The Office: Cocktails, 3.18

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The Office Cocktails

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: J.J. Abrams

Summary (NBC): Michael and Jan go public with their relationship during a party at their CFO’s home. The rest of the office goes to happy hour for drinks.

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The Office Cocktails quotes

Michael: A lot of people think that magic camp is just for kids. And that’s why so many other people in my class were kids. Self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s really for anybody with a dream and a belief in magic, and a little extra time after school.

Michael: And now, Michael the Magic, will attempt to escape from extreme bondage.

Michael: Separately, on an unrelated note, if you happen to find a small brass key …

Michael: C’mon guys, early worm gets the worm.
Jim: Another worm? Like, are they friends?

Michael: Pam, would you smell my breath?
Pam: No. No.
Dwight: Let me smell.
Michael exhales loudly.
Dwight: Good, not great.

Michael: Tonight is so special because my boss’ boss’ boss, the CFO, not his initials, common mistake, is having a little shindig for all the managers in the company, and Jan and I are going as a couple, for the first time. So it’s kind of our coming out party, really. And that is why tonight is so special.

Michael: Jimbo, last chance carpool.

Jim: Why don’t I wanna go … didn’t expect to need a reason. So let me think here … I don’t know any of these people. It’s an obligation. I don’t like talking paper in my free time, (softly) or in my work time. And … did I use the word pointless?

Michael: Hey-wo, you!

Jan: Let’s just blow this party off.
Michael: That’s what she said!

Jan: Okay, let’s just go a motel and, like, rip into each other like we did on that black sand beach in Jamaica.

Pam: Hey. You have to come to stuff with me. I’m serious. If you’re going to be my boyfriend, you have to do boyfriend things.

Pam: I have decided that I’m going to be more honest. I’m going to start telling people what I want, directly. So, look out world, ’cause ol’ Pammie is getting what she wants. And don’t call me Pammie.

Dwight: You’re dressed exactly like the servants.

Dwight: Crisis averted.

Pam: That duck is so cute!

Michael: Actually, it’s polite to arrive early. And smart. Only really good friends show up early. Ergo de facto, go to a party early, become a really good friend.

Michael (whispering): It’s been sitting in my car all day. Sun beating down on the mayonnaise … just … you never know.

Pam: Kevin, you and Stacey set a date yet?
Kevin: Yeah.
Kelly: Omigod, when is it?
Kevin: It’s complicated. I would appreciate some space on this.

Kelly: You should get a round, Ryan.

Dwight: Oh you know that line on the top of the shrimp? That’s feces.

Jan: It releases the company in the event that our relationship in your opinion or in reality interferes with work. You get a copy, I get a copy, and a third copy goes to HR.
Michael: Awesome. I’m going to frame mine. I could frame yours, too.
Jan: You realize this is a legal document that says you can’t sue the company?
Michael: Over our love.
Jan: I never told you that I love you.
Michael: You don’t have to, Jan. This contract says it all.

Jan: I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.

Jan: Why is this so hard? That’s what she said. Oh my god. What am I saying?

Michael: I love this woman!

Dwight: Do you ever watch Battlestar Galactica?
Party guest: No.
Dwight: No? Then you’re an idiot.

Michael: Rachel, boy, you clean up good.

Michael: Jan and I are lovers. I feel so good to finally say that out loud.

Karen: Yeah, I’m the only one left. Everybody else was either fired or quit. And there’s one in anger management.

Dwight: What’s the square footage?
David: About 5,000.
Dwight: Does that include the garage?
Michael: Dwight, that’s not appropriate.
David: I don’t know.
Dwight: It’s a common question.
Michael: David, how much did this house cost?

Dwight: Cool, let’s start with the banisters.

David: This was a gift from Lee Iacocca. 20-year old single malt Scotch.
Michael: Here’s to Mr. Iacocca, and his failed experiment, the DeLorean.

Michael (coughing): Do you have some ice?
David: Sure.
Michael: How ’bout some Splenda?

Roy: 1, 2, 3, up Jenkins!

Kevin: Good thing you didn’t listen to me.
Ryan: Yeah, close one.

Roy: I can read you like a book.
Pam: Oh yeah?
Roy: You can’t keep anything from me.

Creed: I run a small fake ID company from my car with a laminating machine that I swiped from the sheriff’s station.

Dwight: These studs are way too far apart.

Dwight: Are those real pearls?

Karen: Well if you were wondering why his wife was staring daggers at me, it’s because I kind of saw him for a little bit when they were separated.

Michael: Wow, this one really smells like vanilla.

Michael: You would not believe how low this girl can limbo.

Michael: Why are we going in the bathroom? I thought this is where you liked your privacy.
Jan: Shut up.

Michael: What has gotten into you? No, no, no, no!
Jan: What?
Michael: Come on, let’s go back to the party.
Jan: Come on, wait, let me just do my dress.
Michael: Don’t take that — no! Stop it. Stop it. Jan, no, no, no, no!
Jan: Michael!
Michael: No means please don’t.
Jan: Slam me up against the wall, right here.
Michael: I’m not going to slam you against anything.
Jan: Oh please, I want you so —
Michael: You’re acting inapproriate.
Jan: I’m acting inappropriate? Forget it, get out of my way.

Pam: Hey, don’t you have a daughter?
Toby: Yes.

Dwight: Oh good, you’re up. Hey who makes this chair?
David’s son: I don’t know, it was here when I was born.
Dwight: Hmm. I want one. Really good solid construction. It’s comfortable. What is this? Oak?
David’s son: I don’t know.
Dwight: What do you know?

Jim: You stay here and have fun, ’cause I’m gonna go out back and shoot hoops with David Wallace.
Karen: Okay! Oh, don’t mention that you and I are dating, ’cause I think he may still have feelings for me.
Jim: Wallace? What the hell, have you dated like every guy here? (Karen laughs.) Wow. Okay. You got me.
Karen: I so got you.
Jim: So none of them?
Karen: Of course not. I mean, you’re kind of like, my first.
Jim: Really?
Karen: Omigod, it’s so easy …
Jim: Okay.
Karen: … it’s not even fun.

Karen: Hey Jan.
Jan: Not too good.

Michael: Rachel thinks that I brought homemade potato salad. And I just picked it up at the supermarket. It’s funny, I wish I could make potato salad that good. It’s just potatoes and mayonnaise. There’s something wrong with Jan.

David: What’s with Jan and Michael?
Jim: I don’t know. Where to begin …

Dwight: The chimney’s in decent shape. Not great. I found some termite damage in a crawlspace and some structural flaws in the foundation, so … all in all, it was a pretty fun cocktail party.

Roy: What?
Pam: I want us to make it. I want a fresh start.
Roy: That’s awesome. That’s what I want.
Pam: Okay, but in order for us to make it, there can’t be any secrets between us.
Roy: I didn’t do anything, ask anybody, I totally could have, but I didn’t at all.
Pam: Just listen. Remember that casino night, about a month before we were supposed to get married? I kissed Jim.
Roy: What?
Pam: He told me how he felt, and I guess I had feelings too, and we kissed.
Roy: Jim came on to you?
Pam: Just listen.
Roy: No, I am listening. That’s the problem, I’m listening!
Pam: Don’t yell!
Roy: Don’t yell?!
Pam: This is over.
Roy: Yeah, you’re right. This is so over. You kidding me, Pam? Come on!

Michael: Our first fight. If this is about what happened in the bathroom, there was no place to cuddle.
Jan: I feel sick.
Michael: You didn’t have any of the potato salad, did you?
Jan: You know, we were good when we were just running around. You know? In secret, it was wrong, and it was exciting, and maybe it was a mistake to take it public.
Michael: Well, if that’s the way you feel, my lady, then you have hurt me greatly.
Jan: Michael, please don’t cry.

Michael: I want the house, Jan, I want the picket fence, I want the ketchup fights, and the tickling, and the giggling.

Michael: I love you, Jan.
Jan: Okay.
Dwight: Don’t break up, you guys. You’re great together.

Roy: I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.

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  1. 6 weeks until the next episode and since the show runs in real-time, will the fight be settled by a talking head?

    Good but not great episode.

    Fancy New Beesley has finally arrived!

  2. jim…if you read this dont go to work….roy is going to kill you…..WTF…..
    roy needs to join andy in anger management school…freak……

  3. This episode was hilarious. LOVED Dwight in the backseat during the MAN fight… was totally not expecting it. Overall, a great addition to THE OFFICE!!!

  4. Finally! Things are wrapping up with Pam/Roy/Jim. I can’t wait weeks for a new episode!

  5. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Jim’s gonna get beat down! At least it’s nice to know that Roy is out of Pam’s life forever now. Psycho……

    Also, poor Michael. He just wants to be loved.

    And yes, I was secretly hoping that Karen was a nymphomaniac psychopath. Too bad.

  6. I’m going to kill jim halpert?! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!! ROY is sooo scary… i’m so glad that pam didn’t marry him because he is a freaking physcho!!!!!!!

  7. That was great! But my TV froze up on Pam’s face right before Roy freaked out, didn’t even get to see that part. Darn! But overall, very enjoyable episode, lots to take in.

  8. WOW, I don’t know what to say. What a great episode!

    Toby and the duck

    Karen, with the jokes

    WOW! Difinity in the top ten.

  9. Next episode: Jim gets his cute ass kicked.

    This was awesome. I laughed, I cheered, I felt bad for Toby. Wonderful.

    (Funniest line was definitely Jan’s ‘collapse in on myself like a dying star’ comment.)

  10. That was a great episode but I’m really worried about Jim now! I’m going to be afraid for his life all week!! What the hell is wrong with Jan anyway?

  11. I know that Roy had to go for Jim and Pam to get together, but it seemed too out of character (for the show) to make him so psycho and for them to end so dramatically. Otherwise, it was great. And go FNB!

  12. Holy crap, how can they leave us without a new episode after that ending. Roy is going to KILL Jim.

  13. Ok, I don’t know what to make of the whole Jim/CFO interaction but overall, I loved this episode. Can someone say smackdown?
    Funniest scene: Dwight in the kid’s bedroom… so creepy!
    Funniest TH: Jan’s “That’s what she said.”

  14. Wow. I’m not sure I liked that episode too much. What was with Roy’s overreaction? That seemed like wayyyy too much, even if it was Roy. It seemed almost like it was fake. And what was with Michael this episode? Lately he’s been a little bit too clueless and idiotic.

  15. quite serious.

    …and there was even a really scary part…Dwight in the rocking chair. If I was that kid, I would have whipped my Thomas the Train at him or something…

  16. Can I just say that I was smiling when Roy freaked! This means it’s all going down….finally!!!!

    Oh, and loved that when Jan and Michael were having a fight in the car, Dwight was in the back seat the whole time! HILARIOUS!!!

    I cannot wait until a new episode! I hate it when we have to wait like this! BLAH!!!!


  17. i loved how roy’s brother just randomly broke stuff for no reason, lol.
    great episode though, finally a real funny one.

    poor jim, i’m scared.

  18. Granted this wasn’t the funniest episode ever, but I thought it was great just because of all the drama. I was hoping that Karen and Jim would end tonight though.

  19. holy cow. i’m still kind of in shock. they can’t kill off JIM!!!!!! NOOOOO…i’m so glad that pam has become more assertive…

  20. umm…who knew roy had a temper like that? perhaps he should join andy in anger management

    i love toby. he’s so heartwarmingly pathetic

  21. That was a FANTASTIC episode! I loved every bit of it, except the end with Roy threatening Jim. It was a weird way to end a COMEDY, but I’m in love with the episode none the less.

    Fancy New Beesly INDEED! She stepped up to the plate, making cute little baby steps of assertiveness.

    “Oh. And stop calling me Pammy” – Thank you. For the love, thank you.

    I love that she put Casino Night on her shoulders. She kissed Jim. She had feelings for him. She did this and she wanted to deal with it honestly.

    “This is Over”

    Hee! I heart Pam.

  22. My favorite episode of the season. Jan and Michael are hilarious. Dwight’s scenes were all great. My favorite may actually have been the Jim-Karen interaction. I like the dynamic they’ve set up with Pam single again vs. Jim w/Karen.

  23. – Team Karen all the way. Girl knows how to PRANK. Loved Jim’s face when she was adjusting that guy’s tie.

    – There goes Pam again with not being totally honest. Letting Roy think it was all Jim…not good.

    – It seems the more embarrassed most of us get by what Michael says/does, the more turned on Jan gets…so funny.

    – Poor Toby. He should really just concentrate on Gym Girl…Pam is enough of a mess as it is, obviously.

    Great ep.

  24. Wow…what a great dwight episode. I feel scared for Jim. I was actually just starting to like Roy. and what’s with The CFO playing basketball?

  25. Melora was amazing. Brilliant actress. I loved seeing Dwight pop up in the back seat on the ride home. God.
    Roy going berserk – so scary. Oh, my god.
    But Karen – so creepy…and Jim’s hair? What was with that??
    Gyahhh…this was just SO MEATY.

  26. Wouldn’t that be something? If Roy actually MURDERED Jim. Well, it would certainly be a surprise!

  27. re: post 37–

    As someone who’s had a lousy boyfriend and the best friend of people who had seriously bad boyfriends, I can attest that for someone like him who’s had a little to drink, it’s not an overreaction. I was around almost that exact situation once. It was very fast, and very scary. And, he hadn’t had that much to drink.

    So, yeah. That scene was intense. :-O

  28. I’m proud that Pam walked out. If Roy didn’t act like a lunatic and heard her out, he would have learned that Pam left him for HER own reasons. It wasn’t like Jim manipulated Pam into that kiss. Maybe if Roy had been a more attentive boyfriend/fiance, she wouldn’t have had to seek emotional fufillment from Jim’s friendship.

    I hope Roy doesn’t rack up a second DUI. And PS, why does Kenny have the jet skis? Didn’t Roy buy them with the wedding money?

  29. My favorite line was “Don’t break up guys.” with Dwight popping out of nowhere in the backseat. Classic.

  30. This episode was great but totally scared the crap out of me at the end! How many weeks until a new episode?

  31. someone tell me what happened… i blacked out right after pam said she hooked up with jim… any help?

  32. Amazing episode. Does anyone think Karen really *did* have a relationship with Drake?

  33. I hope the neighbors didn’t call the cops after my blood curdling scream. “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert.” !!!! I could not have loved this episode more. The wheels are in motion!!! BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING AND I’M LOVING IT!!!

  34. I can imagine that with this new nugget of information, Roy will confront Jim about what Pam said and the revelation that she did indeed have feelings for Jim will begin the downfall of Jim and Karen.

    When you think about it, Roy might be the exactly what is needed to finally being Jim and Pam together. haha.

  35. Roy did get a DUI after Pam broke off the marriage. Maybe that’s not exactly the same as going nutso in the bar, but he definitely already showed he had the capability of going over the edge.

  36. WHAT WAS THAT?? The Office took a sweet love triangle and blew it to pieces before it really got off the ground! For a show that took a whole season to get one guy to tell a girl he had feelings for her, they now go and turn a reformed Roy character and turn him 180 degrees in the opposite direction in one week! Bad move! I think the writers wrote themselves into a corner. I loved the Dwight stuff and the Jam/Michael stuff, but to have Roy go postal and threaten to kill somebody after showing no signs of that whatsoever?? That’s a bad job. A REAL bad job.

  37. hey when do the new episodes start back up again? Totally hate that we have to wait. And…since when does toby like pam? Very cute.

  38. WOW! And I’m sorry, but Roy has not right to be upset with Jim. If he was the real new Roy, he’d figure out Jim did Pam a favor by seeing him for what he REALLY is and that it was just a matter of time before it was over with them.

  39. Whats up with Toby,he has some type of crush on Pam. I was cracking up when Dwight just shows up whenever he wants to(back of car,roof).I love you Rainn

  40. No signs of that whatsoever? Have you forgotten that (without having anything to drink) he saw Jim sitting a little too close to Pam and pushed Jim into a wall? Are you kidding me? He’s totally the type to go a little nuts.

  41. Wow, what an intense episode. Thank you HONESTPam!

    As much as Michael is an idiot, I really want him to have his white picket fence, and ketchup fights, and tickle fights too.

  42. Los Benitos – Pam put the blame on HERSELF. She said SHE kissed Jim, SHE had feelings for Jim.

    She didn’t blame Jim at all for what happened.

  43. One thing you can say about JJ Abrams, the man knows how to create a cliffhanger. My goodness.

  44. Was anyone else’s mouth hanging open with shock, but with a little bit of satisfaction at the same time, during Roy’s freak-out?? Loved it! Go JAM!

  45. I thought of Jan being pregnant as soon as she said she was nauseous.She had cocktails, probably because she doesn’t know yet.

  46. A few weeks ago, someone on here tied in a theme from the cold open to the rest of the episode.

    Does anyone see a theme with this one?

    I see – Pam in a straightjacket kind of relationship. She put it on for show and had no idea how to get out of it…

    Am I stretching this too far??

  47. Yeah I agree with Chelsea and everybody else… that scary Roy has ALWAYS been there. Jim just touched Pam’s hand in “The Alliance” and Roy flipped out. Roy got a DUI after the wedding broke up. There have always been hints. I’m glad they brought back Roy’s jerk side instead of hiding it under that beard and supposed good attitude.

  48. Bodotdot in comment 79 — have you seen the office from the beginning? Roy has been making an effort, but you can’t change him entirely…he’s still the same guy who got in Jim’s face twice in season 1 for suspect reasons. Definitely not out of character.

  49. I’m not saying she blames Jim–I’m saying she didn’t explain the *mutual* attraction enough to convey that to Roy, who thinks it was all Halpert.

    Granted, dude is drunk and angry about being cheated on, so he will not be thinking rationally (if at all).

  50. oh god jan being pregnant would be priceless for michael’s comments alone. dwight as the godfather haha

  51. So who thinks Roy will actually kill Jim? Obviously this wont happen… I wonder if he’ll try…

  52. thank god no more karen. I dont know what im more excited about her leaving or a new episode. Six weeks really?? Does anyone know the name of the next new one.

  53. Wow, intense episode, rare for a comedy to end on a note like that.

    Roy has had his violent moments before – in “The Alliance” he pushed Jim around thinking he was too close to Pam, was rough during the b-ball game, has one previous DUI, and seems like the type who’s been in lots of fights. His reaction is entirely plausible.

    Well if Karen didn’t know how serious the Pam-Jim relationship was/is she certainly will when Roy goes over to try and give Jim a beatdown.

    I can’t wait six weeks for a new episode!

  54. I am really kind of in shock. Just stunning!
    After so much anticipation…I know none of the dramatic tension is resolved, & a lot more has been generated, but what a violent burst of…I don’t even know what. It was kind of cathartic, because now things have nowhere to go but onward toward some kind of resolution..
    Jim was kind of a dud – or was he in shock too?

  55. Reply to Dan – Roy is going to kill Jim Halpert. Pam admited feelings for Jim and that she kissed him. Roy went psycho in the bar and then said the now famous line “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert.”

    Reply to tlw – Toby is seems has had a crush on Pam for a few episodes. It’s been very subtle but extremely funny!

  56. That scene with Roy was way scary, but I’m sort of glad it happened. Pam needed to see once and for all what a huge jerk Roy is. Go Pammy!

  57. Roy’s reaction was way way way over the top. Throw one shot glass — fine. But all the ones after that? And his brother joining in? “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert” Much much too much.

  58. I keep seeing people talk about how the “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert” thing was serious and scary, which I guess it was. But am I the only one who laughed out loud when he said it? I thought it was funny. Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor. Something about the way he said it cracked me up.

  59. I actually started laughing when Kenny joined in. He couldn’t wait to get in on the smashing, lol.

  60. As hilarious as it would be initially, I sincerely hope Jan isn’t pregnant. That would be the worst idea ever… yeah Michael wants kids and fulfillment, but I feel like it would ruin the flow of the show… plus the fact that Michael would sell the baby for Lou Bega ringtone or something.

  61. You’re not the only one (109). I almost fell off the couch. And thinking about it now is making me giddy.

  62. The CFO playing basketball with Jim was weird, nothing really came of it except their ability to see Dwight on the roof…I was expecting something else to be revealed I guess.

  63. We have known that Toby has had a bit of a crush on Pam pretty much all season, since the episode (can’t remember the name and I am too lazy to go look it up) where Pam goes on the blind date with Ryan and Kelly, and Toby goes up to her desk and “forgets what he was going to say.”

  64. “Jim was kind of a dud – or was he in shock too? ”

    which part are you referring to? did he show up when roy was freaking out?

  65. Chelsea — I agree with you. While I didn’t laugh at loud at Roy’s comment, I certainly wasn’t all stunned or shocked…I mean, let’s face it, Jim is not going to die. He won’t be beat into a coma. I’m sure some confrontation will happen, maybe some fists will be thrown, but it’ll just further the Jim/Pam romance and comedy will ensue in the end haha

  66. ok…jim vs. Roy. Whose putting money where? I think my moneys on jim. Roys all hot headed and all but we havent seen a tough side of jim yet ..and frankly john would be even hotter if he had a rough side of him.

  67. I just want to know when the next episode is going to pick up. It could be (real time) 6 weeks away, but all this drama should be going down relatively soon. Roy is pissed, the whole office saw their breakup and Roy’s meltdown and Jim is surely going to be feeling the ramifications of what happened.

    Its going to be interesting to see how they come back from this.

    Is Pam going to warn Jim? Will he hear about it from Kevin? Will Roy get to him first?

    Damn cliffhangers!

  68. so this office episdoe was very very entertaining..although 30 minutes is very short for this type of show..i mean think what the writers could do in an hour time slot….so i’m glad roy freaked out on pam’s confession..opens the door up again for pam and jim to get back together hopefully at the end of the season..unfortunately..i’m a little worried what roy will try to do to jim….so it’s 6 weeks we have to wait!?..geez.

    ok it’s official..”thats what she said” jokes never get old.

