Bid on items signed by Office cast!

The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation presents its 2007 Spring Award Show Auction, and includes the following two items:

  • A limited edition engraved iPod Nano signed by The Office’s Leslie David Barker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, and Phyllis Smith. Auction ends March 15 at 6pm PST. Bid on the Nano here.
  • A “My Starbucks” t-shirt signed by Jenna Fischer. Auction ends March 15 at 6pm PST. Bid on the t-shirt here.

Proceeds go to the emergency relief efforts in Darfur, Children’s Defense Fund, and Cure Autism Now.

The Screen Actors Guild is also holding an auction:

  • An autographed script of ‘Grief Counseling’ signed by ten members of the cast. Auction ends TODAY at 5:08pm PT. Bid on the script here.

Tipsters: Peggy, Andrew, Mari

Bid on autographed Office DVD, script, and photo!

The NBC Universal’s All-Star Charity Auction, which takes place April 19-25, will be auctioning off many cool show items and experiences, including this item:

The Office signed Season 1 DVD, Script & Photo

(Too bad The Office isn’t auctioning off a walk-on part, like “My Name is Earl” is doing. I think I’d mortgage my house for a chance at that one!)

For more information on the auction, click here.

To bid, go to starting April 19.

Update: to see a photo of the winnings, head over to Northern Attack.