1. I screamed, it was quite exciting…

    does anyone know if they were all wearing black for a reason?

  2. Viva la Dundies!!!!!

    Congrats to the cast and crew of the Office!

    Jenna what a heart-warming speech…and btw you look hot!!!

    Totally Awesome!!

  3. YEEESSSS!!! I screamed so loud I scared my dog. LOL I must admit, I wasn’t expecting it … but it’s SO deserved!! I love those people! Congrats to everyone!!! (sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m crazy-excited!!)

  4. Hooray!!! I’m so happy they won. Seeing them all together again was a treat, and it made me hope more than ever for a fair–and fast–resolution to the strike.

  5. Wow, it’s so great to see our favorite cast together again! Did everyone see Angela’s growing belly?! Everyone looked great,especially my main man, John K…I’m so proud, I actually teared up a bit! I miss this show!!!!

  6. Yay! We’re driving home from our trip so I just read the news on my phone and screamed in my husband’s ear while he’s driving (not a good idea). I’m so excited and proud of them!

  7. i seriously cried
    i love the office so much
    and it was just ahhh… so amazing
    i really liked how the cast chose to acknowledge the crew

  8. Yay! It was so nice seeing them all together again. I miss seeing them every week.

    Congrats guys!

  9. YEAH! Too bad Carell didn’t win best actor in a comedy series. I love Alec Baldwin too, though. And congrats to Tina Fey!

  10. I didn’t realize that those were on tonight so I totally missed it! I’m hoping someone can post the video of it!

  11. FINALLY!! Some good news for us Dunderheads in an otherwise dark time.

    Congrats to the best cast in the business – you deserve it!

  12. Wow I was on the fence about this category, but I literally screamed and frightened my roomie with this news. I’m so happy for the cast. I love them soo much. :)

  13. I just wanna say that this was the best SAGS EVERRRRR!!! WOOOO!! haha

    I’m so glad they won, it’s much deserved and it was great how they thanked their crew! The office is the best! Congrats on the win!!! :)

  14. Congrats to the Office cast!!! how great was that… everyone looks AMAZING… Jenna’s shout out to the crew was great… I mean just seeing everyone together again did me good… I think I can make it through the rest of this strike after seeing them all together again… It was so nice to see them all on stage!

    And another thing…. my new favorite thing is watching award shows while typing in the OTCR. How fun!

  15. Congrats to the cast and crew of the Office! I’m so happy for all of you!

    What wonderful news in the middle of the strike!

  16. Kate looks sooo great!! I’m really happy they won. It’s the best news of the day! COngrats office cast

  17. I’m so excited for them!
    They always say it’s more fun when you win, so hopefully they all have a great night celebrating!

  18. “An employee will go home, and he’ll tell his neighbor, “Hey, did you get an award?” And the neighbor will say, “No man. I mean, I slave all day and nobody notices me.” Next thing you know, employee smells something terrible coming from neighbor’s house. Neighbor’s hanged himself due to lack of recognition.”

    No lack of recognition for the office. Such a great cast–I’m so glad they won. Let’s hope the strike is resolved soon. Thursdays are so lame now.

  19. Just a confirmation of what we all already know-they are the best cast out there! So deserving and I’m so happy for each and every one of them. The only thing that would make me happier is to see them all back at work soon! Let’s hope it happens.

  20. My sister and I yelled out when they won! I think our neighbors heard us. Go The Office!

  21. I totally agree Jenna Fischer did an amazing job with their acceptance speech, what class and grace. I’m so happy she had the opportunity to speak, since she was snubbed of her emmy. The Office is no doubt the best comedy ensemble on television, including their crew!

  22. yay. i freaked out because they kept giving 30 rock ppl awards and i was getting annoyed. and then when the said office and my friends and i started screaming and jumping around haha. i love the office. they are so amazing

  23. AHH NO! I hate that i just tuned in! but how wonderful! that is so great, i’m so happy for them.

    now if ellen page wins this night will be complete.

  24. Awesome! Congratulations to the cast :)

    By the way, TNT is re-airing the show at 11:00PM.

  25. I can’t even begin to describe how giddy I was when they were announced. And Jenna’s speech was wonderful! Everyone also looked amazing!

  26. Michael C. Hall from “Dexter” is in between Leslie and Melora :) He presented.

    And WOOOO GO OFFICE! And I loved that Jenna gave the speech!

  27. Oh wow, that was so excellent. I am so excited! The award could not have gone to a better group- Congrats, everyone!

  28. Jenna looked dazzling. Great hair and dress choices. And of course Angela is setting records as the cutest pregnant woman ever.

    It was good to see them all again and really cool that the supporting cast can get some recognition. Congrats.

  29. Everyone looks fantastic! Congrats to the best show on television!

    What a wonderful acceptance speech from Jenna! I’m so glad that she was able to put into words what the entire cast felt. She has elegance and grace!

