Angela’s baby bump

The Office’s Angela Kinsey reveals the secrets of her baby bump.

Video 1:
Go inside Angela’s trailer as she searches for the mysterious piece of costume known as a baby bump.
[Video no longer available]

Video 2:
Angela Kinsey reveals the secrets of her mysterious “baby bump.”
[Video no longer available]

Video 3:
Angela compares being pregnant vs. playing pregnant during ‘The Office’ filming.
[Video no longer available]


  1. I know it’s not going to happen, but I really want that baby inside the fake belly to be Dwight’s.

  2. Angela is such a cutie when not in character. :) Enjoyed her “baby-belly how-they-do-it” explanation.

  3. This is what I want to happen…either a) the baby is Dwight’s. Or b) she finds out (finally!) that the senator is gay and Dwight is there to pick up the pieces and help her raise the baby!!! Awwwww!!!

  4. The way she talks about Jenna and her friendship just confirms what a wonderful person she is. She is definitely the whole package!

  5. when jenna announced that she was having a boy, i immediately wondered if angela was already planning the lieberstein-kirk wedding.

    now i know. :o)

  6. This is so cute! I love their real life friendship. I think I said “awww” out loud during the third video 10 times.

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