1. Wow, that was hilarious. I love watching them two together, even out of character. Loved the whole breaking their back thing, that was the best.

    And how hot was Jenna there? She looked great.

  2. Did anyone notice what issue this is? I have to run to the bookstore right now!! Thank you for making my great day even better!

  3. AH! I can’t WAIT until 9PM! In honor of the premiere my friend and I are texting great office quotes back and forth all day. It’s amazing.

  4. I’ll have this issue in the mail on Saturday, but I think I need to buy a second copy so I can preserve one (for my little obsessive heart) and cut the other one up and tape it on my wall.

    Awesome interview!

  5. Okay I now officially have to get all four covers! When do they hit the newsstands? I’ll be getting one with my subscription but I’ll definitely search the stores for the other three!

    And I love it when John and Jenna do interviews together. They understand and love their characters so much it’s great to hear their perspective on things.

  6. That’s four different covers!!
    I’m probably gonna get the Michael/Jan one, cause that’s the last one on my list. I’ll have to hunt down every other cover.

    JKras started that “Man-igan” trend. I swear, since the VMA’s. Zefron even wore one in HSM2.

  7. OMG that was amazing!!! and the pictures are great!!!! especially the one with all of them!! sOO funny!! i cant wait to go out and buy it!! :)!!

  8. Ok, I HAVE to go to Barnes & Noble RIGHT now. This is out right now, right?? Oh well, I’m going just in case. I saw the covers briefly & they are amazing. If I can’t get the JAM cover, I’ll be getting the Dwangela cover. :) So awesome! TONIGHT BABY!

  9. Jenna and John are soo cute together, i love the way that they look at each other!!!! They have chemistry for sure!!!! Is it just me? AH!

  10. Marie, Yes!! i could so feel the tension between those two!! They are so adorable and looking amazing as usual.

  11. I’m daydreaming the alternate ending to last season. Jim says PSYCH! Pam’s amazing smile turns into a depressing frown. Through the window, Jim and Karen start making out on Jim’s desk. Fade to black.

    Somehow, this ending seems funnier to me.

  12. that just put the biggest grin on my face! i love them both so much–GREAT chemistry, on screen and off!

  13. Is anyone going to address the “baby” reference and the new “love triangle” we are supposed to expect?

  14. Y’all, I don’t have words right now. I’m torn between how badly I want tonight to just get here so we can have the new episode and my excitement for tomorrow to come so I can get this magazine.
    I think of Jim at a moment like this. “What a great year for the Dundies!” In the same way, “What a great day for the Premiere!”

  15. OMG!!! They are so cute together. (sorry for the sqweeeing.)

    But seriously, has their chemistry just gotten even better!?

  16. OK, people who are asking for a summary–It’s a 3 minute video of John and Jenna just basically goofing around. They talk about how they didn’t really know heading into the summer how things were going to go with Jim and Pam. They said that by the end of the episode tonight we’ll know what’s going on, and that they think people will be surprised (??). John jokes that Pam is pregnant. Jenna answers the phone “Dunder Mifflin, This is Pam.” and then hangs up on the caller. It’s cute.

  17. Steve Carell would be happy to see you didn’t write “frickin’ FABULOUS”. :)

    I hunted down the only computer in my office with speakers to watch this. Oh man! It’s really, really difficult to concentrate on work this afternoon!

  18. Hey all – Just a quick update. I ran to Target at lunch and the magazine stocker guy was JUST putting them out! They only had the John/Jenna cover, but all of the covers are actually inserts behind the front cover, so you get all of them in the same magazine. I work near Harrisburg, PA, so if they are out here, they definitely should be out in larger markets. Happy hunting!

  19. i have the john krasinski disease, where i can not laugh without crying. and it’s reeeeally inconvenient when i’m sitting in a crowded classroom.

  20. i think the spoiler is that angela gets pregnant with dwight’s baby. i’ve been thinking on that for a few months now, it would be a good arc with a lot of potential for hilarious-ness!!

  21. Sounds fun. :) I subscribe to EW, but alas, I won’t receive it in the mail ’til tomorrow at the earliest.

  22. My God, could they BE any cuter? I in the library right now so I can’t be loud, but I am majorly squeeing inside my head. I just keep telling myself, “Less than 7 hours!”

  23. I’m glad there’s only one actual cover. I was kinda fearing the looks I might get as a grown man buying four copies of Entertainment Weekly.

  24. I think EW’s website is malfunctioning right now, and the video’s no longer accessible. Can some kind soul YouTube the JAM shenanigans?

