Halloween savings at the NBC Store

The Office NBC StoreI received this email from the NBC Store:

“Get ready for Halloween with easy costumes based on your favorite shows!

Save 10% on these items — just use coupon code HALLOWEEN upon checkout.

Coupon offer valid through 10/31/08.”

P.S. Here’s my review of the pictured messenger bag.


  1. Too bad I’m being Sarah Palin for Halloween… I wanna be Pam! And thanks for the discount code!

  2. Anyone know what the “bonus DVD” that comes w/ the 2009 calendar is? The website has no description! :(

    [from tanster: carla, see this post.]

  3. OK – so I saw someone wearing a gray hoodie with the dunder mifflin logo on it – does anyone know where I could buy it? I looked on the nbc site but I can’t find it :(

  4. Hey tanster!
    Do you happen to have the Dunder Mifflin scarf?
    If so, can you tell me how long it is?

    ps… thank you for this AWESOME website!
    i literally check it everyday. :)

    [from tanster: awww, thank you, karissa! no, i don’t have the scarf, but it does look really cute, doesn’t it? :) ]

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