1. I must say, this has been the most surprising season. Each episode shocks me… except Ryan being the receptionist… you can ask my friends, I called that one.

  2. I think it’s a false alarm. I don’t really see Roy getting mad, you would think he’s moved on by now. Maybe he’ll just buy Jim a drink?

  3. Hahah I love these melodramatic promos! They could make the weather report look like a soap.

  4. it looks very promising…i always wanted a jim and roy show down, but i get the feeling they’re just gonna talk about sports…i could be wrong…

  5. ROY!!!! I’m sooo excited. kind of nervous though… he’ll say something to jim that will freak him out!

  6. speculation:

    i think that after andy runs into the door, michael and holly unlock the door, and forget to lock it again. thus, someone breaks in.

    i just wanted to focus away from roy being back, which is awesome, but michael and holly have done more for me in like 5 episodes, than jim and pam have done for me in 5 seasons

  7. ROY! Oh man. It’ll be good. I’m not worried at all cause Pam knows how much she loves Jim and how much Roy sucks… so this will be hella interesting.

  8. Woo hoo! Roy is back! I can’t wait to see how they reintroduce him. I have to admit, I thought he would have been back earlier.

  9. Should be interesting, though I’m not worried. One of my favorite scenes ever was the parting conversation of Pam and Roy. Roy reminding her that she called off their wedding for Jim was pretty much Roy admitting defeat. As long as they avoid any love triangle drama, I’m good.

  10. Even as a die hard JAM fan, I’m glad they brought Roy back. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little bump in the road because I know that when they make up it will bring them even closer together. The writers know what they’re doing.

  11. ROY ROY ROY!!! Wow I knew he was coming back but not this soon…I really hope he only sees Jim and not Pam, and that he’s at least got a girlfriend. So excited for Holly-Michael lip-locking!!!

  12. I just want Pam to come back and at least visit Scranton! I really miss her interaction with everyone-especially Michael. And of course, Jim!

  13. Michael and Holly bowing was adorable!
    I can tell already that I’m gonna like this episode.

  14. I’m not worried about the Roy thing. It’s probably gonna be a punch in the arm / forgiveness / don’t screw it up like I did kind of thing.

  15. Ahh!! I love Jenna and John on the NBC set thing…

    what was Michael talking about..”twice” ?!

    “Maverick-y” Hahaha oh Tina Fey…

  16. Yes, that was definitely Andy who ran into the door, lol. I cannot wait for some serious Michael/Holly love this episode, “twice”!! Come on Thursday!

  17. 26- Kelly, I totally agree with you girl!!
    Hooray for the writers bringing David Denman back! I’ve missed him so much!

  18. I know it won’t happen but it’d be hilarious if Roy was somehow added to the Dwight/Andy dilemma. She always seemed sort of fond of him and in the Fire episode where they were talking about who they’d sleep with, Roy said Angela.

  19. As much as it pains me to admit it, I am glad to see they are bringing David Denman back, even if it is for one episode. I don’t think it will be a love triangle sort of thing but we’ll see…can’t wait till Thursday!!

  20. I know this sounds weird, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Roy around more often.

  21. I can’t wait to see David Denman on the show again. This is going to be very interesting!

    Happy Birthday, John Krasinski!

  22. I’ve actually kinda missed Roy, so yay! He’s back!It’s like a throwback to the good ol’ season 2-days!
    I wonder if Jim’s gonna become all possessive of Pam, or if he’ll act insecure and worried instead…

  23. OOOOh!! This might just be the real argument I’ve been waiting for Jim and Pam to have. I figure when Jim and Roy start to talk at the bar, Roy already knows about the engagement because Pam called him (as a courtesy, so he wouldn’t have to hear it from someone else). Jim is understandably pissed to learn that Pam and her ex have been in contact–even if it was perfectly innocent. CAn’t wait until THursday to find out.

  24. Is it weird that I’m more excited to see what happens between Michael and Holly rather than the Pam/Jim/Roy triangle?

  25. I’m pretty positive Michael isn’t referring to sex when he says “twice”, but I am still happy we get to see some lip-locking!

  26. YAY!!!!! Roy returns… ’bout time. hehe.

    And Andy running into the door made me giggle.

  27. so excited for roy!!! he’s one of my favorites, but i’m doubting he’s going be interacting with pam at all. that would definitely be better because it would cheapen the show if they made it too love-triangle-y. i don’t know about anyone else but i miss the old super-annoying andy, i think they’ve toned his character down too much. hopefully he’ll go super hulk when he finds out about dwangela.

