Dennis Fletcher Q&A

Tiffany: The balloon cold open was fantastic and reminded me of “American Beauty”. How was that scene like to shoot?

Dennis: Thank you Tiffany for the question. Unfortunately due to politics I was not allowed on the Office set for the duration of the Office season, and unfortunately that included the warehouse as well, so therefore, due to circumstances that were beyond my control, I was unfortunately not permitted to be present for the filming of the balloon scene you are describing, which I personally saw on my television along with the rest of America, and which I personally enjoyed a great deal due to its comedy. I have not seen American Beauty but I will check it out. Thank you for the question.

Jessie: This is amazing! I LOVE Dennis Fletcher! He’s my new favourite Twitter follow. But I’m more interested in whether he’ll get to write an episode next year, and whether he thinks something will happen with him and Carrie ;)

Dennis: Thank you Jessie, I appreciate the question very much. First of all yes, indeed I will be writing my very own Office episode next year when I am the executive story editor, and I am very much looking forward to it as I have about a million hilarious ideas, many of them involving Jim and Dwight.

As for my personal life, unfortunately I do not comment on that, nice try. The main thing I have to say is the incredible amount of respect I have for Carrie Kemper as a person and as a writer. Not too many people balance class and comedy skill the way Carrie Kemper does, if ever, and Carrie if you are reading this I am sure you will agree. There is something about her that I really do appreciate, it is hard to put into words even if you are a writer you will get tongue tied, it’s funny. First and foremost I believe Carrie Kemper should be happy, because she is an awesome writer and classy person who deserves only the best in life. She should definitely be with someone who takes her places, like Santa Monica, and rides on the ferris wheel with ice cream cones laughing and never just says let’s stay home and watch whatever is on cable. That is something I always understand and I find it odd quite frankly if anyone forgot even for a second. Carrie Kemper is a really incredible person and it is an honor to be in the writers’ room with her, and I believe we are indeed on quite the same wavelength it is almost eerie. Did you know that she is the sister of Erin [Ellie Kemper], no joke, who is a pretty [extremely] amazing actress ,and that is how I feel about Carrie Kemper as a writer, in that she is a pretty [extremely] great writer. There are many other good writers on staff too as well such as Emily [Amelie Gillette?] and Warren and so forth, my what a talented group.

daniel g.: He seemed like a mean person to me. Saying how he hates half the staff, and even Daniel Chun said he’s the reason he’s leaving the office.
Not a good first impression.

Dennis: First of all, Daniel G., the joke is on you because I read all of the questions posted, not just the ones Jennie sends to me, so I can see you talking about me like I am the third person but here I am, reading this and laughing my ass off. The reason I hate half the staff is that they are snobs, it isn’t I am a quote unquote mean person, that is why I am laughing my ass off that you think I am mean when the truth is they are mean, at least the snobs.

PaperCrazy: Do you have plans of having Michael Scott come back as a guest in an episode to check on his friends?

Dennis: Once again Michael Scott is a character not a real person, he is played by Steve Carell who is famous from the movies Anchorman and Get Smart and so forth. The reason he seems real is because Mr. Carell is such a brilliant and talented American actor. To get Michael Scott in an episode I believe Toby aka Paul Lieberstein would call his agent and his agent would contact Mr. Carell’s agent and explain how we wanted him in an episode and explain how much money Paul would pay him. They would negotiate. Perhaps Mr. Carell has a manager as well and that would be another element to consider. Thank you for the question PaperCrazy. It is so [extremely] funny to me that people do not understand how television shows work, aka, they think the people are real and do not know about all the writers, story editors, and so forth who are making it all happen! I know you know but I just think it is hilarious how so many people do not know.


  1. I know whoever is behind this is trying to be funny by being annoying, but it is not funny at all. I did not even smile once. It is not even believable. What a waste of space on this otherwise wonderful website.

  2. Wow. Does everyone understand that the office characters aren’t real? Fellow tallyheads simply wanted to know the plans the writers have for the characters, we get that they are played by ACTORS. I’d rather see the office end this season than have Dennis Fletcher as the executive story editor for season 9. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the office characters aren’t real?

