1. Wow, and Ryan the Jerk continues.

    I love how hopeful Michael always starts off. He almost refuses to see things for what they are and tries to spin things for his positive benefit. Like how Ryan wasn’t being condescending to him, he was just asking for “special boss water” and I’m actually doing him a favor by not telling him that there really isn’t “special boss water”, lol. That’s just excellent.

  2. I love Jim.

    I hate Ryan.

    I can’t look away from Kelly’s trainwreck of a breakdown.

  3. wow, that was harsh! I kind of wish this was in the show, the way that Jim stood up for Michael was sweet. It seemed as though Michael was aware of the “cameras” and felt the need to make up a lame excuse as to why Ryan wanted HIM specifically to get the water. He doesn’t believe what he’s saying. It also made me think that Michael isn’t as stupid as we all think. maybe driving into the lake was also intentional and a way to show the “cameras” and the office that Ryan’s faith in technology shouldn’t be blindly followed.

  4. This was sooo good! It was heartbreaking to see Ryan order Michael like that. And I love Pam offering to get it, and Jim saying it was harsh. The callback to the yams was awesome. “The gas station in carbondale did not have fresh yams!”

    Also, I love that Kelly said Ryan is tickleish and Michael said that he knew.

  5. Oh kelly!
    Man.. that was harsh of Ryan. He’s really sticking it to Michael man.

  6. I love this deleted scene. The part where Jim defends Michael and then Ryan explains his motivation is really important. They should have included this one and cut back on the Bob Dunder visit scene to make up the time.

  7. great deleted scene! definitely should have been in the show. THAT felt more like the office i know.

  8. It’s grrreat! My main beef is that they didn’t include at least the Ryan/Michael showdown in the conference room in the aired episode; Michael so clearly relishes his payback when he tells Ryan to go sit with the others later in the episode, and it doesn’t entirely make sense without the deleted scene. I hate when they do that! Surely we could have done without some of the ridiculous splashing around in the lake. (Someone has suggested that Michael’s car is going to become a running gag this season. I sure hope so, because otherwise, the lake scene was waaay too forced.)

  9. I wonder if this scene is setting up a larger conflict between Ryan and Jim later in the season. This, Jim comments to Kevin and Andy hint at it as well as the scene where Ryan hits on Pam. I’m not talking abot a love triangle, maybe something regarding business. Maybe Jim turned down Ryan’s job.

  10. this sooooo should have been in the original airing. i spit out my juice seeing the “revised” version of the banner. Also, i loved how jim stuck up for michael. the writers said the ryan and jim would have some riffs. just didn’t think it would happen this soon. interesting. great deleted scene. good episode.

  11. I agree with Andrew- those two minutes were far better than most of the last half of the show. These last two episodes have almost had too MUCH plot stuffed in- like the writers are throwing what could’ve been a small arc in season 2 into one hour. Loved the great character moments- Kelly’s writing on the sign, Jim’s defense of Michael, and the way Ryan’s scorn showed that there might be a normal guy hiding in there somewhere :)

  12. Oh my gosh! Those were awesome! I’m so glad that NBC releases these for us fanatics. ;-)

  13. That deleted scene really should have been in the show last night–classic “Office” that I fell in the love with the show for in the first place!

  14. #16 – Jim definitely turned down Ryan’s job. Remember Jim’s interview with David in The Job. They don’t show it, but I’m certain that Jim made the decision that he’d rather be in Scranton with Pam. One day Ryan’s going to go way too far and Jim will likely be the one to put him back in his place. Although I hope it’ll be Michael because Ryan’s just being way too harsh on him.

    Ryan’s downfall will be one of the most highly anticipated on TV since…oh I don’t know, let’s say JR Ewing.

    But I agree, maybe they’re sharing that info for later. Like when Karen returns and Kelly confronts her about coming on to Ryan when everyone knew they were dating…but then Karen has to set her straight and let her know it was the other way around.

    But overall I agree, this scene should have stayed with the final cut. Retrieving the basket was not as funny IMHO and could have been cut.

  15. for # 21 – I meant to write that they may be SAVING Jim’s turning down Ryan’s job for a later episode. I’m certain that David really wanted Jim for that job, he absolutely ACED the interview until they started talking about Scranton.

    MBA or not, I doubt they’d pick Ryan’s degree over Jim’s sales experience and overall charisma. Remember, he and David had already bonded in Cocktails. David really wanted to give Jim this job.

  16. I love how Jim was rubbing his hands in anticipation. Like he knew what was coming. Those “words” of Confucius were hilarious. I wish they would’ve kept that scene.

  17. liked the new scene too. too bad scenes like these get taken out and put on the cutting room floor, but im sure the writers and editors chose these clips for reference in future episodes. keep up the great work.

