Angela talks to IGN

SPOILER WARNING! The last page of the article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

IGN talks to Angela Kinsey about MySpace, the accounting department’s starring turn in last summer’s webisodes, and the birth of Dwangela:

IGN: What was your reaction when you found out Angela and Dwight would be paired as a couple?

I remember that table read so specifically; so vividly. And I remember we read the end where you see the two Birkenstocks are like bumping Birkenstocks, and it’s revealed to be Dwight and Angela, and I remember John [Krasinski] being like, “Oh my god! You’re kidding me!”

Oh yeah, and she also talks so ever briefly about the season finale. :)

Link: IGN Interview: The Office’s Angela Kinsey

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  1. “There’s some big, big twists. And Jan and Michael have something big that happens to them; I’m gonna emphasize the word big.”

    Hmmm… could Jan be carrying Michael’s love child.

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