regional manager than by God Ryan can be his boss.! :-)

  34. Did anyone else notice the reference Pam made when Dwight asked her to be the “Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager”? She said,”I learned from Jim, if Dwight ever asks you if you accept something secret, you reply ‘Absolutely, I do.'”

    This is a reference to Season 1, Episode 4, “The Alliance” where Dwight asks Jim if he wants to be in an alliance with him, and Jim replies, “Absolutely, I do.”

    At first I didn’t get the reference, I just thought it was a funny thing the writers threw in. Especially since it’s a relatively old episode. I happened to be rewatching season 1 and Jim said that and I lost the liquid that was in my mouth. It was brilliant.

  35. David Wallace was impressed with Ryan’s MBA. Either this is great satire on how so many people “fail up” in the corporate world, or Ryan is hiding the fact that he knows more than just how to make out/fight with Kelly.

  36. “And, Karen is stuck in New York. Yeah, I know. No one cares.”

    Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  37. Karen will get a ride back from New York. That was the stated plan within the episode. Besides that, Karen will be involved next season though I can see it as a traveling saleswoman with Todd Packer taking an office job. As for Ryan, I am sure he made sales after his statement saying that he didn’t. It was either that or he got some sales or got moved to customer service.

  38. I think that Karen got the job. Follow me: Jim didn’t want to move to NY with her, based on his non-answer when they were crossing the street. They fight and brake up. On the rebound, she calls Ryan because he asked her out when her and Jim were broken up for like a day a while ago. The Michael/Ryan dymanic would be the fact that Ryan is dating Michael’s new boss, Karen. It seems almost like a race to ask someone out between Jim & Karen, i.e. Jim busting in on Pam, and at the same time Ryan getting the call. Just my opinion….

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