1. Such great news! I wonder how the show will deal with it? (if they ever come back – boohoo). Will it be a drunken Christmas episode with Dwight or will Andy and his Sumo suit have anything to do with it???

  2. Holy crap! Congrats to you Angela, you will make an amazing mother.

    On a side note, this strike just might make it possible for the Office to avoid having to write her pregnancy into the script. Too bad. :(

  3. Congratulations Angela and Warren! How exciting…I wonder if this will affect the storyline, hmm…

  4. Congratulations Angela! That is so exciting!

    Oh my goodness, now maybe they will throw in that Angela Martin is pregnant! Hopefully they’ll end the strike soon enough to get the timing right!

  5. Cool! Congratulations Angela!

    I wonder how they are going to with Angela’s character … :P

  6. Good for her! If/when the show comes back this season I wonder how they would write that in… D’s baby?
    She will be so cute with a belly since she’s so petite, and she will be such a fun mom, too. I’m excited for them!

  7. Congratulations to Angela! Best of luck to her and her husband in her pregnancy and in childraising!

  8. Way to go Angela! That’s going to be one lucky kid to have a mom as cool cute and funny as Ms. Kinsey. Best of luck!

  9. YES! I’m so happy for Angela and Warren. That’s so exciting since they’ve been trying for a while. Congrats! That baby is going to be one cute kid.

  10. Wow. Congratulations to them! I completely wish we were getting the full season now even more. Oh man, I would love to see some Schrute babies!

  11. Congratulations Angela!! Tanster, is there some way Tallyheads can send a baby gift or something to her?

  12. and now the big question: is it dwight or andy’s? or maybe the strike is a blessing in that they might not have to work it in?

    how exciting! congrats angela and warren! :-)

  13. “Yay” Congratulations Angela and Warren. I wonder if they will have to write that into the show…Hum, Andy’s maybe?

  14. Congrats!! That baby is going to have all kinds of talent! What an exciting time for her and her husband! I wish them nothing but the best!!!

  15. Oh my god I actually just jumped up and down clapping and yelling!! Soooo exciting!!!

    Congrats Angela and Warren! (and to future-uncle Paul too!)

  16. That’s exciting! But if the strike lasts too long, they won’t have any choice but to hide her. She’ll be too big too suddenly.

    I’m imagining a lot of peeking over the wall at Pam.

  17. Congrats! I agree with everyone, you will make an excellent mother…and Oscar an excellent nanny. Or is it manny? And Paul will be an uncle! Let’s see, nine months for now…shoot for August 16th. Great day for birthdays.

    Show-wise, I do hope there is a Dwight/Andy battle royal along the lines of a Jerry Springer “Who-the-baby-daddy” type deal.

    I can just hear Montel Williams now.

    “…and the father is…”

  18. Congrats! (I say “congrats” because I always misspell the full word). My best friend just told me his girlfriend was pregnant yesterday too. I guess it’s baby makin’ season.

  19. So happy for her!

    As for the show? I see hilarity. Is it possible we could have a little Dwight running around? Scary thought.

  20. Wow!!! The first Office baby!!! (Right?)

    Congrats, Angela (and Warren, too)!!! She will be the cutest little pregnant woman EVER.

  21. Congrats to them! That is awesome! It would be great if the writers strike ended and they wrote her pregnancy into the show- yeah, a love triangle “who is the father” kind of thing which would be hysterical and ironic.

  22. How are they going to work this into the show?

    Just hide the baby like they did on Seinfeld? That would be funny. :)

  23. Congrats to Angela!! This so exciting!
    I wonder how/ if they’re going to write it into the show. Hmm…

  24. Congrats to Angela! They should just be lazy and not care like they did with Debra Messing on Will and Grace when she was pregnant…and yeah, sometimes I watch Will and Grace… and I want to throw up. It’s terribly loud. I do like it sometimes when Harry Connick Jr. is on. He’s so talented.

  25. Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations Angela and Warren! Angela, I’m sure that you will make a great mother. I wish the two of you (and your baby) health and happiness.

  26. Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was how it was going to effect The Office?

    Congratulations Angela Martin.
    Ooops, I mean Angela Kinsey.

  27. Great News!!! I wish her all the best! I hope they dont write it in the show, whenever they add a baby in it, it means the sow took a turn for the worst. Im sure that the wreiters know exactly what they are doing…..

