1. Nice.

    I got it.

    Roy smash! He big man!

    But he breaks like little girl.

    I want Halpert to have a black eye at least.

  2. Yeah, more of these polls would be great.

    Kinda surprised to see so many watch the show for JAM though.

    Given its a big part of the show, but it is a comedy before the JAM factor.

  3. Love the polls! And I was totally out on the Pam/Jim/Karen/Roy love square, triangles, whatever, until Roy went crazy and declared that he’s going to kill him! I can’t wait!

  4. “Kinda surprised to see so many watch the show for JAM though”

    I voted for the first option, but that doesn’t mean I only watch the show for that storyline.

    The 3rd option was not caring either way. That wasn’t me either.

    You can love Jim/Pam and be excited for the movement in their storyline, but still love and enjoy the show as a whole. I don’t think they were mututally exclusive

  5. Dorky Dancer, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    I like all story lines about The Office and that includes the Jim/Pam one.

    I’m also very interested in Jim and Pam as individual characters and I think the just plain “Pam” storyline was compelling in itself, so I debated that whether or not I wanted to vote for the first option. Then I saw the side comment “Roy going to Kill Jim. Roy going to Kill Jim” And then I was like Oh yeah, that was me after the show. :)

  6. Yeah… I was kind of conflicted where to vote as well. I went the opposite route of dorkydancer, though. I picked the last option, even though I do care about the Jim/Pam storyline. It’s just not the most important part of the show to me.

  7. Tanster,
    I love the new polls!! It’s such a great way to get the pulse on what the best office fans are thinking.

  8. The way I see it is like this. The three main “relationships” on the show, using the broad sense of the term, are Michael-Dwight, Dwight-Jim and Jim-Pam.

    Those who enjoy the first two sets have many great moments this season to enjoy, but those who enjoy the last pair interacting have been given very little this season.

    The principle difference between the way the show is handling them and the way some fans such as me view them is the show is focusing too much on happily ever after, with the idea that alls well that ends well so we can keep them apart now.

    But many viewers simply enjoy seeing Jim and Pam interact. I don’t care if they have babies. They had a charm and chemistry that could have taken this show to the top of the ratings, but instead has been squelched all season. I’m not saying it has been ruined beyond repair but lets put it this way, people who really enjoy seeing Jim and Pam interact have less motivation to buy the DVD set for season 3 than do people who get a kick out of other pairings and interactions.

  9. okay, i love this.
    fourth option. ‘i think roy gonna kill jim. but i watch grey’s too. don’t diss the dead sexy bomb guy & heart patient.’

    i vote for that one. :]
    Melissa Krasinski*

  10. I forgot to add that despite that long post, I’m more optimistic now than I had been and enjoyed the last episode. :)

  11. I agree with DrunkBiking, I loved season 2 so much just seeing Jim and Pam doing things together, never really wanting them to be “together” or caring that much. They just play so well off each other and that’s what I get a kick out of, not necessarily the “will they or won’t they” moments like on Booze Cruise.

    This season they have only been together in brief flashes, like when they broke Andy’s brain….*sigh* I miss moments like that

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