  30. I don’t mean to turn into a stereotypical 12 year old girl but, SQUEEEE YAY OMG!!

  31. Yay! I’m so happy for the much deserved award. The cast works so wonderfully together.

    I love Rainn’s (strike?) beard. And agreed with all of the cute Angela preggers remarks :) Go team!

  32. AMAZING! I was expecting it to go to thirty rock…but what a great surprise! They SO deserved it!

  33. WOOT!!!! YAY!!! And everyone looks awesome! Angela is so cute and round, though still tiny and I must say, Kate Flannery looks STUNNING!

  34. Yay cast! Congratulations are in order. :) By the way, Tanster, are you going to post videos of the acceptance speech? I missed it. :(

  35. Congratulations to the cast. I was so happy and surprised.

    All of them looked good, but Kate Flannery knocked my socks off. I guess I am so used to picturing her as Meredith…she looked stunning.

  36. 30 rock is great, but the office is truly an ensemble…each and every character is important, hilarious, and developed. i’m really surprised and happy for them!

  37. It was exactly how it should have been… 30 rock deserves recognition, but The Office is a true ensemble cast. I was so proud. And, am I wrong, but did they all look beautiful? Every last man and woman in that cast did NOT look like they work in an office in Scranton tonight!

  38. Jenna and Meredith looked amazing, and I can’t believe how big Angela is already!

    Congrats Office cast!!!

  39. Woooohoooo! I’m so happy the Office won! They truly deserve it. Everyone looked amazing (especially my future husband John) and I have to say Jenna gave a truly classy dignified speech. Way to go Office! We hope to see you back on TV soon.

  40. Yes! I’m so excited about this! The Office cast needed a boost, they do such a great job and weren’t recognized enough at the Emmys.

    Go Scranton!

  41. I had the awards show on but was doing other things and talking on the phone until their category came up. Then I shushed my friend on the phone and screamed when they won! I, too, thought it would go to another show but was so happy that they won! As everyone’s been saying, it was fantastic to see them all together on stage, and makes me realize even more how much I miss The Office! They all looked great, especially Jenna and Angela, and I hope they’re back to work soon!

  42. Attention Scientists of the World:

    Please clone Jenna Fischer.
    When you do, let me know so I can request one…my wife said its ok.

    Thank you.

  43. Congratulations to The Office ensemble. Your fans are happy for you and proud of you!! And you all looked awesome!!

  44. They are truly an amazing cast and I’m so proud and excited for them. They work so well together and it shows in all that they do. And I agree that they ALL looked amazing. I love Jenna’s dress, makeup and hair. It’s perfect.

  45. I’m so happy they won; let’s hope the lucky streak keeps coming and the strike magically ends tomorrow.

    I think this is the best Jenna Fischer’s ever looked at an awards show. Melora looked fabulous, too!

  46. Crap! I forgot all about the awards show and was out of town. Someone please post a video link if they have one! I’m so happy they won, yay!

  47. ok, just sneaked out to my boss’ computer to watch the video (mine doesn’t have sound). Awww I love Jenna’s speech, very simples and spontaneous. I’m very glad they won, they deserve it. Congratulations!

  48. Still smiling today. Fortunately I was watching the awards alone last night, so only my dog was freaked out by my “happy-SAG-awards dance!” Agree with everyone who has already said how great the cast looked, especially Kate! And a perfect speech, really.

  49. I am in Europe this week for work and am so sad I missed this special moment. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you Tanster for posting the acceptance speech and photos. Now why the heck didn’t I set my DVR?

  50. I loved Jenna’s dress and her hair and everything about her, even if she did wake up on a few “worst dressed” lists this morning. Whatever, I’ve always thought the people that picked those lists were on something.

    Did anyone hear that Angela announced she was having a girl on the red carpet?

  51. Thanks for posting the youtube link for the acceptance speech, Tanster! And for all the pics, too!

  52. OMG. The interview below with Lisa Rinna was so embarrassing (for her)! John deserves another award for being able to get through that.

  53. Did Creed get a SAG this year? I remember last year for some reason he wasn’t given one.

  54. Mandie: Yeah, Creed was on the list this year. I remember seeing a list earlier this year that didn’t have Melora, and had Craig as ensemble, but Craig wasn’t there. Wasn’t he added as a regular like Ed was this season?

  55. On the SAG site, it lists Creed among the ensemble, but not Craig.
    P.S. I e-mailed this, but thought it just as easy to provide a link to a story that mentions how great Kate Flannery looked! (Scroll down to the “drunk girl” part)


  56. Congratulations to the cast! I am thrilled for them as I truly believe they not only have the best ensemble but the best comedy on tv but they seem to be out of vogue for the awards. Can’t wait for new episodes.

  57. #54……I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. You squee like a little girl far too often.


    Congrats our friends at The Office. We love you!

  58. Wow…what a scary interview with Lisa Rinna. What was she on? Did she even know who John was? Class act that he is, he played along with her rambling and didn’t embarrass her further. You go, John!

