Rainn Wilson visits The Tonight Show

Rainn Wilson addresses rumors about The Office, and shows a clip from an upcoming episode!

Rainn confirms The Office will be back next season and talks Dwight’s spin-off.
[Video no longer available]

Rainn Wilson on his trip to Texas and how friendly Texans are.
[Video no longer available]


  1. Dwight is the best thing about the Office right now… him and Jim. I’m unsure about Tate’s Nellie – some of her scenes have been hilarious, but there’s also something just annoying about her character. I know people who felt the same way about Michael Scott though, so we’ll see what happens.

  2. So there is a Season 9. Really hoping they’d wrap up this year with a bang with Michael’s wedding and have a series finale. Not sure how much more they have to go on for a Season 9.

  3. The clip Rainn showed was from the episode we got to see filmed, there’s some awesome moments in that episode and I can’t wait to see how it was all edited together :)

  4. Dwight is my second favorite after Erin. I hope they do not bet the farm on whatever the spin-off is called. I am still not sure if I am going to watch it.

  5. I think I’m fine with a spin-off as long as they do it right, and they do it next season. It will be like the office after the office is done

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