  3. Are you even sure he’s actually a real story editor on the show?

    Everything he types sounds like something we could all easily write. He thinks we don’t know the difference between fictional characters and the real people? Why did we interview him again?

  4. Also Steve Hely wrote one of the funnier episodes the whole season so…..I’m definitely fine with him having more scripts.

  5. I don’t know if this is indeed an April Fool’s stunt, but I found this very insulting as a long time fan. Like you said we do know the different between Michael and Steve. If this new guy is for real and just trying to be funny I’m afraid he doesn’t know the majority of the fans of this show.

  6. Not your average Q&A…no kidding. Wow. I admire your tact with this, Tanster.

  7. That was embarrassing to read. I feel like 99% of Office Tally readers know more about the show than this guy. Can’t believe Paul actually hired him. Really not a good look at all for the show…

  8. Wow, thanks for this tanster. Sad to see someone so bitter with a show that has probably padded his Resume and career. Have a good one sport!

  9. I particularly like the part where he talks about how he “flys coach by choice” to “keep it real”. Nice of him to provide some insight.

  10. While I appreciate the effort that went into this, as a fan of this show from the very beginning – I find this incredibly patronizing. Constantly suggesting that we are unable to separate characters from actors? Really? Unless we have all had a severe break from reality – we’re well aware that they are two separate entities.

    When talk of this Q&A first began I was hoping this was some sort of joke either by this site or the office staff. Finding out it is real is disappointing, and it frankly makes me a little nervous for the future of my favorite show.

  11. Anyone notice the posting date for this? Does that ring a bell? Lord, beer me strength.

  12. Guys… he is just joking. He is a comedy writer. This was meant to be funny and not taken seriously…

  13. There’s no way this guy is for real, right? I mean, this has to be some (really bad) joke.

  14. I think this was an April Fool’s joke, right? I can’t believe a writer for the office would be so…off.

  15. I’m…speechless. Not only did we not learn anything new about the show, Dennis appears to HAVE no inside scoop as a story editor. Strange, no?

    [ from tanster: i was hoping for even the tiniest spoiler about upcoming episodes. but then again, it doesn’t look like dennis was heavily involved this year. ]

  16. A few months ago, Mindy Kaling tweeted that B.J.’s “staff writer from South Boston who is in love with Carrie” was her favourite character of his ever. This is a joke!!! Dennis Fletcher is not a real person, it’s B.J. playing a prank on us all! You only have to read his tweets to realise that it can’t possibly be serious.

  17. Please tell me that SOMEONE realizes that everything he said was freaking hilarious and the fact that people are getting all worked up about this makes it all the more freaking hilarious. Maybe the people who “can’t distinguish between a character an actor” can’t distinguish a joke from an insult. Hahahaha this was so awesome.

  18. Tanster: Not to be rude, but do we have concrete proof that this guy is a story editor? His answers are rude and off-putting. I wouldn’t have ever expected someone who represents our beloved show to behave like this.

  19. Did anyone pay attention to the date this supposed Q&A was published? ;)

  20. I keep re-reading his responses and find them funnier and funnier! Best Q&A ever!

    Either I missed the April Fool’s joke, or else this is it…

  21. A character indeed. Is Dennis Fletcher for real? Why did he get so worked up when people were referring to characters instead of the actors? Lol

  22. After the ADD kicked in on sentence 2, of answer 1 (and I don’t even have ADD), I was compelled to look at the date this was posted…April 1st…happy April fools day??

    We can only hope…

  23. Everyone, I think he knows we know the difference between the actors and the characters. He was just trying to be funny (emphasis on “trying”) and was highlighting whatever “politics” issues he’s dealing with that maybe involve the actors (????). As someone who teaches English, I just gotta say, for a writer, he sure has a lot of comma splices and wordy sentences. Kind of reminds me of my students’ papers that go on and on but say nothing. Thanks for answering my question though, Dennis, seriously.

