Best wishes to Jenna on a speedy recovery!

As you may have heard by now, Jenna Fischer sustained a serious injury on Monday in New York when she fell down marble stairs. (Which cancelled her appearance on Conan last night.)

From E! Online’s Kristin Veitch:

I’ve just spoken with Jenna Fischer’s representative who confirmed to me that the Office star slipped and fell down a marble staircase on Monday and fractured her lower back in four places.

Jenna was hospitalized Monday night and is now resting in her hotel room until she can regain enough strength to fly home to Los Angeles. She is expected to recover in about four to six weeks.

Please join me in sending Jenna the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery!

Link: Jenna Fischer Injured


  1. Sounds quite serious.

    In cute news:

    “Fischer’s friend and Office mate Angela Kinsey spent Monday and Tuesday at Fischer’s bedside before her husband, actor-filmmaker James Gunn, flew in from Los Angeles.” -AP

    So sweet. Jenna, we love you. Feel better!

  2. Jenna feel better!!!! That’s quite the fall! We’re all hoping that you make a speedy recovery so you can enjoy the rest of your time off before heading back to Dunder Mifflin for the already highly anticipated SEASON 4!

    Feel better!! Best wishes!

  3. Aw! I hope she gets better! Darn, that’s a nasty fall. =\ Love you Jenna!! =)

  4. Holy crapoly! Feel better Jenna! That TOTALLY sucks. I just read that on E, so I had to rush over here.

  5. Poor Jenna!
    I feel your pain…..literally. It’s happened to me before. Quite painful.
    Angela is so sweet!
    Feel better Jenna!

  6. This sounds more serious than something you can recover from in a few weeks. Get well soon, Jenna.

  7. I hope Jenna knows she has the collective good wishes of her many extremely loyal fans. I wish her the best of hopes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Oh no, I hope she gets well soon.

    She just needs to mash up some extra strength Tylenol and put it in some chocolate pudding. I hear that works well ;)

  9. Yeah, it sucks to be injured, but look on the bright side– this is what 24 box sets were invented for!

    Also, am I the only one who would love a daily Jenna myspace blog whilst she’s laid up and bored out of her skull? Hey, it’s just a thought!

  10. Wow its amazing that the recovery time is so 4-6 weeks. That seems so fast for such a serious injury. Well Best wishes on healing up quickly Jenna!

  11. Oh that sounds SO excruciating! Both my husband & I feel horrible hearing this news, & we’ll be praying for a fast & thorough recovery. Poor thing.

  12. Tanster…

    I wonder if there’s anyway we can take up a collection to send Jenna some flowers or something, perhaps using Paypal. It would only take a dollar or two from each of us. Maybe coordinate something with GMMR. It’d have to be sent to her publicist but it would eventually get to her.


  13. I am sooooooo glad to hear that she’s already out of the hospital and it’ll only take 4-6 weeks to recover. When I heard earlier that she hurt her back I feared it could be much worse. Get well soon Jenna! And stick to white sneakers instead of high heels for a while.

  14. This is hearbreaking news to say the very least. Best wishes to Jenna on a speedy recovery. I hope she knows that all of her fans are deeply concerned and extend their hopes that she enjoys a quick and recovery with as little pain as possible. She’s the heart and sould of “The Office” and seems to be a simply wonderful human being. Again, best wishes.

  15. Hi Jenna. I’m so sorry to hear what happened. Glad to know that you are with your loved ones during this time. Our best wishes and thoughts are with you. Hope you make a speedy recovery soon!

  16. Oh my goodness, how awful! I heard it was her arm that was broken!

    Best wishes for a quick recovery, Jenna!

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury Jenna! We are all pulling for you and hope you get well soon!

  18. As someone who has also fractured part of their spine, I know how much it really really sucks. However, I also know she’s going to be just fine. Hang in there, lady. Feel better soon.

  19. Best wishes to a speedy recovery, Jenna! That is NOT how you want to start your summer vacation, :(

  20. Best wishes to Jenna! You’ll be in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

  21. All your fans collectively cringed at your awful news, but we think the world of you Jenna and we feel your pain. Here’s to a speedy recovery. In the meantime, sorry for your bad luck.

  22. Wishing Jenna a very speedy recovery. It’s good to know she was in the hands of a very good friend to take care of her. :)

  23. Poor Jenna!

    She works SO hard with no breaks, and then this, just as she’s starting her vacation? No fair!

    Take it easy, Jenna!

  24. Tallyers-

    Is there any way we can send Jenna a “get well soon” card?

  25. So sad to hear the news! Take it easy and get better soon, Jenna! You’re in my thoughts & prayers!

  26. Oh my goodness! That’s terrible news. I wish her a speedy and full recovery. :-/

  27. Get well soon! And she was SO looking forward to doing nothing comfortably :( At least she can hang out in hoodies and sweatpants the whole time.

  28. I think it would be a great idea to send her a card if there’s a way to do it. We love you Jenna, and we’re so glad you have friends and family with you. Best wished on a speedy recovery, and remember that all your fans are thinking about you! xoxo

  29. Owie! So sorry to hear about her spill. Get well soon, Jenna!

  30. Just wanted to add our hopes that you’re feeling better soon, Jenna! Hope you can head home soon and be more comfortable. :)

    (For those of you who want to send real cards, this address was just posted on the NBC Office boards.)

    Jenna Fischer
    c/o Odenkirk Talent Management
    Raleigh Studios
    650 N. Bronson Ave., Suite B145
    Los Angeles, CA 90004

  31. Poor Jenna! She’s too sweet and pretty to be all bandaged up in a hospital bed… get well soon, Jenna!

  32. E! online is reporting that she’s out of the hospital and recovering in her hotel. That is good news I’d hope? A good sign of it not being too severe?

