1. well, obviously nothing in canadia, but i was hoping for rochester, because i inexplicibly get all their news channels :p

  2. I posted this on the NBC boards earlier- the interview here was interesting and showed quite a few clips from the upcoming episode- post contains spoilers- you’ve been warned!

    *spoilers ahead*

    Well Angela and Mindy (Kelly) did a live interview (via satellite) on my local news station today at lunch- they showed quite a few scenes from the upcoming episode- in one clip Michael and Andy were in front of reception introducing themselves- they also showed Dwight and Andy in a conversation- but you couldn’t hear the dialogue because Angela and Mindy were talking- they also showed the clip of Jim and Pam- they talk for a little after the hug- but once again you couldn’t here what they were saying- I’m sure this was on purpose- but it still excited me to see the clips- and it was cool that the interview was live- I made sure I left a comment on Angela’s blog about it. The usual questions asked- any past job experience that helps you on the show now..etc- a question about Jim and Pam- a question to Mindy about writing and acting on the show- a question to Angela about her and Dwight- nothing big- but yeah the only clip that had sound was the one between Andy and Michael introducing themselves to each other- pretty funny- I was actually surprised by how much they showed- it just made my day that our news station had a live interview instead of taped- and it was from the Office set too- kinda cool

  3. Hey, is anyone else having trouble getting the video clip to play?

    I have a mac and I downloaded the suggested attachment and everything – the video started to play…got to a very spoilerish spot and then cut off!!

    Now when I go to the link the place where the video used to be is just white…did I break it?


  4. Aww! That was cute. Angela is so charismatic in these little interviews; she’s a very happy person. And Mindy really is brilliant. ‘The Injury’ was one of my favorites from last season (mostly because of, but not limited to, the fight in Meredith’s van). She’s quite talented and it really is refreshing to hear her speak normally and not so bubbly like Kelly.

  5. That was a really great interview… Mindy didn’t talk as much as Angela it seemed, but we found out a couple of things! I’m excited about this week’s episode. Is the interview Bubblewrap saw different from the one that Kristen posted?!

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