  69. I definitely laughed too. If you honestly think that Jim would get killed off, then you must have saw JJ Abrams’ name, got confused, and thought you were watching Lost.

    No one gets killed off The Office… except Ed Truck.

  70. hey jennie(tanster) I was wondering if you could confirm when the next new episode will air. Thanks

  71. On Kevin’s myspace his teaser was that the last five minutes of the episode were scary. He was right!

  72. Hey, AndDontCallMePammy post # 92 -good call- the “cold open” scene as metaphor…maybe more than one character in a self-imposed straight-jacket.
    Who’s hiding your key? Metaphorically?

  73. I wonder if Jim playing basketball with the CFO leads to Jim getting another promotion at Corporate? Maybe he and Karen both get offered a job in New York and Karen accepts and Jim is conflicted?

    There had to be a reason and I think its leading to Jim getting offered another promotion.

  74. This is the type of episode that needed either to be super-seized and/or needed a director’s cut.

    Obviously Jim isn’t going to die and whatever happens will take place off-camera but it will be interesting to see what Roy actually does. Does he really go after Jim? Does Pam call Jim and warn him ahead of time?

    Anyways, the Michael-Jan stuff was hilarious and Dwight was solid as usual. Checking the house to see how sturdy it was had me in stitches all night.

  75. Emily, sorry, I don’t have ANY information on when the next new episode will air. I hadn’t heard about this six weeks thing. Let me know where I can find that!

  76. Dorky Dancer, I agree…I think the way Jim told Karen too that it was kind of a big deal. It’s not golf, or even Chili’s, but sometimes the basketball court is where business is also done.

  77. Interesting idea Dorky Dancer, I guess I was thinking about Jim learning something about Karen from the CFO but the promotion thing might be where that is leading.

  78. Yeah, I agree with Dorky Dancer. They are going to ramp Karen and Jim up until the point where Jim has to choose. And since Rashida’s leaving, and the Jim accepting a transfer plotline’s played out, I think he’ll dump Karen.

  79. I loved that Jan cracked me up all episode. She’s usually kind of the straight man, so I totally loved her being comedic.

  80. haha I loved how Roy started trashing up the bar and then his brother joins in cuz he’s just as mad but it’s b/c of the jet skis. HAHA..

    I think the writers know what they are doing. In real life, people would have the same reaction Roy had. The show isn’t screwed…unless they really kill off Jim. LOL.

    Poor Toby…

    I’m surprised that kid didn’t freak out when he saw Dwight sitting in his room. I did.

  81. I wonder if Pam will warn Jim and then confess her feelings to him. I hope that everything doesn’t happen off camera. But they started out the first episode of season 3 that way, so who knows…

  82. Crazy Amazing Episode.

    Loved the stuff with Toby…and although Roy’s reaction was a teeny bit over the top, I really loved it as well. I can never get enough of Jan, great to see more of her again. I miss both Phyllis and Andy…but in general, this episode had it all…drama, comedy…tv doesn’t get any better.

  83. GREAT episode. Too much Michael and Jan though.
    And I don’t think Roy’s freak-out was too out of character. We’ve definitely seen his anger before (just not this out of hand) — The Dundies, The Alliance…
    I can’t remember any more, but yeah.

  84. I agree with Dorky Dancer – there has to be a reason Jim was singled out by the CFO. Everyone at corporate (Jan, Josh, when he was manager, and now the CFO) sees Jim’s potential and they obviously see him as an asset to Dunder-Mifflin.

  85. Who heard Roy threaten to kill Jim? The documentary film crew; they’ll be the one’s to warm Jim about it.

  86. I also couldn’t help but think of G.O.B. when Roy yelled “COME ON!” for one tiny moment.

  87. Karen shooting off those jokes with Jim, how can you say you hate this girl? I enjoyed it thoroughly, she got him good. She’s so cute.

    New Pam, that was good as well. Roy going off, expected and pretty awesome.

    But going back to my original point: HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE KAREN? She may not be “the one”, but at least enjoy the ride before the penultimate conclusion. Karen is awesome.

  88. I actually kinda suspect that Karen was only half joking. Maybe playing Jim out to see how he would react…?

  89. all in all another great one. But i will def be happy to get back into the office and see how it will be played out. I just hope it doesnt drag on, we’ve been waiting so long and i think it’s time they give us what we want.

  90. Too much drama? Yes but when they made the decision to go with the Jim/Karen and resurgent Roy storylines last season they committed themselves to an overly dramatic season.

    Within the context of that decision, this was a very good episode.

    Hopefully when the show comes back in 6 weeks, Jim and Pam won’t take too long reconnecting and this show can become a comedy once again.

  91. I think Roy will confront Jim with Karen there, He well yell something like “so you tell my fiancee u love her then kiss her?” and Karen will be like wtf?

  92. I actually kinda suspect that Karen was only half joking. Maybe playing Jim out to see how he would react…?
    151 | AndDontCallMePammy Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:28pm

    “Half joking”?? As in lying? Please. Girl is a supreme prankster. No wonder Jim couldn’t notice the “daggers” Drake’s wife was shooting at her…haha.

  93. wow i totally didn’t see the roy blow up coming! he didn’t change at all! but i’m happy they’re broken up again. and i’m so impressed that pam owned up to it- isn’t that the first time she’s ever talked about her and jim? YAY PAM! i don’t even care if she and jim get together, i’m just so happy she’s maturing a bit. now maybe we can see some good art.

    the toby crush was really cute at first but a little creepy in this episode.

    but once again loved the creed randomness.

    so excited for rainn on snl this weekend!

  94. A few things:

    1. Perhaps Jim is getting a promotion – to MICHAEL’S JOB! After his odd behavior at the party, maybe they need new leadership?

    2. Was Angela at the bar?

    3. I thought it was great writing to see Pam get so enthusiastic about being “honest” (thanks to Oscar’s BF) only to see it backfire on her – very sad.

    4. Perhaps Toby really didn’t meet his wedding date at the gym, and Kevin was right…?

  95. the jam thing is out of control. u see like 90% of the comments are regarding how each episode affects jam. it’s gotten to the point where maybe 1 or 2 of the minor characters gets one funny line each episode. and its not like the jam relationship is funny like michael/jan, its a complete soap opera and has backed the writers into a corner where the shows existence is based on the sucess of the jam relationship and them being together in the end.

  96. im sorry i just cant stand karen. Shes annoying on and off camera. I was so hoping she was a big slut but then claimed she was just kidding. She tries but the chemistry just isnt there like it is with pam. Adios, Rashida dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  97. Well, I daresay Karen had all of us going with the “Drake” affair…and how it didn’t end well. And then when she was adjusting the tie…I know all of us were thinking “That little tramp!” And the joke was on us as well. ;)

  98. Callan, I know! Every time they pull this Toby and his sad crush thing out, I go “Why?!”

    Can’t they torture someone who deserves it? Like Ryan?

  99. im sorry i just cant stand karen. Shes annoying on and off camera. I was so hoping she was a big slut but then claimed she was just kidding. She tries but the chemistry just isnt there like it is with pam. Adios, Rashida dont let the door hit you on the way out.
    168 | tlw Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:33pm

    Wow. Let’s not mix up the characters with the actors please. Reality is not that bad of a place to be. ;)

  100. Tanster- hey! I heard about the 6 weeks thing over on the Live Journal page. I don’t know where anybody got that info though. I really hope that it isn’t 6 weeks. That is waaaay too long!

  101. OMG, I LOVED this episode. Just like Lindsey, I was totally taken off guard. My mouth dropped wide open. Holy crap. You’re right Jack, Roy has always been a hotheaded jerk, ready to snap. His “nice Roy” is wound way too tight. LOL…”that’s what she said”…

  102. I would looove to have more time on the other cast members. Lately it is all about jam. Thats why they should give us what we want and start a new storyline on maybe dwangela or Relly

  103. Did anyone catch Rainn’s SNL promo where he goes: “Hi, I’m Rainn Wilson and I’m hosting SNL this week. And yes, you are watching me on the fine program playing right now. That’s right, I’m EVERYWHERE!”

    Loved it!

  104. Great episode.

    But I had a lot of pity toward Pam.

    She steps out of her shell for one night and Roy lashes out!

    Can’t stand Roy. I think Karen is a nice girl, but that she might of just been seeing Jim’s reaction as to what she was saying. Jim acted a little uninterested.

    My prediction: whenever the next episode comes out, Roy will try to confront Jim, but Jim will avoid him as usual.

  105. YAY!
    1. jan said “that’s what she said”!
    2. pam FINALLY grew a pair!
    3. jim played basketball!
    4. RAM is OVER!
    5. death threats!

    the writers and i are friends again.

  106. So in the scene at the CFO’s party, Karen was lying to Jim about ALL of the “former boyfriends.” That’s why his wig was kind of spinning around.
    I am going to voice what might be an unpopular opinion, but god she is a lousy actress.
    And…just an observation: What season is this in Pennsylvania? West Hollywood with a muffler? Basketball in February.

  107. 153.
    I think Pam’s comment was a polite way of saying “aren’t you giving this to her?”

  108. If Karen overhears anything to do with Roy and Pam, she’s got to find out that Roy/Pam were once engaged, which has been the only tidbit of information that she really has left to figure out – and its a big one.

    Its one thing to tell a co-worker you kind of have a thing for them, but its a whole other ballgame when you tell your engaged co-worker that you’re in love with her 3 weeks before her wedding.

  109. Karen’s prank had another level of significance to it–it took Jim forever to admit to ever having had feelings for Pam, and I suspect that for Karen it was like pulling teeth. Maybe she was kinda needling him in an indirect passive way about that. This ep was def all about revelations.

    Including, of course, what constitutes a “fun party” for Dwight.

  110. I think that Karen joking between dating all the guys at the party to only having dated Jim means that she has clearly dated somewhere inbetween that number, which may be a little off-putting for Jim to not know how many “other guys” there have been.

    Also, Jim has been pretty up-front with Karen about the whole Pam thing (well at least relatively – he didn’t mention that he told her he was in love with her), but it sounds like Karen’s love life is a more of a mystery, which could, again, annoy Jim.

  111. Truer words were never spoken, Dorky Dancer. I mean I know there’s office gossip about Pam and Roy’s engagement and getting back together, but I wonder if Karen even tries to stray into those gossip circles… she probably doesn’t know. And it would be a different ballgame if she found out.

  112. I think that Karen joking between dating all the guys at the party to only having dated Jim means that she has clearly dated somewhere inbetween that number, which may be a little off-putting for Jim to not know how many “other guys” there have been.

    Also, Jim has been pretty up-front with Karen about the whole Pam thing (well at least relatively – he didn’t mention that he told her he was in love with her), but it sounds like Karen’s love life is a more of a mystery, which could, again, annoy Jim.
    190 | Louise Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:41pm

    Louise, I think what was at issue here was interoffice relationships, not all of Karen’s prior relationships in general.

  113. I’m really dissapointed about Roy’s over the top reaction, especially after the strides his character had made this season. It was very lazy writing IMO, especially after Andy’s recent angry freakout. OTOH, I really want Roy to punch Jim ni the face because he kind of deserves it. I loved the Michael/Jan stuff and I really want Pam/Toby to happen! Come on Pam, open your eyes!

  114. i trust the writers and cant wait to see where they take us now. They havent disappointed us yet, have they? Even though we have to wait six weeks, it’s always fun to catch up on old episodes. Also cannot wait for SNL Rainn will be awesome. Has Steve Carrell ever hosted because he would be brilliant too.

  115. Oh yeah, Karen’s little prank was definitely a bit vindictive. Like, “See how it feels to find out that your significant other had a thing with a coworker?”

    She clearly thinks about it quite a bit and is worried about it (for example, her trying to take down Pam’s art show flier).

  116. rachel (2), I live in NYC which is like a 3 hours drive to PA. A month ago I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt seeing it hit 70 here. The weather was the same in PA so I can see why they were able to pull it off in this episode.

    Jan using that’s what she said was pure gold. Michael and her are going to be in it for a while I think. Anyone else here wanted to see Michael grow a pair and give Jan a quicky in the bathroom? That would have been hilarious to see Jan walk out fixing her dress and then Michael shortly after zipping up his pants, strutting around the place like he owned it.

  117. In response to Damian’s post: Did it LOOK like Roy was kidding? He’s clearly violent and impulsive.

    I personally don’t like the idea of turning The Office into a drama, but Roy’s statement was clearly not a joke. Pam and Roy aren’t very compatible, and I was sorry for Pam that she couldn’t have detected that earlier.
    My favorite part of this episode was Dwight running through the house. Oh Dwight.
    I did love Creed’s little part today. He’s my favorite, and if you ever have a chance to watch deleted scenes off of season 2, you certainly should.

  118. I like how it didn’t take long for Roy’s brother to start smashing things too. I think he was just mad about the jet ski thing. The Roy character has really turned dark and scary. He gets angry and violent really quick and his brother pays off the cops. What will become of poor Jim?

    Pam has really screwed Jim over. First she breaks his heart, and now that he is kinda happy with Karen, the guy is gonna get his ass handed to him because of her. Karen came off very likable is this episodes with her many boyfriends. The Michael and Jan thing was kinda weird. What happened with Toby and the hot girl from his GYM? I hope Dwight will come to Jim’s rescue and kick Roy’s ass!

  119. I also got flashes of Andy Stitzer’s “egg salad” monologue when Michael was talking about the potato salad…

  120. For those who said Roy’s reaction isn’t characteristic: from someone who dated her hot-headed high school sweetheart for a long, long time, and broke up with him… yeah, it does happen like that. Guys like that punch walls and smash stuff.

  121. pobyfan…….

    why does jim deserve to get punched in the face….and why do you think it was lazy writing?

  122. I love it that the JAM thing is finally moving forward. For two reasons…one, this junior high will they won’t they is getting old and needs resolution. Two, I truly do love JAM! Roy is going to totally confront Jim in his hothead way and let’s just hope that Fancy New Beesley continues to be honest and warns Jim somehow.

  123. pobyfan (194), Roy’s character HASN’T made any strides this season, that’s the whole point. His “nice guy” schtick was just that — a facade. I thought that was painfully obvious.

    — “You know what’s sexy? Pam’s art. Because… she’s an artist…”

    — “Your art was the prettiest art of all the art!”

    He made so many transparent, lame statements to show that he was “changing,” and then once he got her back it was back to abandoning her with his brother when she needed him most, and not understanding that her art show wasn’t about having “pretty art” but about HER taking strides to be a more independant person.

    Sorry, I kind of despise Roy, if you couldn’t tell.

  124. NOPE I cannot stop insulting Karen she is annoying and a little pointless. The writers should cut down on her lines and maybe give some to those with purpose say like, angela, kelly etc. They actually know how deliver and deliver they do.

  125. Did anyone ever think this whole thing could turn out for the worst? What if Roy scares Jim out of liking Pam, I mean honestly, Jim’s already a pussy. Plus, if they both have to work with Roy, there’s no way that Jim will try to date Pam if Roy starts threatening him. Uh oh.

  126. Roy is completely fake. Everything he’s done this season to “change” is half-hearted. When Pam dumped him, he probably took stock and realized he had accomplished nothing since high school. The only thing he did have was Pam. So what does he do? Attempt to transform himself into a person that he thinks Pam wants to date.

    You can only keep up the charade for so long. Under intense pressure, people will crack and show their true colors. And that’s exactly what Roy did.

  127. NOPE I cannot stop insulting Karen she is annoying and a little pointless. The writers should cut down on her lines and maybe give some to those with purpose say like, angela, kelly etc. They actually know how deliver and deliver they do.
    212 | tlw Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:49pm

    A little pointless? For the sake of the show, you should be glad she’s extending the overall PAM arc.

    And if Karen is “annoying” by knowing what she wants and not waffling and refusing advances like Pam, I’ll take an annoying girl any day, lol

  128. Right on Louise !! He certainly seemed annoyed w/ her. Which is exactly what I meant earlier by “over” with her.
    I loved Dwight tonight…he’s great. My fav. was the rocking chair scene. Too funny.

  129. Am I the only one who thinks Pam and Roy just had a fight and aren’t really broken up? She obviously has a huge blind spot for Roy. And this can’t be the first time she’s seen him get violent.

    She’s really lonely, and she just said tonight that she wants it to work. I think they’ll get back together. In fact, she may convince Roy not to confront Jim if she agrees to forgive Roy for becoming violent.

    I know she’s trying to be more assertive, but deep down she’s still a wallflower who will cave in to a persistent man.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the actor who plays Roy had his contract renewed, so he’s not out of the picture by a long shot.


  130. IHATEcliffhangers…

    you bring up a really good point. Jim isn’t a fighter…and he could be completely intimidated by Roy and just wuss out by lying and just getting back into Karen….

    but, we all know Karen isn’t coming back after the season finale…so


  131. jim and pam were not even in the same location for basically the whole episode, and yet the bulk of the analysis is how the show plays into their relationship. kind of frustrating watching this ensemble comedy turn into a love triangle.

  132. Chelsea 210
    You are so right about Roy. I could see right through him the whole time. Then I knew what the writers where doing when Kenny came back in the picture. Remember when Pam mentioned her worst first date with Roy and he brought his brother?

  133. Anne (post 221):Pam said “This is over.” She gave it a second shot and she saw Roy’s true colors. She may be timid (not anymore?), but she’s not a moron.

  134. Anne, you have a point. Pam has had to have seen Roy’s temper before, nine years together, you’re right.

    But on the flipside, Roy acted like a fool in front of the ENTIRE office. Therefore, if Pam does forgive Roy, no one’s going to agree with it, and let’s face it, Pam probably hates being an outcast more than anything.

  135. It’s pretty sad how

    – Kenny is now ALWAYS with Roy when he meets up with Pam for “dates”

    – Pam has to tell Roy “You have to do boyfriend stuff with me.” I definitely cringed inside.

    Yep. Fresh start indeed…

  136. I seriously doubt that Pam would give Roy ANOTHER chance after this. She seemed pretty definitive with her “it’s over.”

  137. Seeing Roy so upset, it makes me wonder if he was abusive to Pam while they were together. You never know.
    That was kind of off topic from this episode, but also related

  138. i so agree with you poster #233! as much as i heart michael+jan.. the usual office wit was not there…

  139. Roy…I love him, but wow, Roy. Even I can’t defend that. What was that…

    Funny how Jim and Karen are getting closer right as Roy and Pam explode. Karen’s prank was pretty damn funny. Poor Jim, so gullible. :)

    Jim better watch out. He doesn’t stand a chance against Roy. I mean, Jim always deserved something for what he did, but I thought it would have been Roy throwing a punch or something…Not Roy potentially running Jim down with his car. :/

    I really like new Pam though. :)

  140. Nah. STILL POINTLESS and ANNOYING. Goodbye karen hello pam.
    229 | tlw Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:57pm

    I will give you this…Karen is somewhat pointless and annoying because she is pretty much the perfect girlfriend and thus a total fantasy.

    Far too many Pam’s out there. ;)

  141. Rita22-

    You’re right, I don’t know what they will do to keep Jim and Pam apart, since Karen is leaving and Roy and Pam are obviously over (if not I will dislike Pam very much!)

    The only logical explanation would be that Jim and Pam get together at the start of Season 4, but that means close to the end of the show, and they’ve signed for five seasons. What will they do? I don’t know…

  142. Is it just me, or does anyone else think Karen’s ex is the CFO?
    233 | Billiam Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 6:58pm

    Someone didn’t watch tonight’s episode, I see.

  143. YES! I have been waiting for Jam to come back. I think that the finale will be huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Isn’t David Denman leaving the show as well?

    I love how you can tell (to some degrees) what will happen on shows based on actors’ contracts…

  145. yes at first ill admit the whole Karen idea was perfect for the plot. But lately nothing new so dare i say it once more Pointless.

  146. Let’s all think for a second… if the writers say they are cramming JAM for May, then what in the world do you call this? This was a major impact on JAM!

  147. OMG, just saw the episode and WOW! I need to watch it again cause I feel like it went by so fast! Loved it!

  148. I’m not sure why people think that the show will be unsuccessful with Jim and Pam together. Do you have that little faith in Office fans to think that they would all lose interest once that bit of drama was removed?

    Some of my favorite moments in the series have just been from the first two seasons, when Pam and Jim are just being sweet. I think that the show would be awesome without all of the pining and drama, actually. Imagine it.

    We would get Pam and Jim playing awesome pranks again!

  149. “Isn’t David Denman leaving the show as well?”

    I don’t think so. I know E! Kristin was trying to pimp him out so that Jim and Pam can finally ~*be together*~ but only Rashida has the new show plans.

  150. ihatecliffhangers,

    I think they can have JAM together and still have it be a good show. Once that is out of the way, they can do fun pranks again, they can focus on some of the other characters (dwangela, Kevin, Toby etc.) and people won’t be frothing at the mouth for JAM cause we will have it all the time.

  151. Chelsea you make an excellent point. Everyone loved it when Jim and Pam kissed, and there could still be drama with them together. But it’s very unlikely in my opinion, the writers are known for keeping that tension between Jim and Pam. So don’t think that will happen any time soon.

    But how does everyone think they will keep Jim and Pam apart in Season 4? Please give your thoughts!

  152. The Office has always kept the integrety of being a documentry, so wouldn’t the “film crew” have a responsibility to go to Sranton P.D., i bet in six weeks we have episode 3.18- The Convict 2, Roy’s Court Hearing for Conspiracy to Murder. Jim survives to have the freaky Karen, Pam threesome.

  153. “and why do you think it was lazy writing?”

    I said in my post why! Because whe just had an angry freakout from Andy a few weeks ago. It seems repetitive to have another on already. It’s also far too much drama for a comedy. And Jim deserves to be hit because he hit on someone else’s fiancee.

  154. Actually if the writers are as good as we think, I believe they might show how weird things could be with Jim and Pam actually having an open relationship working together…the magic spark that they had when it was unrequited becoming diluted…both of them wanting/needing space.