  24. Who is this guy? I don’t get it! I’m a fan who loves The Office characters. This guy seems to disrespect fans who’ve watched the show from Day 1. I don’t get it — what’s he doing on your webpage? Not at all funny! And who cares about his lovefest with the Kempers!

  25. If this is an April Fool’s joke, it isn’t funny. If it’s real… this show is in more serious trouble than I thought.

  26. People are all over the place with their thoughts on this Q&A. My take, I laughed so hard at his ramblings my stomach hurt! He just messed around every question, and although he shoulda probably answered a few, had me laughing so hard at how weird and off topic his answers were.

  27. Wow! He really pulled out the big guns! Real whining? I didn’t expect that!

    So you’re telling me The Office isn’t an actual documentary?

  28. Just to add to my original comment, if Mr. Fletcher was trying to be funny, he wasn’t. This display of his talents does not bode well at all for season #9.

  29. There’s no way this can be real. None. I cannot see any of the people associated with The Office ACTUALLY hiring a guy this jerky (I’d LOVE to use stronger language) to be involved in any way with this show. Somewhere, someone is laughing hysterically while us Office fans get worked up over these fake answers.

    By the way, the joke was not funny. At all.

  30. Is this like a late April Fool’s joke or something? For him to think that the fans don’t know the difference between the characters and the actors…really? Yikes.

  31. I have little faith in his ideas or mental stability. We as fans are not idiots…we know the office is a show, we know everyone is an actor. I am completely unimpressed, based on his comments, I feel like I would be better suited for his job than he is lol. Also, his entourage episode does not sound good. Disappointed. Demote this man.

  32. wow…
    so that was posted on April 1st. (april fools)
    Definitely an awesome april fools joke!

    However… in the case that this was not an april fools joke (very most likely possible)…

    This Dennis guy is a jerk. I don’t think he answered our questions. We learned nothing. I am embarassed for this guy. I hope that the office staff can read this Q/A and these comments…
    and then deal with this guy.
    tell this guy to write an apology note. ha…

  33. After reading this guy’s Twitter posts, I have to say I 100% do not believe he is associated with the Office. There’s no way he can be. Tanster, have you gotten any confirmation that this guy is seriously from our beloved show? Not only are his answers insulting our intelligence as fans, they’re borderline unreadable, as are his Twitter posts, which are misspelled constantly.

  34. Dennis Fletcher: You are a jerk. Please step away from my favorite show. That is all.

  35. Guys? This was posted on April 1st. Pretty darn sure it’s an April Fools joke.

  36. Was this just an elaborate April Fool’s prank, posted a little tardy? If so, I’m not really that amused.

  37. If he really works as a story editor, no wonder he thinks half the staff are snobs. They probably hate Dennis Fletcher due to him being a jerk/whacko.

  38. Maybe he’s playing a character, too? Like, some really terrible and angry person…?

  39. I never post, and usually stick to lurking. But this is an extremely disturbing interview. Unless it’s some sort of an April Fool’s Day prank, I’m genuinely concerned about this individual’s mental health. If he does indeed work on “The Office,” I hope that the people there are aware of this and can get him help. But I’d love to just find out that it’s a very well-executed prank!

  40. I see this post was entered on April 1st, which leads me to believe that this is a really grand April Fools’ joke, which I know this website has been noted to do before (and effectively!) If this is indeed a prank, I have to say it’s not a very good one. It’s disturbing to read these comments and though I can find the humor in this that doesn’t make it funny. Perhaps a more well-known writer could have pulled off a stunt like this and it would have read well, but because we only know Mr. Fletcher through his tweets (which are also…weird to say the least) the joke is not very effective.
    If this is not a joke, then God help us all.

  41. I’m another one who never posts and always just lurks, but this is too bizarre and I have to ask: This can’t be real, right?

  42. Tanster, are you going to let us know if this was a joke? Either way not funny and really not The Office I love style.

  43. Everyone, this is a joke! Dennis Fletcher isn’t a real person, he’s a character, and I suspect the person behind him is B.J. Novak. It’s a prank on the fans, and all the other writers are in on it! Personally, I think it’s hilarious – I laughed out loud at some of his answers.

