1. Hahaha! Love it!
    Poor Phyllis though! She feels so bad about that soccer playing ostrich. :D

  2. Phyllis…..that was hilarious. Oh my gah, Oscar and Creed, too! I wish this was kept in the episode!!

  3. Wow. Seriously, that Phyllis’ thing was awful. Not to be a downer and take things too seriously, but hit and run is just not funny. Wish I hadn’t seen that.

  4. Oh my God! Creed was so funny! “I committed some atrocities in Vietnam…two years ago.” And Phyllis – love her!

  5. Oh no, poor Phyllis! She is going to carry that around forever! But on the flipside, that IS hilarious.

  6. Even though the deleted scenes are basically canon, I’m glad they left Phyllis’ confession out. That is simply troubling.

  7. All three of these characters are in need of having an episode centered around them. I never tire of any of them.

  8. “I committed some atrocities in Vietnam… two years ago”. That should have been in the show! So funny! Creed is brilliant.

  9. wes, i totally agree. phyllis’s character development is….it’s just bad. write her “better”, guys!

  10. What does Oscar say as the first reason the company isn’t doing well? I’ve listened to it 10 times and i can’t understand it. Thanks!

  11. Loved Oscar but the Phyllis bit was too much for me. I hope more of this side of Oscar continues to seep into the on-air episodes.

  12. Wow, great talking heads! I love when Phyllis gets emotional. And Creed, there are no words.

  13. I was not in love with this episode (although the Jim/Dwight stuff was great), but LOVED the deleted scenes! Phyllis killed me! I found myself trying to visualize an ostrich in a soccer uniform. And that is some of the best of Oscar…ever.

  14. wow..I found this one to be one of the most unfunny deleted scenes I’ve ever watched..so glad it wasn’t included in the episode.

  15. Oscar is hilarious! I think that WOULD be a great avenue for Oscar….to be the Business Ethics rep from Scranton! haha! That would be a great episode!

  16. Sheesh, everyone has such crazy skeletons in their closets. Phyllis and Bob are gonna get deported, and sent to jail.

    Poor ostrich soccer player…

  17. Not a pretty color on Phyllis…also,I would have never have pegged them for going to Africa on their honeymoon — that just doesn’t sound like a place they would have gone….Myrtle Beach or metropolitan Orlando, yes, Africa? um, no…

  18. Oscar was the greatest, and it was so honest with how things are done sometimes. I’d love to see more of that sarcasm in episodes to come. And Creed is always Creed, nearly anything he says is comic gold. As for Phyllis, that was just…weird. But meh, 2/3 of the deleted scene were great!

  19. It’s gotten to the point where I am literally annoyed whenever I see Phyllis. Creed, he’s always weird but somehow it works for him. I love Oscar though; he’s normal, not a caricature like almost everyone else.

  20. Why on earth would they cut out the second scene! It would’ve made the whole episode better!

  21. For two minutes, I have never busted out laughing as much as this.

    The Kevin-Ryan feud would make for AWESOME TV, hope it comes to fruition.

    …I wish I had a third chair for this.

  22. That second clip would have been the best part of the episode. How could they delete that scene? The missed toss into the garbage can at the end was hilarious.

  23. How much do I love Kevin? That was fantastic television. That could have been the only thing in the episode and I would have loved it.

  24. So, suck…on…that…Ryan 2.0!

    I love Kevin 1.0 — that was *awesome*! I hope he brings back his M&Ms as a reward…

  25. Pure, unfiltered genius in that 2nd clip. I could totally see Ryan doing that! And Kevin rocks!! Although that was a perfect opportunity to make a Fire Guy/ burnt cheesy pita joke, as his sunglasses were in the toaster! I wonder if that was what it was alluding to?

  26. Clip #2 is the best deleted scene ever! That should have made the cut.

    Wow! *watching it again*

  27. Wow, deleted scene #2 was a thing of beauty! That should absolutely have made the cut. Aside from Kevin’s awesomeness, and Jim’s little jibe, it explains so much about where Ryan’s head and “logic” is at. Wow, just wow.

  28. Okay, the 2nd deleted scene was brilliant! I did not like Phyllis’s part in the 1st one though. Too much…I agree with the person who said that hit & run is just not funny. But I hope to live in a world where a person could tell a hilarious hit & run joke…it’s one of my dreams. ;)

  29. Love the second scene
    That should have been in the episode
    I don’t think we’ve ever seen Kevin that clever
    And awe, poor phyllis in the first scene
    Great performance though, she’s such a great actress

  30. I have a whole new found respect for the character of Kevin. I smell (literally, smoking sunglasses) a grudge building.