  28. I was hoping Roy would make an appearance, but I didn’t think it would actually happen!

  29. re:#41 & #44

    I think the one with Pam meeting the Halpert Bros will be the one next week. Jenna said in an interview that Pam decides to get Jim and her brothers together to prove to him she’s committed to the relationship, something she wouldn’t feel compelled to do if she thought Jim wasn’t worried about her being away. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to do with Pam and Roy keeping in touch but the word is Roy says something to Jim that makes him worry about Pam being away, wondering if one of her new friends might steal her.

  30. Roy’s a great character to add for an episode, but I have to be honest, I don’t really miss him all that much. And I can’t believe some of you prefer KAREN.
    Karen. The decidely most unfunny character that the show had ever possessed. Karen.

    I’m wincing internally at the thought of her permanant return. Shudder.

    Nothing against the actress, whom I love :] Rashida Jones is awesome.

    Can’t wait for this episode. It’s bound to be a good one.

  31. I can only think of one phrase that best describes this situation:

    Uh, oh spaghetti oh’s.


  32. “Why such giddiness by so many for Roy? Isn’t he the anti-Jim?” — Troy’s Magical Riddles

    I think the reason so many, myself included, are excited for Roy’s return is that he represents the roots of the show. Things have changed a LOT over 4 seasons, so for me, the appearance of Roy is about nostalgia. I like to see him because it takes me back.

  33. ROY!
    I’m kinda glad he’s back. I actually liked his character… and I’m guessing he’s not much of a threat anyways.

  34. Even though I hated the way Roy treated Pam, there was always something about him that tickled my fancy. He did seem like he loved Pam, but in his own little way.

    Even though I am 110% a JAM fan, I’m not hating that they’re bringing him back. But as long as it’s only for one episode ;)

  35. Omg I hate Roy. I wish he would just be done on the office, just like Packer. Some characters are better off being gone. Let JAM alone, it’s beautiful. And the guy from the art school can screw off!

  36. Yeck. I agree with chevy. Karen was the worst.

    I think Roy’s return will spice things up with JAM, I’m just hoping we will get to see Jim and Pam together this episode. Hopefully Roy’s appearance brings them closer together.

  37. I like Roy and I’m glad he’s back! And I also wish Packer was back, cause he’s so realistic…. there’s always a todd packer in real life…

  38. I never want Karen back, but I’m glad Roy’s back.

    Maybe he’ll kill Jim like he was planning to.

  39. Hahahahaha Why does Roy always yell? He could just walk up to him and talk like a normal person…

  40. 61 — That’s a good point. Roy does make me feel nostalgic. I’m just worried about potential JAM trouble.

  41. I really don’t think Roy will be a problem. Pam and Roy went out one last time and he was shocked that Pam was not even going after Jim. I think it will be weird but nothing bad will come of it!

  42. Michael and Holly look so cute in the second promo! I don’t see how Amy Ryan can leave the show without some major heartbreak on Michael’s part.


    it’s weird actually– my mind would wander to wonder if the writers regretted having Jam being together so early in the game, yanno, not having any potential for drama between the two (instead of the “omg its kinda weird between us” thing) — NEVER MIND THAT!

    it seems I should have never second-guessed them; they know what they’re doing! What with Roy making an appearance, maybe Karen will be back, heck maybe even Mister Art-Casanova will stir things up! :D


    I HAS IT. 8D

  44. With the (hopefully brief) return of Roy, I felt compelled to post my dear daughter’s YouTube “memorial” to Jim after Roy’s attack in Season 3. It’s so sad I keep forgetting he wasn’t successful.


  45. Roy! Jim’s face is totally comfortable when he walks in the door…I think they will have just a casual drink and it won’t be a problem. Although I predict Roy might make some comment blaming Pam for part of the reason they were engaged so long, which won’t sit well with Mr. Halpert.

  46. yea it totally seems like they are both comfortable. I wonder if Roy is going to say something mean about Pam or something. Then Jim will get all defensive.

  47. This sounds like it is going to be a good episode. I am looking forward to having Roy back. It will certainly will make things more interesting. I like seeing Jim with the warehouse guys too. I love how Darryl just tells it like it is.

  48. ROY!

    From his tone, it may be kind of a wrap up for Roy-Pam … basically, Roy goes to Jim, tells him that he heard that Jim and Pam are together and got engaged. He gives him that ex boyfriend talk “If you do her wrong, I’ll hurt ya, you know I can.” bit.