  25. Ummm, can we avoid spoiler talk??? I really avoid them, and I just ran over a big one….Or well a rumor of one.

  26. someone mentioned what love triangle that might happen and i think it could be Jim-Pam-Toby. in the deleted scenes on the dvd, there was some hinting that that may happen. all the same, too pumped for this premiere. the wait is AGONIZING!!!

  27. It’s so clear to see the genuine chemistry between them. I heart both of them!!!

    That was so AWESOME — and my gracious, he looks beyond gorgeous. I’d climb him like a tree.

  28. “Over on the TWoP boards, the show insider who sometimes posts says there’s a spoiler somewhere in that footage if you ‘look hard enough.'”

    If you guys see what it is can you guys post about it in the spoiler section. I would love to know what it is but I can’t view video at work.

  29. AHHHH! ITS NOT WORKING! Ill have to wait until 2morrow for my subscription to come!!! I want to see it!

  30. NJ Branch, I think the baby thing was a joke, but I’m a little nervous about the reference to a new love triangle. Sure, they can be fun, but we’ve also had a quite a few triangles already.

    But, wow, the chemistry between those two is intense. I really did plan on getting things accomplished today and not just sitting around and waiting for the premiere, but I think that might be a lost cause.

  31. Yes, the video is working again! I didn’t think I could be more any excited for season 4, and then this comes out. How can I possibly concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day?!?!

  32. Oh my goodness…. Just LOVE those two!! Give that “Office” casting gal a raise! Dynamite chemistry!

  33. I have to agree they have an uncanny and uncommonly good chemistry together. I could see how they can (or at least appear to) blend themselves effortlessly into their characters. John is genuinely a funny guy.
    I can understand why all you women swoon over him.

    Oh, and apparently some people find him physically attractive. ;)

  34. I don’t know if the baby reference is a joke or not. I agree that it would be a joke if it were referring to Jim/Pam, but it is very possible that there could be a baby in store for Michael/Jan or Angela/Dwight at some pointed this season. Very excited for tonight.

  35. They are just adorable…is Jenna in her own clothes or is Pam going to be glam this year??

    Also – does anyone know when exactly the EW issue will be on stands? Thanks :-)

  36. Well, I don’t think that issue is out yet… I just went to Barnes & Noble & no such luck. :( They still had the cover with Masi Oaki from Heroes on it & the date for that said Sept. 28th… I’ll probably try back again Sunday.

  37. Whoohoo. They are adorable together. Just like a ton of other people, I cannot wait until the premiere tonight. Thanks for posting this, Tanster!

  38. The video works but seems to lose picture half way through and then gives you the picture of Jenna holding the phone(that you get when you click play)

  39. Thank Goodness my work didn’t block the video! They are awesome together and I soo can’t wait to get my copy of EW!!!

  40. Thank you so much Zorro! You are awesome! Now I have to wait for my EW to come in the mail tomorrow.

  41. Word on the street is that the EW will hit stands tomorrow – I know #48 says they’re out on newsstands already but I just ran out to check 5 places around Times Square and came up empty. If anyone finds them out today consider yourselves lucky! :)

    Also – the whole baby rumor thing for Jan / Michael and/or Dwight / Angela has been floating around for over a year now… am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit cliché?

  42. FINALLY!!! The Office graces the cover of EW with not one, not two but THREE covers! Oh yes, I am so psyched for tonights premiere. In a better world, it would blow away both CSI and Grey’s Anatomy.

  43. I can’t see to get the video to work….although it is funny that even if the video doesn’t work, the commercials still manage to work.

  44. does anyone have a link to the big image they show in the vid? we dont get EW over here in the UK and it looks like an AWESOME wallpaper for my desktop!

  45. she is so freakin gorgeous. and funny. plus her husband writes fairly ok movies. oh wait… husband. crap.

  46. giggling like a schoolgirl over here. These are going to be the longest 3 hours and 42 minutes of my life!!

  47. manomanomanoman….

    that is some strong chemistry between John and Jenna… she was googly eyeing him, totally! (not that i blame her one wee bit.)

  48. GREAT interview. And, holy moly, how sexy is Jenna with the new looks and when she says, “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam.” Yikes!

  49. I subscribe to EW, but haven’t seen that yet. It better come this weekend (and I’d better get the Jim & Pam cover)!

    I’m so excited for tonight! How can a freaking t.v. show get me this excited??

  50. Thank you! I just re-watched the video and realized the error of my ways. Also, it said three additional covers INSIDE… so does that mean there aren’t 4 separate covers for separate issues?