  31. awesome awesome awesome.
    sooo ryan is still on drugs….? i’ve been wondering. this kind of makes me think yes

  32. Aw man! The Kevin/Ryan thing totally deserved to be in this episode. Dammit, The Office needs to be an hour show!!

  33. Oh man… just as I’m about to comment merely on what a douche Ryan STILL is…. Kevin just swoops in and amazes the hell out of me. Well done Kev. Well done.

  34. I know the Air High 5 is a Jim/Pam thing, but seriously, that 2nd deleted scene should have had an Air High 5 from EVERYONE in the office.

    I wonder if this means Ryan still hasn’t hit bottom… *insert evil laugh here*

  35. Kevin almost became the Fire Guy 2.0! I’m very, very proud of Kevin getting some revenge. That was truly a great deleted scene.

  36. Who is more awesome than Kevin Malone 1.0?
    That would be Kevin Malone 2.0!!

    That was such a great scene…better than most of the Business Ethics episode.

  37. can someone describe the second deleted scenes for me please :) (because I live in Canada and I can’t download the “tip”)

  38. Deleted scene #2 was just awesome! I love seeing Kevin do something clever. You go Kev! Deleted scene #1…Oscar and Creed were hilarious, but Phyllis and Bob as murderers? Not so funny in my opinion.

  39. JoshyJordison:

    yes, I remember the writers saying that they do actually happen.. they just happen to get cut at the last second

  40. Deleted scene #2 was hilarious!! I wish they had kept it in! But the Phyllis deleted scene was not funny, just weird and dark.

  41. Oohhh! Poor Phyllis. Maybe it WAS just an ostrich in a soccer uniform. LOL.

    And I LOVE Kevin 1.0!!

  42. #2 is darn near perfect. Even better is the fact that Kevin used the toaster oven where Ryan started the fire.

  43. Kevin! He was sooooo awesome! I loved it. I liked that scene more than Holly and Michael at the “business romance” restaurant.

  44. Deleted scene #2 was better than the entire episode. In fact, it may just be the greatest deleted scene of all time.

  45. I think the person who decided to take deleted scene #2 out of the episode needs to be punished. That was freaking awesome!

  46. wow. Deleted Scene 2 was incredible. It’s nice to see Kevin come back like that. But is that really in character? My impression is that Kev would not get revenge like that and be so active. He’s usually take opportunities as they come. Then again, he really worked his stuff during the webisodes, so maybe we’re just seeing a new side of Kevin, Kevin Malone, 007

  47. AHAHAHAHAHAAHA in your face Ryan!
    He really should be in prison right now, being someone’s girlfriend and fighting off Dementors.

    Go Kevin.

  48. haha! the second one was amazing! aw man that definitely should have been in the episode!

  49. You know, if it were up to the writers/directors/editors at the Office, all takes would stay in and episodes wouldn’t be 20 minutes long. Blame GE, NBC, and their insatiable need for excessive commericials.

  50. Both of those deleted scenes were hilarious! Especially love Phyllis’s TH. “Maybe it was just an Ostrich in a soccer uniform”…..ha ha! That just made my day! Also love Kevin 1.0 — Go Kevin! I think Ryan is going to have many hard days ahead of him at work……(That’s what she said!)

  51. I was waiting for Kev to say something about ‘fire guy’…but he covered it in the ‘hired guy’ comment with Jim.

    That second deleted scene was awesome. They could’ve trimmed it up a bit to tighten it up and it would’ve been great. The Oscar TH was fun too, he’s awesome. Phyllis’ TH was strange, it almost seemed too improvised like they just let her keep talking and it just went the wrong direction – hence it got snipped.

  52. Totally off subject but did anyone else notice that in the address bar by the website, the little logo thing has changed. That is all. “Maybe it was an ostrich… wearing a soccer jersey.” That’s hilarious.

  53. “Where else am I going to find a job that lets me come in at eleven and leave at four?”

    I agree with some of the other posters–why were those scenes taken out of the show? They were so great!

  54. Meredith – I wish Toby were still here.

    Michael – NaaaaAHHHHH!

    I miss the Michael/Toby hate dynamic, although I am also enjoying Michael and Holly. Such a dilemma!

  55. My dislike of Meredith just grew a lot more. Her character seems to change dramatically from episode to episode. I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the acting, but it’s weird.

  56. Can someone please explain to me WHY?! l can’t watch videos of The Office on Nbc.com but l am able to watch SNL without restriction, that is so frustrating.

  57. I am starting to think Mer was drunk. Or does she really not care about her job THAT much?

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