    All I know is, Jim is one crazy cat for going for office relationships…

  155. Chelsea,

    It’s not that I don’t have faith in fans, but a lot of good shows have suffered at the expense of their couples finally getting together. I really hope the writers do make it work, because it’s inevitable.

    I just don’t see much excitement in Jim and Pam once they’re together. Neither are going to go around the office making out…We’re going to loose all the longing looks and sudden moments that made them so sweet because they couldn’t have each other.

  156. Rita22-

    I would agree but the only thing is, that doesn’t seem like the writers type. They like cliffhangers and they like tension between Jim and Pam. But, they have been known for surprising us.

  157. question? this in regards to the topic of there being a new episode in 6 weeks…..isnt there supposed to be a St. Pattys episode?? I know that day is coming soon so

  158. not sure who said it but I definitely picked up a vibe that Roy was lying about the jetskis…but then Kenny needed to use that money to pay off teh bartender, so maybe not. Also, is anyone extremely suspicious that Roy has cheated on Pam. Between his stalking away from the stripper in “Ben Franklin” to tonight’s “I could have” I’m pretty sure he’s done something not so honorable…wow that was an Angela-esque moment there.

    Okay, I can’t lie, when Pam said she was going to be more honest I literally squealed and clapped my hands. As painful as it was for her to hear Oscar and gil last week and as much as I wanted to leap through the screen and hug her, it was something she needed to hear.

    And I don’t think it was at all out of character for Roy to flip out like that. He’s been trying to put on a more sensitive facade but he’s still the same oaf he always was. His transparent comments about Pam’s art in the last few episodes are perfect evidence of that, I think. And the scene from “The Alliance” that has already been brought up is support of the assertion that he’s always been impulsive and slightly violent, even without the alcohol. He’s possessive and no woman needs to subject herself to that, so go Pam! I’ve seen plenty of friends with similar guys and my heart always swells when you finally see them come to their senses and walk away. I can say with 100% certainty that those 2 will never reunite.

  159. I actually think Jim and Pam getting together this season is totally out the question now. They have been estranged since May and have barely even talked to each other since The Merger

    My prediction is that Pam will make the move and Jim will reject her

  160. If they keep Jim and Pam apart for season 4, well, I don’t know if I will tune in.

    I hate will they won’t theys….I just don’t have the patience for it. And if season 4 is a drama fest like season 3….ugh.

  161. Also:
    I was crushed when toby spent all that time getting that stuff animal for pam and she told him to give it to her daughter. funny, yet oh-so-sad

  162. Pobyfan, I think you could just chalk it up to Dunder-Mifflin hiring psychos. I mean, postal workers went nuts at work in the 80s and 90s. Maybe Dunder-Mifflin is the new breeding ground for workplace nutjobs.

  163. “Did anyone else think that it was crazy that karen was so limited on her explanation of her relationships but she made jim go into FULL DETAIL about him and Pam???”

    That’s because none of her relationships were real. She made them up…Hence the joke!

  164. “I actually think Jim and Pam getting together this season is totally out the question now. They have been estranged since May and have barely even talked to each other since The Merger

    My prediction is that Pam will make the move and Jim will reject her ”

    I agree with this. It’s how I see it playing out as well. Which is good, because Pam really does need to work out her issues before she gets into another relationship. She’s on the right track right now!

  165. “question? this in regards to the topic of there being a new episode in 6 weeks…..isnt there supposed to be a St. Pattys episode?? I know that day is coming soon so”

    It was never confirmed. Greg Daniels said it would be hard to do because the show works in real time and with NBC hosting March Madness (and that being during St. Pattys) they’d have to figure something out.

  166. I think (as much as it pains me to think about) that a 6 week hiatus sounds accurate, which means we will probably only see the aftermath of the Roy/Jim blowout. And I don’t even have any predictions as to how that will change the dynamics between the characters.

    Also, I’m not sure if the funniest part of tonight’s episode was Creed or Jan’s “thats what she said”. I never loved Melora Hardin as an actress more than I did after I watched her performance tonight. They need to keep her and Michael together…it’s even funnier than I thought it was going to be.

  167. pobyfan……

    how long have pam and jim known each other……he went years with out saying how he felt. He knew that he was getting ready to leave and he had enough of holding in those feelings…………lets see how long you can last with out telling someone that you are in love with them. Get off of Jim’s sack

  168. Agreed, JimBetterWatchHisBack…Pam needs to be single for a while now and get back into doing her. And if she shows she’s capable of making the move, good for her. That would definitely be progress.

  169. I offically hate Roy…again!! for a time I was starting to sort of feel sorry for him, and thinking that mabye he had changed. We all def saw an even more extreme side of Roy, a side that I think we all knew he had but kept hidden. I’m glad that Pam is finally starting to become more persistant, and starting to be more honest with herself, and standing up for herself. It was very liberating for her to tell Roy about her and Jim, and while Roy’s reaction was scary I think it gave her clossure from Roy for GOOD!!

    Now Michael and Jan…wow!! what a couple! I really loved Jan saying “Thats What She Said” that was great and just so random and out of character for her. The bathroom scene was completley messed up! ~lol. Jan practically raping Michael. But I think she was trying to make an example out of him of how “not to behave,” or she simply looks at thier relationship as purly physical. I felt bad though cause it def seems that Jan is pretty much using him. The car ride home was so sad, Michael on the verge of crying…litterally! It’s obvious that they both see the relationship going in different directions, though I think that deep down Jan does want the relationship to be more than just sex, but she’s afraid. It pretty much felt as if thier roles were reversed!…like Jan was acting like the guy and Michael the girl…very strange! But I think that they will still stay together…at least for a while!

    I wonder what will come from Roy and Jim!! Things are def starting to heat up. While we haven’t really seen a tough side of Jim, mabye that side will finally come out!! :) I can’t wait for like 4 weeks or however how long till the next episode!! This is going to be torture!!!! :)

  170. 6 weeks is way too long! There is no way they will make us wait like that. But then again, if they do, that means 2 months of brand new episodes! I would compromise with that!

  171. Emily (post 270): I have no clue, but 6 weeks makes sense (even though it sucks). Since Benihana Christmas and the finale count as 2 out of the 25 episodes, that means there are 23 aired episodes. Cocktails is number 17, so there are 6 more episodes. If we wait 6 weeks, that brings us to the beginning of April with new episodes. Towards the end of a season, NBC likes to air episodes in an unbroken block. 6 episodes from the beginning of April brings us to the middle of May. And that’s when most shows (including season 2 of The Office) wrap up.

  172. I also agree with HambugerHalpert. Especially after Roy confronts Jim. I don’t think the latter will be all that pleased with her either.

  173. I’m coming in late here, but I LOVED this episode. My favorite moment: When Dwight pocked his head out from the back seat in the middle of Michael and Jan’s heart-to-heart…hilarious! It took me totally by surprise!

    Then…minutes later…we have Roy saying he’s gonna kill Jim. I commend the writers for following an absurdly funny moment with a such a deadly serious moment…it was a bold decision (something Pam could learn from!).

  174. oh yeah, people freak out and do stupid things in real work places all the time…….it doesnt even matter how many days they apart. People are human and get angry and sad….its reality. Would it have been ok, if they waited for the saeason finale of season 4 to have someone else freak out after Andy?? If they had waited longer would it still be lazy writing?

  175. Okay, some of you people just annoy me. When the show started, everyone was loving how realistic it was, and how the comedy came from the realism and it wasn’t spoiled by a bunch of drama.

    And now you’re acting like this is a drama instead of a comedy. So, what, people don’t end up together in real life? Ever? In real life, it has to be prolonged for years and years and years, and even when it seems like everything is heading for a culmination, it’s REALISTIC for something else to happen and ruin it all for another year? Seriously?

    I think it would be nice to have one office relationship that wasn’t psychotic and dysfunctional.

    I can only get so much of the will they/won’t they without getting pissed off. I like my comedy to be funny thanks, and not to rip out my heart over and over again and stomp on it.

    I really hope that the writers are as awesome as I think they are, because if we get to season 4 and this crap is still going on, I may have to start writing angry letters. Or kill someone. You know.

  176. I think the worst thing about this season has been the Toby/Pam angle. Totally unecessary, and totally irrelevant. We already knew that Toby was a sad little man living a sad little life, and we didn’t need to see that he’s got some creepy crush on Pam to further illustrate that point. I liked Toby much better when he was just passive/aggresive towards Michael, and not the underwhelming sap he’s become.

    But other than that, this episode was great!

  177. But Chelsea, you have to admit that the Jim/Karen relationship is exactly that: not psychotic and very functional. So a lot of you hate Karen, that’s fine…but you can’t call her relationship with Jim psychotic or dysfunctional. Theirs is the most normal (and until this ep, the most open) relationship among the D-M employees.

  178. Los Benitos-

    Karen and Jim have had their fights. But Jim doesn’t like to make an ass out of himself in front of people, so they probably deal with their fights in an easier way. For example, “late night talks”. Maybe I’m wrong, but… maybe I’m right?

  179. I agree with you, Los Benitos. Karen and Jim is beyond normal, but, since it’s not Jim and Pam, the show isn’t right, now is it? Sigh.

    I mean there are real and good reasons that Jim and Pam are apart. It’s all very real. If Jim falls for Karen further and they stay together next season and still are prolonging Jim and Pam, again, it’s a real reason they’re not making it happen. It’s all believeable.

    I mean I like my shows to be realisitic, but I also like my tv shows to be tv shows.

  180. Well I def didn’t mean that Karen and Jim’s relationship was “perfect” (is any?), certainly…but Karen wants to talk things out. Does Pam? Well, maybe one day she will, but she’s not really in touch with herself as fully as Karen is. She’s def getting there.

    So let’s just say, the *most* functional and non-psychotic.

  181. No matter what, i still don’t like karen.

    she seems like she’s trying to hard to keep jim’s focus on her. A person shouldn’t have to fight to keep thier boyfriend/husband’ attention. A real relationship can’t function without trust.
    Just ask Toby.

  182. Yeah, and why is Toby obsessing over Pam when he’s got that hot girlfriend that he met at the gym. Wonder what became of her?

  183. Chelsea, I know they’re meant to be together in some way, but so were Romeo and Juliet, and we know what happened to them! ;)

    Who knows…they could do a depressing type of Umbrellas of Cherbourg thing and have them end up apart with “functional” sig others who make them happy, but don’t get them going like PAM.

    (Also I really like Umbrellas of Cherbourg!)

  184. So all the people that feel that if this season doesnt “pick up” or if the writers continue to “lose their touch” or all the people that make these stupid idol threats about not watching season 4……..does that mean that you wont be bringing these absurd comments next year?? Because honestly, I dont know what I would do with out them

  185. Tense episode… Bout ready to crown this one more of a drama vs. a comedy..

    Thank God for Creed and Dwight keeping the flat lining heartbeat of an existant comedy alive..

    Creed’s scenes short as they maybe pack a punch and are always ones for the “classics” archive.

    Won’t speculate on the whole Jim Pam thing out of sight that it is obvious what is going to happen in the end .. and I am not a 12 year old gitty school girl.. lol. jk..

    Looking forward to the next one.

  186. I have a vision of Roy confronting Jim, and Dwight stepping up to help Jim. You know, because of his wicked karate skills and all. :)

  187. No matter what, i still don’t like karen.

    she seems like she’s trying to hard to keep jim’s focus on her. A person shouldn’t have to fight to keep thier boyfriend/husband’ attention. A real relationship can’t function without trust.
    Just ask Toby.
    293 | Dwangela Makes me Laugh Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 7:24pm

    Ya know, I suppose I might fight for my SO’s attention if they still had feelings for someone else!

  188. And you know what? That is why I love Pam so much. She’s such a sweet, good person. She’s hilarious and creative.

    But she’s also timid and has basically no confidence, and is trying to fix that! She’s someone who is actually trying to work on herself and get her life together, and I think that Pam’s character is an amazing one who deserves someone like Jim, who loves her and is going to treat her like she should be treated.

  189. Fair enough, Los Benitos. I can agree with that.

    And yeah, Dwide… what happened to Toby’s hot date? It seems as though some of the writers want Toby to pine over Pam (vomit), and others want him to actually get a break now and then.

  190. Damian: Barring alien abduction, evil twin, introducing a Cousin Oliver character, or Pam/Dwight romance storylines, I will continue to watch. Despite empty threats.

  191. People really think the writers are loosing their touch? I think they’re better than ever…Minus a few crazy Michael moments that should have ended up in the deleted scenes and replaced with some Creed or Meredith moments.

  192. So Pam has trouble communicating, give the girl a break. At least she’s trying. But if she’s been slammed down by Roy for NINE years, can you blame her for not wanting to express herself out loud?

    Did anyone ever think of an extra twist in the show? What if Karen just gets promoted, and is off the show, but still dating Jim? It’s called a PHONE people!

  193. …Actually Romeo and Juliet weren’t meant to be. Star-crossed generally means contradicting destiny nad fate…not that I’m asserting Jim and Pam are star-crossed. Though now it seems there may be bloodshed over their love. If they are like Romeo and Juliet and their story doesn’t have a happy ending I may just have to join Shakespeare.

  194. To step away from the love pentagle (sure I’ll include Toby) for a sec…

    I liked the writers’ continuity and brought back the magic camp thing from Pam’s prank. And it was pretty awesome that Michael was attending with a bunch of kids!!!

    Also major lolz with the key so obviously stuck inside his lip.

  195. Tonight’s episode may lead credence that Roy has been physically abusive towards Pam over the past decade. He is one nasty drunk

    And even another rumor gained a boost and that he cheated on her. He got awfully defensive…

  196. “…Actually Romeo and Juliet weren’t meant to be. Star-crossed generally means contradicting destiny nad fate…not that I’m asserting Jim and Pam are star-crossed…”

    It’s funny, because in interviews John Krasinski has called Jim and Pam star-crossed in a few occassions.

  197. The point is, after reading countless interviews with the writers and Greg Daniels and listening to dvd commentary, I’ve gathered that they love the sweetness of the Jim and Pam relationship as much as we do, and I would be shocked and extremely disappointed if they kept screwing with us for drama’s sake.

    I don’t think that they will, but some of you people seem to, and that was what I was reacting to.

    I still love the writers as much as I ever did. I have faith!

  198. I’m gonna go crazy with no new eps.
    oh well, i guess i can wait.
    Maybe it’ll get some people to stop leaving such critical and rude comments. Seriously, it’s a show. Enjoy it, don’t rip everyone’s opinion of it apart. Just enjoy it.

    Speaking of enjoying: Creed=Awesomeness. All of my friend’s think i’m crazy for liking him, but he’s hysterical!

  199. i’ve now got a new favorite episode of the season after the coup. 9.5 out of 10 for me for a few reasons:

    dwight was the funniest he’s ever been in any season.

    i really like jan also because she’s so unpredictable and sarcastic. how could anyone put up with michael?

    extremely good acting by mr. denman in that his final scenes very well could have been overacted but he made it overwhelmingly believable.

    and finally, creed with his ‘making fake i.d.s for minors line! very good direction by jj abrams and very well written by paul.

  200. Los Benitos: Hahaha, he is afterall, the patron saint of shark-jumping.

    Or Rena Sofer for that matter. She was on Coupling. I wouldn’t put it past her to ruin the American version of another popular British show.

  201. Wow!

    Guys calm down

    You have a whole month to analyze JAM, you dont have to jump to concusions!

  202. The beauty of Creed: He is always awesome. I would watch a Creed spin-off show, with him just stealing crap everywhere he goes.

  203. Callan & Los Benitos:

    The real thing to watch out for would be The Office: The Musical. If that ever happens, look down and wave at the shark fin…

  204. Jen, you might have been joking, but I can totally imagine a scene in which Dwight tries to defend Jim from Roy and then gets the crap beaten out of him. That’s the beauty of Dwight: Even though he’s been made a fool of by Jim dozens of times, he’s still loyal to the #2 man in the office…and remember how he hugged Jim after Michael fired him.

  205. Hahaha Cousin Mose. I would love to keep it going, but I don’t want to get too off-topic and have to make Tanster get in here and set us straight.

  206. Like “Jen / 300” I can see Dwight playing hero when Roy confronts Jim…or better yet, Creed.

    Creed’s earned some face time and he has such a sketchy, odd, slightly functional psycho way about him, I think he would be the perfect guy to step in and stop Roy from beating up Jim

  207. You know, after reading the comments here, I’m convinced that people are watching two completely different shows. Or at least that this one show is being watched by two completely different sets of people.

    One set of people sees the subtle humor and little hints woven throughout the show. In short, they “get it.”

    And then there’s the other group of people, with comments like, “Wow, where did Roy’s explosion come from? He totally reformed himself. That was way out of character.” (P.S. Roy never reformed–it was an act.) Or “Pam lied to Roy about the kiss.” (What?!? She said that SHE kissed him and that SHE had feelings for him.) Or “Does Toby like Pam all of a sudden?” (Hello!) Or “Michael seemed a little clueless tonight.” (Seriously?)

    I’m sorry for being a little rude, but I just don’t understand. The Office, in a word, is about subtlety. I’m not sure what the people who don’t see the subtlety see in this show.

  208. Dwide:
    Awesome point.
    But remember, Dwight has purple belt lol.
    I’d love to see him actually take on roy tho.

  209. This was probably the greatest episode this season!
    Oh my god Roy’s brother throwing the chair HAHAHHAA
    + Creed’s fake id service
    Ohhhh man

  210. Very good episode – especially Pam’s storyline. Jan also did a great acting job.

    What happened to Toby’s date from the wedding? The writers need to make up their minds on this. I hope they’re reading.

    And sorry, I’m one of those who doesn’t find Dwight funny at all. I want so much to laugh, but he’s far too over the top. I wish the directors and writers would catch on to this and get him to tone it down. It’s too obvious he’s acting, his antics are far too unrealistic (I roll my eyes every time he does something like climb the roof and kick the chimney, or badger a little boy who’s trying to sleep), and he’s too freakishly evil. He should stop flaring his teeth and shooting furious looks at the camera when he’s interviewed. That’s just not funny, and it takes credibility away from the show.

  211. “I can go public with Michael and collapse in on myself like a dying star.” I know I said it before, but I can’t get over that line. It’s literally the best explanation of that relationship possible.

  212. Callan, I literally almost spit out what I was drinking when I heard that line. One of the best things I’ve heard in a long time, and delivered beautifully by Melora.

  213. I think you’ve gotta give Rainn Wilson major credit for playing Dwight.
    It’d be so hard to play that character, but he pulls it off.
    Dwight is hilarious cuz everyone knows someone that is like him!
    Even tho he’s “over the top” i know several people like that. Every week i watch the show and see one of those people acting that way.
    Dwight is yet another reason that the office is so realistic.

  214. and, for those of you worrying about jims health.. dont. Jims got kevin. Kev can take on roy anyday.

  215. Agreed Zorro, I’m just praying that they’ll keep it realistic and refrain from going the Ross and Rachael direction.

    I didn’t watch Friends for a reason.

  216. JimHalpertisLife (post 333): I totally agree. We’re underplaying how important that moment was for Pam, because it was overshadowed by Roy’s reaction. Remember The Merger? How Pam was like, “It always exciting to have an old friend back” ? Girl was totally in denial. She’s finally being open and honest, because I think Gil cut her to the core. I mean I don’t think she’s going to stride into the office and confess her undying love to Jim or anything, but I think she’s tired of being stepped on by people. Things are going to come to a head when Roy confronts Jim. And Karen will probably confront Pam again. I don’t think Pam is going to slink away, denying her feelings again this time.

  217. I just want to throw my 2 cents in on something. I’ve noticed quite a few comments here concerning people’s distress over the fact that the love square is getting in the way of the ensemble. That it has gone on too long and there is too much “drama”. Personally, yes it has gone on a bit too long, but I think it’s a testament to the ability of the writers/actors to evoke such a reaction from the fans. Anybody that is a long time viewer of the show understands the personalities of the characters so well that it moves them to the point of commenting here. I’m sure the love square will work itself out by season’s end. You bet I’ll be watching. I would much rather enjoy 30 minutes of the Office’s “drama” then half of the other crap on TV now. The writers/actors have sculpted should wonderful characters that turning away now would treason of the highest order.

    Sorry for the ramble, I’m feeling grouchy.

  218. Amen, Chelsea, amen.

    It seems to me that the writers have consciously steered away from the Friends-slow-death syndrome.

    So far.

  219. If Pam gets pregnant with Jim’s baby, decides to move into Dwight’s apartment, falls in love with Dwight, and then can’t decide between Jim and Dwight, then we’ll know we’ve crossed into Friends territory.

  220. I loved tis episode… one of the best this season… im proud of Pam… does anyone else find it somewhat ironic that roys going to “kill” Jim and SAFETY Training is like an upcoming episode? Jim does have a lot of protection for Roy… I could see Pam kinda jump into the arguement too cause she probably feel guilty…

  221. OK, here’s my scenario for the next episode: It’s after hours in the warehouse, and Roy tries to make nice with Pam, but she’ll have no part of it. He’s about to strike her when Dwight arrives on the scene and comes to Pam’s defense. He tries a few lame karate moves and Roy starts pounding him. Moments later Jim arrives on the scene and comes to Dwight’s defense. Roy is happy to have the opportunity to “kill” Jim, and an all-out fist-fight ensues between them. Just as Jim is getting the worst of it, Daryl arrives and breaks up the fight. Pam’s heart goes out to Jim like it never has before, and she comforts him right in front of Roy. End of episode.

  222. Exactly, and I definitely have faith that the writers wouldn’t do that to us, but then I come here and see people saying, “How do you think they’ll keep Jim and Pam apart for season 4?” and I’m just annoyed that people would even WANT that kind of storyline or expect it from writers who have shown us that they’re better than that.