  49. I bet that they’ve been keeping in touch or something and Roy was supposed to meet them… they looked so casual when they saw each other and when Roy walks up to Jim it looks like they’re talking

  50. I’m excited for this too. It brings back the nostalgia of the whole Jim-Pam-Roy love triangle that used to be. Not that Roy is a threat to anyone now, but it will be interesting to see that dynamic again, even if thigns have changed and everyone is cool. (I miss season 2!)

  51. Last night I watched Office Olympics on TBS. I miss the old Jim. The one that would get excited about goofy games and pranks. The writers should bring that guy back.

  52. Snap! Roy’s back! Can’t wait for this episode!

    Also, a few people have mentioned wanting to see Todd Packer….I agree. We need some “Todd”! I love the scenes with him & Michael when they act like total dorks! He is hysterical!

  53. I concur with #90.

    This site posted a link about Roy’s return, and it says the same thing about Roy slipping something that makes Jim worry about Pam being at art school with a bunch of other people. To add on to what you said, Jim will probably mention his encounter with Roy to Pam and what Roy said, albeit in a harmless way, though Pam will feel that he’s worried. This will be what prompts Pam to arrange the get together with the Halpert Bros that we’ve also heard about.

  54. My guess is Roy is back to instill doubt and jealousy into Jim’s mind about Pam being away at art school making “friends” with new people. After all, Pam was engaged to Roy before she became “friends” with Jim and that did not end well for him. Long distance relationships are difficult for a reason, so expect this slightly bumpy road PB&J are on to become a bit bumpier. Get ready to bug out as Pam hits it off with a new guy friend at school while Jim and Pam struggle to get on the same page.

    (Just one guy’s prediction)

  55. @ MIXED BERRY [81] — Noted. XD but I meant them getting ENGAGED– see if they just kept on dating then there would’ve been more on-the-edge drama, if they’re engaged then that lets us know that “yeah, they’ll hit a bump in the road, but that bump was just a speed bump– things between them *are* going to get better no doubt.” Basically, I’m saying that ring on Pam’s finger is a safety net for us; we don’t have to worry.

    @ Christine [87] — I AGREE! I do want the old Jim back, the one who’d be the ultimate dork in his own way– but now– he just has those random quips that remind us “oh hey! Jim’s still here.” But whatevs, the characters grew through 5 seasons I guess. :/

  56. #89 The Radish Inn – “Snap! Roy’s back! Can’t wait for this episode!”

    My thoughts exactly! I can’t believe he’s back! I want to see what he says! I’m guessing they aren’t TOO tense, with Jim’s warm welcome and all. Maybe he invited Roy?

  57. Crime. Reduces. Innocent. Makes. Everyone. Angry. I. Declare.

    Oh, this is gonna be such a good one.
    *that’s what she said.*

  58. 95 – “global” is a Canadian channel that shows the NBC shows

    this episode looks awesome! can’t wait

  59. I’m glad I’ve had a crazy busy week up until now so I didn’t have to consume every second thinking about and waiting for Thursday. Now Thursday is tomorrow! My week is still busy but hooray! I have 30 minutes to drop everything I’m doing and focus on this awesome episode!!

  60. Crime. Reduces. Innocent. Makes. Everyone. Angry. I. Declare.

    OMG that made me laugh so hard. I can’t wait!!

  61. I’m pretty sure the way the whole Roy – Jim scene at Poor Richard’s (quite possibly?) will play out is that Jim is out with the warehouse guys because he’s celebrating his engagement. Darryl invites Roy, not knowing of the history of Jim and Roy, and when Roy arrives, he’s surprised to see Jim with the warehouse guys. Roy won’t know of Jim’s engagement until the moment he asks why everyone is here. And when the time comes, I think Roy will just leave the bar sad.

  62. Happy Crime Aid day! On Bob Vance’s My Space page, his default pic is of he and Michael Scott (Steve) sitting in front of the giant thermometer thing.


  63. @101:

    Darryl obviously knows the history of Jim and Roy. He tried to get a raise when Roy got fired for attacking Jim when he found out that Jim had kissed Pam and caused her to break off the engagement.

    Also, Jim didn’t seem too happy around the warehouse guys, so he probably wasn’t celebrating his engagement with them. Maybe they were just out getting a drink after the office was robbed.

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