  18. I loved the visual of “innocent” Kelly under the revised welcome sign. More Crazy Jilted Kelly!!

  19. Both of these scenes were great. I agree that we could have had a lot less Dunder & added both of these scenes instead. Kelly just sitting there was priceless.

  20. The second one should’ve been in the episode. It really made me laugh. A lot of great scenes have been deleted, wah.

  21. Is anyone else finding it difficult to view the full episode on NBC?

    I’ve been trying to watch since the show aired, and all I got is 10 minutes and a huge headache.


  22. Love the banner!! lol And while having Michael fetch his water was a little harsh, Ryan had a good point.

    Confucius lines = hilarious indeed!! :)

  23. Confuscious was a funny guy, wasn’t he?!?!

    That was hysterical…and I loved Jim and Pam’s reaction (“Get ready for this…this should be good.”).

    With these two deleted scenes, Michael’s really on his game. Nice form – for him. Tee hee.

  24. ha ha! I can’t wait for the season 4 DVD with all the deleted scenes now! That was really good!

  25. JerseyGirl, I totally agree with you: Kelly sitting under the sign was priceless. They should have had that in the episode, although I’m kind of glad that Ryan wasn’t shown making Michael get him water in the main episode. Ryan’s turning into such a jerk…

  26. Wow. I’m beyond perplexed as to why this stuff was cut. A whole plotline could’ve been excised for more of these office shenanigans.

    And is it just me or does the conference room take on a completely different feel for lectures as opposed to when the table is present.

  27. “Welcome back (Asshole) Ryan”

    “And don’t have sex with him…”

    CLASSIC Kelly! She should have her own show. The girl is a comic genius.

  28. They start making “Boss Water” within the next five months… or I give you my next paycheck…..

    ok just kidding but still… that would rock

  29. How did the 2nd deleted scene not make it into the episode? I know it was a bit off color, but that was an absolutely hysterical scene. Confucius or a lake? I take Confucius.

  30. Deleted Scene three is up right now.
    It doesn’t say on the home site, but if you go to videos you’ll see it.

  31. how long until “Cars, the penguins of the airplane family” shirts come out? i want one now :(

  32. i loved the episode, but the whole third video is probably the funniest part of the episode. i don’t know how that didn’t make it on air!

  33. A gift, for DMI being messed up (the game thing, not the episode). Thanks NBC :)
    Actually that post-it thing Pam has to do reminds me of my old cell phone, it broke so I couldn’t see anything on the screen. I had to put stickers on it with peoples phone numbers written on them! Ahh technology!

  34. Deleted Scene 3 would have, in part, satisfied the people, including me, who were disappointed by the prank-free DMI episode.

  35. These scenes are funnier than a lot of the stuff in the episode, but maybe they left out the penguin/car part because of the car/lake part? Maybe it was too much of a parallel? Or maybe it would have made the car-in-water part funnier. I can’t really decide.

  36. Wow I really agree with most of the comments, the deleted scenes have so far been gold!

  37. Anyone know why NBC allows people outside the US to view the commercials before the clip but not the actual clip itself? Way to be annoying NBC…

  38. Why didn’t any of those scenes make it into the episode? They are hilarious!

    Cars are penguins!? Hee hee! I’ve missed Jim/Dwight interaction and this made my day.

    Post it notes on Michael’s Blackberry! Absolutely priceless comedy.

  39. I agree with almost everyone so far…those scenes, especially the third one, were great! I wish that stuff was in the episodes!!!

  40. As if I wasn’t laughing hard enough Dwight had to throw in “Vaccines are for chumps.” and bring out literal tears.

  41. I was wondering where all the Dwight/Jim conversations went. I wish they would leave some of these in…The office seems different without the pranks also.

    Also, I liked the lake scene actually. Michael’s face when he’s holding onto the window is priceless. And Dwight saying “I’ll save you Michael!!” reminds me of The Injury in Season 2.

  42. I loved the first deleted scene! Kelly writing what she did instead of back was hilarious!

  43. I really like the reaction Pam gives when Dwight is listing “the only inventions that matter.” First and foremost, it really just made me smile (as did the penguin and post-it portions). But I also really liked how it felt like an amalgam of “Old Pam” (joking around with Jim about Dwight) and “New Pam” (less restricted and more comfortable with herself). Am I reading too much into a simple reaction shot? Absolutely, I am.

  44. If they put all the deleted scenes into an hour long episode they would probably be better and funnier then some of the “regular” ones. I can think of a few from season 2. We already have about ten minutes worth from this year alone.

  45. The lake scene lead to the conclusion of the episode. These deleted scenes were just more filler (brilliant as it was) that didn’t move the plot along. They only take out stuff that is non-essential to the plot, and to take out the lake scene would have been to leave the episode unfinished.