  223. I think the whole series would have to end with them getting together, not having them get together and then still have 2 full seasons to go…because trust me, the other relationships would *not* sustain our interest!

  224. I just cannot wait for the next few episodes. This was amazing and set so much up. I thought it was so fun to see Jan soften, even for a moment, in the final scene, and I loved the new dimension of Pam. I cannot begin to imagine the ways Roy could confront Jim (though most of them end up with Roy being surprised when HE is the one with the split lip!), and I think this confrontation will be the perfect time to show Karen the truth, the whole truth, about who Jim and Pam were before his transfer. If I understand correctly, she still doesn’t know Pam was engaged, right??

  225. someone mentioned a while ago that angela might be pregnant. she went to poor richard’s tonight and again refused to drink. but she drank at jim’s party in email surveillance, right?

  226. This is probably a really stupid question, but did Karen have all of those relationships or not? I couldn’t tell.

  227. Dwide, you could be on the right track, given the synopsis for “Safety Training” (see spoilers)…

  228. 357 | You killed Jim Halpert! I think in a deleted scene last season, or a concept scene was that angela was in the break room and dwight came in and she told him she was late, and he didnt understand… I may have just made all that up but im not sure :P But i also remember the prducers saying that because it was cut out they can leave that open ended and may go back to it

  229. To everyone saying that Angela is pregnant: Rainn made a comment in one of the news stories on here while talking to a fan. He said he didn’t think Angela and Dwight actually have sex (actually, he used a more graphic word). And Angela seems like the least likely candidate to be pregnant and unmarried, given her religious tendencies… although it would be a funny tables-turning sort of thing for her to be a typical person that she would pass judgment on.

  230. Karen has not gone out with anyone at Dunder Mifflin except for Jim………….”You’re the first” sayeth Karen to Jim.

    Meanwhile, Jim has smooched two employees, that dog.

  231. 1) #148 Los Benitos:
    I TOTALLY thought of GOB when roy goes “C’mon!”
    “-kin’ 35 hundred dollar suit… C’MON!!”
    2) I started laughing hysterically when the drunk brother started breaking stuff too. That was great.
    3) Did anyone else get a big laugh when the party host lady almost ran into the camera? I think it’s great when they remind you that this is a documentary and not everyone is used to them being there. A great writing move, and hilarious.
    4) That being said, when Dwight was in that kid’s room, my first thought was “Wait, the cameraguy was waiting around in there too.”
    5) I actually enjoyed the Jim/Karen interaction. Seemed very flirty and real. For once there is some chemistry there.
    6) Jim is getting a promotion.
    Roy: I’ve got beef with you, Halpert.
    Jim: Yeah?
    Roy: Yeah man, you’re goin’ down.
    Jim: Fine, let’s settle this…. on the B’BALL COURT, SON! I’ma school yo ass!

  232. FEAR, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who misses hearing that phrase uttered on TV.

    You’re right, the kid’s room def broke with the reality feel of the documentary a bit too blatantly. I wonder if there was any dispute btwn JJ and the writers about that and/or other aspects of this episode.

  233. I really need to know where I can watch the full episode of the office, without downloading anything… what’s that one website again!?

  234. Thanks for directing me to the spoilers, CH. My scenario may be a little over the top, but I think we can definitely expect Roy/Jim confrontation in the safety training episode…should be exciting. Maybe we’ll get a Jets/Sharks-type rumble between the office guys and warehouse guys…my money will be on the warehouse guys, but, of course, my heart will be with the office guys!

  235. I’m not sure if this had been brought up yet but is anyone else pissed that Pam told Roy about Casino Night? I mean now it isn’t a secret and it feels like Pam has given up on Jim. Anyway, I’m glad Roy is offically out of Pam’s life now… even though he may end Jim’s.

  236. This may just be me, but I thought that Jan’s “I’m sick” comment at the end of the episode, coupled with her desire to have kids (from “The Client”) hinted at a possible pregnancy… if not now than soon. Just how crazy would this show get if Michael became a father? It may (or, ok, just maybe) even be enough to offset the comedic letdown of the inevitable JAM hookup.

  237. 4) That being said, when Dwight was in that kid’s room, my first thought was “Wait, the cameraguy was waiting around in there too.”
    367 | FEAR Thu. Feb. 22, 2007 at 8:01pm

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I never even thought of that, but it just made me laugh so hard! Creepy as hell!

  238. Where to begin, so many great moments:

    Pam: “I have decided that I’m going to be more honest. I’m going to start telling people what I want, directly. So, look out world cuz old Pammy is gettin’ what she wants. And don’t call me Pammy!”

    I wonder how long this new Pam will last after her big foray into being more honest didn’t quite play out as she intended.

    Dwight had a bunch of great moments, including when he called Dan an idiot after he said he didn’t watch Battlestar Galactica and when he popped up in the backseat at the end, but my favorite was the scene in the bedroom when the kid wakes up and the camera pans over to Dwight:

    Dwight: “Oh good, you’re up.”

    The Michael & Jan stuff was mostly hilarious, although I don’t know how long it’ll last when Jan just wants a quickie in the bathroom at a cocktail party, while Michael is looking for something slightly different:

    Michael: “I want the house, Jan! I want the picket fence. I want the ketchup fights, and the tickling, and the giggling.”

    Finally, I thought that Jim’s obliviousness to Karen’s (awesome) prank on him contrasted nicely to Roy’s “I can read you like a book” comment to Pam.

  239. Wow…

    keep them comming this is absolutely amazing to read, I did not know there was so many “over the top” fans out there… such creativity and imagination taking the original story line and continuing it in thier heads outside of the episode..

    Very interesting.. Thanks for sharing :)

  240. Chloe, I am not pissed at Pam… I mean its a big step for FNB in my eyes… her whole role in this episode was… But it could be seen as a step or her giving up i suppose…

    Kyle, As for Jan being pregnant… I think t being interesting… But i want to point out that she was drinking tonight… just something to consider i guess.

  241. I really did not expect Pam to tell Roy (or for Roy to go all crazy at the end). But I guess he does have a drinking problem (DWI) and a Jim problem (the Basketball episode).

    I’ll miss Jim if he dies

  242. Are you kidding me!?!? Kevin stole the show with his annoncement of his engagement and then claiming he needed space. I loved it!!!!..>the others were funny oo, but that cracked me up big time!

  243. Havent Kevin and Stacy been engaged since The Dundies? I hope they gets cleared up eventually

  244. Zorro, you are 100% correct. Because of all the JAM loathing, hilarious scenes like the straightjacket scene and speakerphone scene in this episode havent been mentioned i dont think.

  245. Ok, not to ruin it for anyone, but here’s how it goes down when we return next episode…

    (Typical work going on in the office the very next day after Roy threatened to kill Jim. It’s around 10 AM. Everyone’s there. Roy enters obviously angry and headed toward Jim who happens to be on the phone.)

    Roy: Halpert! I’m gonna…

    (Toby happens to be at the front desk attempting to talk-up Pam. She’s having none of it. Toby springs to life and quickly interrupts Roy.)

    Toby: Whoa. Roy. If you’ve got a problem with another employee, you need to take it up with HR.

    Roy: (stops, is confused by Toby’s remarks) Uh, I just need to speak to Jim over there. Just step aside and…

    T: No. I don’t think so. I think you’d better get back to the warehouse.

    R: What? (begins to push past Toby)

    T: You know I can’t let you do that, Roy. (grabs Roy by the shoulder, spins Roy to face him) C’mon, let’s go to my work area and,…

    (Roy tries to make a break for Jim, but Toby’s too quick. He deftly twirls Roy sidelong, plowing him into the wall such that Roy’s now-disheveled face is nearly against Pam’s drawing of the office.)

    (Now humiliated, Roy wrestles himself out from Toby’s confinement, declares “This is f*cked! I’m outta here!”, holds his hands up in the air and exits the scene out the main door.)

    (Toby expects Pam’s adulation, but instead her eyes lock with Jim’s and the implication is subtly made that their next step is a secluded but zesty trip to the backseat of his Corolla. Toby loses again.)

  246. Although I want to believe that there will be a smackdown in the new episode, I dont think that will happen. I think it will mainly be a confrontation. Roy will pull Jim aside and then chew his butt and ask all the questions that are running through his head. Then Jim will answer and somehow, the truth will be concealed unless Pam is involved and spills. Oh boy, I hope the writers prove my theory wrong. please!

    Remember: They are trying to drag the JAM tension on. It is the highlight for most of the veiwers…..blar!

  247. How bout Dwight yanking on the banister at the start of the house tour? absolutely priceless.

  248. > Pretty clever, UpDawg, but I don’t think that Toby
    > would have a chance against Roy.

    That’s what the writers of the show would have you believe! But when confrontation arises in front of Pam, Toby acquires super-human strength and …

    Yup. I’m of course joking about the whole Toby thing.

    Back to tonight’s episode though, I *so* like the new assertive Pam! She’s gotten much more attractive because of it, I think. Roy’s violent reaction was right on the money. That’s how those sorts of characters react when they realize they’re losing their gravy train.

    Another thing I really liked was that they *didn’t* make Meridith a drunk at the party. I’m glad they’ve stopped beating that bit of subplot to death (for example, last week’s Meridith with the bat bag was great).

    And, of course, the Creed moment was an excellent little gem to toss in there. :)

  249. At the end when Roy’s brother said he paid them off, was he talking about the bar, the other office workers, or both?

  250. Great episode. I loved Creed with the fake ID’s; he even stole the laminate machine! Classic moment. I thought Karen was great in this episode and seems more like a match for Jim at this point. Smarter AND hotter.

  251. I just remembered…Andy will be back for the next episode, so, of course, Andy will defend Jim against Roy and then he’ll get the crap beaten out of him…or, maybe Andy’s anger management didn’t take and he’ll beat the crap out of Roy!

  252. Crentist, I’m pretty sure he was talking about the owner/manager of the bar. I think it’s the writers telling us, “nope, Jim’s not getting out of this that easy”.

  253. Great just because now Pam != Roy.

    And when was the new voting thing installed? I like the stars better, more choices. :( It’s alright though.

  254. amazing episode. When Pam said she was going to more honest, I was hoping that she was going to tell Roy about Jim, and she did!!!yay!!!! He freaked out! That was scary. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  255. NO MORE ROY!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! Finally, he’s out of the picture for good.

    On another note, Roy’s vow of killing Jim… not… good.

    Though by the end of this 3rd season BOTH Jim and Pam will be single!

    GO JAM!!!

  256. Jim’s not going to get killed or even seriously hurt. This is a comedy, not a drama. I was a little surprised by Roy’s reaction (only because The Office is usually very tame), but not totally shocked – he’s always been a bit of a loose canon.

    Karen bores me. I’m glad she’s leaving the show (as far as I can gather from everyone’s comments?).

    Two of the funniest scenes:

    When Dwight is asking the CFO and his wife what the square footage of the house was. Michael tells him that it’s totally inappropriate, and then proceeds to ask how much they bought the house for.

    Jan dragging Michael into the bathroom, where he asks something like “isn’t this where you usually want privacy?”.

    Poor Toby. He spent all evening getting the duck and then Pam says “don’t you have a girlfriend?”

    Pam “…don’t call me Pammy.” I’ve never heard anyone call her Pammy, but that was funny.

  257. CC,

    I don’t think Pam said, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I think she said, “Don’t you have a daughter?”

    Unless I heard it wrong?

  258. Just saw the episode. I give the prize to Dwight. No JAM. No RAM. No Dwangela. No Karim. No Jichael. No Kellyan. Not even an Oscareed. Just Dwight.

    “What do you know?”

  259. Im surprised no one has mentioned the best line of the episode

    “There was no room to cuddle”


  260. Michael had some of the best lines of the night

    “No means please don’t!”

    “I thought this was where you wanted your privacy?”

    The whole bathroom scene is going down as one of my top moments of the series

  261. Yahoo!!! No more Pam and Roy… now for Jim to find out that Pam told Roy she had feelings for him when they kissed!!!

  262. In fact the way Rainn stole the show for me makes me anticipate Saturday night even more. Nice strategic move, NBC!

    My favorite is still Business School this season.

  263. Welcome Back- Fancy New Beasley!

    I loved Jim’s face when she Karen was adjusting that guy’s tie!

    So now we wait for Jim to find out that Pam actually reciprocated the CN feelings.

    Things are finally looking up for Jam Fans.

    I also loved when Jan said “that’s what she said”! Classic!

  264. Someone PLEASE help! I had to miss the episode b/c of a funeral : ( ( does it make me a reallly sad person that i was thinking about missing the office during the service?) Does anyone know where i can watch it now online? I can’t wait till tomorrow!!

  265. Funny episode.

    Closure for Pam and Roy

    Had a little something for everyone.

    So when is the next episode?

  266. I also thought Jan could be (early) pregnant; without knowing yet. She actually said she felt nauseous in the beginning of the episode, and then said “I feel sick” toward the end. Most likely too dramatic of a story line for them at this point, but just a thought. They are so funny together.

  267. The Karen/Jim “prank” does seem to parallel the Roy/Pam scene when he thinks he can read her, he can’t. Jim can’t read Karen either.

    Jan may be pregnant but just not know it yet. She mentioned nausea twice during the episode, plus that she was tired and did not eat anything (loss of appitite). I think it’s the last thing she’d expect. And speaking of expectations, I never would have seen that “that’s what she said,” coming. Brilliant!

    I think Pam will continue her honesty is the best policy resolution. If it didn’t work out “as she planned,” with Roy, at least she knows where she stands for sure now. I think it will bring her confidence up.

    Anyone wondering if Pam is going to warn Jim? Any confrontation will all be over by the time we see it again anyway, right?

    Do we even know if Roy is that violent without the aid of alchohol? Actually, remember The Alliance. That was close. No, it does not look good for Jim.

  268. I find it very interesting that many people see tonight’s Jim/Karen interaction as advancing their relationship, chock full of chemistry, while many see it as a clue that it’s coming to an end. It’s amazing that we all watched the same episode.

    I personally think it was apparent that Jim was unaffected by her initial warning about her “ex”, and then a bit disturbed by her seeing him while he was still married. That didn’t look good for her. It was lucky for her that it was all a prank. So the bottom line, I don’t think she dated any of them, of course there is the possibility she saw how he reacted and decided to pretend she was kidding about it.

  269. to lola, i missed the episode too!!!! dont worry you can catch it online at a couple of sites, just google search “watch tv online” or something, i dont wanna say the site name here cuz theyre all getting shut down pretty quick…

  270. I think this episode was monumental for several reasons.

    First, we realize that Jan probably has real feelings for Michael and that scares the hell out of her. She’s even talking like him. “That’s what she said…”

    Second, Pam and Roy are over! I don’t care what you all say, that outburst was the nail in the coffin. She’s just not into him anymore. He’s the beast we always knew he was. This is NOT out of character, by the way. He nearly beat Jim up in ‘The Alliance’ and that was over NOTHING!

    Third, Pam is finally getting some courage. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. No longer will she take Roy’s BS or Karen’s questioning. I am loving it!

    Lastly and most importantly, look at Jim’s face when he’s with Karen. He is so not happy in this relationship. He’s not jealous about her supposed ex loves. He just looks like he’s tired and doesn’t care about anything. He never seems to ask her anything and there’s no “heat” between them. We know her prank was simply that but Jim didn’t think it was. He was just so blah about it. Karen’s character is there to create drama between Pam and Jim. What else would she have to offer without Jim? Nothing.

  271. Did anyone else notice in Jan’s first TH, there was cigarette smoke coming up from beyond the camera frame?

    That dims my “Jan is pregnant” theory

  272. I noticed an interesting trend. All the posters who seem to hate on Karen seem to be the girls and the guys don’t mind Karen at all. There is a lot of digging to find stuff to hate about Karen from those adamant JAM fans.

    Not trying to stir the pot or anything, but just an interesting note.

  273. GAH! Okay, I just talked to my friend about the episode and she has a theory that I hope will come to fruition:

    So if/when Roy confronts Jim, he’ll repeat to Jim what Pam told him (between punches?)

    Which means Roy will tell Jim that Pam had/has feelings for him.

    I just want Jim to realize that the question the crew asked him at Phyllis’s wedding wasn’t hypothetical. I want him to just freeze and think, “What?! REALLY?”

    If Jim gets solid proof that Pam definitely feels the same, I think it will have an affect on his relationship with Karen.

  274. sucks karen wont be around for next season

    but why was jan in the car at the end…she drove to the party…

  275. I don’t think females “hate on Karen.” I just think we see her for what she is; A plot device. We all know her relationship with Jim is doomed because of his feelings for Pam. Anyhow, have the writers given her a good personality? Can you really say that you know anything about her personality that doesn’t, in some way, relate to her relationship with Jim?

  276. Does anyone else get a kick out of when Jan responds suddenly as though someone just asked her “how are you?” even though they just said “hi”?

    It happened earlier this season when she came out of Michael’s office and Pam said, “Hi Jan” and Jan responds, “I’m great!”

    And it happened tonight when Karen goes, “Hey Jan” and Jan replies, “Not good!”

  277. Tanster, and everyone wondering about the potential six week hiatus – it was confirmed by someone in the know on the “I didn’t get that Memo: Spoiler Spec” thread on Television Without Pity. The poster DID say that it was subject to change, because the networks really never know what they are going to do, but yeah, it looks like six weeks right now. UGH! Such a good episode tonight!

  278. d……

    Jan was drinking throughout the night, and I dont think Michael did. He was probably just an unexpected DD

  279. Maybe they’ll do something where Roy tries to go after Jim but Dwight stops him. Cause from the spoilers they’ve been saying that Jim and Dwight actually like each other. Maybe Dwight will help him out.

  280. i’m not sure that i really understand all the wrangling about whether the episode was a comedy or drama. the office is a show which wants to make you laugh (and very often succeeds) but which also wants you to care about the characters and the situations that they are in from episode to episode. certain episodes of parts of episodes may lean more toward comedy or drama (personally i thought tonight’s was very much a comedic episode aside from the last few minutes) but a good mix of the two has always been at the heart of the show’s success.

  281. a part of Kevin Malone’s recent myspace blog regarding the length of break they will be taking (kinda)…….

    Also, we have another new episode of THE OFFICE, and it airs tomorrow night. They are giving this guy JJ Abrams credit as having “directed” the footage. I don’t really know why, I have never met the guy, but he did direct some pretty cool movies and shows, so I don’t mind. As long as they give me credit one of these days.
    This episode they are calling “Cocktails”. I don’t mind that either as I like cocktails. The Office folks go and get some cocktails. And I don’t want to sound all LOST on you guys, but stay tuned till the end. The bitter end. How is this for a teaser…during the last 5 minutes of footage, I was much more scared than I ever was of that bat from last week. And the bat was scary.
    This is a big one (that’s what she said) for us. After this week, we go on a little repeat run during March before we close out the season with all new episodes. So catch us on the mothership tomorrow/ tonight. I do not think you will be disappointed

    So since the Office has 6 episodes left, and they will be showing re runs all of March, i think its pretty safe to say that the next new episode will be on April 12……because from What I have read the season finales for My Name is Earl as well as Ugly Betty are set for May 17(assuming the office will have its season finale the same night)…….so from the 4/12 to 5/17 that would be a total of 6 episodes

    Also a little side note Andy left for Anger management in the Jan 18 th episode and he is posed to be in it for ten weeks, so by the time they come back from hiatus, Andy Bernard should be back

  282. This is what I think might happen in the next episode. I think it will be a regular episode with laughter and craziness with Dwight and Michael except at the very end…

    Jim and Karen are walking to their cars when Roy walks to them and confronts Jim. He’ll punch Jim in the face, knocking him down and eventually giving him a black eye. Pam will see this and run to Jim’s defense. She’ll finally tell Roy off. Telling him something along the lines of “Jim was always there for me” and “You always kept me down while Jim encouraged me to follow my dreams.” and etc. It’ll basically be a heartfelt speech that both Jim and especially Karen will be listening to. Roy will be super pissed and super embarrassed and he’ll just walk away. He might say something like “you two desereve each other” or “you can have her.”

    That is as far as I’ve gotten.

  283. Karen/Call of Duty – “You killed Jim Halpert”
    Andy – “I’m gonna kill you for real!”
    Roy – “I’m gonna kill Jim Halpert”

    He gets quite the death threats.

  284. UM….wow……what an episode. The part that had me really rolling tonight though was when Roy’s brother jumped in and started throwing glasses…i swear i heard him yell jet skis.

  285. Lol, Panda. Man, I’m a wee bit scared for Jim. I guess that when the show comes back, things with Jim and Pam will come to a head. The thing is, if JAM does indeed occur within the next couple episodes, I wonder what is going to happen in the season finale. Maybe it won’t involve JAM so much this time. But who knows.

  286. WOW.
    This was .. awesome. I’ve been reading through the comments and a big majority are feeling this episode, its ‘dinkin flicka’ for sure.

    The great thing to me was that Roy’s reaction was actually so natural. Everyone thinks he wouldn’t have flipped out like that in reality, well they don’t know Roy and they don’t know the show. From the minute Jim was coming into any physical contact with Pam, Roy nearly charged him down.

    All this time in the 3rd season, Roy’s been acting for the cameras, and now when he actually got thrown a curveball, he forgot he was being filmed and instead of saying “Forget it, I just love your arty art” or something similar, he reacted true to his nature and flipped the fuck outtttt

    Oh man, I’m SO pumped for a new episode now. Ohhhh Jim.. ohhhh boy.. you’re in trouble buddy.

    : – D

  287. Wow this was sooo good!
    Jim better watch his back.
    I kinda like the new Pam, i mean she is getting wht she wants for a change instead of trying to please others.can’t wait til new episodes!!

  288. man, poor pam, she makes an effort to honestly express herself and it blows up in her face yet again. better she finds out about roy before she’s engaged again, though.

  289. rofl lyra (435) i was just thinking, what if andy and roy team up (form an alliance!) to kill jim irl. oh the comedy that would ensue.

