1. This is amazing! From the desktop calendars, Dwight’s Second Life on the screen, the Froggy 101 sticker and a ton of other things, as well as the things that I am sure I will notice more and more as the day goes on — this is simply amazing!

  2. Love it! Loved the bat, the stapler in jello, the desktop calendars, Creed Thoughts, Mose & the Raccoon, and so much more! I had the same thought, tanster– think it’s the karate belt in the bottom drawer.

  3. That’s so cute! I like all the details. Tanster, I would guess that there are nunchunks in that drawer, but I’m not too sure…

  4. I think my favorite details are the different calendar pages on Dwight and Jim’s desk and the green recorder.

  5. Hello Tallyheads! Long time reader, first time poster. There’s also the potato Creed is eating in the back that Jim switched from an apple.

  6. Hey guys, thanx for checking it out. The drawer is Dwight’s weapon drawer (nunchuks, brass knuckles, throwing star, and yes Dwight’s purple belt)

  7. How fun! I love the recorder, the broom-weapon, the Christmas goose, the Schrute Buck, the box of beets, the calculator watch, the purple belt, Dwight vs. the computer … awesome. My favorite, though, is definitely Mose and the raccoon – although the desk calendars are a close second. Incredible job, Patt!

  8. More stuff: schrute bucks, of course! And I just noticed the dead turkey… and there are beets and the Dwight Vs Computer board. Everytime you look, there’s more!

  9. I’m using this as my desktop image, if that’s alright. :-)

    And Tanster, I think that’s Dwight’s purple belt. . . . and his arsenal of weapons (I think I see num chucks (spell?) and brass knuckles) :-)

  10. This is great — I wonder if the artist will be commissioned to do more of these.

    I see:
    *Creed writing his “Creed Thoughts” on his computer
    *The bat from “Business School”
    *Mustard yellow shirt
    *Calculator watch
    *Dwight’s “wanted” flier
    *Beets from Shrute Farms
    *Mose and the caged raccoon from “Goodbye Toby”
    *Froggy 101 bumper sticker
    *Purple belt from “The Fight”
    *Dwight’s bobblehead
    *Jello Stapler
    *Goose from “Benihana Christmas”
    *Second Life on the monitor
    *The wilted plant from when he left to work at Staples
    *Dry-erase board with Dwight’s sales vs. computer sales
    *The calendar from when Dwight thought is was Fri. instead of Thurs.
    *His Trans-am from when he smashed into the pole in “The Injury”
    *Dwight’s hunting picture
    *Broom w/ the sharp point to kill vampires
    *Card file of his clients
    *The lovely Angela and the rest of accounting

    What are those dolls on his desk?

  11. Sorry for the double post.

    Things I see that haven’t been mentioned:

    The Red Box of Contacts from Staples as well as the Score Board (From Launch Party)
    Corn Husk Dolls (From Boys and Girls)
    And one of my favorite things The Broom turned Vampire Weapon (Used in Business School and Women’s Appreciation)

  12. Amazing !

    I hope Patt Kelley is going to do the same thing with other Office characters.

    Among the details I noticed : the Dwight vs Computer match from Launch Party, the vampire-killer-broom from Business School, the pepper-spray from The Negotiation, the Schrute Buck, the green flute… Too many !

  13. The dead goose is awesome and the schrute buck in the front pocket and the recorder on his desk is a nice touch. Not to mention the broomstick that has been fashioned into a bo staff

  14. There’s also the candy bar from Email Surveillance, next to Dwight’s calendar, but I think that’s the wrong candy bar.

    Or is Dwight eating a Snickers in another episode ?

  15. #12 Marci,

    Those dolls are the Corn Husk dolls he was going to show the children how to make on ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day’. You’re welcome :)

  16. It’s too bad she didn’t include a pushpin on the map to indicate where the flasher has struck!

  17. Hahaha my favorite would be the calendars on the desk. A reference to Jim making Dwight think it is Friday? Not sure. Anyway, this picture is amazing! Patt Kelley is skilled.

