Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager Q&A

johnj: Dwight has undergone some major changes over the years, from a gullible, naive eager-beaver, to a more sensible and wiser character. What do you credit for this change?

Rainn: This is a very astute question. Dwight has changed a great deal since season 2. He used to just be a sycophantic toady and a venal competitor with traits of Asperger’s.

Over the years, he separated from Michael more and more and became his own man. He fell in and out of love. Became a Cassanova. He came to respect people he would never otherwise respect, like Jim and Pam.

He’s still a weirdo, but a more mature weirdo.

This is proof of how amazing our writers are. They didn’t write an annoying nerd who doesn’t evolve. They keep writing new depth and facets to the character with every episode. They pay attention to how characters grow and change and take that into account.

They care about the characters — which is very rare in television comedy.

Justin: Thanks, man. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


  1. Awesome! Thanks tanster for doing this for us. Michael Schur is ridiculously funny! What a great Q&A cameo!

  2. I love these! What a great start to an other wise monotonous day of work. PS-PRec does get funnier and funnier every week. I’ll definitely be watching 2 full hours of NBC comedy tonight!

  3. Always amazing to get these Q&A’s right from the writers’ and actors’ mouths! Much appreciated!

  4. Wow. Just, wow.

    Thank you Rainn and Justin!

    This is the best show on Earth, interacting with fans like this.

  5. You guys just made my freaking day answering my question!

    Thank you Rainn, Justin, and Mike!

    Another terrific Q & A.

  6. Thanks guys for answering my question as well as all the others. Great detailed answers. Can’t wait to see all the surprises tonight.

  7. Who knew that you couldn’t film piranha in California?

    I live for these behind the scenes factoids.

    Thank you for answering questions!

  8. Thanks for answering my question! Jo having accessory dogs is pretty funny.

  9. These behind-the-scenes Q&As are my favorite feature here at OfficeTally, and this one was super. Thanks Justin, Rainn, Mike and tanster for providing all the great insights into our favorite show.

  10. I concur with everyone else, thanks for answering my question, this is an awesome way for you guys to interact with us fans. I started telling everyone in my office that my question was answered, and everyone else ( who are The Office fans too), thought it was the coolest thing ever! Thanks again!!!

  11. The first time I’ve ever asked a question on one of these interviews, and it actually got in! On the first page, too! That made my crappy day better. Great interview too, I just love this episode.

  12. Wow – great Q&A! Thanks so much for this really generous interaction with us fans! This was a terrific episode and to get the behind-the-scenes details from a writer and actor is so much fun for an Office geek like me (and Mike Schur’s answer was hilarious). I love Rainn’s comments about the characters evolving year after year yet keep true to their original essence. I think that’s why I never get sick of the Office and for 7 seasons it has been my favorite TV show. (Parks and Rec a close second!)

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