  290. OMG that was wild! When Pam told the cameras she was going to start telling people what she wants, I thought for sure by the end of the episode she would have broken up with Roy telling him she has feelings for Jim. But when she started saying she wanted them to make it, I was like -barf- but then, BAM! she told, and Roy went beserk! and now its over! Yes!!!

    The only thing that would have made it better is (and someone else predicted this on the NBC board) if it would have shown Pam calling Jim on his cell (from her cell) on her way out of the bar and told him “Roy knows and he’s coming after you”.

    What I now fear is that if this show is in real time, by the time we get a new episode, the Roy-Jim confrontation will have already happened. There’s no way Roy would wait 1 week, much less 6 weeks to beat the crap out of Jim, and I really want to see it (the confrontation, not so much the beating).


  291. Evil Like A Hobbit–

    That sounds like an AWESOME possibility and it seems relatively feasable.


    Awesome episode!

  292. Aww poor Toby! Maybe he has a shot!

    Jan was pathetic and hilarious. Loooved the dying star comment.

    Michael was Michael. Dignified at the wrong times, inappropriate at the wrong times, honest at the wrong times, honorable at the wrong times… he’s one in a million.

    Pam is going to second guess her decision to be honest and say what she wants because of how Roy reacted. Eventually she’ll realise that it’s the best thing, but she’ll be very quiet and shut down for a while.

    I didn’t think that Karen’s prank was funny, but I LOVED Jim’s strong response to it.

    Dwight on the roof of the house… priceless.

    43 | Mandie – That’s exactly what I thought, too!!

    57 | rachel(2) – OMG, you noticed Jim’s hair, too!! It looked like a wig!! what on earth is that about?? Gross.

    84 | SPTS – Obviously there wasn’t ever a “new Roy”. He was just putting on a very good show.

    93 | Callan – Jim did more than just touch Pam’s hand in that episode. He was squeezing her hand, had his arm around her and they were laughing.

    I was startled by Roy’s reaction and his declaration to kill Jim, but obviously that won’t happen. He’s going to get into some deep doo-doo though. He and his brother are trouble. I wonder if he’ll do something stupid at work and get fired? He’ll definitely confront Jim, and then Karen will want to know what’s up, and Karim will break up because she will realise she has no chance.

    151 | AndDontCallMePammy – interesting theory about Karen testing Jim. hmmmm

    I don’t think Jim is weak at al. He tries to avoid physical confrontations, sure. I would too, if someone as big as Roy came after me. I’d try diplomacy, first. I think Jim could handle himself.

    Jim went to play basketball because the boss noticed he was bored. There may or may not be any more to it.

    Angela at the beginning addressed Roy (even though he was ignoring her) about getting everyone a round of drinks. You hear her voice only and she’s saying something like, “No thank you.” That is funny! Can you imagine what Dwight would do? Maybe Dwight and Jim will prank Roy for messing with their women.

    I think Michael would actually be a VERY good father… annoying to the rest of the world, but devoted entirely to a child. That storyline might just work, if that’s what they’re doing.

    384 | UpDawg – I hadn’t thought through my theory fully, but you’ve just created an interesting scenario.

    *If* Jan is pregnant, she may not know it, thus the smoking and drinking.

  293. 6 weeks?!?!?! Are they trying to torture us?? Ugh one of the biggest cliffhangers of the season and we have to wait 6 weeks?! I hope the network changes that because I need my new episode fix!! I cannot wait till the season finale :-) It’ss be hard to surpass Casino Night…best season finale of any show…but I’m sure we’ll be happy Office Fans at the end of Season 3!!

    What do you guys think will happen in the Season Finale??

  294. I kind of liked the angle of Karen being a whore..or at least a lady who went for married men. I think I liked Jims reaction the best when he was asked if he wanted to play some basketball O_O

  295. This was indeed a great episode.

    I think people are reading the Karen thing all wrong. She’s not a “whore” – infact, I would wager to say that she never dated any of those people and was making it all up. Something the writers are brilliant at is parallels and contrasts. In this episode, the topic was jealousy.

    Karen was simply trying to make Jim jealous – because of the JAM situation – and it took having to name everyone in the room before Jim freaked out. Contrast: Pam and Roy. Pam told Roy about one incident with Jim about a year ago and he almost destroys the bar.

    I mean, you could tell Karen was making everything up. It reminded me of last episode when she tried to join Jim’s prank on Dwight – the character cannot act (not the actress, mind you, the character she plays cannot act). Not a single man in that room had dated her, I guarantee it.

  296. OMG. I am giving the hats off award to Jan. Now that was a ‘A’ rate performace from her. I have never laughed so hard at her antics. She is seriously psychotic. Bipolar at least. What was up with that insane bathroom scene? She’s a serious freak!!!

    She gets my vote for BEST PERFORMANCE of the week. Behind her performance I’d have to say Michael and the Houdini suit was next. Then I’d have to say Dwight and the rocking chair scene.

    Jan: I am taking a calculated risk. What’s the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I date Michael Scott publicly and collapse into myself like a dying star.

    Jan: Why is this so hard? That’s what she said. Oh my god. What am I saying?

    Karen: Hey Jan.
    Jan: Not too good.
    (GOD I LOVE THISE WHOLE BIT WITH JAN! She did it in the pretzel day episode too!)

  297. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and especially after last night’s episode, I am going on record with my opinion that the true story arc for season three has been Pam, not JAM. Yes, the two are very closely related, but there’s a difference.

    The level of growth and change that we have seen in Pam as an individual from the end of Casino Night till now has been amazing. Contrast that with Jim, who, despite all his early talk about “evolving,” is still hiding behind his sham of a relationship with Karen. (I know he got hurt, and I know he’s trying not to get hurt again–I’m not trying to argue that point).

    I know there will be those who say “the show is all about Michael and Dwight and making ‘That’s what she said’ jokes.” Well, yes…but I’m more convinced than ever that Pam’s emotional journey has been the heart of this season. Everything else has been a wonderful bonus.

  298. I LOVED this episode! Jan and Michael are great together. They are kinda the opposite of Ryan and Kelly. I mean, Michael being Kelly and Jan being Ryan. Jan is so screwed up I think she needs to up her sessions with her psychiatrist.

    I was hoping the real Roy would surface and that he did! The best part was how Kenny decided to join in the rage for no reason in particular except that he probably thinks it’s fun to break stuff. Now you have closure, Pam. Later days, Roy! I am sure she is thinking Thank God I didn’t marry that psycho.

    My concerns on the JAM front. First, although I find Karen incredibly boring (And she and JK have no chemistry together – no wonder they broke up), I thought the writers were going in the direction of Krazy!Karen, and I loved it. However, they were just creating a cute and likable Karen. Also, the Toby thing? The writers won’t let this die, will they? What happened to his hot girlfriend at the wedding? And even though Pam shot him down, why did she initially say – I was looking forward to hanging out with you? Are they making Toby a possibility for Pam? I mean, after Roy, she probably will decide to go for the nice guy.

    And… please please don’t tell me that the basketball game was a set up for Jim to get promoted to the NY office. I would die if JK left the show to do movies. He wouldn’t would he?

    One last thing – and I have never written this much – Could Jenna Fischer be pregnant? She has looked so tired recently.

  299. Hey – they’d ever let JK leave the show to go do movies. Removing any of the major original cast would certainly spell doom for The Office

  300. I think Jim and Karen will both be offered positions with corporate DM at the end of the season, Karen will accept, Jim (eventually) will not after “new” Pam shows some courage and honesty. Basketball with the CEO was likely introduced to start the ball rolling with that plot line.

    I think Roy will make a scene in front of the office including Karen and she will finally know that Roy and Pam were engaged and that Pam partially called it off because of Jim. Maybe for the first time Jim will have confirmation that Pam has/had feelings for Jim, which still has not happened. Invitations for coffee and cute smiles don’t count. Her confession to Roy was the first time she ever admitted out loud that she had feelings for Jim…that’s pretty significant.

    I would like to see the Office rallying to defend Jim when Roy comes after him. Dwight knows Karate, Keven had Jim’s bad last season during the basketball game (sort of), Michael could get in a few of his famous fighting moves as well. Regardless, Jim is smarter than Roy and will find a way to overcome whatever lame bloodquest Roy is on. Roy is a pathetic loser…the writers won’t let him beat Jim…at anything.

  301. Very funny episode. Ill keep it short and sweet.

    Favorite line. Jan says “Thats what she said” They are starting to rub off one another and becoming Janchael.

    Ending was great when Dwight sticks his head out from the back seat. That was classic.

    Also, there is an imposter using my name out there. There is only one Dr. Crentist in Stanford.

  302. comment 449 posted by Mike
    “Karen was simply trying to make Jim jealous – because of the JAM situation – and it took having to name everyone in the room before Jim freaked out. Contrast: Pam and Roy. Pam told Roy about one incident with Jim about a year ago and he almost destroys the bar.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself :) That is EXACTLY what I had in mind, you said it very well.

    This was an excellent episode, I wasn’t surprised at all that RAM broke up, I was just surprised it was this way. But I was screaming in front of my TV when Pam told Roy about Jim. I knew that Roy’s going to react badly.

  303. Good episode. Loved it! I can’t wait for the Roy/Jim fight. That’s gonna be good. I’m so excited about it!

  304. Re: a few posts . . . I don’t know about you guys, but Pam didn’t seem surprised by Roy’s actions. If that happened to me, I’d *freak out*! She was visibly upset, but barely flinched when he shattered the glass right in front of her. She’s definitely seen this side of him before (which I assume to be mostly just his wasted side). That having been said, I’m thankful she finally came to her senses.

    On another note–seriously. Six weeks?!

  305. Great episode. Creed was classic, Jan was great. I actually thought David (actor playing Roy) did a fantastic job playing the jealous/crazy boyfriend. Great acting by him and Jenna. I loved that scene, especially when she told him that “this is over!”

    Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

  306. Uh, everyone gets that Karen wasn’t with any of those guys, nor was she trying to make Jim jealous, she was just busting his balls? Right?

  307. I really hope that roy confronts jim in the office. and yeah, i bet several will have his back, but i REALLY see TOBY coming in and saving the day. That would be freakin awesome

  308. Tanster: I don’t know if it’s up for everyone yet, but Cocktails is available for download on iTunes for me. So, I’m not sure if you can link it for everyone yet.

  309. that was a great episode. i couldn’t believe how it all unfolded. i hope that pam warns jim as well. i hope that they don’t take jk off the show as well. it wouldn’t be the same without him. how do you all know that there is going to be a six week hiatus? is there somewhere on the internet that says it? i hope that it isn’t six weeks! that’s too long to keep me in suspense! also, don’t know if any one said this, but i would feel really creeped out if I woke up and saw dwight sitting in a chair in my room in the dark…

  310. The EW review is now up, and brings up a very good point that many of you JAMsters overlooked…that Pam being THAT honest to Roy was not a good move.

    I mean, come on. Yes, honesty is a good policy, but people in relationships also know what doesn’t need to be said and what will set someone off…

  311. This last episode was clearly for sweeps to keep people on the edge of their seats and start building up a scenario in preperation for a season finally. I honestly think in the next episode you will see a curveball by producers where people won’t expect it.. I don’t think we will see a bloody Jim laying in a Scranton parking lot, not saying words will be said and Karen will find out but for a comedy this week’s extreme escolation was enough for now..

  312. Best Episode Ever.

    am i only one saw Dwight shirtless during he switched the shirt with Michael??

    Anyway, if Roy is going to kill Jim then Pam will never forgive him..

  313. Oh my god, I am rewatching the episode and I don’t think anyone has mentioned this: Michael rising up from behind Pam’s desk at the beginning of the episode, chanting “Magic, magic, magic…” That slayed me.

  314. Re: # 80. i think in the basketball episode Roy showed signs of a temper… It’s not totally out of character for him.

  315. Okay, I’ve only read through 80 comments, but I’m going to have to stop there for a moment and say something. Bodotdot, Roy was NOT transformed. That’s the whole point. People rarely change. If you can, go back and watch all the Roy stuff from this season; it will be clear that he’s TRYING, yes, but his true colors really came out in this ep.

    The writers did not back themselves into a corner. This was their intent and I think they did it fabulously. They all had us thinking that Karen was going to the be the downfall of her and Jim. Now we suspect it’s all going to come to a head when Roy confronts Jim about Pam and the kiss. Brilliant!

  316. Its always so interesting to get a glimpse into Michael’s head. His speech about what he wants out of life is straight out of a tv movie or sitcom, which would make sense, given that’s the only place he’s seen a happy family. His childhood wasn’t that happy (given his pathetically depressing home videos) and he hasn’t a real relationship succeed.

    So the white picket fences, the tickling, the ketchup fights – that’s something out of Full House or Growing Pains.

    He’s such an innocent, which is why no matter how bafoonish he may be, I can’t help but want to hug him. Steve Carrell is truly gifted to inspire that out of Michael Scott.

  317. Wow. Roy really Bernarded that. I found the whole Kenny-Roy destroying the bar a bit unrealistic, until the very last line. OH. SNAP. There was a part of me that said, I kind of hope he does. I will be disappointed if Jim does not at least have a black eye in the next episode. I just want Roy to beat the tar out of Season Three Jim on camera, but that will probably not happen. And finally Pam was honest. Let’s see if this honesty streak continues after the break.

    Karen….I…like her?? Or was her prank a thinly veiled attempt to get Halpert jealous? I think she was this close from saying she slept with everyone in the room AND Andy. I kind of liked the episode, except for the KaJim moments. Jim and David Wallace had more chemistry. DAM! I like that he was named after (I’m assuming) David Foster Wallace, author of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

    So I predict Jim will get offered a position in New York and Karen “Felicity” Fillipelli will once again want to follow but Pam will start to fight for him. And if this is the way season three ends I will not be a happy camper.

    Jan’s that what she said was the best part of the episode.

  318. One more thing I noticed… when Roy gets up to trash the place, Kevin is standing with his fists poised, ready to do battle. It’s hilarious and you kinda have to look for it.

    Based on that scene, I think Kevin’s got Jim’s back.

  319. Did anyone think that Roy’s declaration of hatred for Jim Halpert had as much to do with the fact that all of the jet ski money is gone?

  320. Asianhooters: I think it has mostly to do with Pam, but losing the jet ski money was probably like rubbing salt into the open wound. We all know Roy loved those jet skis… enough to spend all of the wedding money for them. I personally think it’s hilarious that jet skis are what’s the last straw for Roy.

  321. >>

    Los Benitos & everyone,
    Though superficially it appears as though “honesty” has unleashed a beast, in fact it’s the opposite that’s true.
    It’s the long years of sucking it up that helped to nurture the beast.
    Had there been honesty from day 1, Pam would likely not find herself face-to-face with an impulsively violent monster.
    I’m not blaming her – just trying to unravel the metaphor: there is a plain fallacy in the claim that honesty generates evil. I hope Pam sees this fallacy!

  322. Does Karen know about Casino Night? Not just the Traveling Saleman version, but the kissing? What do you guys think?

  323. I loved Michael’s line when he was discussing his recipe for potato salad after Jan tried to jump him. “It’s potatoes…mayonnaise…there’s something wrong with Jan.”


  324. Jan and Michael arrived at the party separately, but left together in Michael’s car (with Dwight)? What’s up with that? We know Jan drove her car to the party; we saw her take the “love contracts” out of the trunk of her silver Volvo and her and Michael sign them on the trunk lid. Why would she leave her car at the CEO’s house? In the car with Michael she said she felt sick. Maybe she was too ill to drive. She didn’t look drunk, and besides that would be too embarrassing, having to leave your car at your bosses’ house because you drank too much at his party. Or maybe it was just an example of discontinuity, for the sake of having Jan and Michael together in that final scene in his car driving home.

  325. Elisabeth, i love the “bernarded it” reference haha… But yeah, Karen mentioned in The Return that she knows about the kissing… What she probably didn’t know was that it was the greatest moment in the history of Jim and Pam’s separate lives ever.

  326. #480 –

    Yes, Karen knows that Jim & Pam kissed. Jim told Karen about. I can’t remember the exact episode, but I do have it on tape. I think it was the one where Jim & Pam “broke Andy’s brain” lol.

  327. Small Correction – Karen mentioned she knew about the kissing in Ben Franklin, when she confronted Pam in the kitchen about it. “I know it was just a kiss”


  328. Another great episode written by Paul Lieberstein. It just goes to show you that they need to reduce the amount of writers on the show and stay with the core group.

    When Dwight popped up between Michael and Jan as the calming voice during their spat, I almost died laughing.

    And I actually said “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert” to my wife before they panned to Roy sitting on the ground. I like where this storyline is going.

  329. Other then that, the episode was good. We finally got to see Roy’s true colors. Although I was scared for Pam at that moment, I’m glad the writers didn’t have Roy attack Pam. I’m glad he took his frustrations out on the bar.

    Poor Jim, though! I really wonder what is going to unravel after all of that drama last night. I am scared for Jim too. It’s just a shame that Roy said he was going to kill Jim outside of Poor Richard’s. If someone else, other then his brother, would have heard it.. they could have told Jim.

    But I’m sure the story of what happened at Poor Richard’s will spread around the office like wild fire. It’s an office after all.. you need the gossip and rumors.

  330. “And Jim deserves to be hit because he hit on someone else’s fiancee” #258-pobyfan

    Wow, that is a violent attitude. I don’t even know what else to say about that comment.

  331. I haven’t seen this comment yet, but what about Season 2 Episode 1 at the Dundies, when Roy left and was “manhandling” Pam to get her to come and she had to break away from him? Again this behavior is adding up to someone possessive and aggressive. Not to mention the “Boys and Girls” episode of that season when Roy and Jim had a talk. Obviously possessive behavior.

  332. Oh man, I can’t believe I forgot that. I know she knows, but I meant to ask if she knew about the engagement part.

  333. I have been a full time Jammer since the beginning, but even I thought that Karen was pretty funny in this one.

    Overall, I think that the best scene in the episode was in the car after the party when Dwight pops up in the backseat of the car like the little kid the parents forget is in the car during a fight, and he tells them, “Don’t Break Up!”

  334. Where was Toby when Pam was running out of the bar? I thought that it was so cute that Toby kept playing that toy machine until he got the duck. How cute! And then she just ruins the gesture by bringing up his daughter and giving it back to him.

    I’m glad that Michael didn’t do Jan in the bathroom because that would’ve been uncharacteristic of his character – a naive man missing the point on serious stuff. I just would like to know how the night ended – him at her place or her at his place and where did Dwight end up?

    Jim shooting hoops with the CFO – awesome!!!

  335. Is Jan pregnant? She mentioned nausea at the start of the episode and then in the car she mentioned she was sick to her stomach. Looks like it’s leading up to her getting knocked up, which would be fitting for her character who can’t seem to catch a break lately. LOL I can’t believe she said “that’s what she said”. LOL

  336. I just want to say I’m a girl and I love Karen. She is funny, confident, smart, and fun. I was really ticked that it seemed like the writers were making her into an insecure, jealousy-seeking girlfriend, but when it turned out she was just getting Jim really good, I loved her even more. I’ve been the rebound before. I understand that Karen and Pam don’t represent a bad choice and a good choice–they’re both good. It’s realistic that way. Jim just has deeply rooted feelings for Pam, and even though Karen really wouldn’t be a bad choice, in the end the Jim and Pam “solid foundation” will probably win out. It usually does. I hope that Karen will be okay too though.

    Also, LOVED Dwight in this episode! “All in all, it was a pretty fun cocktail party.”

  337. Bob – again that’s an awesome point. Roy HAS been violent towards Pam before, and luckily we haven’t even seen what might have happened to her in spats like that in the past
    and when are we gonna get back to some Michael / Ryan creepy stalking? i used to look forward to that all the time. i only got a little taster in Business School when he was tickling him in the car (hilarious) but how great was it in that episode where Ryan’s sayign something about how its weird sitting near Michael and it pans to him and he’s just staring at him point blank. loved it.

  338. Poor Richard, I can see Jan also pooh-poohing contraception in order to give in to her impulses…and again, to make everything seem naughty.

  339. Loved last nights episode! I loved Pam telling Roy the truth and his reaction was so…well “Roy”; can’t wait to see what happens next for Jam! Jim playing hoops with the CFO….AWESOME!

  340. I usually agree with you Cousin Mose (#284) but I really like the Toby-crushes-on-Pam storyline. I think it shows a sweet, although painfully timid, side of Toby, and it shows how oblivious Pam can be. I’m certainly not rooting for them to get together, but I think it’s an interesting and sweet subplot.

    As for what was up with the Toby’s gym girl, I suppose we’re just going to have to guess. Toby was very happy for himself when she caught the bouquet, so that leads me to believe she wasn’t a paid escort. If she was “real”, I would assume he had been dating her a while, because a wedding isn’t a first date kind of event. Maybe she’s just a friend who did Toby a favor. Why he would feel he HAD to bring a date, I don’t know. Most of the office came without a date. Come to think of it, I think all the single people were dateless besides Toby.

    Okay, maybe I’m overanalyzing! I really like all the minor character stuff.

  341. Diversity (492), I don’t think the bathroom scene had anything to do with Michael being “a naive man missing the point on serious stuff”. It had more to do with showing the different value Michael and Jan place on their “realtionship”.

    Michael wants a life partner and looks at sex with Jan as more than just a fling (hence the, ahem, cuddling afterwards response) while Jan looks at Michael as a spontaneous, exciting fling with the guy she shouldn’t be with…like a strange twist on “wanting the bad boy”. Deep down we see she wants the same thing as Michael, a life partner, but that’s hard to imagine with socially inept Michael.

    And Poor Richard (493), you may be onto something there…foreshadowing a pregnant Jan…nice catch and a definite possibility. SEASON ENDER???

