Bid on autographed Office DVD, script, and photo!

The NBC Universal’s All-Star Charity Auction, which takes place April 19-25, will be auctioning off many cool show items and experiences, including this item:

The Office signed Season 1 DVD, Script & Photo

(Too bad The Office isn’t auctioning off a walk-on part, like “My Name is Earl” is doing. I think I’d mortgage my house for a chance at that one!)

For more information on the auction, click here.

To bid, go to starting April 19.

Update: to see a photo of the winnings, head over to Northern Attack.


  1. Re:”mortgage my house for a chance at that one!”—–You and me both Jennie!!!!!!!

  2. I WON THE AUCTION!! I wish it would have been a walk-on role, tour of the set, or, ahem…a date with John Krasinski, but I’m still excited. Yay!

  3. Aha, so you are misscellaneous! I (atabakin) wanted that package really badly… stupid just-out-of-college financial constraints. I just couldn’t go any higher.

  4. Okay, Jennie, I’ll let you know when I receive it and I’ll send you a pic. Thank you for the congrats. I am in heaven, right now.

  5. Hey, Plain White Jim! You were atabakin? That is so cool. I’ve known you forever from the Northern Attack forums. I’m Lori, over there. Ha! I outbid you. It was worth it to me. :)

  6. Long time fan, first time poster on here Jennie :-)

    I was hoping the pack would go to a serious fan and not a random collector, so I’m glad you got it Lori. Of course, if I knew it was you beforehand I might not have placed the desperation bid that I did and let you win for $5 less!

  7. Hahaha PWJ. It’s okay. I had put in a maximum bid for…well, a lot more than what I won it for. I was just happy when it stayed at $325.

  8. Really? Congratulations, Lori! How exciting!!! :) You’ll have to come back here and let us know when you get the package.

    Take a picture of yourself with your winnings and I’ll post it here!

  9. Thanks, PWJ! :)

    I am glad one of our own won it as well.

    It’s so funny, I was so dutiful in adding this to the calendar, and yet when the day finally came, I completely forgot about it! Otherwise, I definitely would have been in the bidding, too.

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