    The power went out today, and I will seriously cry if it goes out again during the show.

    Happy OFFICE day all!

  52. To set it straight: one cover (Jam), three interior alternate covers. Whether they’re on three individual pages or flip out to form a four panel cover I don’t know.

  53. Mark and Lauren-
    There are FOUR covers
    1. Jim & Pam
    2. Michael & Jan
    3. Ryan & Kelly
    4. Dwight & Angela

  54. I try not to be all girly and googly eyed over John Krasinski, I really do, but he’s just too cute. Love. him. and his man-cardigans.

  55. Where is this magazine, is it out yet? I can’t wait, so we’re going to know their status before the end of “Fun Run?”

  56. 122-Rachel
    Try living on the pacific coast!!! My sister lives in Mass. and I’ve forbidden her to call me until 10pm my time so we can talk about it. Gaaaaa!

  57. I’m at the airport and happened to find the ew mag in one of the shops… The 4 “covers” are the first 4 pages of the mag and featue the office’s 4 couples. Its pretty good.

  58. The covers really must vary from location to location… I live in Southern CA and Michael and Jan are on the cover sold at the 7/11 near my home. They’re darn cute, but I’m looking for JAM~! :D(Although, I did buy the MAN cover, too…)

  59. 30 minutes! I can’t wait!

    And I loved that video, #111, they DO have a good chemistry.
    Cute. :)

  60. evil like a hobbit, I’m on the west coast, too, and hating it tonight. Soon as 6:00 hits, I’m going to get off my computer to avoid getting spoiled and start pouting.

  61. That was awesome. I am now going to the gym for 3 hours so I am not tempted to read comments before the episode airs on the west coast. Well, maybe 2 hours, so I can hit all the newstands on my way home looking for EW.

    From Kevin’s blog yesterday:
    But do watch us. If you want. Cause it is a good one. And we have to Run. Like Baywatch. Without the slow motion. But it is not Fun. Why do they call Runs for Charity, “Fun Runs”. Is running ever fun?

    Kevin makes me laugh.
    Enjoy, you lucky east coasters!

  62. That was AWESOME! I purposefully waited until after the show tonight to watch this video clip and it was sooooo cool kind of being ‘in the know’ a bit before seeing them talk about the premier. That was adorable.

  63. -WiseWithWorms-

    I think it’s out today! I’m buying 2 of each cover so I can keep a copy and frame a copy. WooHoo!

  64. There’s a new video with Dwight and Angela up at the same website when you click on the link! It’s in the right hand column where you can choose the videos.

    It’s really funny!

  65. I got the EW issue in the mail today. Dwight and Angela are on the front. It reads in small print “Strength. Power. Leadership: The Dwangela way”

    Three bonus covers inside (in the front):

    Michael & Jan – “Things are bigger and better than ever between Michael and newly enhanced Jan”

    JAM – “Jim and Pam pretend not to notice that their hands are sweaty”

    Ryan & Kelly – “Ryan and Kelly find their relationship under the gun” (i love this one!)

    And then The Office is featured on pages 31-35.

  66. I got mine in the mail at work and literally squealed at the hand holding. When do you think we will get the JAM photo by itself (without cover test)?

  67. Oh AWE-SOME! I read the articles online and I MUST get a copy of this! But the Wal-Mart here in the little hick town I live in will probably only get 2 copies LOL!

  68. I keep watching the videos over and over again. I LOVE when Angela starts to cry when Rainn is telling her what to say. perfect!

  69. Would it kill EW to put all four covers on their website? Esp. the one of Jan and Michael.

  70. Wow, John and Jenna are freaking adorable.

    When he points at her as he goes to answer the phone…”Do it right!”

  71. Those individual interviews are great! I love Rainn calling the fans out on ‘The Injury’ being everyone’s favorite episode when it’s also clearly the most absurd. And Melora’s explanation of why Jan would fall for Michael is actually quite perfect.

  72. i love it! i need that picture of the whole group for my desktop asap!!! if anyone knows where i can get a good scan of it or something, id appreciate it!

  73. Does anyone know which stores are likely to carry EW? I’ve tried Walgreens and Jewel so far, no luck.

  74. Love the Jim and Pam cover… it’s so freaking adorable to see them holding hands I just can’t stand it. hehehe

  75. BenA — I bought mine today at Target. It has Dwangela on the cover. Then the next three covers are the next three pages, but they are the nice, heavy glossy cover paper.

  76. Did anyone think that Jenna’s laugh at the end was forced? Cause like, her joke was a lot funnier than John’s. Now THAT’s awkward comedy!