  342. Like most people, I was so excited to see “honest” Pam this week, but is there any hope of her really sticking around? Roy certainly failed to change and many of us believed that he couldn’t change–people don’t really change, you can’t hide your true self, etc. Is there any reason to believe it’s possible for Pam to go from shy/non-assertive to “honest” (in Pam’s case I think the better word is confrontational), when it was so impossible for Roy to go from careless/selfish to nice/attentive?

    That being said, this episode acutally belongs to Jan for me. Great lines, even better delivery.

  343. Did anyone else notice Kevin after Pam walks away from Roy in the bar and says “Its over”? Roy starts yelling and Kevin steps in front of a retreating Pam with a clenched fist. Its hard to see because you only see half of Kevin, but he was going to protect Pam!

  344. I think that JAM will have their day by the end of the season. Also, I think Jan is preggers, and I also think that Jim is going to be offered a job at corporate, bringing us full circle from Casino Night. Will Pam follow him?

  345. “Maybe they’ll do something where Roy tries to go after Jim but Dwight stops him. Cause from the spoilers they’ve been saying that Jim and Dwight actually like each other. Maybe Dwight will help him out.” #431-ShaneV

    I don’t think we needed a spoiler to figure out that Dwight and Jim actually like each other. I think it wasn’t always that way, but I think over the years, they have developed a mutual respect. I mean, just this season, Jim admitted to missing Dwight. And he continued to prank him from the Stamford office (Gaydar and Future Dwight). I know that sounds like something you would do to someone you DON’T like, but if you really hated someone, why would you bother with them once they are out of your life? Also, in the last episode did anyone notice or comment on how easily Dwight deferred to Jim’s #2 status in the office? That’s a total sign of respect. Don’t forget the hug Dwight came Jim when he quit, either. I think that’s indicative of a feeling of friendship (no matter how strange or veiled that friendship really is).

    If push came to shove, I can see either of them coming to the other’s rescue. And it’s funny this came up, because ever since Phyllis’ wedding I have been thinking about who Dwight would ask to be his groomsmen if he and Angela were to get married. I can totally see Mose and Jim standing there next to Dwight in that cemetary!

  346. Cousin Mose (452) and Dorky Dancer (473),

    Once again, I totally agree with your viewpoints; it’s like you’re inside my head!

  347. I don’t think we will see the confrontation between Roy and Jim. I think we will hear about it through TH’s. It wouldn’t be true to the doc style of the show to see the confrontation. Plus…. as I’m reading all these posts it’s obvious we all have pretty vivid imaginations, therefore what we imagine happens would probably be better than actually seeing it on the screen.
    I can’t wait for season 3 to come out on DVD. It’s killing me and the season isn’t even over yet.

  348. Re: Up Jenkins explanation…I wonder how you turn it into a drinking game, or if the office staff were even using it as a drinking game at all.

  349. I don’t know if anyone has commented on this yet, but how about Jim playing basketball with the CFO? Could this be a possible sign that Jim will get on the fast track at Dunder-Mifflin?? Maybe get Michael or Jan’s job (When/If their “relationship” goes bust)? I don’t know if the writers were looking ahead with having him develop a kind of relationship with David, the CFO. But I’m just putting the idea out there. Does anyone else have any views about this?

  350. I’m still not sure what Karen was trying to pull. She was playing a joke on Jim, but it seemed like her real purpose was to try and get him jealous and see how he would react. Once she saw that he really DID care, then she played it off as a joke. I think her real motive was to probe Jim’s feelings for her.

    I like Karen but I’m not sure what to think of her…

  351. #502 You’re absolutely right! Kevin did stand up for Pam. I wish that more attenion was drawn to that little fact. Great episod…even on second or third watching.

  352. What happens withe Jim and Roy? This is easy everyone forgets KEVIN has Jim’s back! Roy will try to confront Jim and Kevin will intervene…come on folk Kevin is fierce!

  353. Yeah, I think that Jan very well might be pregnant Poor Richard (493). I mean if you look at how she has nausea and is sex-crazed (though she may have been like that from the get-go of her romance with Michael, based on some of the info given us), those are some stereotypical sign of pregnancy. I have yet the chance to watch the episode again because I am at work, but if anyone is, does Jan give any non-verbal cues to us when she talks about her “calculated risk” with Michael and having “babies and normalcy”?? I just thought maybe there might be a hint in there.

  354. Hero_Kevin (502): I totally noticed that too! I mentioned that in my post a couple of pages back. If you were watching it for the first time, you probably missed it. However, I watched it on iTunes and laughed when I saw that. He has his fists up 1920’s boxing style.

  355. Perhaps we’ll see an ‘escalated arguement’ a la what was filmed as that alternate take in ‘Boys and Girls’ that we all heard about? If it happens at work I see no reason for it not to be aired ‘as the documentary’.

    Also, if Jan drove up herself, why did she ride home w/ Michael and Dwight?

  356. I agree with many of the posts that Pam will likely (finally) reveal her feelings to Jim, and that he will likely turn her down or be neutral as she was with him. Frankly their friendship has pretty much fallen apart, she isn’t the most honest person, and Jim will likely get his #ss kicked because of it. Not exactly the recipe for a winning relationship. Pam could have avoided a lot of problems had she been honest with herself last season. Of course that is not how life works and I think the show has been fairly realistic with the Jim/Pam story.

    There are a lot of potential curves the writers could still throw with Jim/Pam: (1) Jim gets promoted after getting in good with the CEO; (2) Pam finally pursues being an artist/graphic designer; (3) Jim is so bitter he doesn’t know what to do with Pam anymore.

    BTW, who said March Madness is on NBC? It is typically on CBS. NBC has minimal hoops coverage/announcers. Also, I was under the impression the hiatus is just 2-3 weeks until our next new episode. 6 weeks is excessive, even the Christmas holidays is 4-5 weeks. There are 6 episodes left (5 30 minute and 1 hr long episode). Anyway, let’s hope we get a new episode sooner than April 5.

  357. here’s the obvious question that no one is asking: what the heck is a ketchup fight??
    who has ketchup fights, haha.

  358. Did anyone notice (haven’t been able to read through all of these) that Angela turned down Roy’s offer of a round of drinks? Pregnant.

  359. Predictions for Season 4:

    Pam will take that internship in NY and find out she is not a city girl. (Opportunity for some great location work like Michael on Valentines Day). We saw premonitions of this in “Business School”. She did not fit in with the artzy crowd.

    Jim will get offered a job in NY and finds out he IS a city guy. This will create tension in the re-united JAM relationship.

    BTW Roy will not beat up Jim because after he cools off he is going to want to win back Pam. He knows Halpert mayhem will not promote his quest.

  360. wow! did anyone notice that when roy started throwing things that kevin started making fists and stuff. you can’t see his face and it’s hard to notice. maybe i’m just a loser that completely obsesses… but still. it’s hilarious.

  361. Did anyone else think the scene looked weird when Michael and Dwight were driving to the party and Jan called? It looked like it was shot on a cell phone camera or something. The sun was shining into the car and it looked so washed out.

    Who was the actor that played David Wallace? And when the credits rolled, someone with the last name “Daniels” was listed. Maybe it was Greg’s son who played the Wallace’s son? Greg’s daughter was in Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

    I thought Michael was too over the top again. He needs to be toned down a bit. Favorite part-Michael telling Jan he wants a house, the picket fence, etc. and Dwight popping up from the back seat.

  362. Angela just doesn’t like alcohol (evil beverage in her mind). *See her reaction to the “sparkling grape juice/cider” in “Ben Franklin”.* I’d be more interested in someone finding out if Jan had any alcohol at the Cocktail Party.

  363. to whoever said that Angela didn’t drink because she is pregnant- Angela doesn’t drink, we saw that during Ben Franklin also I think they talked about it in other episodes.

  364. RE: #504

    Yeah, and not just for Jim, I think. In a deleted scene for ‘Valentine’s Day’, for instance, you can see he protects the office in general. If Jim was attacked, Dwight would try to stop the person, if it was in the office, at least.

    That’s another thing… What if Toby/Kevin/Dwight/Andy aren’t there to protect him? Jim isn’t going to fight. That’s not Jim.

    Also… What if Roy uses a gun? He seems like the type to use one.

    This is a comedy, but that doesn’t mean they won’t change genre for a minute to advance Jam.

  365. Hey,

    did anyone else pick up on the whole line:

    Jim: So none of them?
    Karen: Of course not. I mean, you’re kind of like, my first.
    Jim: Really?

    Jim thought she had had sex with them. Jim and Karen are getting it on as implied by him thinking she was a virgin before him!!!!! Jim is getting Karen booty!! SEXIN’ IT UP!!!!

    Here’s to Jim:

    smack that, all on the floor,
    smack that, give me some more,
    smack that, ’till you get sore
    smack that, oooh.

  366. ooo, thanks Steamtown Buff, but I suppose that there is always the possibility she doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet.

    But, I actually don’t know why I am all of a sudden intrigued by a Jan/Michael pregnancy, but what would be great is if he had referred or does refer to Jan’s nausea as “our nausea”. I’d like to see if anyone on here gets that reference…(wink). And I think that if Jan was pregnant it would open new career advancement opportunities for Jim, Michael,….Dwight

  367. Yeah…(527)…that’s mildly inappropriate to say about Jim, Jim isn’t THAT guy. Are they having sex? Mare than likely, but I don’t think Jim is a Roy-type who is all like….that (‘that’ meaning all that you posted)

  368. There are SO MANY good points in this discussion.

    The job opportunities for Karen/Pam/Jim in NY.

    The possibility of Jan’s pregnancy (that would be AWESOME).

    I would LOVE to have Toby have a chance with Pam.

    I noticed Kevin near the end, but I didn’t realise that his fists were clenched. oooo. I love that!

    I thought Roy was going to go after Pam, too. She looked frightened (and probably VERY embarrassed).

    One of the reasons that this show is SO GREAT is because you can watch it over and over and still pick up new things that you missed before.

    Also, can I just say that I LOVE all of the nicknames that everyone is using on here? There are so many great and memorable things from this show that even the names make me laugh.

  369. I’ve read through all the commments and don’t remember seeing this mentioned:

    How brilliant was Jan’s reaction to Michael being hurt by her comments in the car? Michael has always been the one sucking up to her; I LOVED how we saw a softer side of Jan. She was practically pleading with him not to be mad at her.

    I think the Jan/Michael dynamic was fascinating in this episode. Think about all the conflicting feelings Jan has toward Michael. I for one was surprised when Jan kissed Michael at the party. That was a departure for her. I expected her to chew him out. His socially inept behavior actually turns her on! Why is that? I think while she is embarassed by it, she is flattered by Michael’s pride in being with her.

    Kudos to Melora for the scene in the car at the end. Everyone has been focused on Dwight popping up (which I must admit, made me laugh out loud), but nobody has discussed the importance of Jan’s reaction to Michael’s “picket fence” speech. You can see her thinking about it (because we know that’s what she really wants, too, ultimately), then her countenance totally changes. Her voice gets softer, more girl-like (as opposed to “better than you” corporate woman). She makes excuses. Her wall totally breaks down. It goes back up really quickly after Michael tells her he loves her (she’s not quite ready for that yet, obviously), but I really enjoyed seeing that side of Jan, and that whole exchange in the car.

  370. 528 | Andy is a Total Douche
    but what would be great is if he had referred or does refer to Jan’s nausea as “our nausea”.

    Oh don’t EVEN challenge me on an Arrested Development reference. hehehehe I LOVE THAT SHOW. Buster is THE GREATEST and his sympathy for Lucille 2’s nausea is classic.

  371. Purple Belt, you reminded me of something, whatever happened to Toby’s total hottie from Phyllis’ Wedding?? Now he’s back on Pam?? I thought it was an interesting storyline retreat, I mean it was brought to life in “The Convention” then disappeared until the past 2 episodes…AFTER his ‘hot girl’ (episode title) caught the bouquet. Just wondering what the deal was with that

  372. 531 | m3k1 – yes, yes, yes about Jan. She wants what he wants, but I think she realises how nutty she is and how inappropriate Michael is. When they drop their defenses and stop trying to impress people, they’ll be fine. I now want a Michael/Jan baby!!!

  373. Ok, I don’t know HOW I could have missed it.. but Pam said “I kissed Jim”??? And that she “Had feelings” for him?!?!?! Holy heck, and this is why I need to learn to save my fangirly squeals for commercial breaks!!!

  374. I figured that the gym girl was just Toby’s date to the wedding and not necessarily his g/f. It was fun to see him trying something new, but I think he’s so insecure and shy that trying those new things is scary. He knows Pam and is probably more comfortable thinking about her than he is with a new “hot” woman. I don’t think he could handle a hottie.

  375. Roni, it was AWESOME that Pam admitted it out loud… just maybe not so great that it was to Roy. Wheeee!!

    Andy is a Total Douche, kudos right back to you! You made me remember some more AD stuff and brightened my day.

    I love it when anyone says “come on!” I know that’s a common thing to say, but it’s hard not to think about GOB.

  376. Toby’s plight with Pam is funny because he is so far out of the running that Pam doesn’t even realize he’s entered the race.

    This just gets Toby more frustrated and depressed which is where we want his chacter to be. Nobody wants a happy Toby!

  377. re: 528 | Andy is a Total Douche

    oh please. Jim would so be like that. He’s got a bit of the frat boy party boy thing going. He knows what’s up. he aint got no problems hooking it up with women. remember hot girl? and he goes on dates too.

    he could so be that way.

    and its not “implied” that they are having sex. THEY ARE!!! The look on Karen’s face and Jim’s worried face say it all.

    oh and one other thing:

    smack that, all on the floor,
    smack that, give me some more,
    smack that, ’till you get sore,
    smack that, oooh.

  378. remember, when roy elbowed jim in the face playing basketball jim didn’t exactly back down.

  379. But Where’s the Tuna, I coincidentally was just watching “The Alliance.” At the end when Roy walks in and catches Jim and Pam laughing and holding hands, Jim backs off, stutters, and folds like a house of cards when Roy accuses him of trying to “cop a feel.”

    Hopefully Jim has grown a pair, to paraphrase Angela, and can stand up to Roy…It doesn’t look too even to date…and I say that with all the JAM love I have in my heart!

  380. I think I’d like to see a happy Toby, because it make it even funnier that he Michael’s foil. I loved his “Toby!” when his date caught the bouquet.

  381. Michael was talking about potato salad and threw in the line at the end about there being something wrong with Jan. The delivery of the line was so sincere that I feel it has a deeper meaning than just something that happened that night but Michael knows Jan needs help emotionally and he cares, maybe he’s the only one who cares.

  382. Great points where’s the tuna and potato salad. I thought of those moments too, when thinking about whether Jim would survive a Roy attack. I think that the Basketball episode is more true to how Jim would react to Roy attacking him. In the Alliance Roy caught Jim off-guard so spur of the moment he tried to cover, even though he wasn’t trying to cop-a-feel as Roy thought.

  383. I was dissapointed with the Roy over-reaction. It was lame.

    I thought the episode was shaping up to be an all time classic but that part just killed it for me.

    Everything else was briliant.

  384. Hey Purple Belt,

    Michael: “I’ll use the touch lamp to set the mood when Dad is nailing Mom!

    GOB: “COME ON!!

  385. My initial take on Karen’s “jokes” was that Jim would realise 1)He didn’t really care about her ex cuz he doesn’t really like her and 2)He misses Pam’s sense of humor.

    About Toby’s crush, do you guys think Pam is aware of his feelings and was gracefully turning down his gift or is she totally clueless?

  386. “Uh, everyone gets that Karen wasn’t with any of those guys, nor was she trying to make Jim jealous, she was just busting his balls? Right?”– 463 | Dubs

    YES! Okay, THANK YOU! Karen was just playing a prank on Jim, and a good one at that. She wasn’t trying to make him jealous, she made him squirm because it was funny.

    This whole episode was teasing all the viewers that desperately want a reason to hate Karen. How many people watching it were like, “YES! Karen’s a slut!” And then the joke was on us in the end, because she’s actually just awesome. (disclaimer: I’m a JAMmer all the way)

    ‘AsianHooters: I think it’s 85% Jet Skis, 15% Pam.”– 477 | Elisabeth

    I totally agree. I thought it was hilarious that Roy only says, “I’m going to kill Jim Halpert” after confirming with his brother that the jet ski money was gone. It drove him from “destroy a bar” angry to “kill a man” angry. Hilarious

  387. RE: #527, et al…

    I firmly believe Karen’s “You’re kind of my first” line meant “You’re kind of my first boyfriend that I haven’t chopped up and stored in my freezer.”

    But maybe I was misinterpreting things, I don’t know. Where’s Jim’s rabbit???

  388. good grief…are the writers really that thorough? I put on the season 1 dvd this morning and just now in the “Hot Girl”, Roy is tickling Pam trying to coax her out of a good mood and he calls her “Pammy!”

    Do you think that was a Freudian slip when Pam said, “Don’t call me Pammy!” in her TH yesterday?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  389. so! when karen was talking about everyone who had quit or been fired, she also mentioned one of the employees being in anger management. so i’m guessing she meant andy, which is hilarious. i cant wait to see the episode he returns!

  390. Yes, it was an overreaction, but totally real and believable.

    Roy is so totally possessive over Pam (I’m sure that’s why she didn’t have any other friends while they were engaged, why she didn’t have her own car, etc.), yet so insensitive at the same time. He already knew Jim liked Pam while he was engaged to her (and like it has been pointed out, had already made physical threats toward Jim when he thought he was making a pass at her), and then he found out that she had feelings for him, too, and that they had kissed. She had kept this all a secret from him this whole time.

    Throw in a few drinks and you can see it was totally in character. Plus, this guy drags his brother around with him everywhere (he’s always got someone watching his back, and that guy looks like he could throw down), had already been arrested for a DUI (shows he’s capable of going to extremes-drinking- and impulsive behavior), and seemed pretty familiar with what happens when someone has an outburst like his (“are they gonna call the cops”–I have no doubt Kenny has paid off other would-be cop-callers).

    I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I just can’t believe it when people say Roy’s outburst was “lame” or “lazy writing”. Go back and watch your dvd’s, keeping a sharp eye out for hints as to Roy’s character. I think you’ll agree Roy’s tirade was a long time coming.

  391. @ 533:

    yeah, andy going to anger mgmt was in the “director’s cut” episode of the return.

  392. I still don’t see Karen as this perfect girlfriend, supercooltotallygreat chick. She’s okay. But I guess I don’t really know her enough to care about her one way or the other.

    The only endearing part of her existance on the show was as a friend of Pam’s, and that’s already been ruined for me.

    So I just want her to finish out her purpose on the show and leave. There is no point to Karen outside of her creating an obstacle to Jim and Pam. They haven’t given her a backstory, they haven’t given her a defining characteristic and they haven’t given her a purpose in the office except to be Jim’s girlfriend. Say what you will about Pam, but she belongs. She’s the heart of that office and she has relationships that go beyond her romantic interest(s).

    Karen is just there for me. Its not about hating her or loving her or being angered at her place between Pam and Jim, its about caring about her character one way or the other, and I just don’t. They’ve given me no reason to do so and the mere fact that she’s supposedly, like, *really* hot, just isn’t enough for me.

  393. Karen is a “run out the clock” girlfriend…just like every other girlfriend Jim has had that isn’t Pam.

  394. This episode was an interesting one… The first scene made me think “with scenes like this, the Office will never get old, or go downhill..” It was probably just me reflecting on the ending of a show I used to so enjoy…the OC.

    Anyway, back to a comment on this show… I loved the subtle Jam moment when both of them are making fun of Michael’s magic trick when they both ask “Are you sure you don’t want us to help you if this goes wrong?” (paraphrasing of course…though I did tape the episode)…

    Dwight’s usual antics at the party were very fitting and balanced off the very dramatic ending…but…

    What was up with the Karen plotline? It seemed to bare no relevance to…well, anything. Did she date the first guy? Does it matter? Did Jim seem interested? Yeah, a little… But why was she trying to act like she had dating anyone, anyway? Jim obviously was bored beyond no end…maybe she was just trying to get him involved in the party…who knows… I thought that part could have been scrapped. It didn’t flow with the rest of everything.

    I loved Roy’s reactions and yet…he has been on his best behavior lately with Pam. Why oh why did he go off like that? After a little discussion with fellow Office junkies, we decided that he always feared a Jim/Pam connection and the crushing fact that Jim was the reason for the end of his engagement and soon to be wedding was just too much to take. Any yet… Oh well…it makes for a nice cliffhanger.

    Jan/Michael action was pretty awesome…no complaints on that at all. Great “That’s what she said” from Jan. Loved Dwight popping his head up at the end. But…WHERE was Angela? I mean, I know they aren’t official, but they should be. It would have made for a better party, quite frankly.

    I guess that is it for now! I can’t believe the episode was only a half hour! This one seemed far longer than a lot of other ones… I love that feeling.

  395. “Karen is a “run out the clock” girlfriend…just like every other girlfriend Jim has had that isn’t Pam.”
    558 | Cousin Mose

    Jim’s only had one other girlfriend that we’ve seen, right? And honestly, you can’t compare Katy to Karen.

    Yes Karen won’t last, but at least she’s entertaining. She’s no Pam, to be sure, but she’s like Pam Lite (same basic Pam flavor, but not quite as good as the original)

  396. Did anyone else notice how Roy was slurring his words when he told Pam he didn’t do anything. I’m not saying that his outburst wasn’t totally plausible and in his character, but I think the alcohol had a big part to play in it. When he sobers up, hopefully (for Jims sake), he’ll relize that he totally blew it out of proportion, and not kill Jim. Although, seeing Jim and Roy go at it has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. And we all know that Jim can take a hit and keep on coming. I’m really interested to see how the writers will play it, and I can’t believe we have to wait, what is it, 6 weeks? Damn. :P

  397. Have it your way, shan21…

    Personally, I’ve never found Karen all that entertaining or appealling. Granted, she’s not as shallow as Katy was, but that may be the only point in her favor.