    Congratulations to them both!

  28. Congratulations Angela and Warren! You will be great parents.

    No wonder you are organizing your closet – nesting already.

  29. I gasped so loud that my coworkers all looked at me with concern in their eyes.

    Oh Angela, I’m SO happy and excited for you both!

    I think an OfficeTally baby shower is in order. ;)

  30. Congrats to Angela & Warren! (and uncles Paul & Greg!) ;)

    That will be one sweet little baby!

  31. Congratulations to them!! Office baby!! I’m very happy for them.

    IF the writers were to work it into the show, I don’t think they would screw the pooch with it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves guys!

    Anyway, I wish them the best. For realsies :)

  32. Congrats Angela! I’m expecting my second child at the end of February… what a ride it is! Enjoy!

    The Office is a perfect show to NOT write a baby in…head shots only are very realistic for it in my opinion.

  33. Congratulations Angela! I was so happy to hear the great news! :) :)
    I’m sure the writers will have lots of fun with a pregnant Angela storyline if the strike doesn’t last until May.

  34. Awesome! Congrats to them and their families! I cannot wait to see a glowing Angela out and about!

  35. Whooo! As an older mom (I was 36 when my first and only child was born) I have to say ITS THE BEST EVER. The perfect age to be a Mom. And, she has the best cast and crew around her to spoil her. I hope she gets to enjoy some time off…but not too much.

  36. If the strike ends, how are they going to cover it up? Will there be a mini-Dwight in the future? but, for now, CONGRATS!

  37. Awwwww I love it! That’s so great! Can’t wait to see if they’ll put it in the show somehow. YAY!

  38. Congrats to Angela and her hubby! As a woman approaching 36 and not yet a mom, this news just makes me smile in the best way. :-)

  39. OMG, soooo weird. I totally thought the other day “I wonder when Angela will start popping out kids.” Thus proving that I am psychic. :)

    Congrats Angela and Warren!

  40. Yes, in a show like this, pregnancy would be fairly easy to cover up. Make use of talking heads, have Angela say her lines from her seat or peek her head over reception like she often does. Congratulations Angela!

  41. yay! congrats to angela and warren. this is kind of weird though, my sister just found out she is pregnant on monday. :)

  42. Congratulations!

    REALLY wish the strike wasn’t going on, so a Dwangela pregnancy could be written in.

  43. That’s so exciting! Congratulations Angela and Warren!!! I’m really happy for you two!

  44. Oh YAY! How exciting!! Congratulations Angela and Warren! Blessings for a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery.

    And please don’t name your child Michael Scott Lieberstein :)

  45. Just thought of this, how about a storyline of the party planning committee planning a baby shower for her…

  46. Congratulations! I am so darn excited for you guys! Let the unsolicited advice begin; my favorite of which is to always trust your Mommy Instinct. Wishing you all the best!

  47. Whee! :D

    Congrats to Angela, Warren, The Kinsey, and Lieberstein Families! Woo hoo to Uncle Paul, Uncle Greg, “Aunt Jenna,” “Uncle Rainn,” and all the rest of the Office family. Geez, this baby is going to be so loved!

    Joint baby showers! Schurs and Liebersteins!

  48. What a fun and exciting time for them, I wish them the best. Even more so since they’ve been trying for a while. yay :D

  49. Congrats!! Wishing you and Warren nothing but the best. Any chance this kid will be the class clown?

  50. They should tie this into the story line. It could be Angela and Dwight’s baby or Angela and Andy’s baby. But then again, we may not have the show back by then.

  51. Hey did everybody catch her husband’s name, Warren Lieberstein?? Any possible relationship to Paul Lieberstein [actor who plays “Toby” & is a writer of the show] ??

    [from tanster: paul and warren are brothers.]

  52. This is incredible news. Congrats to the highest degree. I always get so excited when someone is to enter the mom club.

  53. WOW! Congrats! Is her husband related at all to Paul Lieberstein? Because that’s what I heard… wonder how they’ll write this into the show. Dwight’s baby, hopefully!

    – Katie, The One Who’s Jealous Of Pam

  54. How exciting! If we have the show back in time, maybe they can tie this into the storyline? Congrats to them both :)

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