  77. Wegmans products in “The Office”!!

    Fun article for those who know about Wegmans grocery store & Scranton products…

  78. I think it was awkward because he accidentally joked
    about something that could be referring to her own current real life situation.
    I think that’s why
    he pats her on the back and asks her if
    she is ok……he had been trying to be funny about the show and she seemed to sort of interpret it personally for a minute, thinking he was talking about her “break the back of the relationship” and then they both may have thought, uh oh, but then they covered pretty well.

  79. i got mine in the mail today with jim and pam on it, with the other three covers inside. :] amazing.

  80. RE 161: I think the joke of breaking the back of the relationship was referring to Jenna breaking her back during the summer. John even says something like ‘they push it down the stairs’ and ‘it’s recovering nicely’, just like Jenna’s injury.

  81. I went to Kroger, Walmart, and Target and I couldn’t find any Entertainment Weekly’s. What gives?? If anyone is in the Western Tennessee area, let me know if you have any ideas!

  82. ok, so is this issue out on stands yet? i’ve been to a target that has the issue from sept 21 still and borders and hastings has the issue from the 28th. i’m so confused!

  83. Jim and Pam are addorable together. I don’t know, they just seem to have such amazing chemistry.

  84. it keeps stopping & its not loading properly on my computer- does anyone know if it’s been posted anywhere else that would be more smooth? i just mean the latest video

  85. That video was also awesome. The Office cast has got to be the coolest cast ever.

    *Is anyone else having trouble finding this issue of Entertainment? EW is NOT a magazine I should have trouble finding, but it seems that the shipment that was supposed to come to my city never made it, b/c every shop in town has last weeks, but says they never got this week’s. (Of course. The only time I want to buy it). Aaarrrgg.

    Where have you all found your copies? I need ideas.

  86. John and Jenna are beyond adorable together. Their little smiles at the end are priceless!

    And for those of you asking, I subscribe to EW and I got my issue in the mail a couple of days ago.

  87. Bought mine at Barnes & Noble this weekend with Steve and Melora on the cover! Was anyone else really excited to read that Steve is going to be writing more episodes this season?

  88. carly, i’m having the same problem. it will play, then stop, then play, and then restart at the beginning. then it doesn’t move…

  89. Re:172 Cayce80 – I’m having a lot of trouble finding a copy too. I had to visit three different stories that were all mysteriously out of EW before I finally found one. But it was the Heros cover from the week before. I’m in the Chicago suburbs, and I hope they get a shipment soon.

  90. Cayce80: I’m having the same problem here in the Detroit area. Went to 10 different stores, from TWO different Barnes and Noble to about every store in my area that normally carries it, all the way up to yesterday. Eek! They all said the same thing — “we didn’t get it yet, maybe Monday.”

  91. WHEW! I thought I was the only one having a hard time finding this magazine. I chalked it up to living in Hickville, NC. I went to two grocery stores that actually carry EW (Harris-Teeter) but it was the Heroes cover from last week. Glad I didn’t waste any more gas looking for this issue. I’ll try again on Wednesday.

  92. Most pharmacies don’t stock shelves until Tuesdays, so you guys might have better luck at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc tomorrow.

  93. Got lucky and got mine as soon as they put it on the rack at a Walden Bookstore. I looked several places yesterday and was getting frustrated!!

  94. I don’t know if someones said this already but If you go to Barnes and Noble make sure you check where the cash registers are, because they had like a huge stash there at mine.

    The new video isn’t working and its killing me!

  95. Wow. Thanks everyone for letting me know I’m not crazy. I (and every employee I spoke to at four different shops over the weekend) thought it was super bizarre that I couldn’t find ONE copy of EW for this week. They all told me to try back later.

    Now I have more faith, thanks to you all. I’ll keep looking. THANKS!!!

  96. Lew, color me THRILLED about new episodes from Steve. He brought such sweetness and sharp (character-based) humor to “Casino Night,” which is my all-time fave — can’t wait to see what else he comes up with. Such fabulous news.

  97. I always get my EW on Monday (or the following Monday if it’s a double-issue)…figures this one DOESN’T come on a Monday…

  98. Fyi to those looking for the magazine. Often you can find it at Best Buy of all places, they sell EW’s and are always pushing free trial subscriptions on people. I got mine there with Jim and Pam on the cover! yay.

  99. Lindsey 166:

    Do they have Barnes and Nobles bookstores in your area? I picked up mine there.

    Crazy idea: Can you order it from their website?
    Good Luck. Definitely worth it.