    And, in the end, I was just making a joke anyway, so there ya go.

  398. And Kara #559: Why did Roy go off like that?

    Because he’s Roy, for crying out loud! Don’t tell me that you honestly thought he had really changed in the first place?

  399. I haven’t read all of the comments, so I don’t know if it was mentioned, but I re-watched the show again and it listed Steve Carell as a producer. Was this recent?

  400. I don’t even find Karen all that entertaining.

    The Call of Duty game and her making fun of Jim’s “camera” faces were the extent of her ‘adorable-ness’ for me, and those moments came before she even liked Jim.

    The chip hunt was all on Jim. She wanted to give up way into it, but he pushed on. The chair thing was only cute because Jim started singing. She didn’t participate in the drinking game. She wouldn’t prank Andy. When she did decide to prank against Dwight, she sucked at it.

    I just fail to see her as that entertaining of a character.

    The only time since she’s been in Scranton that I found her somewhat appealing was when she and Pam created the new committee to plan parties. And even then, it was Pam who brought it out in her. Before Pam came up to her, Karen was cowering like a wounded puppy. So much for being all balls to the wall confident, eh?

    I guess that’s my main problem with her. For all these adjectives used to describe her, I just don’t see them at play. She’s not entertaining. She’s not confident. She’s not secure. Sure, she’s direct, but there’s such a thing as *too* direct, which the Five Nights ‘O Talks proved.

    Basically, as I said earlier, she’s just there.

  401. I think what’s being missed here:

    When Pam revealed that Jim kissed her, Roy’s anger turned into rage when she said she probably had some feelings too. I think Roy realized right there that Jim was the reason Pam called off the wedding.

    And while some of you think Roy’s behavior was too much, I know several Roys and sometimes guys lose control like that…it’s called testosterone.

  402. Totally agree, m3k1. This outburst was not out of nowhere. There have been signs from Episode 1 that Roy was jealous, possessive, not completely rational and could even be violent. This is just who he is. I think the writers in this case did a bang-up job of building up who this character really is. Even though he had every right to be upset over what Pam was telling him…most of us manage to get upset without going to the lengths he did. He’s dangerous, and no amount of rationalizing by anyone can explain away his actions last night.

  403. Meg, yeah I noticed that Carell was a producer credit last night when I watched it. I don’t think he ever was before because it caught my eye last night. I’ll have to go back and check other episodes this season but I believe this was the first.

  404. Hey Mose, got the joke, thought it was funny, and will continue to have it my way. (so done, done, and done)

  405. The problem I have with Roy is that it has become apparent his “nice” personality was just a show, trying to win Pam back. Notice we never saw any footage of him and the other warehouse crew hanging out, acting like nothing ever changed.

    However, the physical transformation is stunning. I would argue that a physical transformation would be harder to pull off than a mental one. To me, I don’t think Roy the character would be disciplined enough to lose that weight and get in shape and not be disciplined enough to foul things up almost immediately with pam as soon as he got her back.

    Seemed forced and rushed.

  406. Roy’s behavior is definitely not acceptable, but I could definitely see it coming too. 30% Frontal Attack, if someone deals with anger like that, it can not be blamed on testosterone. A person needs to take ownership of their actions… No male (or female) has the right to deal with anger by using violence, especially how extreme Roy’s was.

  407. Ah, yes the irony of Jim not wanting to go to the party and then getting face time with the CFO and essentially being the only sane manager from Scranton. Foreshadowing for Season 4? Or is JK getting out of his contract and actually going to be killed by Roy?

  408. Really knot?

    It’d be much easier for a girl to lose ten pounds than it is for her to stop being insecure. Being a jerk is much harder to get rid of than growing facial hair/getting a tan/dropping a few pounds.

    Physical transformation much easier…

  409. Great episode.Both Michael and Dwight were very funny,but very embarrasing to watch.I was swooning when they did a close up of Jim’s smiling face.JK has one of the best smiles ever! Jan was funny.I believe it is just a sex thing for her.I don’t think she has alot of feelings for Michael behind her physical attraction to him.As for Roy,I knew once he got Pam back he would revert to his old ways.He treated her,the way he always used to-not very well at all.His rage was out of control.I wouldn’t be surprised if there was physical abuse in their relationship.Definitely emotional abuse though.I don’t see Pam/Jim happening any time soon.Definitely not this season.Toby obviously still has a crush on Pam.He was very sweet.One of my favorite scenes was with Creed.He needs more screen time.

  410. Kara (#559) asks…what’s up with the Karen plotline last night? I wondered that too until I saw NBC’s episode recap online in which it specifically says that Jim decided to shoot some hoops because he was getting “increasingly annoyed” with Karen. To me this signals continuing instability in their relationship, which otherwise seemed to be going OK these days. Coming in the same episode as the Roy blow-up definitely suggests some future re-alignment of the whole Pam-Jim-Roy-Karen quadrangle.

    Regarding the Roy blow-up scene, he got so mad so quickly that I would be very surprised if he heard anything Pam said to him after “He told me how he felt”. But, what she said next…i.e. “and I guess I had feelings too”…was perhaps the most important step forward in the JAM plotline in a long time. The whole problem from practically the beginning has been Pam’s inability/unwillingness to acknowledge her feelings for Jim, so the fact that she actually said those words out-loaud is pretty significant in itself. Unfortunately it was directed at the wrong person…

    Finally, I certainly hope the writers don’t use the promotion/transfer plot device again to separate key characters. They suggested this in “Halloween” and then of course there’s Jim’s short-lived move to CT. I think one of the things that we all love about this show is its freshness and unpredictablity, so I hope they come up with something that none of us expect!

  411. The funniest moment was when Dwight bends down to catch a whiff of Michael’s breath. He was so eager to do it, and immediately crouched down in a subservient way … too funny. I find Michael too cringe-inducing and find the Jim-Pam-Karen-Roy saga usually a little too slow-moving (this week obviously an exception). Dwight and the others are awesome though.

    “Cool. Let’s start with the banisters.”

  412. “The problem I have with Roy is that it has become apparent his “nice” personality was just a show, trying to win Pam back.”– #572, Knot4ewe

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re JUST picking that up? This has been apparent, to me at least, from the first episode of this season. You could argue that maybe Roy thought his efforts to change were sincere, but as viewers we saw through that right away. He WAS putting on show, that was the point, I thought. He’s a “bare minimum” kind of guy. Losing weight is a hugely different, and infinitely easier, proposal than changing your core personality. IF that’s even possible. Besides, if he had any clue about what Pam wants, he would know it has nothing to do with his physique.

  413. So…Please tell me if anyone else has picked up on this (you probably have)

    So, Roy freaks out, hes going to “beat up” my beloved Jim, which will obviously start a huge drama scene at the office. I feel, Jim will approach Pam and ask her why she told Roy, she will explain, and then a Jim and Pam get into a fight. The fight will therefore create tension in the office, and then as we all expect, the last episode will be Pam and Jim talking about how they still care about each other, maybe we’ll get another kiss and a little tongue, and then we will all be happy yet disappointed that the season is over and that it took literally 9 months for that moment.

  414. I like the show, I say this so that my next point won’t get me beat up. But does anybody else feel that Jim is not the great guy that people play him out to be. He KISSED AN ENGAGED WOMAN!! I’m sorry, but if he really respected her he’d have told her how he felt and left it at that. Instead he goes one step further…if any of you are married or engaged or even dating, how would you feel about a person who would do that to your significant other. While I love the show, I find it hard sometimesto root for a guy that would disrespect the woman he supposedly loves.

  415. “Jan was funny.I believe it is just a sex thing for her.I don’t think she has alot of feelings for Michael behind her physical attraction to him.”–#576 KittyKat

    I respectfully disagree (about the attraction thing, not the funny thing). I think the sex thing might have something to do with it, but do you really think their sex is all that great?? Michael is so awkward, and I assume that before Jan his only other experience was Carol (someone please tell me if we’ve had any hint otherwise). He can’t be that proficient.

    Also, I think Jan finds something very endearing about Michael. He plays no games. He’s right out there with how he feels about her. He’s not intimidated by her. He cares about her, and he’s proud to tell everyone that he is with her. He listens to her. He wants the family and the picket fence.

    Besides, I don’t think Jan is all that happy being the uptight corporate woman. She wants to let her hair down, so to speak. She wants to be softer; look how she reacted to Michael in the car after he said he was hurt and that he wanted the picket fence and the “ketchup fights” (how bizarre and funny is the idea of that, by the way!).

    Also, if it was all about sex, she could get that anywhere (she is an attractive woman, I’m sure she could get a date and get laid without a problem). She surely wouldn’t be putting up with all of Michael’s “quirks” if it was only about sex.

    You know, I really have enjoyed the Pam and Jim storyline, but lately I’ve been more intrigued by Michael and Jan. With Pam and Jim, it’s so obvious why they love each other. Michael and Jan, that’s a different story. No one would ever take a look at those two and say “they belong together”. The fact that they’re together (and we don’t immediately think, what the heck?) is a testament to the writer’s ability to humanize the characters, and give them depth and a backstory, instead of letting them remain the caricatures they started the series as.

  416. dying star–i disagree that losing weight/getting in shape is infintiely easier. You have to dramatically change your lifestyle to make that transformation. You have to have the strength of mind and character to remove yourself from years of poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

    And while we all knew it wasn’t real (because it is a tv show and Roy has become a plot device) the characters themselves don’t know it isn’t real. What we’ve seen from ROy this season had suggested he had changed his personality. He went to the Diwali celebration hoping to talk with Pam. He gave her a nice Christmas present that was thoughtful. he made her laugh at the Inventory Luau after she broke down with Dwight. He had the band play their song. Then after getting her back he immediatly transforms back to “bad Roy”, wanting to leave the art show early and not wanting to go to happy hour.

    It removes all doubt that it was an act on his part to get her back. Getting the DWI didn’t bring him to rock bottom. To me, if it was going to be an act to get Pam back, we wouldn’t have seen the physical transformation. We’ll see if they have David balloon back up to the old ROy’s size.

  417. So Big Turkey (584) you’d be okay if your significant other was kissed by another person? You wouldn’t have an issue with that…you’re a better man than I. It would be quite bothersome to me.

  418. Actually, Alex D, I’m a girl. :-)

    And, obviously I wouldn’t be okay with it. I’m just saying, criminalizing Jim isn’t fair. I understand Roy’s anger as much as I do Jim deciding to kiss Pam despite her not being single.

    It doesn’t make Jim not a great guy is all I’m saying. Lapse in judgement? Maybe… Great guy?? He still is one . . . but, then again, I am a girl and I love me some Jim Halpert! :-)

  419. And Dying Star – two things::

    1.) Great new name
    2.) We should be friends

    I agree with everything you say…

  420. Knot4ewe,

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    One thing I will point out, is that Roy didn’t have to change his lifestyle dramatically to lose weight. He gained weight AFTER Pam dumped him (by his own admission, he stopped taking care of himself). In order for him to lose weight, all he had to do was fall back on his OLD habits. It wasn’t a lifetime of bad eating and exercise habits he was trying to change; he was in good shape while he was with Pam. He was trying to change the fundamental way he deals with people; in particular Pam, whom he had been with for 9 years. He had treated her a particular way for 9 years; that’s not an easy habit to overcome.

    I will agree with you that it takes a lot of mental determination to lose weight permanently. Losing 10 to 20 pounds and keeping it off for the short run isn’t an insurmountable problem. Keeping it off is the bigger problem. That’s why lots of people who lose weight end up putting it back on.

    And in my opinion, that’s why we saw Roy’s true colors last night. He was on a “Win Pam Back” diet. I don’t think he ever thought his relationship with Pam would be different after he won her back. He wanted things back the way they were; he had no intention of changing his patterns of behavior forever. That’s why I just always believed the new and improved Roy was just a temporary act.

    Wow, I never meant to put forth a rebuttal like this after agreeing to disagree! :-) I like this kind of discussion; why do people do what they do (even if we’re talking about fictional characters).

  421. Poor Pam. Her new “honesty and courage” really backfired. I’m afraid this turn of events is going to take her right back to where she was. Not honest and having little courage.

  422. Thank you Big Turkey!

    I always enjoy reading your comments. Sometimes you are able to put into words exactly what I am thinking!

    I would totally be your friend!

  423. Season finale prediction:

    Pam and Karen both confess their love to Jim at approximately the same time (but of course not in the exact same time/place). Then at the last moment, Jim by himself at home/wherever picks up his phone, dials a number and says “I love you too.”

    Fade to black, end of season.

  424. Ok, this is my first time posting a comment, but I’ve been reading them for a few weeks now, so here goes (also, I hope this name hasn’t already been taken):

    What an interesting episode! I was pleasantly surprised to see one focused around a secondary Office romance, Jan and Michael. I agree with many of the comments posted that there is more to Jan than the cold, corporate-ladder-climbing persona she projects, and this softer side must care for Michael.
    A while back (I think somewhere around post 449) someone mentioned the theme of jealousy in this episode- I totally agree! Karen feeling out Jim by trying to arouse some jealousy with her prank vs. the new-and-improved Pam (NOT Pammy!) being totally honest with Roy. In both circumstances, the girls didn’t get the reactions they wanted: Jim wasn’t jealous until Karen’s supposed sluttiness reached epic proportions (married men and such) and new-and-improved Pam found out new-and-improved Roy was a total sham!!!
    By the way, I agree with both sides of the Karen connundrum- she should be a likeable girl from how she acted in Stanford, yet I agree her personality has been negatively slanted by the writers, probably to pump up the JAM angst (lol).
    As for season ending guesses, I think the potential for Jim to get a corporate job offer is almost inevitable. However, I can see him passing on it in light of his hatred for the paper business (“I don’t like talking about paper in my spare time…or my work time”) and the potential reveal of the circumstances surrounding Pam’s second split with Roy.
    Classic moments: Michael with the key in his mouth, thinking his belief in magic will get him out of a straight-jacket; Dwight throughout the party (“What DO you know?”); Michael dressed like the caterers; the entire bathroom scene (“no means no please”, “there was no place to cuddle”); Creed and his laminating machine!
    One of the best eps of the season!!

  425. Alex D.- I don’t think Jim was disrespecting Pam by kissing her. He felt that she wasn’t being honest with him after he told her how he felt. The kiss was just trying to give her one last chance to admit her feelings to herself and to him, he wasn’t trying to seduce her.

    Note: Pam said “what do you expect me to do?” She never said she didn’t feel that way– it was only implied. Equally implied in that same exchange was how conflicted she was with her feelings for Jim and her feeling trapped by her engagement.

  426. i think what alex is saying is that jim should have just told her how he felt about her and then let her decide to return the sediment or not…im speaking in terms of real life, not TV life, so maybe this is misguided, but if i liked some other woman who was engaged or married, i would not make my move until she was “un-spoken” for, because if she was willing to smooch on me when she was with some other guy, why would she not do the same when she was with me?? so out of respect of her and the relationship, i would wait…that being said i still like the jim character…lets just remind ourselves that they are not “real” people….. ;)

  427. Why does Roy’s brother break a chair when Roy starts trashing the bar? I mean Roy has something to be angry about but his brother really has no reason.

    Roys brother is my new favorite character- trash the bar? sounds like fun I’ll join in no questions asked.

  428. i actually giggled as roy and his brother trashed Poor Richards…Like Magic magic magic said, Roy had something to be mad about..but his brother didn’t. Well, that whole Jetski thing was his excuse and you hear him as he grabs the chair to smash it against the bar saying, “Damn Jetskis!”. Very missable line..but a funny one. ..maybe my sense of humor is abnormal. =P

  429. So I noticed during the magic scene in the beginning that Jim hasn’t moved back to his old desk, yet the desk remains and the computer was on. So who is sitting there now?

    Also, can you imagine the havoc an actual ketchup fight could wreak on the carpet? Too funny.

    Loved the episode, really loved the last 5 minutes. I’m dying to see the Jim/Roy confrontation! Go Jim!

  430. 596, I love it, that’s perfect…except I think that Rashida Jones just got a pilot for ABC so it’s implied she’s not coming back year, I think. If it wasn’t for that, that would be exactly how I see it, too.

    By the way, did anyone notice the kind of subtle J.J. Abrams touches in this episode? Like the shot where Jan and Michael are in the bathroom, and suddenly the documentary crew are finding windows and such to look through? The way the female characters were so prominent in this episode, and kind of aggressive, reminds me of Alias…one butt-kicking superspy…I thought it was really cool.

    Contrasted with last week’s Joss Whedon episode, which was kind of goofy and fun, this episode is I really think the creators of the Office are just trying to expiriment with the show itself, very postmodern. Loved the episode, if March Madness wasn’t my favorite time of the year I’d be way more upset about the hiatus…

  431. Just a follow-up, I really think the producers are building up for a Seinfeld-like run here, bringing in all the secondary characters (the Stamford branch, Josh Porter, the CFO, etc.) so that they can maybe return 2,3 years down the road. Can you see, two years for now, a Paper World Convention or something with the return of Josh Porter, VP of Staples? It’s refreshing to see a show do that the right way, building up character flaws (even in Jim, Pam, and Ryan) storylines, and stuff. It’s nice to think that maybe after Jim and Pam FINALLY get together, they won’t automatically be “together forever” in conclusion of the show; and taking the focus off of one character makes it harder for storylines to play out.

    My future spin-off:

    “The Governor” – documentary crew takes on the Governor of Pennsylvania’s office, where Karen, Andy, and maybe Toby play their exact same characters in a different environment. I would watch this.

  432. Does anyone think that Karen will graciously “step down” and let Pam and Jim get together? Obviously in a future episode Roy will confront Jim in some way (even if its not on camera) and Karen will learn about how serious Jim’s feelings were or are for Pam.

  433. Okay, forgive me if this has already been mentioned – it’s true that I haven’t read through all 606 comments!

    I’m guessing that the CFO’s son was played by Greg Daniels’s son. When I was watching the episode last night, when the little boy started talking, I immediately thought, “That is totally Greg Daniels’s son.” I don’t even know if Greg Daniels HAS a son.

    I realized that what was making me think that was that his voice sounded very similar to Greg Daniels’s daughter Haley, who played Abby in Take Your Daughter To Work Day.

    Lo and behold…in the credits, there is an Owen Daniels!

  434. Even if you think Jim is wrong for having kissed Pam, that Roy was right for being upset about it…I don’t see how that makes his actions last night acceptable. Thank God everyone with testosterone doesn’t think trashing a bar is the way to go when he’s upset. Give me a break – are we at that point now? Roy’s not responsible for what he did because Pam and Jim DROVE him to do it? Please. He’s a big boy. He makes choices, just like 5-year-olds do. And most 5-year-olds make better choices.

  435. Amen, Big Turkey. And I’d like to add that Pam did, indeed, kiss back. She didn’t push him away. She kissed him AGAIN.

    Plus, Roy’s a jackass, so anything anyone does to try to get her away from him is OK by me. Maybe I’d feel differently if he was a nice guy, but he’s not. Karma will bite you in the ass every time.

  436. AssKicking Mozart, I think you’re onto something here…but I think the writers could also follow the UK Office’s plot device of revisiting the office years or months later to see how things have gone (or deteriorated).

  437. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, and I may be restating the obvious but couldn’t Michael have meant to imply something like ‘makeup sex’ when he said ‘ketchup fights’ because you know how Michael always messes up common phrases. Any input on that?

  438. Also, a lot of people have said on here that Jim and Pam both don’t seem strong, tough, or brave. But I think Jim is because he had the balls to tell Pam how he felt about her AND kiss her, knowing that Roy could(now will) kick his butt is he ever found out. Jim may have waited till the 11th hour to tell her, but he did.

    And Pam actually called off the wedding, which had to be not just a huge emotional decision but a big financial one as well, since she’s probably not rolling in the dough as a receptionist there.

    I love Jim and Pam because unlike a lot of crap on tv, their characters aren’t fake or forced, they seem so natural and…well, normal. Props to Jenna and John and the rest of the cast/crew for bringing us such a great/hilarious/honest story.

    If Pam and Jim ever did get together and got married, would the show really be that different?? Michael and Dwight would still be stupid and Pam/Jim would still do pranks. It would be a natural/life-like progression, not some romanticized Ross-Rachel will they/won’t they blah. I for one would like to see the relationship form and go through the stages. I think that that would be a fresh thing for this type of show. Not finally putting them together at the very end so we never find out what became of them once they finally got together.

    But like someone else said, they could always do a reunion special like the British series. (blah to that idea)

  439. I totally agree with Pavlov’s Altoid. I don’t see how getting Pam and Jim together would ruin the show. For the most part any romantic scenes within the Office have been just to separate the two of them. The rest of the show proceeds without Jim and Pam being romantic, and it could continue as it is even if they were together. And having Roy always breathing down their necks (even Karen), wouldn’t be that bad.

    I say get them together sooner rather than later, so the show can continue in its character development outside the relationship.

    I don’t really understand why they are timing it already – does there really need to be a specific end time to the show? Let’s keep it on as long as possible!

  440. Imaginative responses

    I am not too tied up in the whole Jim/Pam teeny bopper lingo: JAM thing myself but story line is pretty easy to figure out considering if you pay attention to details based on talking heads and past it is laid out ahead of time. Take in mind I have predicted almost every episode to a tee so far based on this observance.

    Office will get a “Scare” of closing down possibly the season finale.. this weeks theatrics with Michael/Jan in the presence did not help the already shakey situation infront of the CFO.. might expect a boost from CFO as far as Jim is concerned..
    Maybe a job offer in NY.. Karen is leaving the show.. so no need to discuss the imagintary thoughts of a short remaining story line.. it will end jealousy/another interest/feeling she is not getting enough of the relationship… choose your weapon it’s over….. Pam with Roy still at her coat tails begging for yet another chance (not killing Jim because of this) will explore options but become stronger within her self as she has during the last few episodes.. No more tears for awhile..but focused on her future.. Threats of office closure, Jim’s decision to leave, Karen gone, Pam’s furture will create a season finally where Pam confronts Jim (Much like last season’s finally reversed) and finally express her feelings…

  441. I think that the MAIN reason Roy lost his temper is because he realized that Jim was the reason that Pam called off the wedding. If Jim had never revealed his feelings for Pam.. she never would have realized how unhappy she was with Roy, there would be no fancy New Beasly, Roy would not have to ‘win’ Pam back and pretend to like her art, and everything would be as it had been.