  44. #63 I’m afraid you are in the minority on that. I have had discussion with other fans and not one is finding this funny in the least.

  45. Epic fail! As an April Fools joke. Fail. If this dude is real. Fail. Fail on all fronts. Not funny in the slightest.

  46. If this is not an April Fool’s joke, the office is in more trouble than I imagined.

  47. the monkey is out of the bagel, this is a joke. We got got..funny actually

  48. Oh — so it’s an April Fool’s joke. Making fun of your fans is now funny, is it? It’s pretty freakin’ unfunny! /hits fist through wall…..that may have been an overreaction…..

  49. I’m sorry to post again but I am still laughing!! This has got to be a joke, and it is hilarious. The whole Mark Wahlberg thing – ha ha ha! Whoever did this, it’s so messed up, and you can write from the POV of the biggest dbag ever. I love it.

  50. Not funny? This is probably the most hilarious thing to ever happen. And all of your reactions make it more so.

  51. Tanster, could you please tell us whether or not this was a joke? A lot of people in this fandom are incredibly angry and insulted right now, and it would be nice to know whether or not this is legit.

  52. 64, Right from the moment Dennis Fletcher appeared on Twitter, I knew he was a hoax, so when this Q&A was announced, I was expecting it to be funny. Maybe if I had believed it to be real, I wouldn’t have found it so funny, I don’t know. I don’t mean to offend other fans by laughing about this – it’s just that I never took it seriously.

  53. Anyone who says “how come” cannot possibly be a writer for a living. If this is actually for real I have no hope for season 9.

  54. Yes #79, the reactions are funnier! That is because the original was not funny. I don’t mean I thought it was not funny because it was mean or felt tricked. I just fail to see the humor in it in the first place; I knew it was an attempt at a joke from the start – see my other comments.

    I suppose humor is subjective. Some will find it funny and some won’t. I am in camp #2 of those.

    But to be clear for those of you that are still confused: This was not real. It was an April Fools’ day thing.

  55. Hmmm… I can’t find Dennis Fletcher on the IMDB, and his Internet presence is mostly limited to this interview and Twitter…

  56. So we’ve established it was an April Fool’s joke. It however did not play out well. It’s a shame whoever attempted this didn’t understand it came off condescending to many fans. Makes me sad that there is a disconnect with us.

  57. @63 Jessie, I also think the answers are quite funny too! I still cannot ascertain if Dennis is “real” or not. But I do not get the strong negative reactions.

  58. The funniest thing is how many people still don’t seem to understand that they’ve been “pranked”…but good…really good! Well, I guess that’s how Dwight must have felt a lot of the time!

  59. LOL, how can anyone think this was real? Lighten up people, it’s just a joke. Maybe Dennis Fletcher will be manager one day ;)

  60. This is the darkest comedy associated with the Office in quite some time! Looks like some of these fans forgot that we were originally laughing at people’s awkward recognition of their social deficiencies. Thanks to whoever wrote this!

  61. The fact that this is was April Fools joke and that most fans were offended by the whole thing is not really the main point here. I would venture to guess that most fans were really shocked into reality because the prank was very unfunny and we see it as being indicative of things to come in this series.

  62. #Sprinkles, #pete, I’m fairly certain that it’s B.J. Mindy tweeted a while ago that she loved B.J’s character who was a staff writer from Southie who was in love with Carrie Kemper. This was ages before Dennis appeared on Twitter. So it rang a bell with me when I started reading his tweets.

  63. I can’t believe people are getting so buttmad about this. Don’t Office fans have a sense of humor anymore?

  64. @#88 That was my problem with this prank. “Dennis Fletcher” as a parody just wasn’t funny or realistic. Both things we used to expect from the show.

  65. @90

    We like jokes that are funny. And that are clearly jokes (do not assume that everyone uses twitter).

  66. Just got around to reading this…happy belated April Fool’s Day, everyone! :P

  67. that was just bizarre, even for an april fools day joke. my mind still can’t process how silly that Q&A was.

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