  100. Man, I’ve gone to 4 different stores and cannot find EW and I’m in downtown Chicago. 2 of the store had old issues out!

    Is it bad that although I’ve read the articles, seen the pics, and think most magazines are a waste of money, I’m still excited to purchase this?? :-)

  101. I got mine at Borders this weekend, so they should have them this week as well.

  102. Okay, the picture of Andy in a navy jacket, yellow tie and powder blue slacks SLAYED me.

  103. For anyone in the Strongsville, Ohio area – I found mine yesterday (monday) at the Borders on Royalton Road. It’s the Dwangela cover. They had more copies!!

  104. I got mine today at the Barnes & Noble in Hickory, NC. It was up by the registers, not with the 1000 other magazines in the back.

  105. The best piece of news in this article is that Steve Carell is writing and directing episodes this season. The group scene in “Casino Night” that contained the lines, “I hate so much about the things you choose to be,” and “Guys, the Afganistanannies,” is probably my favorite of the whole series. I love when everybody gets to play together. Steve as a performer is awesome, and as a writer he’s even awesomer.

  106. i finally got the magazine today! after calling/going to 9 different places in 4 cities i found one! it has michael and jan on the cover but they’s ok b/c the one i really wanted (pb&j) doesn’t have all that extra stuff on it. if you’re in the KC area, they have them at the barnes & noble at zona rosa

  107. At a Borders in the Denver area, I found three–Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela, and Michael/Jan.

    Does the Ryan/Kelly one exist as an actual cover? I realize each issue has the other three as ‘bonus’ covers, but on the NBC site and the newest “Office” promo, there isn’t any text around the Ryan/Kelly cover, which makes me think it wasn’t printed as an external cover.

    Does anyone know?


  108. CreedforGovernor, I’m in the Springs and they just put out the issue today. I went to Barnes and Noble and Borders and they had all the covers except the Ryan/Kelly one.

    I also asked my friend in FL to check for me too. She went to like 3 different stores and the same thing with the missing Ryan/Kelly cover.

    So, I would also like an explanation if anyone has one, so I won’t waste my time and gas looking for the mysteriously absent Ryan/Kelly cover.

    Thank you!

  109. I went to Albertsons, Krogers, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart,7-11 &had ZERO luck. They either didn’t have it or they had the old issue with Hiro on it. One place still had Britney!

  110. Still have not found it either :( After watching the videos and recently watching the DVD commentaries, I have to say BJ has impressed me as really developing a personality apart from the character. In previous interviews, I felt like he was always trying to “on” or doing a bit and it seemed like he was comfortable being himself in those 2 environments.

  111. So do the ones in stores only have one cover? I have a subscription and it had all 4 covers underneath, I guess they all have that right?

  112. 197, CreedforGovernor

    That’s the conclusion I reached as it’s the only “cover” I’ve yet to see.

  113. That’s what I’m starting to think (I’ve been to 4 stores that actually had the issue, but none with Ryan/Kelly on the front).

    Jennie/Tanster–any thoughts?


  114. For those who can’t seem to find them–I found most at Borders (and at some Barnes and Noble stores).

    Good luck!

  115. Hi Kristin #196. I’m in the KC area too, good to see someone from my neck of the woods chatting about the office!!! Found mine KC and Crown Center WaldenBooks Jan/Michael Cover only!

  116. Finally found it at B&N! One more comment on the interviews. I am glad they acknowledged their Emmy disappointment. I think a number of us noticed they seemed a little distracted on the red carpet. For SC, RW and JF, they are tense because they are up for an award; for JK, must be disappointing to not even make the cut. They can’t see the show. JF gets a load of crap about her dress. And then they lose, even for Best Comedy. Must have sucked. I am still disappointed for them.

  117. The only thing I can think of as to why there are no actual Ryan/Kelly covers is:

    1. They didn’t want controversy over the “Gun against head” thing BJ is doing.

    2. They didn’t think BJ/Mindy were recognizable enough to sell the issue.

  118. Just fyi…for all those in the Kansas City area, I just found the cover with Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski at the Barnes and Noble on the Plaza, there was one left in the actual magazine section, but most of them were down by the registers…just wanted to give you a heads up!

  119. I finally went to BN and found them. Thanks for the heads up guys! I was so glad it came with 4 covers.

  120. So sad. I checked everywhere all week and no one had it. Sigh. I might buy it off of Ebay. I am that desperate for a copy, haha.

  121. are there any EW video interviews besides Jenna/John and Rainn/Angela that I’m just not finding? I would have liked an interview to go along with each cover.

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