    Plus, Roy is a bad-tempered, possessive jerk.. good riddance Pam!

  442. To all these allegations that Jan may be pregnant:

    I’m pretty sure she’s just nauseous with the idea that she is dating Michael and could possibly have actual romantic feelings for him.

  443. Pavlov’s Altoid, you are right!
    One of the things fans seem to cherish the most about The Office is it’s real.
    It’s funny because everyone agrees that at least some degree of Jim and Pam angst is realistic, but the two of them getting together before too long is too!! Office romances wax and wane in real life. The longer they drag it out, the MORE unrealistic it seems to me that two people leading increasingly-separate lives would continue to pine away for each other for years without anyone’s feelings changing. I personally am looking forward to the aftermath of a Jim/Pam hookup myself. The writers are so creative I have no idea where they might go after that! Heck, they may get Jim and Pam together and realize it’s not right after all. (Please don’t hate me! I’m just saying the writers are excellent at throwing us a curveball every now and then.)
    And at the end, it would still be an entertaining comedy about a group of people who work in an office. :)

  444. I know that people have made comments like this already, but I said this to a friend in an email and thought some of it was cool, lol.

    Seriously, an hour after watching The Office I was still saying “Oh my god!” That episode was soooooooooooooooo good! It is sweeps, and this definitely met, nay, maybe even exceeded sweeps standards. Man, really didn’t think he would go that far. I’ve seen him be a bit aggressive in past episodes, but he definitely showed his true colors in this one. Poor Pam. I guess, in a way, it’s better that she didn’t have to go through all of the crap to finally wake up. This probably helped her to do more than just wake up. She totally woke up and smelled the coffee here. And hopefully, her next move will be to drink the coffee. :)

  445. Anyone want to place bets on Jim Halpert’s death date? I’m guessing next episode!

  446. i’m still working my way through the comments (around 430s now), so sorry if someone already asked this, but what was the ringtone that michael had set for when jan called? was it still my humps or was it something else? sorry i’m too uncool to recognize it..

    also, people keep saying rashida’s leaving, but i thought on jenna fischer’s myspace she said that the rumors were false…i just checked, and on the front of her page it says “Rumor Patrol: NO ONE IS LEAVING THE SHOW! We ALL love doing the show. And, we ALL have long-term contracts.”

  447. okay made it to the 600s now, you guys are awesome & so thoughtful. but what’s up with all the pregnancy theories? i don’t see the writers impregnating anyone unless one of the actresses gets pregnant and their absence can’t be written around (a la gaycation). that being said, i think the most likely unplanned preg. would be meredith, since she’s been known to have some fun… plus it would give her character something new, she wouldn’t be able to drink! but i doubt anyone will be having babies any time soon (sorry littlekidlover).

    549 jam fan, re: pam & toby, i’ve been wondering that too, is she just trying to tactfully deflect his attentions, or is she just oblivious (she’s got enough guy troubles to worry about as it is!)

    552 Potato Salad, good catch with roy calling pam “pammy,” i totally forgot that!

    does anyone else hope that michael will someday take his relationship troubles to HR (meaning toby)? i miss their interaction!

    seriously, do offices normally have this many inter-office romances going on? ;D

  448. “Pavlov’s Altoid”

    Are you kidding me! That is the greatest screen name ever. The office fans are soooo smart.

  449. 625 | Office Fan

    As others have posted before, most us have been either Jim, Roy, or Pam at some point in our lives. That’s why that storyline is so compelling. It is not soap opera or melodramatic. It is very real.

    For those of you who do not normally associate with “blue collar” type personalities: Roy is very real. His reaction in Cocktails was not over the top. I have witnessed very similar behavior in people.

    In many parts of this country you do not mess with someone’s girlfriend for fear of being beaten up or shot. That’s a fact.

  450. I think it’s funny that Michael has gotten so used to Dwight following him around everywhere that he invited him to the cocktail party even though there’s no reason for Dwight to be there…I mean, Dwight isn’t a manager. Anymore.

  451. 627 Steamtown Buff

    I could not agree with you more. Not condoning actions by Roy in anyway what so ever, but someone tell me after a 9 years of relationship with Roy Pam had never seen this type of behavior prior to this? After calling off the wedding last minute, messing around with Jim, agreeing to take Roy back, telling him he needs to “act more like a boyfreind, do boyfreind stuff” and then on the same day breaks the news in public to him Jim? Again, NOT condoning the behavior at the bar but knowing Roy this temperment was to be expected. And his anger towards Jim is justified. Both Pam and Roy need to see shrinks.. lol

  452. j – Meredith can’t get pregnant because she doesn’t have a uterus. Wow. I think we all know a little too much about these characters.

  453. Sheriff – I think its possible Pam had never seen Roy react that way toward her because she was always so meek, never spoke up about anything, let Roy do whatever he wanted. etc…

  454. To those of you who said “Roy seems like he really matured this season” and “I hope Roy and Pam get married” I just wanted to say…

    IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!

  455. #625

    Does that change how horrible it is to do that?!!
    Jim would never make death threats or take anger out by throwing glass hard into walls!

    Just because it can be truthful doesn’t mean she should marry him anyway!!!

  456. ApolloCreed. Just based on the Dundie Awards episode the way he grabbed her by the arm wrestling with her so she had to turn and break free saying “no” and his pattern of behavior during the basketball game alone suggests the forcefull dominating nature in his character. Obviously a higher magnitute was reached because of the level of news given to Roy. Pam’s inital reaction was to get up and walk away from the situation as she knew sticking around would not be good. Dare to speculate but I would find it hard to believe she was probably aware of his nastier side and she would be immune to it.

  457. On a lighter note…

    Hats off too Mr Creed Branton for yet another classic line in an episode… short as it may have been :)

  458. I think Jim and Pam will get together, eventually, despite the introduction of Karen…but I would argue that Jim and Pam were ever “great friends.” They were not.

  459. To name one instance of Pam saying this…

    RYAN:”You’re inviting Jim to your Wedding?”

    PAM:”Of course. He’s one of my closest friends.”

    Other than that, there is where Jim is jinxed and she goes out to buy a coke for him just so they can talk more.

  460. With all due respect, Tin Man, I don’t think they were “friends” at all. They rarely socialized outside of work, they weren’t honest with each other about their feelings, and Pam wouldn’t even discuss details about the most important day of her life thus far (her wedding, supposedly) when Jim was in the room. On what was this friendship based? Really, what did they talk about that made them friends? It was a flirtation, at best, disguising deeper feelings. None of which were friendship.

  461. ApolloCreed, omg, i can’t believe i forgot about the hysterectomy, how embarrassing. it’s been too long since i saw season 1!

  462. The ending of the episode was totally out of step with the spirit of the show. This a comedy not a day time soap or a cheesy lifetime special. That ending belonged on the OC not on The Office. Hence the OC is offically off the air.

  463. I’m sure someone is already on top of doing some fan art for that. I wish I had a clue on how to do photoshop…

  464. Going back to Roy being violent. I totally understand that many, many people in this world get violent when someone messes with their girl and many other reasons. I see it happen at my job…I just don’t think anyone should condone it. Blaming it on testosterone or that he has the right to get violent because he is jealous is definitely not right. He does have the right to get mad and hurt…but he trashed an entire bar and threatened someone. It is more than just throwing one glass even. I am glad that people pointed out the other things that Roy has done in the previous 2 seasons. He is definitely a bad idea. Dating violence is a cycle and the one who is violent/controlling goes through a time where they apologize and look great to everyone to make up for things. Sorry about my soapbox. (=

  465. I don’t know how people are arguing that Jim and Pam are not great friends. I forgot what season it is but Jim said something to the effect that Pam tells him all about her problems at work and at home. That’s what friends do. And we have seen Jim go to Pam with problems. They are definitely great friends but it has to be assumed that because the relationship existed before the start of the show.

  466. can someone confirm this quote for me? michael gets asked at the party if he needs anything and says something along the lines of, “maybe an aphrodisiac? some bagel bites?”

    or was i hallucinating?

  467. Michael said: “I could go for an appa-teaser” which I believe are what appetizers are called at Chili’s, and believe he also said in “The Client” and “The Dundies” when talking about or being at Chili’s

  468. Obiously kind of late to be joining in here, but I haven’t had a chance to get online since this episode aired. I loved this episode! I thought it was the best in a really long time.

    Jan and Michael – “there was no room to cuddle”
    Toby and the crane maching, I have a lot of love for Toby
    Kevin and Stacy – really curious there
    NEW ASSERTIVE PAM!!! Yay, its what everyone (not to generalize, the majority of us) has been hoping for this entire season. Roy is out of the picture (at least as far as Pam is concerned) for good, that makes me very happy!

    I do think this will bring Jim and Pam together, something Roy says will spark something there. I am very excited to see what is going to happen!

    I also want to say that I hate each and every one of you who feel the need to come on here and bash the recent writing and story lines. If you hate it so much then don’t watch it…but don’t come on here and threaten us “if it doesn’t get better I won’t watch season 4” “i’d much rather watch ugly betty” well, don’t watch it, but don’t tell us all about your choice, its pointless and anoying.

    And on the recent argument of were Pam and Jim “friends” or not…
    Pam and Jim we’re great friends, they both considered each other good friends nd mentioned this in several episodes; however, they knew there was something deeper under the surface which they were afraid to bring up, so they never got too close (ie, hangning out afetr work when not in a large office group). Pam felt like it was inappropriate to discuss her wedding with Jim, b/c she knew it would make him feel awkward. This season, they have not been friends. Things are too awkward there and though they both want that friendship back, Jim can’t because Karen will get suspicious, and Pam is too scared to say anything.

    Thats all I have to say right now, I may say something new later.

  469. Don’t know if anyone mentioned it yet, but after seeing the deleted scenes, didn’t you wonder what a 16-year-old girl was doing in a bar? I don’t think the drinking age is that young in Pennsylvania, is it?!

    So how did Stanley’s daughter get in the bar?

    Obviously — Creed’s Fake ID Service!

    (Think Stanley will whip Creed’s ass when he’s done with Ryan’s? He sure seemed more upset that Ryan was talking with his daughter than the fact that she was even there in the bar!)

  470. I absolutely loved this episode. It is an instant classic for me and instantly goes into my top 5.

    I really like the relationship between Jan and Michael. At times you can’t help but wonder why she would be with Mike but then there are some genuine moments that are just great. For instance the car scene where Mike did his whole spiel about wanting the picket fence and the ketchup fights, wow what a brilliant scene.

    Other thoughts:

    – Pam showing some initiative for once. You go Pam!

    – Roy is a lame meathead. His brother too.

    – Toby, poor Toby. But maybe there’s a slight window opening up for him.

    – Classic Dwight.

    – Jan (Melora Hardin) is a very sexy woman.

    – Karen and Jim have no chemistry at all at this point. Please break up with her Jim.

  471. I was just wondering if anyone else saw this parallel.

    Karen told Jim that she had hooked up with the one guy while he was separated from his girlfriend. Obviously, she’s trying to get a rise out of Jim because it’s sort of taboo (not sure if that’s the right word). Little does she know that Jim confessed his feelings to Pam while she was engaged.

    I know people mentioned that that might be the reason they break up…but I think the conversation between Karen and Jim at the party just goes to show that Karen will be less than understanding about Jim’s confession to Pam.

  472. to all those that say roy’s reaction was over-the-top:

    1) when a man kisses an engaged woman, whether the kiss is reciprocated or not, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that the woman’s fiance will kick the man’s butt.

    2) besides the actual kiss, roy sees jim as the reason why him and pam aren’t married, living happily ever after. jim got in the way of that, making roy even more pissed

    3) even though it was roy’s fault, roy views jim as also responsible for the loss of his jet ski money

    4) roy’s level of anger is not uncommon among men. im sure there are many women that post on these boards that have gone out with a similar guy, or worse, or MUCH worse.

    5) roy was drinking, which amplifies all of the above.

    …so, roy’s reaction was exactly fitting for his character, in the situation he was in.

    now i hate roy and love jim and want JAM to ride off into the sunset, but you gotta know jim was asking for it when he kissed pam.

  473. Loved this episode, especially all the new drama we have to keep us going until the next batch of new episodes.

    On the subject of Pam, I really think this outing to Poor Richard’s exposed to Pam what happens when she takes the opportunity to speak her mind. Sure, she may get her lite beer and all the little things, but I think Roy’s reaction showed her an ugly side of being “ol’ Pammie”, and reminded her of why she was so passive in the first place. So based on this episode, I wouldn’t count on Pam speaking her mind, especially her feelings, for the rest of the season.

  474. I just thought of a possible plot-line that might occur in the future based on the repercussions of today’s episode. Here it goes:

    Jim seems to be moving up the short corporate ladder of Dunder Mifflin. He’s chumming it up with David who is the CFO. If Michael were to do something really stupid (which is very likely), David would possibly recommend that Mike be fired and be replaced by Jim. This would create all kinds of problems and drama, as Jan would probably be caught in the middle since she is Mike’s direct supervisor.

    Jim would have conflicting feelings since he actually likes working for Mike, and has sort of reluctanly moved up career-wise.

    I can see something at least similar to this happening already. This show doesn’t do things by mistake. Jim chumming it up with David will very likely have some sort of repercussion later on.

  475. “Mike?” hahaa that makes me think of Daryll calling him that.
    He doesn’t really seem like a Mike to me

  476. Great show!! I was kinda suprised when Roy started throwing things. What a jerk. Here’s hoping that Jim stays safe! Jan and Michael were great together. I was wondering if she might be expecting too, when she kept saying she was sick. {Guess we will have to wait and see}I love The Office!!!

  477. yay! no more pam and roy!

    “pam and jim! pam and jim!”
    come on, everyone now!
    “pam and jim! pam and jim! pam and jim! pam and jim! pam and jim! pam and jim!”

    …and jan and michael… :)

    … and toby too! i like toby, where did his hot girlfriend go? i was so happy for him…

  478. Have to agree with Baz – the final seconds were completely out of step, but with these writers…it’ll come together. Best line of the show was when Michael was talking about potato salad and said, “There’s something wrong with Pam.” That was so real and so hilarious.

  479. Hey… I’ll just put this out there… does anyone seriously think Kelly is a major-league bitch? The way she is controlling with Ryan on a daily basis, and with the deleted scene in this episode is trying to start sh!t with Ryan and Stanley in order to protect her BF from Stanley’s daughter.

    Of course Ryan became less attractive of a character with comments like “ask me 10 years ago”. Those two and their relationship in general aren’t my fav parts of the show!

  480. What is up with Roy saying ON CAMERA that he wants to kill Jim. Doesn’t the film crew have an obligation to report him? This is actually a criminal act and I don’t think it would be ignored if it happened in real life! Roy is obviously very violent and I’m sure blames Jim for the wedding cancellation.

    And in Jim’s defense, he knew deep down that Pam would not be happy with Roy. Your best friend is supposed to be your fiance/husband not your buddy at work. She had been showing him “love vibes” all season. I think he was just trying to push her into seeing what her true feelings were. But, of course, she really didn’t know what her feelings were at that time but I’m sure she does now, especially seeing Jim with Karen and also during Jim’s absence from Stanton.

  481. Well, if you look at it this way, Creed told the cameras he owned an illegal ID ‘business’ for lack of better word.

  482. Oscar Nunez in “Halfway Home”!!! I just saw the commercial on Comedy Central…

  483. “On the subject of Pam, I really think this outing to Poor Richard’s exposed to Pam what happens when she takes the opportunity to speak her mind. Sure, she may get her lite beer and all the little things, but I think Roy’s reaction showed her an ugly side of being “ol’ Pammie”, and reminded her of why she was so passive in the first place. So based on this episode, I wouldn’t count on Pam speaking her mind, especially her feelings, for the rest of the season.” …..

    Pam better start speaking her mind more! Did we consider that if she hadn’t, she’d still be with Roy? We know what an arse he is! He hasn’t changed a bit since they broke up. Let’s take the art show, for example. He was so proud of himself for showing up with his idiot brother and then left cause he’d already seen everything? How about when he didn’t even have a real reason for not going to Poor Richard’s? How about, he’s just a half hearted (and that’s being generous with words) ass who never deserved Pam in the first place.
    So yeah, in Pam character she might stop being so forward. But I hope she realizes how good it was for her. That childish behavior would have manifested itself in one way or another at some point. It’s about time she spoke up!

    And on Ryan/Kelly .. they’re both playing each other. It’s funny.

  484. Anyone else been noticing Jim’s hardcore yawning this season!
    I feel like they show him yawning in every episode. It’s pretty funny. And definitely not an accident.

  485. i think Jan was nauseous because of the potato salad… It’d be pretty damn funny if she was preggers though. She would fall in love with Michael through that experience, because even though he’s a dorky pain in the ass, he’s got a lot of heart and would make a good daddy and husband!

  486. While Roy’s sudden freakout in the bar was a rather uncomfortable and unusual situation for the show, I thought it was fantastic when his brother, completely unaware of Roy’s reasoning behind the tantrum, totally joined in the destruction. I seriously think that was the funniest part of the episode, expertly hidden in an explosive situation.

  487. I agree with mungbeans…it’s also great when he joins in with the thrashing you hear him yell “jet skis”

  488. “On the subject of Pam, I really think this outing to Poor Richard’s exposed to Pam what happens when she takes the opportunity to speak her mind. Sure, she may get her lite beer and all the little things, but I think Roy’s reaction showed her an ugly side of being “ol’ Pammie”, and reminded her of why she was so passive in the first place. So based on this episode, I wouldn’t count on Pam speaking her mind, especially her feelings, for the rest of the season.”

    I disagree that Pam will take a step back in her new assertiveness. Sure, the Roy situation was ugly but she also saw a lot of positive events when she was upfront and honest. I think that’s enough to encourage her to continue. In fact, I think what happened with Roy only emphasizes to her that she was right in being forward about her feelings. If she hadn’t, she’d continue being duped by Roy.

    Pam has always had this assertiveness inside but, in the past, Jim was the only catalyst to bringing it out(as in their many pranks.) Pam is just realizing that she can be that way without Jim.

  489. i feel like the show is getting more and more unrealistic. i mean i remember back in season two when the camera wouldn’t catch a lot of things and we’d slowly realize what happened. nowadays, the camera seems to be everywhere. i feel it’s ridiculous that they caught the whole michael and jan conversation in the bathroom. and also felt it was ridiculous that the camera would catch roy saying that he’s gonna kill jim. i think the writers are just trying to up the drama.

  490. I am getting tired of watching Pam and Jim go back and forth but every show needs that couple who are so in love but cant seem to get together.

    Anyways, I def. love Michael and Jan (they are cute together) even though Jan seems to be in it less than Michael wants her to be. I cant believe she hasnt told Michael if she loves him (haha so sad and he keeps saying it to her). I also read on here that someone thinks that Jan feeling not so good in the car could be refering to her getting pregnant and I would absolutely love that. Michael would make a Great father and funny/nice husband to Jan. He loves her so much!!!

    and Dwight, well hes Dwight!

    p.s. I absolutely love this show!

  491. well of course there trying to increase the drama, there are certain things we need to know…i think there still doing a great job of making this only gets better in my eyes.

    little michael scott’s running around…yikes!!!

    maybe dwight needs to do a new health plan for corporate and see if jan is on the pill.

  492. What was with the look that Jan gives Michael when he said he wanted the picket fence, ketchup fights, etc.? Was that maybe a revelation to Jan? These month long hiatuses between new shows is a killer. I need resolution!

  493. I agree with “NoGould”, what was that face Jan gave to Michael? We’ll just have to wait I guess.

  494. Well, that’s just it. I think that was a revelation to Jan, that Michael’s not just about their physical relationship. He’s actually in love with her. Which is way more than she was looking for with him even though it’s what she was looking for with Gould in the marriage.

  495. aww its so cute how Michael is in love with Jan! I love him as a character, and Steve does an amazing job because it doesnt seem like Steve has anything in common with the character he plays.

  496. Sorry for potential duplication, but I can’t read 686 posts! :D
    Does anyone else think it’s a bummer that the writers didn’t have Dwight mention the Christmas Cards when he met the CFO? It would have been perfect!

  497. That would have made some nice continuity. “Question. Did you receive the Christmas card I sent out?” Maybe there’ll be an outtake.

  498. The christmas card thing is probobly on a deleated scene. Just wait for the DVD to come out and you can see.

  499. I thought “Love Today: Office style” was well done. All of you seem to have a lot of fun both at the office and making this video. I wish the office I am apart of would change.

  500. good episode, with Michael asking how much money the house cost. hilarious!! and Dwight in the kids room and checking the banister haha!

    lol at Jan with “That’s what she said!” haha

    OMG the Roy crashing the bar!!! that was scary :(

  501. This was a fun one to see again. I loved Michael’s little monologue in the doorway where he initially talks about wishing he could make homemade potato salad, and then says, “something’s wrong with Jan.” That was one of the sweetest Michael moments and so well acted. I also noticed watching this for the second time that the Karen joke just did not work so well or elicit a very good response from Jim. It just wasn’t compatible with his more innocent, G-rated sense of humor. I didn’t catch how weird and flat that turned out the first time I saw this episode.

  502. I know this is, like, years late, and sorry if someone said this somewhere in there before… I’m just gonna say that I find Toby adorable… Spending all that time to win that duck for Pam. Not that Pam should be with Toby, I just think it’s kinda cute.

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