1. I have to admit, those scenes needed to be deleted. Customer Survey was so well executed, it’s going to be hard to find a fault. Kudos to Lester Lewis and Stephen Merchant.

  2. Last night’s episode was classic office! It was great to see most of it taking place IN the office with classic Jim/Dwight stuff going on:) Oh how I missed that!

  3. Haha that face Michael makes at 1:15 (right after he says “carrots”) is the best face I’ve ever seen! Although… kind of Andy-ish!

  4. I gotta admit, I’ve really enjoyed the Stanley/Phyllis camaraderie they’ve built up. Kinda wish that scene was in the show.

  5. Surprisingly, a very good choice of deletion for this scene. I did like the Phylis/Stanley/Andy bit though… but Customer Survey was perfect how it was.

  6. I’m trying to watch this using ultrasurf but I’m still getting “clip can not be played in your location” message. This has never happened before. Anyone else having problems?

  7. Yeah, these were good to leave out. But: “… then I will use the paper to write my memoirs” … awesome!!

  8. Dwight’s talking head was brilliant! I wish they kept that. I can understand why they cut everything else though.

  9. Don’t leave me hangin’!
    Why are all of these funnier than some of the scenes in the actual episode?

  10. #1 I completely agree. In this case- the episode was so perfect, I don’t think anything need to be added.

    Lester Lewis is pretty much a genius (and Stephen Merchant of course).

  11. Jim’s TH was hilarious… but yeah, Stephen, Dave, and Dean found so far the best scenes to cut.

  12. I was wondering when Jim and Dwight found the time to contact their customers to get their feedback. So that explains that.

  13. Aw! Where’s the third one at? After the scenes play it shows a third one called “Dwight isn’t in on the joke” but when you click on it, it’s not in NBC’s file. That look on Phyllis’ face is awesome. Guess I’m not in on the joke either.
    Dwight’s TH should have made the show. It figures he’d have some grand scheme for his bonuses.

  14. Re: spencer_0123

    I also had that problem last week, but it worked after I set the proxy settings to “directly use ultrasurf”. Hopefully that will work for you.

  15. Wow, clip 3 is like the political conspiracy companion to Dwight’s perfect date monologue from way back in Season 1 or 2. It was funny but I can see how it would have been cut. Even with all the tasteless junk shown on TV, some topics are still a bit touchy to satirize and broadcast on network television. Still, I thought it was funny.

  16. Dwight’s talking head scene is hilarious. Now that should’ve stayed in, I can’t stop laughing. “Nice try history. Better luck next year.” Hahaha

  17. The last part of the 3rd one is really funny! I love how Dwight’s body language is turned- like no one is going to sneak up behind him.
    But, I can see why it was deleted-the episode was absolutely perfect the way it was (minus Alex).

  18. Oh wow! I think I’m really starting to like Dwight. I mean, I alway have, but just thought he was a major idiot. But now? I like REALLY like him. Lol.

  19. Loved the third one! Oh how I wish it had been included, but it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the episode.

    Still awesome, though.

  20. I can see why they deleted the JFK one for sensitivity reasons, but it was pretty great. Still, even I feel a little weird for laughing at it, so you know someone would’ve complained.

    I definitely would’ve included the first deleted scene if only to have more talking heads and character variety in the episode.

  21. I thought Dwight’s talking head was one of the best in Office history. It was classic Paranoid Dwight.

  22. hahah nice try, history. that was great.

    the tax break thing was a little weird, but I love the JFK thing.

  23. Agreed, third one is funny yet also feels inappropriate. Reminds me of Michael’s line in Casino Night: “There are certain topics that are off-limits to comedians: JFK, AIDS, the Holocaust. The Lincoln assassination just recently became funny.”

  24. I guess enough time hasn’t passed for JFK to be funny for anyone who has lived through that day almost 45 years ago, it still hurts.

  25. I have to wonder if that cartoonist that Pam went on the double date with pinned the cartoon Phyllis and Stanley were laughing at.

  26. Are people being serious about the JFK thing being touchy? Maybe I’m way too young to get it, but it’s been almost half a century. If people are making jokes about the holocaust (which they are)then I think JFK shouldn’t even come close to being touchy.
    Third one shouldn’t have been cut. Best talking head ever!

  27. I can see how it would be a little touchy, but I have been researching the Kennedy Assassination for 7 years and wrote my senior thesis on the warren commission and when i heard that i almost fell out of my seat i was laughing so hard so i can see it from both sides

    i still thought it was hysterical

  28. Fourth deleted scene is extremely awesome.
    Although I think it was a good choice to cut it – I’m SO GLAD we get to see these incredible deleted scenes online.

  29. The thing I just liked about the JFK one is that he “kissed” the fake Jackie! Even though he knew she was fake! Why would he do that?! Hilarious.

  30. 4th scene is funny, but glad it didn’t make it to the final cut. Just means more for the dvd extras. Love it.

  31. Wow, the fourth one is amazing, should have kept it and the JFK talking head and this episode would have been the best of the last two seasons. Wow, disappointed they cut those two.

  32. Elf Dwight! Can Christmas be far away?? I so hope we see him this season. I can totally see a fight between Andy and D over who gets to be the elf. :-)

    Love Jim’s expression at the end!

  33. “I wonder what else Dwight’s been right about…” ahahahaha Clip 4 was better than the other ones.

  34. I loved the 4th, especially with Dwight’s elf ears. But I kind of wished they had brought back some clips from past shows. But I guess it’s good to keep everything fresh.

  35. The fourth one is hilarious I think merely for the fact that Jim’s face is priceless at the end of it……

  36. Big lettuce! You have to laugh at that. And Jim’s face at the end…classic. That fourth one should have been left in.

  37. I think the 3rd deleted scene was perfect until the idea of JFK shooting himself and then dodging his own bullet came up. Fake Jackie is genius.

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