1. I was laughing hysterically at Aziz trying to hit on Rashida. I was laughing throughout that bit. Aziz is the man.

  2. Eh..I really don’t know about this one. The stars are great, but not sure about the concept yet.

  3. I think it’s just a copy of the Office that they are going to try to get Dunderheads to watch. Amy Poehler was funnier on this show than her other shows, but I still don’t think it’s going to go that great.

  4. not sure yet. Seemed too much like TO in some ways, such as Leslie Knope being a female Michael Scott.
    Not that it was bad, but definitely need a few more episodes to see if I really like it.

  5. I thought this show was hilarious… Great concept and great writing. I hope NBC renews it for another season.

  6. I’ll definitely give it another shot, but honestly, I wasn’t wowed. It was like the Office, only not funny. At all. But I don’t want to judge too quickly.

  7. At first I didn’t really know what to think, but it got better and funnier by the second half. There were definitely some laugh out loud moments and I will be watching again next week!

  8. Eh, it was okay. The only thing that really made me laugh was Rashida’s boyfriend with the broken legs. “Make me some pancakes real quick?”

  9. It’s going to take time to really tell for sure, but I loved the bit with Amy falling down the hill. Tom is hilarious, as is the intern. Rashida is adorable. And I love Paul Schneider’s character. I think it has promise, but we’ll have to wait and see. After all, had we judged The Office by its first episode, we would have never guessed what would eventually come out of it.

  10. I liked Leslie (Amy Poehler), Anne (Rashida Jones), and Tom (Aziz Ansari). Tom cracked me up, especially when he was hitting on Anne. Anne acts very much like Karen did on The Office, so I kinda feel like I’m watching her again, but that’s fine with me. Leslie’s a liiiiiittle too Michael Scott-ish, but just different enough to make her interesting. I can’t really judge the show based on just the one episode, but it looks promising. I love the concept.

  11. I liked the pilot of Parks and Rec more than I liked the pilot of The Office…. So, for those of you who aren’t sure yet, are on the fence, didn’t laugh, let me just remind you that The Office’s pilot was pretty close to awful (in my opinion), as many pilots are… And remember, it’s Greg Daniels we’re talking about here. Look at what he’s done with our show now… I have faith he can bring Parks and Rec into its own.

  12. Here’s the deal, Aziz is money on the show bringing something we have never seen on any Daniels-Schur project. Mrs. Poehler-Arnett will be coming into her own as Leslie through this 6 Ep. run. I think as fans, we should watch this show not as fans of our beloved Office, but as fans of the people who make this show and are venturing out into different avenues. It’s under the same concept of TO, yes, but after that…use new eyes!!

  13. I don’t really see how Leslie is like Michael beyond the slight cluelessness. Michael (as lovable as he can be sometimes) is a pretty selfish and insensitive ass. Leslie on the other hand–she really does care and she really does want to make her town a better place. It’s like Anne says, she’s kind of a doof, but she’s nice. I like that she isn’t offending people left and right.

    As for the rest of the show, I thought it was great. :)

  14. It was pretty good. It was just the pilot, so that’s not a great template, but it’s got good potential.

  15. Karis, you make a good point. most pilots aren’t very good. but my problem with parks and recreation wasn’t as much content as it was design.

    we were told that this show was not intended to be a spin-off of the Office. however, in the way it was marketed and presented, it is impossible not to make comparisons. The pilot was aired between two episodes of the office. and in the promos, NBC proudly declared “from the people who brought you The Office”…” so naturally, comparisons are going to be made. it felt like a spin-off. it looked like a spin-off. the styles of both direction and cinematography were very similar to the office. and it was outshined by two steller episodes of the office.

    i didn’t care for this show. will it get better? maybe. will it ever distance itself from The Office? probably not.

  16. I actually thought it was decent. I actually find it to be a female version of ‘The Office.’ It was amazing to see that Leslie acted exactly like Michael, she must’ve watched a couple of episodes of ‘The Office’ before…

  17. I thought the show had several good moments. It has an awesome cast and I have faith that they’ll do something great with it. Amy had me in hysterics with the pillow duct taped to her neck and I love Rashida’s slacker boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  18. It did what it needed to do. It was a smart pilot by introducing new characters in a format we already like. It’s a good way to ensure viewers will tune in for a while. Now they have to become their own show and once that happens, they’ll be great.

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