1. Hope I’m wrong, but seems to me this might be how they write mindy off the show (given she’s busy with other projects)

  2. They also showed a brief clip during Rachael Ray of Michael and Andy and then Erin and Michael driving in the car.

  3. @1: According to Variety, she signed a 2 year contract in May 2009 with NBC to continue writing/acting in The Office while also developing a new show for NBC.

    Of the 9 comedy pilots NBC has ordered for 2010-2011, Mindy isn’t attached to any of them. Also, she implied on her twitter feed that she was going to be part of the S7 writer’s retreat, so I think she’s sticking around for at least one season.

    Though certainly the plot line might have her MIA for a few episodes like Ryan in S5.

  4. I love when Dwight says he bets she gets pulled over a lot because of her race, and she says, “Well, they say it’s for texting…” FUNNY!

  5. This storyline could be pretty interesting, I’m curious to see how it’s gonna work out.

  6. it’s weird to watch the show with
    audience:p suddenly it’s like a
    regular sitcom

  7. If Mindy leaves, The Office is dunzo. She is the best writer!

    Weird watching The Office with the CBS logo in the corner…

  8. To say the Office would be “dunzo” if Mindy left is a slap in the face to all the other great writers who work on the Office. While Mindy is one of the best writers, they still have enough good writers who can pick up the slack.

  9. I think that Dwight would be trying to get Kelly moved because of some more bad customer service reviews OR to get someone else a job… taking Kelly’s place.

  10. I think Dwight just wants more mega desk, so that’s why he is fake nice to Kelly. So he could steal her desk.

  11. Kelly leaving? Remember, this is a Dwight scheme and Dwight schemes never succeed.

    Mindy’s new show must still be in development aka development hell. Like all deals in Hollywood, signing a contract doesn’t mean something will actually be produced: most of the contracts are usually options that ultimately go nowhere.

    I’m not saying this to dismiss Mindy’s potential new show or because I want her to stay in The Office (even if I feel the Parks and Rec/Community/The Office/30 Rock is the strongest line up that NBC got in ages), it’s just that, within one year, there’s always an executive shuffle at the network and the guys who signed her are not necessarily the guys who’re now in charge of development.

  12. I’m currently in Spanish 102 at my school and my spanish teacher is a huge fan of The Office so I can’t wait to start throwing Office quotes in class. >_<

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