1. i get what they are trying to do, but it’s not annoying funny like dwight it’s just lame annoying :/

  2. The entire time I thought that was a real radio show… reallllly glad that it wasn’t ;) The annoying DJ reminded me of Kenneth on 30 Rock a bit.

  3. Is it just me, or did Angela seem to have quite a few “Jim” reactions in this clip? Maybe I’m just seeing things…

  4. Angela!! You were sooo funny. Oh it just made me miss The Office that much more if that is possible. The banter we all love so….it makes it even better when you seem to enjoy it too.

    You’re so clever Angela – that was a great show, thanks for the entertainment (Lance & Anna were great too)!



  5. ****

    OH, about the Jim reactions question – I sort of thought Angela had a lot of OSCAR reactions.

    I love Angela & Oscar together.



  6. I watched two episodes of this on VH1 last night and found it hilarious. Funny, funny awkward humor. Angela was great!

    [from tanster: i agree. and lance and anna play off each other beautifully.]

  7. Huh, that Lance guy was not funny at all.
    I did love Angela cursing in an Indonesian language though!

  8. This is so funny! I’d been dying to see his show, but I can’t find it anywhere on the schedule

  9. Is it just me or in the last few seconds of the interview when Angela says, “Sorry I feel like you’ve been very confused about our show, I feel so bad” she kind of sounds like Pam. Interesting…

    So either they hang out way too much or my mind is going crazy waiting for this strike to end. Although, I’ve gotta say this strike has really upped my patience level as a person. So maybe this strike isn’t so bad after all…”NOT”….Borat.

  10. are you people serious? this isn’t a real radio show. no one is trying to “be like dwight” here :|

  11. Angela was great and wow that Lance guy was Kip from Joe Schmoe Show! I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet, but he also played Dwight’s sensei in “The Fight”. (No points for pants.)

  12. Thanks for posting the video of this! I was gonna watch it last night and totally forgot to!

  13. Holy Crap!! (Can I say “crap” here?) That Lance dude is Dwight’s sensei, Ira!

    “Actually, it’s a symbol for eternal discipline.”

  14. Hilarious!! I didn’t even know about this show. When I think of VH1, I think of Celebreality shows with actors from the 80s, etc.

    It made me think of “jesus people” and michael cera. Clever and endearing.

  15. I randomly caught Angela’s episode last night on VH1. It was awesome. I had to research whether it was reality or not. Very funny…

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