  46. “Blackberry me a message” lol I love that Michael uses the word “Blackberry” as a verb. I, like most, wish that scene was left in =(

  47. I loved the “blackberry me a message” part. I think Michael likes the idea of a blackberry, but will probably never learn to use his.

  48. Scene #3 was great; it had the Dwim interaction we’ve all been wanting and the best Dwight TH of the season. Wish they’d left that in!

  49. That Dwight/Jim scene was great. I can’t believe that didn’t make it in. Funnier than most of the episode, surely.

  50. Marie, #61-I noticed the same thing about Pam’s reaction. It was great! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

  51. I won’t reiterate what the rest of you said about deleted scene #3 – i totally concur. hilarious!!!
    but i just had to mention how much i love this: listen to michael just before “blackberry me a message.” he’s telling stanley how “the pipe cleaner has to go thru the corner. do NOT tape those on” – i know, it’s not even that funny but he’s just so SERIOUS about those gift baskets. and pipe cleaners! hahaha!
    but, it’s totally subtle, totally michael and it’s why steve carrell is a genius – he, and all the cast, play their parts so well and it’s those very subtle things (like Pam’s reaction to dwight’s list of inventions) that just make me love them and love this show.
    does stuff like that just slip by the average viewer? if so, they miss so much!!!

  52. These deleted scenes are hilarious! This is more like the office we have come to know and love. I’m hoping that once we get past some of the early storyline stuff that these scenes will be allowed to stay in the aired version.

  53. I like how the fourth one had a Blackberry commercial before it. Blackberry me that message!

  54. Now THIS is a Michael mini-monologue that works. He is totally confident in his logic and his convenient fluidity on the continuum of aging…and, yeah, it’s funny. Creed’s bit is a bonus to a great Carell clip.

  55. I’m glad the Creed part didn’t make it in. Creed sometimes is used as the stock Kramer/Reverend Jim type far-out character that you used to regularly see in sitcoms.

  56. I heart that he called Oscar “ese.” I guess it is his Mexicaness that defines him after all.

  57. #80 AP – What you said!

    I can’t even bear to watch the second half of DMI again, yet the deleted scenes are wonderful. The car-in-lake must be vital for some future storyline, because better material didn’t make it into the episode

    I loved the Pam’s Post-it on Blackberry bit and Michael’s computer fruit and ageism monologs. No shouting or falling in water needed to entertain this fan!

  58. “I’m young enough to date college girls… but old enough to know better”.

    Hahaha awesome.

  59. I agree with AP. Ditto that, Brah… I’ve been enjoying the last two episodes, but something has definitly been missing. Now that these deleted scenes have been posted, I now know what that is: those deleted scenes. Especially the one with Jim and Dwight. We need more Jim and Dwight interaction. I was sad to see that they did film such banter, but it was relegated to the deleted pile.

  60. Only one of those deleted scenes deserved to make it into the episode. There is nothing at all subtle about that creed plotline. While still funny, Creed with a skateboard is way cartoony.

    Where is the show I know and love? I hope The Office doesn’t start using over-the-top physical gags like Michael burning his foot on a George Foreman Grill or Jim using a water bottle to squirt Dwight like a cat. Pretty soon they’ll be doing an episode where Michael and Dwight fight in a Dojo. How ridiculous.

  61. AP is right on. Mostly, in terms of Michael, which is where i feel the show loses me the most. All the deleted scenes put together were better than the last parts of the episode, especially in terms of Michael being a character (deleted scenes) v. a cartoon (show). I find Michael’s characterization can make or break a show for me and lately, it’s turning me off.

  62. I agree AP, that the deleted scenes were better than the actual episode. Too bad, I’m waiting for the half hour episodes to return.

  63. The third clip is full of product placement mentions of Blackberry. It raises my opinion of the show that they edited so much of that stuff out.

  64. I really loved the Dwight/Jim interaction. I hope it is more prominent in the upcoming episodes. I am demanding more PB&J pranks,too.

  65. i completely agree with AP –these deleted scenes are the best thing i’ve seen this season. the jim/dwight interactions with pam as an accomplice is what we’ve been missing!

  66. I also think that more TV shows will take after this concept (some already are) and work with the synergy between TV and the Internet as it keeps the attention from fans longer which is attractive for sponsors.

    My guess is that the Blackberry heavy clip was made with this in mind, it was never made for TV.

  67. “Suit yourself. But if it were up to me – botox, wig.” That scene is hilarious. I wish it would have been left in.

  68. why are there so many deleted scenes with really hilarious creed stuff but they always take them out???


  69. The deleted scenes are very solid. I hope they turn that episode into a 30 minute one cutting out the last 20 minutes and using the deleted scenes instead.

  70. I rewatched the deleted scenes for this ep for the first time in years, and maaaaaaan that girl Toby brought to work to kiss looked like she was 17. It was a little creepy!

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