  59. I am so happy!!! I was sitting there saying the office, the office, and when they won, I stood up and clapped for them, I was so happy!! I love everyone on the show and they really deserve the award because they are the very best. LOL to everyone on “The Office”

  60. Jenna sounded very nervous when she was making her speech. Anyways, she did GREAT! She also looked very beautiful… the dress and the hair was amazing.
    Rainn’s interview was hilarious. Haha.

  61. I’d embarrass myself, too, if I were pretty much exposing my chest to John Krasinski.

    Still, he’s so classy.

  62. Great coverage (per usual), Tanster. A wonderful night for all involved with THE OFFICE, including us fans.

  63. Jackie (#98), that’s exactly what I thought when I watched it last night! All you can see is long dark hair, though, so it’s hard to tell. I’m so thrilled they won! Gosh, I miss this show and those people…

  64. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed at the TV during and awards show with as much excitement as I did last night. What a thrill to see them all up there accepting their award. It was beautiful to see them all together again, but it made me long for the show all the more. I love The Office!!!

  65. WOO! I screamed by head off when they won haha. I absolutely loved Jenna’s hair and dress, and Angela looked so beautiful with her baby bump! Everyone looked really great, too; Congrats, Office cast!

  66. Congratulations to the actors and all involved in The Office. There could not be a more deserving bunch. We are looking as forward to having you all back at work as you are going back to work. Thank you for the awesome job each and everyone one of you do on the greatest show on television!

  67. I also screamed at the TV when they won! I was so excited! You all deserve it! Can’t wait for you to go back to work and do what you are all SO good at doing! You all are awesome!!!

  68. Found more pictures… hope this link works…. there’s three Office photos just after the Sopranos photos – a group shot, one of just the girls and then one of Rainn. Enjoy!


  69. this group sure is hot for people who were hired to look like “typical office workers”

    and i gotta say: it’s hard enough getting through the summer without the office, but it’s pretty miserable not having it through the cold months because of a bunch of corporate wet blankets.

  70. I wasn’t going to watch it, but I’m so glad I did. My sister and I were screaming so loud that my next door neighbor started banging on the wall to quiet us down. LOL. Congrats to the cast of the best show on televison… ever! We miss you all and want this strike to be over as much as you do! Enjoy the glory of winning two years in a row! You guys deserve it.

  71. If anyone is having trouble with the Ausiello interviews (they weren’t buffering at all on my computer) They’re available on youtube if you just type in “Ausiello+SAG” I dunno if anyone’s mentioned this…sorry if it’s a double post.

  72. I’m so glad that Ed and Creed got an SAG, too. If I remember correctly, Creed didn’t get one last year because he wasn’t an “official” member of the cast. They both deserve it. Ed is such a marvelous addition to the cast. Sometimes I can’t believe he hasn’t been there since the beginning. He fits right in there with them. CONGRATS OFFICE CAST!

  73. I, like many others, screamed and clapped too when they won! Excellent heartfelt speech by Jenna, and I thought she looked beautiful; actually EVERYONE looked really great.

    Anyway, congrats again to the entire cast! Come back soon!!

  74. congratulations angelina!

    anyone catch when the reporter asked how “angelina’s’ pregnancy was going and how she was feeling? the question was directed at kinsey. the whole cast went with it… funny stuff.

    what a bunch of 7th graders (krasinski quote)!

  75. #98 — I thought the same thing! No matter how many times I hit rewind on my DVR though, I just couldn’t tell. GAAAHHH. Do you think if she was there, she would have gone up though? She WAS part of the S3 cast, officially or not.

  76. I felt like such a dork when I heard their name annoounced I jumped up and said yes, and realized I was the only one in the room. haha Im so glad they won it, they deserved it more than anyone.

  77. I just figured out who is between Leslie and Melora. I’m not sure if it was mentioned already but it was Michael C Hall, from Dexter. He presented the award. It bothered me all day. LOL. And that is very sad. Good night, everybody!

  78. I don’t know if Rashida Jones was there…I didn’t see any pictures of her anywhere. She was never made a regular, so I don’t know if she was even invited. =/

  79. Hey, Tanster, where are you? There has not been a new post since Sunday! I feel pathetically deprived :) Please, with the strike going on, you are our only hope for any sort of Office entertainment!

  80. #129, thank you for letting us know who that was. I was thinking the same thing, who has hair like that on “The Office”? Thanks again!!

  81. #129 – when i saw that picture i was like “who is this? Looks kind of like Dexter… Was Michael C Hall presenting this award??”
    Yes he was :) lol

  82. I finally found the video of the sag press room! I have been looking for it all over the place. I’m sure many people have already seen it, but in case you have not, I have the link!


  83. My husband and I absolutely love this show. We can not wait until they return.

  84. Belated congrats to the cast of “The Office”! There can’t be too many kudos for unquestionably the best ensemble on TV :)

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