  18. Fantastic work! Love the little kitty-cat picture over Angela’s head. What detail!

    Question: What is that just under Dwight’s desk (under the middle drawer) – some sort of push-button alarm maybe? Is that where he tapes his pepper spray. I know you guys will be able to tell me!

  19. Okay, I see one nobody has mentioned yet: the Staples leads!

    Love the way the Thursday/Friday prank was represented. Brilliant.

  20. I love this picture! So many little details – I love the corn husk dolls, and the Second Second Life on the computer, the goose (from one of my favorite episodes!), and Dwight’s weapons drawer (and Creed, though I thought he was eating a piece of toast at first, randomly). What is Oscar holding in his hand – a wrench? I can’t really see.

  21. Hey Toby Fan, I was wondering that too. It looks too rectangular to be the pepper spray, but maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong angle. It has to be some sort of Shrute weapon

  22. #20 Archibald – I had the same thought about the candy bar. Angela bought him a Baby Ruth, not a Snickers. Hmm…mistake or is that some other reference?

  23. i love all the detail in the picture!! There are so many great little details like the picture of Mose and Dwight on the beet farm hehe
    Has anyone figured out why there’s a duck in front of Mose? Or is it just random?

  24. There are so many references to pranks, I can’t help but wonder if the fax on Jim’s desk next to the jello stapler is the fax from “future dwight…”

  25. 30 – that is not a duck, it’s a goose from benihana christmas. dwight showed up with a dead goose that he hit with his car calling it a christmas miracle. toby tells him he has to clean it in his car because of the “last time” when dwight showed up with a like duck to kill and prepare for his lunch.

  26. is snickers the type of candy bar that andy offers in women’s appreciation?
    andy: halfsies?
    dwight: wholesies.

    also, i am going with throwing stars under the desk.

  27. I think one of my favorite things is Dwight and Jim’s calendars; Jim’s is on thursday and Dwight’s is on friday :)

    SO GOOD! I love that episode.

  28. i love the schrutebuck, and of course the calendars.
    the whole drawing is spot on.

  29. I love this picture. It’s a great distraction and I am so impressed by how many details are in the picture. I even love that the broom handle has been sharpened to a point from Women’s Appreciation when he was looking for Phylis’ flasher.

    Great work!

  30. My favorite part is the big pencil in Kevin’s hand. They’ve never talked about it in the show directly (to my knowledge, anyway) but they showed Kevin using it in Diversity Day when Michael was talking about him being a “great accountant, not much of an entertainer.” I’ve always loved that pencil for some reason, I don’t know why. I’ve seen those really big long ones before, but never anything as fat and squat as Kevin’s. That’s what she said. (Oh God)

  31. 32 – The goose is mostly to the left of Mose. There’s a yellow animal thing that looks like a rubber duck. What is that a reference to?

  32. to pambeesleywannabe: the sharpened broom handle is actually from Business School when Dwight thinks Jim is a vampire

  33. Maybe the yellow duck is just a representation of the duck that Dwight referred to in the cold open of A Benihana Christmas – the one he once brought to the office, then ate for lunch after everyone got attached to it. Just a guess!

  34. Ahh. The yellow duck. When I did this I had to go through pretty much every episode of the Office, and there’s a little yellow duck (maybe a beenie baby) that from time to time is on his desk, and it’s also been where I put it in the illustration. I don’t think there’s any episode significance to the duck. I just saw it in a few of the stills I took of Dwight’s desk, and figured it deserved to be in the illustration. I posted a still of it here….


  35. Ok, this is going to sound really gross, but is that Dwight’s vomit on his car from The Injury?? LOL

    Patt – thank you so much for the duck explanation!! Now that you’ve pointed it out, I remember seeing it in a few episodes.

  36. Hotnjuicyredhead

    I believe it is actually from both episodes, in womens appreciation he is stabbing it into a bush looking for the flasher.

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