Angela Kinsey MySpace blog: Dear Jenna Fischer

From Angela Kinsey’s MySpace blog, dated October 14, 2008:

Dear Jenna Fischer,

My philosophy in college was, “nothing before 10am. nothing after 2pm.” My classes were scheduled around sleeping in and napping. Aaaah…sleep. Of course that all seems like a lifetime ago. So every time you leave me a message about your great Sunday nap or how you just fell asleep on your couch or how you slept 9 hours three nights last week…..I start making a plan in my head of how to hurt you. Maybe I’ll kick you in the shin the next time we are in the hair and makeup trailer. Maybe I’ll give you a wedgie as we walk to set. Maybe I’ll flick a paper clip at your head during a scene. This is where my sleep deprived mind goes. But for today, in response to your blog….

It’s 1pm and this is what I have eaten so far:

7am powdered sugar donut

8:30am breakfast taco (sausage, eggs, cheese, bean, sour cream and salsa on a flour tortilla)

9am CHEESE quesadilla

10am lemon bar

12:20pm watermelon and strawberries

and we haven’t even broke for lunch yet. So suck it Ms. Napsalot!

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