  33. #52: I’m a nurse, and I think its a good thing. She’s probably on a fair amount of painkillers, and probably some muscle relaxants as well. She may or may not be in a cast or brace of some kind. Back injuries are nothing to mess with so I hope that she hasnt damaged any nerves.

  34. Is there a way we can do something collectively from Office Tally instead of sending individual cards?

  35. oh man :( reading that was like hearing about a friend being hurt, i got a shiver through my spine and a sinking feeling in my gut :( i hope she can fully recover! blast you steep stairs!

  36. We’ve started a good wishes thread over on NorthernAttack, too. Good thoughts are being beamed to you by the multitudes who love you, Jenna. That’s what you get for being such a warm and giving person. Mend soon.

  37. Oh that is horrible news!!! I can’t believe this. Oh Jenna, my husband and I send you our sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery. We absolutely adore you and are so sorry this has happened to you… We know James is going to take awesome care of you.

    Tanster – keep us posted if you hear of a way we can send her a collective Tallyer get well hug.

  38. There’s no pain like back pain. I feel for her right now having had major back surgery myself. I really hope she feels better soon!

  39. Good God that sounds painful, get well soon Jenna Fischer!! (i know i like a celebrity when i care if i read stuff like this, i think this is the second time i have ever been concerned for someone famous!)

  40. My heart just sank when I read this. God, I hope she is ok and recovers quickly – back injuries are the worst.

    She is in my prayers as is James – it’s going to be a long road…:(

    God this is just awful…..

  41. Oh, poor Jenna! Our thoughts are with you and hope you have a speedy recovery!

  42. Oh how awful! I taped the show on Monday night and then when I went to watch it last night and saw she wasn’t on there I wondered what had happened. Gosh, I hope she is going to be alright and gets better soon!!

  43. ouch, that is horrible. I feel really bad for her. All the best. I hope this has no long lasting effects.

  44. Oh yikes! That made me cringe just thinking about it. I’m praying for you & James and sending good thoughts your way Jenna.

  45. Best wishes Jenna, stuff like that seems to always happens to the good people. Enjoy the pain meds, and get well soon.

  46. I hope you feel better soon, Jenna. I really feel for you. That back injury sounds excruciating. I’m sending out positive vibes of sisterly love to you.


  47. Oh my goodness! This is terrible news. I’m happy that she’s out of the hospital already. Best wishes to you Jenna, and I hope you recover as quickly as possible. :)

  48. I agree with Jake’s comment- Can we do something collectively to send her our wishes? A card or something?

  49. Oh Jenna! I feel like one of my personal friends has just been hurt! What a horrible way for her to spend her break. Get well soon honey and take it easy!

    Tanster – Is there a place where we could donate money for a fan get-well-soon gift or flowers or something?

  50. I hope you get better soon, Jenna! I am glad you have so much support from your family and friends.

  51. I am so sorry to hear this. Do send Jenna our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  52. It would be great if we could send flowers from Office Tally. Can you figure out a way to get them there, Tanster? I’ll definitely contribute if we can pull it off.


  53. Get Better Jenna, there is no office without Pam.

    “If you are a racist I will attack you with the North!”

  54. Jenna, Our prayers will be with you to make a complete and speedy recovery.

  55. I’m sure Tanster’s very busy but if there was a way she could set up a Paypal account, each of us could donate a few bucks. Then she could use that money to send flowers or some good DVDs, books, mags, etc. to Jenna’s publicist.

  56. I’d give money for flowers too. If too much money was collected we could always donate it to charity in her name.

    Get well Jenna!

  57. Oh not fair! Really women we need to stop wearing high heels and switch to safe, comfortable shoes that can still look good. Best wishes to Jenna!

  58. I would also donate money for flowers/get well soon card/something like that

  59. Just an idea I wanted to throw out there– I know that a cause near and dear to the hearts of Jenna and James is Rover Rescue. I am guessing that since she may be getting a lot of flowers and such as it is, that perhaps she might appreciate if we put the dollars towards a charity that she loves? What do you think?

  60. Oh my gosh, I JUST found out about Jenna! Oh Jenna, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Do we have a Paypal account yet? I want in on the group gift.

    We love you, Jenna!!!!

  61. I came on hoping to read about tonights epidode but now I just feel sick hearing about Jenna Fischer.

  62. Ahhh, Jenna, I hope you make a fast recovery :) Kinda weird coming from all these people you don’t know, but you have a lot of fans who really care about how you’re doing and we all have you in our thoughts. Get well soon!

  63. Get well soon, chica! We’re all pulling for you to experience an optimal, speedy recovery!

  64. I’m terribly sorry to hear about your accident! I hope it’s not hurting bad, and I sincerely hope for a speedy recovery.

    You have one day.

  65. Oh my… I pray that she fully recovers, this is such a sad thing to hear, especially after watching the season finale…

  66. I Freaked out when I hear what happened! That totally sucks… get better, seriously. And fast too. We the fans all care dearly about you!
    Love you!

  67. Wow, fractured back. That’s pretty serious. I heard about the accident a couple of days ago, but I had no idea. That must be awfully painful.

    Get Well Soon Jenna!

  68. You are the bestest person ever Jenna I heart you get well soon!!! We are all rooting for you!

  69. Hey Jenna. Hope you can watch tons of movies and read lots of books during your recovery!

  70. Jenna, I just read that you fell down steps in New York, I am so very sorry and will pray for a full recovery for you. Please know that all your fans love you!!!

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